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Discussion: CAT SCAN UPDATE 2

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Sep 17, 2019 1:17 PM # 
I babbled so much under the first posting I was not sure you could wade thru to this info.

As I understood the nurse that I talked to about 4 yesterday (almost) everything was 'good' and clear on the scan like I interpreted the online report to say EXCEPT there is a nodule in/on the enlarged prostate...after I hung up and googled things...apparently nodule is good. If it was cancerous they would call it a tumor.

I still have to get the camera rammed up my male urinary dispenser...appointment pending. They cannot see inside the bladder itself. So I guess no stone.

My blood is mostly when I am dehydrated and especially after harder workouts...Sunday after the 6 mile trot I peed bright red. I'm learning to stay hydrated much better but theres not much I can do for hour plus workouts in warm humid weather. I have not surrendered to carrying water yet (another namby pamby modern day habit)...but eventually I'll probably figure out a way to carry a small something that had about two gulps of water that might save my life someday.

Chrissy has to get a bottle of water so she can go to the frig...and get a bottle of water. I see people walking and even jogging carrying 5 gallon containers of water and I shake my head at their feebleness...of course I have an increasing number of summer migraine dehydration heat stroke attacks that last 12 hours once they start.
Sep 17, 2019 1:17 PM # 
As always good luck on your side of the health battle.
Sep 17, 2019 1:36 PM # 
Just got the call for appt. Next Wed 25th was the soonest so I took that. I opted for anesthesia versus local numbing only that is what they do for colonoscopy and it reduces the need for mental battle with degradation, humiliation, discomfort and dealing with time.

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