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Discussion: Kepler

in: HidingControls; HidingControls > 2019-12-07

Dec 8, 2019 10:25 PM # 
Tim F:
What happened to sub-6?
Dec 8, 2019 10:38 PM # 
You should really compare yourself to some descent instead of just aiming to beat mediocre people.
Dec 9, 2019 8:00 AM # 
Mediocre ha. You cant even finish in the top half of the field. You are below average on a bad day for me
Dec 9, 2019 8:02 AM # 
As for you Tane, should have turned up. Was nothing for you to miss punch.
Dec 12, 2019 9:15 PM # 
Full Recap for Greig

2018 I set/organised/hiked around the hills of Dunedin for the NZ Rogaine Champs. I did zero specific training for the Kepler. In fact the Wednesday prior I had to smash out a very hard 4:30 collecting controls. I've kept a spreadsheet of my Kepler training since day dot. I know how many k's I need to run, how fat I shouldn't be etc. It was somewhat of a shock to run 6:31 and finish strong, I'd done half the volume I'd hop for.

2019 rolls around and after many years of feeling a bit injured and over it I felt liek giving it a reasonably solid go and see what would happen. Mentally I was struggling with the 40 minute difference between a 6:31 in 2018 and a PB of 5:50, I simply couldn't work out the juxtaposition of doing some training which should push me closer to that PB but knowing I still can't run that fast.

I found a mid 40s guy who written a program for a 2:30 marathon, I thought if I could follow that things might be OK, it looked like a fun program. 19 weeks long, so I drew in 3 weeks prior that covered going to Spain and getting so sort of fitness started.

Overall - too much volume in the program. I just couldn't get the total volume done. Nevermind, I'm a lot older than I was when I used to run 100-140k/week I did get 8 weeks over 90k which seems sustainable for the near future. Oceania buggered up the middle 2 weeks of the program but at least got some good fartlek in.

Through the middle third I got a lot of really good lactate threshold sessions done which I hope would see me well for running the 2nd half efficiently liek I had in 2018. History said I needed a 100k/week average for 10 weeks to get near 6 hours. didn't happen. got about 800km instead of 1000km, ideally it would be 1100km. I was just tired all the time, off weeks were really really off, not just 75% but more like 25%

Weather forecast was awesome, weather was going to be crap. Alternate course was in, cool that'll be fun just like my first in 2004. Turns out there was a 2k section of balls deep water we had to do twice and a 3k section of thick thick mud, again twice. So instead of being 45 minute faster it was more like 20 minutes.

I think 6:15 was about right and who knows, maybe full course 6:00 if everything goes to plan and miracle happen. I was certainly in better shape than the previous year. Park Run said so. I know the splits for the course, I know what being at certain place and certain times mean. Got easy to Brod Bay in 25 and then got up to Luxmore walking 40% of the hill while those around me basically ran all of it. 1:25 which is bang on 6:15 pace for the full course.

Turned around and started down, never felt comfortable, passed one guy but at the bottom was caught by Michael Beaumont who had been 5 minutes back. We too and froed all the way back to the gates and on through the river and slop to the 5k aid station. I just never got more than a shuffle going. Got hard quite early, and struggled from the clearings all the way to Moturau and back, about a 15k section and lost quite a bit of time. Last 5k was alright. Lost about 15 minutes overall, bit shit really.

Long runs probably weren't long enough although had quite a few run/hike days of 5-6 hours, and some good doubles and some tripples. Oh well try again next year, it seems like I could still run another sub 6. 6:06 this year probably equivalent to about a 6:25-6:30 so similar to last year. Model predicted a 6:40 based on 5k and on Volume.

Withdrew from Barkley the day before, on a bit of a downer.

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