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Discussion: CAT scan

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Sep 16, 2019 11:49 AM # 
I saw a message late last night about the scan. As best I could understand the report they found nothing outstanding...good from the standpoint of no issues...but no answer to the bloody pee...which left either it's from old age and strain of my 'training'...or other issues that hopefully do not require a sex change on my part.

On the good side...maybe I could starting winning my age group as I dominate my sister runners...although the female side of racing might be tougher in my age group...all I see training are either young men...few meaning they are in college, a few old geezers mostly walking and women of all ages...that make up about 90% of the walker/runners anywhere I go.
Sep 16, 2019 11:55 AM # 
No stone though. Doc should be calling. Guess I have to do the scope next.

It's going to be rough deciding if I want to be flat-chested or some 'bouncy-babe' who will have to go through extensive bra-choice training to include how to get it on without dislocating my shoulders.

On the good side maybe Chrissy will like a female me. I can join in on the conversation of what scum men are...especially white men from the USA...the absolute filth and slime of the Earth of course. If I choose to be a bouncy full-figured girl I'm sure I'll be filing harassment charges soon and be on all the talk-shows sobbing away as I tell my story. Perhaps even a movie offer will follow. :)
Sep 16, 2019 12:01 PM # 
On the good side I'll be out shopping for a new wardrobe...unless I go the butch route. I guess I'm facing big changes in the coming year. Perhaps I could volunteer as nurses aide and help Julie...I see a Nobel-Peace prize (shared with Julie of course) in my future.

I guess I can make lemonade out of the lemons of life...especially since I'll be barefoot and in the kitchen all the time...hopefully not pregnant. :)

I better stop before you do the AP version of unfriend me. I'm not sure in my new more emotional state I'll be able to handle something like that. Anyway I've got to start my preliminary research on female clothing so I"ll sign off.
Sep 17, 2019 2:55 AM # 
Wait... so Chrissy is down on white men? As in, she might be liberal?? Be still, my heart.... there's still hope in OK!
Sep 17, 2019 1:02 PM # 
My aunt in law is an extreme liberal. She is a truly nice person. So is her youngest daughter who is a teacher in California. Need I say more.
I had to unfriend two the youngest daughter (blood) and the Aunt in law because like you they posted things from time to time that tested my love and loyalty. I unfriended them to SAVE my friendship. They have their beliefs and I have mine and they are so polar opposite that it is not wise to communicate those beliefs without making the blood of friends and family with opposite view boil like lava.

Anyway Chrissy the opposite of liberal. I am very conservative. She is right of the right wingers; however, she is closer to being liberal on the subject of men than she realizes. She does concede certain 'things' (very intellectual choice of word there) to the 'male role' like a 1950's housewife, but it's a pretty short list. Overall she falls in line with the lib women on more things than she would like to admit (not abortion, politics, religion of course). I'll leave it at that.

As far as most of the conservative issues she (like me) would be/is a great disappointment to you. But since you are a white male responsible for 99.9% of all ills that have plagued mankind up to this very moment your liberal opinion would be discounted even more.

You and I have common ground and history and that's all that matters to me. We are non-facebook friends! Gasp is that possible? Is a friendship even valid without FB??

On the subject of Duluth I have been googling Duluth maps and satellite photos and even started up daily email of the paper. Right now they let me read articles. I dropped the OKC paper as with most papers it was worth the price even for sports news, even for local sports news...their daily update basically allows me to see article headlines and the first sentence or two of a article. Soon the Duluth Herald or whatever it is may end some arbitrary trial period and require a subscription.

I had that happen with Runners World. I read some article and looked up recommended exercises for rehabing various ailments for a year or two I think...but early this spring I was cut off. I actually subscribed and found out to see it on line also you had to pay MORE than just to get the paper magazine.

I noticed T&FN is on line only now and hanging on by a thread.

I cannot even watch all the Netflix shows I want to watch...I end up abandoning shows I like because it would be a full time job to keep up. The sources of information are so much that in a very real way we are spread so thin trying to keep up we actually are ignorant in many ways. Just think even when we were kids you could read certain books and take classes in subjects and feel you were pretty knowledgeable about things without being a PHD in the subject.

Now I can't keep up with how to use cable tv, my phone or the super logon requirements for security of all my apps. How many people can fix a flat tire now? Mow their grass (meaning actually use a lawnmower). Our AC stopped working 2 weeks ago...noticed it at about midnight. The wall control panel was of course. I notice some tiny black blob of something in the lower left hand corner. With my reading glasses I could barely make out...low battery.

I googled and found how to safety take off the cover (believe me I could have destroyed the cover with that simple act...just about did with our alarm cover once) and replace 2 double AA batteries. MY AC stopped working due to two AA batteries!

If there was some massive solar blast that wiped out all electronics and communications holy moly the chaos would be horrible...except for redneck hunters, end of the world ration holders and liberal tree huggers that actually knew how to live off the environment versus worship a worm or bird without truly understanding what man had to do in the not too distant past to live from day to day without electricity, running water from pipes (other than your own well that had no electric/gas pump), sewage etc.

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