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Discussion: Training notes from RunBlogRun

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Oct 28, 2019 12:15 PM # 
My college coach was teaching me how to run well in hot weather. We were up in the Santa Cruz mountains, and it was 90 plus, hot as hell. He made me drink a liter of cold water and head off on a flat 20 miler. In the first ten miles I put down 3 liters in the first ten miles, and my stomach was bumping around. I was a bit uneasy as the heat continued. Then, about 14 miles I picked up the pace, and felt great and continued to run faster and faster, picking up my pace, and building confidence. Once I finished the 20 miles, Coach had me jog 800 meters, and took me over to a god awful hill. I was to do 4 Lydiard style hills (charge up 250 meters, jog 150 meters down, swift final 400 meters, jog 5 minutes, repeat). I felt great and finished, then did a two mile cooldown.
Oct 28, 2019 12:27 PM # 
Afterwards, my coach, who was a horse racing enthusiast, would wash our legs with freezing water. Next day I did 12 miles easy, with no issues.

Larry Eder who seems to be a well-known track/running writer wrote this...not sure if he was the runner talking here. I need to do the ice water own version on hard days at least...but I've also found there seems to be too much emphasis (my opinion) on ice and not enough to counterbalance that with heat (not necessarily 50/50 but sometimes yes to that degree).

You sure seem busy! Siding and mushing up apples. I've taken to eating at least half a honeycrisp apple past 2 months in addition to the 4-5 day week of mixing berries, some yogurt and mostly chunky applesauce.

Two weeks ago I was on the table with my privates exposed and lasers shoved up my weewee. I have recovered (in my opinion) twice as fast as the doc and the nurses told me I would. I'm not sure they understand that even in my limited fitness compared to 40 years ago that conditioning can/may help. Also that only lasers including newfangled green light laser do a lot less damage than ole meat grinders.

I don't have any miraculous recovery yet like your stint procedure but that part of the recovery (how often I need to pee) will take more time...maybe the 6-8 weeks they expected.

As always good luck to you even in fitness training and of course more importantly life in general.
Oct 28, 2019 12:36 PM # 
Without going all religious on you I'm going to mention our Sunday morning Bible class of about 30-50 people. At the beginning of class some people ask for prayers for themselves, their families and friends or friends of friends. Just in that little class it is unbelievable how many health and life crisis come up. Some individuals or families have way more than what seems fair for these health and other issues. I try to put things in perspective, but of course when I'm playing golf badly or having one of my innumerable strains and injury setbacks I fall into self-pity and 'mild' depression.

Losing my brother really never goes away and this mental thing with Chrissy is not fun, but those still do not come close to some of the families life crises. Of course losing a child is the worst. It's one thing to 'go on' with life, but another to recover.

Take the WWII vets. There are not many left, but you still read and hear about remains being found, or visits to national or foreign cemeteries and there are people grieving over a loss from 70 years ago!

What kind of apples do you grow and like to eat? Blah blah blah. Rambled on and as always know you cannot possibly read all the stuff I write. I've tried to cut back to more occasional outbursts...and I've certainly lost the positivity of making it to the Olympics.
Oct 28, 2019 3:08 PM # 
I like to (as I think you do as well) include some notes about my day in my "training log." That's often the only way I can remember where and what I am and do. Once, I found out that I'd already climbed a 14'er in Colorado 5 years before! Now that's a bad memory...
It also helps us to know when certain things like mushrooms, fiddleheads, ramps, etc are ready (from past years) for us to forage.

I didn't get a stent; just shocked my heart back in to rhythm.

All the apples came from my yard on the "farm" in Clover Valley. I have 5-6 different kinds that I just mix for the cider.

My mom's church does that prayer thing too... but there are only about a dozen members left so it doesn't take long...

I'd be happy to be doing your "training" right now... I'm always so busy I can't motivate myself to go out for an hour plus/day.
Oct 28, 2019 5:27 PM # 
I understand about the training thing. I have house chores and golfing (though none for over 2 weeks...golfing...not chores). I was going to add a note that EVERYONE passes me now. Over about 42-43 years or so I had hardly ever been passed...the old geezer Saturday and today some petite little Asian girl with glasses passed me...she looked about 18 but could have been 16 or 22...just barely got a glance...she was padding along on the balls of her feet...just like the old geezer...her stride looked about a foot long where one foot barely got past the toe of the other before it hit the ground...yet she was going at least 3 minutes a mile faster and probably 4 minutes a mile so about 10 to 11 minutes...the old geezer was going about a minute faster than she was....

I hope this laser stuff once it heals up allow me to drink way more water before a run...even this time of left chest kinda aches at times...I believe I'm dehydrated and its a strain on me...I know I barely drank anything during marathons so I would not break stride, get an upset stomach, probably if I had I would have run 2:10 or so.

When I said stint I was just calling your prostate procedure some sort of stint to 'open' things up more.

All that work is good for you so once you have time you'll be able to pick up on your training a lot quicker than if you were sitting around doing nothing.

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