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Discussion: 1948

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Mar 4, 2020 1:09 PM # 
Jim Ryun born 1948. It weird how many runners were born In or around 1948. They were about 1/3 generation ahead of us that were part of the running boom of 1970's. In the new RW there is a Korean lady, Jeanne Rice who moved here 1968 and has run 3:27 / 7:49 mile and Gene Dykes who has run 2:54 and 2:55 for marathon were born with days of each other April 1948. His 2:54 was not in a sanctioned race, the course was certified and he thought that was enough, but his WR was not allowed.

That's what gets me. I see people running with headphone and I think new rules do not allow that for records. I take amino acid and other vitamin and herbal supplements and IF I ever got really good I wonder if some of those would not be allowed or they are but the dosage is limited...just read that ole Mo Farah had some difficulty on dosage of an over the counter amino acid, not steroids or HGH. Wow.

We both can see how much the platform spring shoes are helping top runners. Race after race now lots of 'unknown' runners are running way under 2:10. I was thinking in terms of marathon help of 2-4 minutes, but I'm thinking now it's more like min of 3 minutes and maybe up to 5 minute help...on the right day...if you are off you will just run a 'faster slow' race.

At the same time even 'regular' shoes help way more people run now compared to 1900's entire century when Olympics took off. You see guys like Zatopek and the Kelley guys at Boston Marathon running in house shoes. Leather with some hard rubber sewed to the upper...leather. My Asic Cortez...first 'running' shoe in 1971 track season was leather...first time I wore them I felt cushion that I did not think was possible...compared to low top Chuck Taylor type shoes I wore before the season started...and part of the reason for which you and Jay probably mocked me.

Marti Liquori born 9/11/49.

Strange how all these years and decades later 1948 'era' still putting out champs! Of course 1954 and 1955 weren't bad either...haha.
Mar 4, 2020 1:14 PM # 
I'm just day to day now with this calf thing. If I can get back to about 98% of what I did the past month I can still keep getting faster for months without increasing mileage anymore...just need to cut back on 'speed' pickups...I had gotten to about 25 a week and it was really helping my foot turn over. My big plan now is to cut back to about 15 a week...and I have no idea if that will help or not.

Blah blah blah.

Best of luck as always.
Mar 4, 2020 1:26 PM # 
That Gene Dykes is not sold on what I would call 'google supplemental exercise/stretches'...he said when he tried to stretch and do other stuff he was injured more...that's how I felt until 3 or 4 years ago when after trying for 5 years or so (2009 when started Attack Point) the knee, hamstrings (a lot of issues there) and calves (used to be indestructible...even when I had a slight strain I put some icy hot on them and ran on with no issues...until 2016 right calf strain that left a hard knot that increases or decreases in size...but does not seem to quite ever disappear)...I have so many google exercises now I can't remember them all...I do have a core group that work everything from hips down and now I've even tried stuff for back which was another indestructible part of body in past).

My calf feels as soft as it has in long time since I stopped the stretching past week...I do other things right now and it seems to be working.

More blah blah.

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