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Discussion: Virtual-O Twitch Channel

in: Orienteering; General

Jan 13, 2020 5:02 AM # 
Have you ever looked at a headcam orienteering video and thought "Man, I wish there wasn't so much shaking and the quality didn't look like cellphone footage from the early nineties."

Do you wish there was a better alternative?

Well let me tell you, there is! Now on Twitch Runner_99 is streaming Virtual-O basically every day (except when he has a good excuse like finals).

The streams are available to watch for 14 days and then they are deleted (by Twitch) so don't miss out!

Here is a clip from the last stream I made so that you can see if this type of thing is your cup of tea....

Watch Highlight: from Runner_99 on

Does the sound of my voice make your ears bleed? No problem! Just mute the video and enjoy the blissful experience of armchair orienteering in pure silence...

Benefits include:

- Relativly high quality orienteering
- Good training for following along and trying to read the map at the same speed as me and make your own decisions
- High quality leg analysis at the end of each course
- That's about it, you can think of more if you watch it yourself!

Thank you for your time fellow forest runners.... And consider subscribing the first orienteering Twitch channel to my knowledge, thus indisputably the first orienteering Twitch channel in history. :P
Jan 13, 2020 2:11 PM # 
Yeah, interesting that the embeds work in Log, but not here in Discussion. @ken?

Really nice stuff, Runner99!
Jan 14, 2020 12:04 AM # 
Nice stuff, First thing obvious - you are a much faster map reader than I am.
Jan 14, 2020 1:18 AM # 
For security, there is a white-list of allowed embed iframe sources in discussion. I have added twitch.

Also, looks fun.
Jan 14, 2020 4:53 PM # 
Thanks alot Ken! I embedded the clip just now!

@gordhun You can practice fast map reading by trying to follow along in the video lol.
Jan 15, 2020 1:05 AM # 
Is the video in real time?

Seems kind of sped-up...
Jan 15, 2020 6:52 AM # 
Yeap, my talking is at normal speed. I think course running speed is set to something like 2x, real time speed is really slow and not as hard to navigate because im not physically tired.

I think courses set to hard go at 4x speed which makes it hard to navigate correctly...
Jan 15, 2020 10:44 AM # 
Not only because of not being physically tired, but also it's easier to spend a larger fraction of time looking at the map and thinking about navigation when you are not running on uneven ground having to avoid obstacles.

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