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Discussion: Story?

in: Bags; Bags > 2020-03-28

Mar 29, 2020 1:45 AM # 
Mar 29, 2020 1:26 PM # 
I started back editing my 8500 page epic super hero military Olympian book...the one I sent you about 1000 pages of years ago. I never finished it, but I started a couple of times to edit it...I really was disappointed how bad it was. I would stop after about 25 pages...finally last fall started again and this time I kept at it.

One thing is I've forgotten characters names and subplots and bits and pieces of the story that as I wrote it the first time through!

The thing is I've added one new wrinkle that had added 20 pages or so just in the first 200 was was slow at first. I would only get 5 pages a week done. Yesterday I got in 15 or 20 pages in one day. Anyway I'm editing and rewriting it and I need to finish it this time because I want to know how it ends...I've thought of 100 or more endings and each time said that was it, but then it wasn't.

I'm running into storage issues everywhere...I used Dropbox for free, but now it's maxed out and they want $10 month. Icloud wants $10 a month, I phone wants $1 month...Cox cable wants $5 or $10 a month...I haven't added any yet. My Word is old and when I need to fix a sentence the backup deleting is really slow. I've got three copies of everything to be safe I don't lose it. One in documents, one in ICloud and one in Word/Dropbox (I really don't know).

But it's taken 6 months to do 230 pages or so...I have about 7000 pages in one copy and 2000 pages in second 'book' that I did not finish. At 500 pages a year it's going to take 15 to 20 years to finish. Hopefully I'll pick up the pace. I think my editing is improving it a bit, but it was astonishing how the story and thoughts I had in my head sounded so bad when I 'tried' to write them into story form.

Somewhere between my brain and my fingers that typed there apparently were a lots of faulty nerve connections. What I need is some young hot female that I could dictate my story to and she could write it grammatically correct and also in a form where the little subtle things were done properly.

I struggle even with how to introduce speaking. Using the word said over and over seems to grow old fast. I'll read books and its amazing how a great writer does the little things that add up to a great book that I just do not have the ability to do even if I rewrote something 100 times.

I can see the advantage to someone that grows up in a home where the parents are grammatical genius's and have a strong command of the English language and yet also be able to make the book readable. A lot of my favorite books the past 10 years are the teen fiction adventure books. The are cleanly written and easily understandable.

I absolutely have no use for someone that takes 3 paragraphs to describe a's distracting to the story, on the other hand when a character enters a room sometimes I feel like I need to paint a picture...not for 3 pages but at least give them a running start at what I see.

I do believe people paint their own pictures in their minds of the background if you have a good story, but the writer needs to do some painting to go along with their story.

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