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Discussion: Nov 15, 1984 last missed 'workout' day

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Nov 19, 2019 12:25 PM # 
I had thought about this for awhile...only a month and two days past our 35th anniversary, but then it came and went and I forgot all about it. I did not remember it until yesterday when I saw a story on a 50 yr streaker. And it still did not hit me for a few hours.

Not a big deal since it's not like the streak is as impressive as it once way being all running or as impressive as other streaks but it is what I've done and I don't dismiss it as nothing either.

The thing is I did not read the story, but this guy even had a shirt on about 50 yr streaker and I did see something about how detailed he was in his logs, even incorporating 'his life' into them (like my attackpoint blabbing right now?), but I also saw that he claimed (hot word there) to have run 197,000 miles and either averaged 10 miles a day or ran 10 miles every day.

That kinda bugs me. You hear of people of impeccable personal character that out of the blue do something...fake bigfoot or loch ness photos, etc. Since 81 and 83 I've not had a cut open surgery, but I had the laser stuff this year, a vasectomy that slowed me down and aches and pains that over the years turned into injuries that seemed to trigger one after another of additional boo boos (probably due to decades of 'stuff', not stretching, being naturally kinda stiff and compensating for those hurts).

He said something that was similar to Shorter about running in airports, etc. I never did that, but I did some weird stuff...running at a few minutes to midnight or this year 3am before my laser stuff...running in storms of all kinds, (substitute walking now). And there are days EVERY week where your enthusiasm is lacking and you cut your workout or are glad it's a rest day of walking only or adding some trotting here and there as I feel like it.

It's probably legit, but...I'm going to try to find that story again. There was a guy in 2018 that was going to end a 40 yr streak of 8 miles a day...the thing was his description of how he felt was exactly what I would think it should be unless he had practiced yoga for hour or more a day to go along with the running.

He could barely tie his shoes, etc, etc. For me as being stiff and tight increased it led to injuries or strains at least that I could not even trot pulled calf was the worst in 2016 and some of the hamstring stuff was a pull not just mild strain.

But it goes to show if you think your crazy there are others out there like you in that category at least.

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