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Discussion: 2:27!

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Mar 10, 2020 12:14 AM # 
Interesting article on father and son. One of the standouts to me is how much scientists/researchers do not know....all the variables of laying off after being a 2:13 marathoner and yet able to go to 100 mile weeks...I would run more and faster IF I could...especially the training...pace you can only go with what your given and what your training results...if you took my 6 and 7 hour weeks and it was all running at about 7:30 a mile I'd be doing about 60 mile weeks...BUT IF I could train like that then I would be pushing for another 2 or 3 miles a day after a certain period of time...

Anyway you have some incredible turn over in your stride at times so you have potential for being like Dykes and the other geezer Tommy Hughes or whatever...I would be like their fat slow wives hahaha.
Right now 30 miles a week including walking is not going to do much for me.
Mar 10, 2020 12:26 AM # 
Also once again where there are records...there is Nike rapid fire springy shoes...I wonder if they help more or less if you are slower? Would a 2:30 marathoner save 2 or 3 minutes...perhaps less or perhaps save 5, 6 or even 7 minutes...even if it were 7 minutes that would be a 2:34 marathon but it seems more than just a coincidence to me.

Can't remember if in all the blabbing I told you I had run across an article about rampant cheating in the paralympics. A young swimmer had been competing for years and her parents must have noticed before she did and warned her things were getting tougher...then one race as she stood in the blocks she noticed everyone seemed way less handicapped than in the past...but they were claiming to be as handicapped as others had truly been in the past. Cheating in paralympics!

One senior guy a couple of years ago committed suicide when they caught him Rosie Ruiz...they had video of him coming out of a building during the race...he claimed to have used the rest room I believe...not long after that he killed himself...pretty stupid both ways. Doesn't mean I don't feel sorry for the guy.
Mar 10, 2020 12:55 AM # 
Pop up ad for t shirts...the one they show is a Bigfoot Hide and Seek Champion...and there's a UFO above. Haha...
Mar 11, 2020 12:00 PM # 

In the 03/09/2020 edition:

This is a newsy running site I stumbled across I don't know when or how. It had an article on masters running can be intimidating and motivating at the same time. There is a Australian one too, but I'm not receiving anything anymore from it.

My 9:55 pace on somewhat hilly Y Trail 2.75 loop was pretty tough yesterday. I'm thinking I may have to walk 3 days a week so I can safely do my hard days. Trying to squeeze out more training for questionable results on days I need to rest has not seemed to work out for very long...we'll see what happens.

The thing is how can anyone get in shape for marathons at our age? And yet they do. If I were to do 15 miles a day 4 times on the 'hard' days you still only have 60 miles in a week of running along with golfing and 3 days of about 10 miles of walking. I do think that would get you in good shape and I would love to be able to do that (I think) but I spend 45 minutes to an hour doing warmup stuff to prevent injuries and I could do more but at some point you have to get out the door.

It takes me an hour to go through email each day I get so much stuff and there are so many blogs for golf mostly right now but for running too that you can't keep up with all the info. I don't when/if I'll ever catch up on equipment knowledge and who is who in running after not keeping up for 25 plus years.

I noticed North Face had some nice shoes. There is a company in Kenya called Enda and they really appeal to me because they are this start up company that is so personal you almost feel the CEO would call or email you if you bought a pair of their shoes. I have 3pr of Sauconies and like them...Skechers is putting out nice golf shoes and the one pair of running shoes I have seem to be my cheap version of a Nike springy shoe that I run faster in when I feel good.

The Saucony and Skecher shoes feel too springy/cushiony at the beginning of a run but I just keep stumbling forward and by the end of a run I like the feel of the shoe soft shoes.

Good luck up there. Stay healthy, warm and upright. I saw you met up with Jay. Tell that retired guy to try some exercise and stretching googles and at least get out doing 2-4 miles at some sort of walking/shuffling pace. I kinda hate to give advice out as it makes me feel guilty...I'm not sure about this right calf got better when I backed off on calf stretching. I'm easing back into it now because I could feel things tightening up...calves and hams...tight tight tight...that's a problem to harder you train.

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