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Discussion: Wamsley, Camille Herron and Ann Trason

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Apr 7, 2020 12:14 AM # 
Koski I've listened to all or parts of interviews of these three and they all airheads that were smart, if that makes sense. I honestly thought Wamsley sounded like he had a touch of autism. Both girls were on this show called Ginger runner and they both laughed and giggled CONSTANTLY. Trason is older of course super pioneer of women's ultra's.

The point is...I WOULD FIT RIGHT IN...haha. Kinda late in the game to start...what shocked me for Herron was how many bad injuries she had once she started ultra's. She would run a race on 5 weeks of inadequate training and really run well. Another thing I noticed was the term 'crushed it' was used by everyone to the point it sounded stupid. Think of some other way to say you...'crushed it'....haha.

The only thing I crush is me.
Apr 7, 2020 12:16 AM # 
Herron was living in Norman for early part of her career. Now I think she's at high altitude (Alamosa), but the trail ultra people all seem to live at altitude...since the trail one's that are famous mostly seem to be at altitude that makes sense and I don't see how you could run in the mountains coming from low altitude. And running ultra's on the road sounds horrible...much less on a track.
Apr 7, 2020 12:44 AM # 
Didn't you run or attempt the Copper Harbor 50 once?
Apr 7, 2020 8:22 AM # 
Yep. Details are foggy with me...if I have this right I ran the Twin Cities Marathon in 2:52 (I think that is the last marathon I ran!). Had to stop in porta potty and about then working 40 hours a week for a living was really wiping me out. I was trying to run too much and twice a day.

The NEXT week...if I remember right...I ran 30-miles...I was dead and it never occurred to me to stop and walk and try to build shot me the dirtiest look like I was a gutless coward...if you could have done that to me when I dropped out I probably would have kept going (you did not give me any slack for the amazing double attempt...I really was retarded in those days...sorry for the word but that's the best description for what I think about myself during those days). After all that I got out of the car ran in the last two miles with you at about 6:30 pace. You were flying and I remember feeling fine by then...I should have been too tired and stiff to do that.

For as crazy as I was I could not wrap my head around 50 milers. I did not like to drink while running marathons...I did, but it would upset my stomach and I hated water too. Not a good scenario there. (Boston 77 I was dying during last third of race and someone handed me about 1/4 of an orange. I popped it in my mouth and sucked the juice out and for 2-4 miles it super charged me. I tried that a time or two again with with diminishing results and ran 3:13-3:15.

Seems like the winner was some maniac running six minute miles and ran it in 5 hours? Or 6?

I ran 2 marathons at 2:32-2:33 (Paavo 79 I believe and in Enid the city you stopped off in 84 back from LA...was at 1:13 at halfway Greg Owings was pushing me way too hard...I was almost tripping over my feet and I died with 4 or 5 miles and had to slow to shuffle in). I ran 2:41 in 25 to 30 mph winds in OKC running 3 eight mile loops AND THEN out and back 1 mile...that was getting to me mentally like I was on a track...they should have knocked that 2 miles out at the beginning. Then Jan 1977 I ran Houston Marathon 2:47 to qualify for Boston and that was a shocker. Was in Austin in USAF at the time. I believe I was a 4 star general.

I started 13 and dropped out of 4 although one was probably Paavo 80 that I did not intend to run the whole way...I ran the first part but where you went further out into the country I took a left and ran into town (very foggy memory of that). I remember someone looking at me like they thought I was cheating although I don't know why. Not sure how much I ran of the race.

The one I ran entire way they would not let me register. I got a t shirt anyway...they 'caught me not being registered but they didn't pursue me too hard to get the t shirt back. I had tried to pay them that morning and the refused to let me in.

I had no idea you had run SO MANY marathons, but when stretched out over the years I guess they added up at even 1 to 2 a year. My 13 would have been from 75 (Paavo? drop out?) to fall of 1979 I think? It's weird how much I've forgotten about my marathon career. I do not even know my exact two fastest times. You told me that fast Paavo was 2:32:30 or something and I was listed not by name (not registered or having a number).

Of course my 4 glorious 15K runs in Proctor were one of the highlights. Three seconds 78-80 and 83 when I was not in top shape on my last trip to fact my time was faster that last time than I had expected at the was disappointing to know I wasn't in good shape at that time. Ron Clarke said something like that at end of his career. He felt fat, slow and old. He was 32 and that was like 40 or more in those days.
Apr 7, 2020 8:22 AM # 
Look how long I blabbed on and basically cannot 'remember much'.
Apr 7, 2020 8:24 AM # 
I cannot believe how dedicated those crews are in the long races. I can see how you would get caught up in that atmosphere of the crew pushing and supporting you and those people in the towns cheering for the runners along the trails.
Apr 7, 2020 8:31 AM # 
My knee is fine except for small puffy bump...I'm concerned how long it's going to take before I can walk further and run without it just puffing back up to what it was. It's weird not not be 'hurting' like a pull or strain or tear and having to shut down like this.
Apr 7, 2020 1:52 PM # 
Yeah, haha, I remember being annoyed at your for dropping. I think I was kind of dependent on you for my "race plan." And, who doesn't feel like shit at 30??
Anyway, that turned out to be my best ultra ever. Alan Kurik ran 4:59 and I was second in 5:59.
I clearly remember running down the main drag in Copper Harbor trying to run as hard as I could to break 6 hours, and a 'retarded' local pulled out in front of me with his car and stopped and I yelled at him, probably gave him the finger. Afterwards I was very embarrassed. About 25 years later, someone wrote me an email and said, "did you realize that you are the ____ fastest 50 miler in the US?"

It's good (for me anyway) that Grandma's is cancelled; I'd be super stressed out right now about not being able to train hard.

Some guy that is maybe a year older than me ran well under 20 hours at the Tunnel Hill 100 miler last year. That is the ultra that I'm entered in for Novemeber.
Apr 7, 2020 2:46 PM # 
Wow! I watched about it yesterday. I figured you had been in that part of Colorado. Didn't you have to 'win' a lottery to get in? That's what's discouraging. A lot of the famous ones are so big they have standards I could not meet. I'm not sure why I'm even going there as I probably will just shuffle along as I am now. But it seems my airhead thinking of day dreaming, horrible shuffling uneven stride and now I actually like walk and running as a warmup that would fit doing ultra's especially the mountain ones.

What about the altitude?
Apr 7, 2020 2:56 PM # 
No, this one is a flat, low, 100 in S. Illinois--near KY.
Are you thinking of Leadville?
Apr 7, 2020 4:35 PM # 
I was getting mixed up on races! I was thinking of Hardrock I believe where you kiss a rock at the end (I don't think I would even with virus issues). This may be the one where Camille broke a record. I did see one about was more about this guy that fell while training in mountains and a 250lb boulder landed on his leg...he was a good runner and of course I fail to remember his name now. Good guy with great family. After year and half he had the leg amputated (and 13 surgeries just would not relieve the leg pain!) and he ran leadville with one of those bouncy foot looked like a new design...he finished pretty good.

Names escape me. I can remember lots of details but names of people and places...guys wives. I NEVER remember a guys wife unless I see the couple regularly. Even your wife...Julie? Guys I worked with 20+ years I could pass a multiple choice test for names but not fill in the blank. I'm back to looking at videos today after couple of exercise sessions before and after walk.
Apr 7, 2020 4:40 PM # 
Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run Silverton north of Durango

Yes Tunnel Hill...I did not realize where it was at...just assumed out west! Duh.
Camille Herron en route to the 100 Mile ultramarathon women’s world best time at the 2017 Tunnel Hill 100.
Apr 7, 2020 4:55 PM # 
Jeez I just saw an African athlete on probation for my med prednisone!

Do the training masks work? I understand they do not simulate altitude but just make it harder to breath...have you tried one?

Also how is Julie's job going??????

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