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Discussion: "9 mile legs"

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Jan 30, 2020 11:42 AM # 
You ran that great 9 miler and now the six miler after getting through your heavy legs. A lot of your runs now are in 'my pace range' but then you'll throw in that 9 miler and 6 miler at inhuman paces and crush my hopes of catching up to you.

I have visions (nightmares) of being on vacation some year up that way and going on a nostalgic training run with Koski and after a couple of miles you pull away and leave me to be attacked by the Great Northern Sasquatch that lives between homes in the semi-rural areas of northern Minnesota.

I need to do time trial in the next few weeks...if you call barely (hopefully!) under 10 minute pace worthy of being called a time trial versus a fast walk :).
Jan 30, 2020 8:15 PM # 
It's sad though that those "good" runs are so hard. I'm beat up after them. Of course, I just really started increasing my training...
The gps watch and mile-marks on the highway are are the whips that drive me.
Jan 30, 2020 8:16 PM # 
...come on up! (I drove past Capehart the other day and fantasized about you coming here and we'd run the out and back 8 miler to the airbase and back, but not three times! It sucks now though. SOOO much traffic up there.)
Jan 31, 2020 1:04 PM # 
I had forgotten the housing area was called Capehart. Wondered about the traffic and expansion...I'm still assuming compared to other parts of the country, even Okieland, but places like Colorado, California that Duluth for all the changes that have occurred since 1971 and 1983 (last time I was there!) that it has not changed near as much...from the standpoint the population seems to have been about the same for decades (maybe I'm wrong about that) to include BEFORE I lived there.

Traffic even in small town Okieland is terrible these days, at least on the 'main drags'. What I do miss (and do not know if its the same) are the wide side road areas, often paved that you could run down...a lot of places in Oklahoma do not have enough sidewalks or any at times and lots of rural road have little or no shoulder...I should come up in the next three years even if the running is not going well.

I would like to see everything and even play the two golf courses I played. Nemaji over in Superior and Enger in Duluth.
Jan 31, 2020 1:10 PM # 
The thing about traffic and streets/roads, especially four lane streets with turn that I've joked about the life-risking chance I take these days when I 'dart' across to the other side. First of all...any car less than a quarter mile away is a threat to turning me into road kill. And just the fact that if it's early in the run it is so awkward feeling to try to 'sprint' to the other side that it's embarrassing to be seen in daylight.

Also intersections...being so slow of foot I avoid them unless I right at the intersection and the light is green. Then the danger is that my senses (hearing especially) are so dulled that I have to turn to make sure there is not a car turning and of course that is difficult because when I turn my head it's about 50% of what it used to be so it's still taking my life into my hands between insane drivers, slow senses, lead feet, stiff back and neck so I try to change sides of road when I need to well before an intersection and not in the intersection.

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