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Discussion: Hard Fall

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Mar 16, 2020 6:44 AM # 
This fall was even harder than off the kitchen cabinet to change light bulb 5 years or so ago and my face pancake about 3 years ago. Middle of my back is even sore...whiplash? Both elbows sore if I bump them...not bad...whats weird is only left elbow scrapped and not bad...knee barely scraped but must have pancaked into pavement...guy at church is retired emergency room doc who saw it all during his career including gunshot wounds, people dying in front of him...said burst bursa...when I tried to explain about puffy blister like area between knee cap and top of right thigh he knew right away and it agreed with what I had googled...burst bursa...usually will go away...if not can get drained...I have it covered up now so we'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

All because I took a little detour off sidewalk as I began to prepare to surge last 3/4 mile of 7.5 mile. Life is incredible. Ironically about 150 yards south there was small car in ditch facing wrong way that had been left overnight. Second of two car wrecks in 24 hours where front bumper tore off...and I dodged an intersection coming come this evening that must have been car wreck with all the flashing lights and fire truck.

People are crazy drivers...oh wait I can't even run at sub ten min pace without losing control...guess I'm only safe at 11 min pace and slower.
Mar 16, 2020 6:49 AM # 
It seems if one of us falls the other has to double down and fall too. I do not want to 'out fall' you nor do I wish for you to fall again. That is one sport we need to stay out of. Second gortex outfit tore in fall. First one in Duluth shortly after I bought it from Mr. Hardware...$200 30 years ago! And this was just top that actually is for biker so has a goofy butt protector I guess for mud flip up...did not know that when I ordered it 3 years ago, but it has served well except for stupid zipper and has reflective stuff on it...originally for being seen in dark while running, but now I realize it is more likely to be so as I lie unconscious from tripping I'll be found.
Mar 30, 2020 11:52 AM # 
Now you've fallen again. I guess we shouldn't have laughed at those "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials.
Mar 30, 2020 11:56 AM # 
Hope you recover. I'm icing things now...two weeks and 1 day after last fall. I'm to have some sort of visual conference with family doc to facetime my knee and see what he says. I ran 8 miles at my fastest (10:47 oh please 'fast'?) pace in a year, especially for road (for some reason I was saying sidewalk although that actually is more accurate) versus trail (which are paved although OC have a 3 foot wide gravel strip next to the paved part that I run on, problem is there are dime sized rocks in it and I prefer tiny rock that are pressed into the dirt...I somehow think if you even read this among all my blatherings you will find a way to laugh about tiny rocks).

So back to my point...recover well!

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