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Discussion: Lists

in: blairtrewin; blairtrewin > 2020-02-05

Feb 5, 2020 11:23 AM # 
It's only #3 on my search. Still not one that I would expect to see anywhere in the top 1000 though.
Feb 5, 2020 11:35 AM # 
Put a Z in Liszt, that will solve your problem.
Feb 5, 2020 9:13 PM # 
Nope, only pokemon and UFC events in the first three - none of which is close to what I usually search for.
Feb 6, 2020 1:19 AM # 
Its your search history blair. I just get lists of mountains in Romania.
Feb 6, 2020 1:31 AM # 
countries, values, entrepeneurs, popes
Feb 6, 2020 2:45 AM # 
things, saints, sports
Feb 6, 2020 2:52 AM # 
presidents, us presidents, senators, states.

Fill in your own American stereotypes.

Edited to add: that's the autocomplete list in the browser search bar (provided by Google). The actual top hits for _entering_ "list of" into Google are

"list of lists of lists" (from Wikipedia)
"Category: list of lists") (from Wikipedia)
"List of Lists"(from the US EPA)
"List of Wikipedias" (lists the 309 language versions)
Feb 6, 2020 3:02 AM # 
I think the thing which got it going was that the list in question was published in the Townsville Bulletin. (Presumably they were only listing ones who had come before the courts, which means that most of those on the list are probably currently otherwise occupied at the pleasure of Her Majesty).
Feb 6, 2020 3:08 AM # 
I get

"List of lists of lists - Wikipedia" 1st Place

This is a list of other articles that are lists of list articles on the English Wikipedia. In other words, each of the articles linked here is an index to multiple lists on a topic. Some of the linked articles are themselves lists of lists of lists. This article is also a list of lists, and also a list itself.

(That is doing my head with nine mentions of "list" or "lists")

Townsville drug Dealers is a lowly 6th place
Feb 6, 2020 4:14 AM # 
Actually 10 mentions :)
Or is it 13, if you count the title...?
Feb 6, 2020 5:24 AM # 
I get Countries, followed by Greek Gods - must be my classic education.
Feb 6, 2020 5:27 AM # 
Richard was never one for details. Perhaps a passing ship leaned on his extra list.

I just tried again and the aforementioned Townsville one no longer rates a mention in the six that appear.
Feb 6, 2020 10:07 AM # 
"List of medicines to stop bleeding" is my #1

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