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Discussion: Peter Snell died

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Dec 16, 2019 12:08 PM # 
Another legend gone. Age 80. That's actually slightly older than many of the other old time runners. Most of them did not get past mid 70's. So much for running alone and having a strong heart to help you live to be super old. 80 is not young of course but runners like Snell and Ron Clarke seemed like they would live to 100.
Dec 16, 2019 1:17 PM # 
He had heart problems since 2010. Even had a defibrillator brother had a dual-purpose implant that was a defib/pacemaker (at least as I understood it). He died suddenly. Peter Snell was napping in front of tv...having a good day (after several heart-related incidents including a car accident related to his heart) and his wife was in another room but heard an odd noise...he was dead.

My dad heart my great grandfather Burl Bush let out a long gasp and he was dead. Chrissy was in the hospital room when her dad died and he let out one last breath that was distinctive and he was gone.
Dec 16, 2019 1:26 PM # 
He was an exercise sports specialist so he had two things on his side...his heart and his knowledge of sports exercise and yet it could not fix his heart. He was quite a guy.

I just bought a Lydiard book on training within last month...have a couple of new books on training, the other one is how Aussie champions trained...have not read either one as not in shape to do more than I'm already doing...but my adaption of just shuffling along at a pace I can keep my stride relatively smooth and just speed up naturally seems to be working along with 'google-exercises/stretching' seem to be working so far.

I'm 3 months or more into drinking 99% water most days...just a little tea here and there and some milk ( where 2% milk is not all that great as it takes fat out that is not all bad and that leaves more sugar in the milk...not saying 2% is death-bringer or whole milk completely safe...also even with calcium build up you have to make sure you get enough calcium to have good health)...problem is difference of opinions by experts and each body is different and my own interpretations of what I read.

Next heart checkup I'll be curious if cutting back on Coke, high-fructose sugar and eating more veggies (still not enough but still getting WAY more veggies and fruit into day kinda does keep doc away).

Blah blah second on Snell then my attention deficit old age disorder switches over to my favorite subject...ME. haha.
Dec 16, 2019 1:40 PM # 
Do you take any supplements such as cq10 or K 1/2 vitamins? I know lots of people over-believe the hype in attitude is they can help about 10% of what the hype says but they can just have to lower the bar. Same thing with supplemental (google) exercises and stretching...they can help rehab and be a preventive source of injury reduction both number of times and intensity but nothing is 100%.

I use Truvia stevia/can sugar mix. they have stevia alone but its not the same. Chrissy told me how high fructose sugar was 'sticky' and she's screened out most of that out of our diet. I even eat stuff without coke that I never thought would be, burgers...also eat way less beef than I used to, but still believe meat has good benefits too in moderation.

I'm not a health nut...I just a plain ole 100% nutcase. :)

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