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Discussion: Setback Right calf

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Feb 25, 2020 10:50 PM # 
My right calf got a little sore an hour or so after I finished Sunday. Nothing I'm not used to in the variety of daily rotating ills and pains. It did not bother me at all running. Yesterday same thing. Ok during workout but a little sore but nothing where it was all hands on deck. Today same thing. Ok during run, but I did 15 surges and 13 Sunday...I guess that was too much. And it was cold today. It really is tight and sore...nothing pulled, but it's the old injury from 2016...I'll get a new knot from time to time. I'm on all out ice/heat/rest but this may take several days or a week of walking.

Figures. I ran 4 best workouts I've had in years in 8 days, but I also rested and did all the google stuff. There is nothing else I can some point if you are in shape you train. I'm discouraged, but I'll rehab it and walk until I can walk/ might only be two days...I stretched it after running and that probably made it worse not was just a little sore before I did that.

James has Sr. Night for the basketball team Saturday and we have to accompany him on the court...I'm not sure if its' before the game or half time...I have to be able to walk with out some goofy looking big limp. I do have my yearly checkup...maybe the Doc will give me something.
Feb 28, 2020 12:58 PM # 
I needed a rest anyway so I'm trying to stay positive and I had not entered any races where I was going to have to skip it. The calf felt much better yesterday. I'm just going to have to do less speed. Almost every injury I have including the 2016 Oct 'surprise' of the worst pulled/strain muscle I've ever had in this same right calf. I could barely walk for a few days. I rode bike...I think that is when my walk/run streak stopped and it had to just become a 'exercise' streak. Meaning I did something that was above and beyond everyday stuff, including hard yardwork, etc, and involved going outside to move (I have not yet adapted some sort of treadmill workout even though I have a Y Membership...used by Chrissy...I went once and was lost in all the machines).

What I don't know yet is will I end up have a big setback where it is months before I get back to where I was on shape for past 3 to maybe even 5 years back...and speeding up at a ever increasing rate.

Even the workouts I do are get into the 'have to' mode whereas walking I can go out the door and not do a warmup if I don't have time.

For the past month I knew I was reaching a tipping point of this is about all I have...for now at least...and should level off and just let the improvement come if they would and think in terms of 5K/10K even if I don't actually run a race. Thinking of marathons drives me crazy as 30 miles a week at 10:30 to 11 min average ('fast' days being below 10 minutes...please) could not possibly get me in shape to run anything under 4:45 marathon.
Mar 2, 2020 12:39 PM # 
Great 'half marathon'...that would be a great pace for me to run a super race in if I could train well for the next 6 months. I think I need to cut back on my Monday 'rest' day to 3 miles and really just trot when I trot rather than work into a run. You are doing a great combination of long and/or hard workouts with those 2 mile days that allow you to recover. I probably need to do 2 days of 3 miles only instead of one.

Keep it up! Your in the age 65 category now so you are bound for new glory...hahaha.
Mar 2, 2020 3:21 PM # 
Thanks! ...and I'm trying to figure out ways to get those two mile days up to 4-5. It'll come with fitness I'm sure. As long as I don't get injured.
Mar 3, 2020 11:43 PM # 
Good to see you back in the red

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