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Discussion: Dark Running

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Jan 12, 2020 1:33 PM # 
I have the same the dark your pace feels quicker...had it happen to me today. From 3.5 to 4.5 with wind at my back and doing a couple of mini-surges of 25 strides I still only ran 11:30 and it felt like 11 or quicker for sure.

Your training is going well...

Why were you running in the dark?

Sundays its just that old habit from OU/Norman days where ran long on Sunday I would rather get my run in before church than have to come home and go out and run...I'd probably do better pace, but by then more traffic and going more than 5 miles gets problematic.

As always good luck. I'm 3 days from my 49th anniversary of running...1971...I've always had Jan 15th as the day I 'started' running...I'm guessing that was the first time I went and ran on that infamous banked track across the street from old Central...I believe it was 30 laps to a mile.

Of course you and Jay mocked me until you learned of my Olympian talent by spring. :)
Jan 12, 2020 3:05 PM # 
I clearly remember Jay "showing off" and sprinting a lap as fast as he could in white socks and wiping out on one of the corners. That overshadowed any mocking of you that may have occurred :)
Thanks for the well wishing...
Sometimes I do work during the day (Sat I was doing Mexican tiles on the wall behind the woodstove in Grand Portage.) I had to finish it before running bc of all the wet mortar. Plus Julie was in the middle of painting something. Dark sneaks up on us sometimes.
Yeah, I thought for sure my gps watch was waaaaay wrong.
Jan 12, 2020 9:39 PM # 
My first mile during these dark runs is impossibly slow even for now 'readjusted' slow pace chart as compared to good ole days...ten years ago 8:30 was probably my new standard for an acceptable average slipped to 9 then 9:30 then 10. Now ten is my quick pace and 11 is a nice pace and even 12 is acceptable slow pace...but to run over 14 minutes Sunday morning is a new norm in the dark for past 6 months or longer.

Wow if you lived down here I could give you all kinds of jobs around this house to do at whatever pace you wanted to do them. We had the tiles in bathrooms done 2 years ago. I do not have the desire or patience or knowledge to do handiman stuff and I do not have the knack for it either where I can take on something and just figure it out. Now days home are too expensive to remodel least as poorly as if I did it.

Actually the mocking was half-jest based on what you told me years later. You saw I was running and you told Jay and you both had a good laugh because somehow I left some sort of nerdish goody-two shoes impression with you two...from Washington High School when I showed up mid-school year Jan 1970...we had lived in Cloquet fall of 69 off base then moved to that base housing that was still off base on Kelly Circle. I google that place several times a fact I look at the satellite views of Duluth and try to figure out old running routes versus all the new stuff.

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