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Discussion: Yikes1

in: Bash; Bash > 2020-07-26

Jul 27, 2020 1:45 AM # 
just hearing (reading) about your head-smack. Glad you seem to be doing well. Hope it stays that way!
Jul 27, 2020 2:15 AM # 
Thanks. As a hockey coach (amongst your many other experiences), you're one of the people who could undoubtedly tell me a thing or two about concussions. So far everyone who has had one has warned me to be very, very careful.
Jul 27, 2020 2:33 PM # 
that’s the best advice.... caution and observation. I’ve had a few and I’ve had teammates or kids I’ve coached get many.
My ‘anecdotal experience’ is the worst concussions come from an absolute ‘blindside’. If you get your bell rung (sometimes even just a little) but you are not expecting it at all, it can be quite severe and long lasting. On the flip side you can take a massive blow to the head and have little to no effect If you anticipate it and/or see it coming (although as we’ve seen with contact sports, doing this repeatedly can/does have a long term impact).
You’re probably somewhere in the middle if I understand the incident correctly. You likely weren’t anticipating a knock on the head, but your brain knew you were going down, so you may have been (subconsciously?) somewhat ‘prepared’.
Hopefully you’ll come out unscathed.... just don’t make it part of your regular routine! :-)
Jul 28, 2020 1:25 AM # 
That's an interesting insight; I haven't heard that before. You're correct about my level of anticipation.

My wet socks hit a puddle of water (or dog drool) on the slippery tile floor just as I reached the door frame between the kitchen and the foyer. They slid left. My upper body went right. My head smacked the wooden door frame hard and I ran to the front door to call 'Bent back from the start of his run. I knew I hadn't fallen but didn't know why not because I'd been so focused on the head injury that I couldn't picture what the rest of my body had done.

The next day, I found several bruises on my right forearm and left shin and went back to the scene of the crime to re-create it. From the locations of the bruises, it's clear that I used my right arm and left leg to brace myself in the doorway and prevent a fall. So I guess there was a split-second of anticipation. As you say, I didn't expect to clock my head but there was an adrenaline rush. Fingers crossed that helped! Now at 4.5 days, I'm still taking it easy and feeling OK. I might be sleeping more than I usually do but I'm also making a bigger effort because I know that can help.

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