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Discussion: My track won't line up - si...

in: PG; PG > 2020-01-16

Jan 17, 2020 7:36 PM # 
My track won't line up - sits about 200m west or course. Don't see any option to align track to map in Firefox or Chromium. Oh well..
Jan 17, 2020 7:57 PM # 
Here's what I did (with Valerie's help) --

1. In the list of events, click on "WS2 2020" (top of the list right now).

2. Sends you to a new page. Click the "Draw your route" box. Yes, even though you are uploading a GPS route, still click this box.

3. Click "GPS upload"

4. Choose your class/course.

5. Choose your GPX file.

6. Click OK.

7. Type your name in the little box just to the left of the comment box. This hasn't been there until now. Forget this and you route will just be listed as a generic "GPS".

8. Your route is now shown with a handle (little blue square) at the start, finish, and one point in between. Click/drag any of these to align the track to the map. I did the start and finish handles first (they go at the same spot in this case), then the third one got me pretty close. To create additional handles for fine-tuning, it's control-click on my Mac wherever you want it on the track, or whatever the equivalent on a PC.

9. Type in any comments you might wish.

10. Hit save.

Should work. :-)
Jan 17, 2020 7:58 PM # 
Valerie to the rescue once again!
Jan 17, 2020 8:01 PM # 
And she's patient with dummies. First time through I had a garbage route. Second time through I had a good route but no name. Third time was good.

Though there was a bonus to all this. If Valerie does her training, we'll be doing the Billygoat together. :-)
Jan 17, 2020 8:07 PM # 
Yup, it wasn't at all obvious that you needed to check the draw route box in order to get the adjustment handles. All good now. And very weird to look at the mass start replay between ourselves, Neils and J-J, as we all started from different controls. Of course Michael & I were moving particularly slowly, especially in the beginning as I was reviewing what all that stuff on the map looked like in the woods... Thanks for the intel..
Jan 17, 2020 8:51 PM # 
Is there a way to delete a route if you're starting over (say, if you neglected to put in your name the first time, like I did for Blue Mountain)?
Jan 17, 2020 8:57 PM # 
The only method I know is a note to Valerie. She just deleted my two bogus attempts.
Jan 18, 2020 1:19 AM # 
Ok, I’ll add mine when I get home on Tuesday. I had a fail on Blue Mt, didn’t try again.
Jan 20, 2020 5:36 PM # 
Even with these instructions it took me two tries to get it right. First time for me on Route Gadget.

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