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Discussion: Paul Bunyan Koski

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Apr 12, 2020 10:34 AM # 
Looks like your well back on your road to recovery (no pun...actually it was an accident) chopping wood, riding with your babe (pun) and doing all kinds of rugged outdoorsey/woodsey work.
Apr 12, 2020 10:35 AM # 
And probably grammatically weak.
Apr 12, 2020 3:39 PM # 
Yeah... funny how much energy I have for the mundane outside work nowadays...

Happy easter
Apr 13, 2020 1:00 PM # 
And when your burning off that energy you are getting things done, breaking a really good sweat and using all kinds of muscles naturally without contrived exercises and stretches. Not saying you don't continue to do what we do, but the positive spin on the down times is using it wisely.


Good luck up there. I keep doing this idiotic research on ultra stuff including looking up the races. I guess one of the qualifiers for Western is a race up in that area along the shore I believe...north of Two Harbors. Can't remember how long. I think 100k. All this while I walk 2 miles a day. ha
Apr 13, 2020 3:13 PM # 
YEah, Superior 100 Miler... that is the one I tried to do years ago. Made it 77 miles. It's is far more difficult than Western States... hillier, roots and rocks, and actually 103 miles. When I write "ran on the SHT" that is the trail.
Apr 13, 2020 5:12 PM # 
I think the Western States has the history, which really is not that old to me. We began running well before it started. There just seems to be so much spirit about that race...although the European races are crazy...almost too much at times.

I am being optimistic. Saw Speedgoat 3 for $90. That seemed to be a good deal...that was total cost. Ordered a pair advising I preferred a pair that was not virus infected...haha...unless they discounted them more. :) I have too many shoes. Too many golf balls and clubs. I'm a equipment addict.

I'm seeing lots and lots of rocks on trails...50 miler North Face Endurance Challenger...there was a 100k in Arizona Black Canyon north of Phoenix I believe. I don't know if I could keep from getting lost if I happened to be by myself...they hung these little ribbon things and the trail did not seem to be much different than the rest of the terrain in places.

Saw where a 73 year old tried in 2016 to be oldest Western States have to do it in 30 hours then you are counted as DNF even if you finish. He missed by just under 2 minutes! Holy gambolioso Dr. Koskiman. Next year another 73 year old finished in 29 hours...he basically walked 2/3's of the way as I understood it. I believe 30 hours is 18 minutes a mile.

There are a lot of these videos...some made by the crew and maybe some professional help too...but they get boring...sorry unless there is some drama to the story just watching someone finish by walking unless your doing some other kind of record then keep it to 10 minutes or less. I actually like the 30 min or longer ones when it's a big race and they don't do too much weird music.

The most amazing thing is those guys running with the cameras. Sometimes it looks like they go at least a half mile! Maybe it's just the editing.

Yep the Superior 100 miler. I would not want to run too flat of one on pavement or paved trails, but at some point it could get crazy too rough also. One race in Europe there were places the trail looked one foot wide for 50 yards and you have a nylon rope hammered into the rock wall with a straight drop off to nothing I guess. I might not have the nerve to run where if you slipped and grabbed a rope you had to hope it was really secure. When we were in Europe I remember we drove in the Alps and I was terrified...some places there was no rail or boulders and it was a super long drop off it you went over.
Apr 13, 2020 5:22 PM # 
This North Face Race is north of San Francisco. I ran a 5 miler or 10k on trail that about mid race I think came off the trail onto paved road where you were looking down at Golden Gate Bridge off towards San Francisco before you turned to run down hill a ways then back onto trail that at one point just dropped straight down a clliff for about 20 yards...I came up to it and said NO WAY or something like that then we came out onto a beach with weird sand Rodeo Beach I believe looking at the map. Glad I ran it. I ran a 5k on Treasure Island and a 5K I believe first year out there by Olympic Golf Course and one trail race in suburb of San Francisco that was not all that fancy and neither was the trail, but I'm glad I ran those races.

My form was way off. I know my muscles had tightened up so much and I just needed the right physical therapist to work with me and there was no google to help me either. My right foot would tremble and collapse like a spas attack...its hard to describe...I realize now my hams and calves were so tight that I'm sure that's what was going on. That was why I stopped racing. My right foot just did not was like I was running on pavement with my left leg and there was a weird slope drop off that my right foot landed on each time and slipped a little too.

I was running my balls off at at least a minute a mile slower than my conditioning.
Apr 13, 2020 5:28 PM # 
If you actually read all this stuff you will be well trained for a 100 mile least the mental aspect...hahahaha. If you set an age group record and they ask you what your secret is you can say...I read Bagwell's Attackpoint stuff and it made running a 100 miler a breeze.
Apr 16, 2020 2:01 PM # 
Paul Bunyan Koski and his syrup!
Apr 24, 2020 1:25 PM # 
All you need now is a blue ox.

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