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Discussion: ARWC 2021

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what a sleuth!
Sep 27, 2021 8:21 PM # 
Coliseum (hq. centre):
Finish: httpps://

Wednesday, 29th September

Picking up the teams at the airport.
Transfer 1-> 13:30
Transfer 2-> 18:30
Transfer 3-> 23:30
Arrival in A Coruña -> 1 hour aprox.

The transfer will arrive at the Coliseum where the teams will be allowed to leave their bike boxes. Teams must know the location of their corresponding hotels. Many teams have booked the hotel very close to the Coliseum. Other teams that have a hotel in the city will have to go to their hotels. The taxi service in A Coruña is cheap and can be requested on this phone: 981 287 777

Thursday, 30th September

From 9:00 to 15:00 -> Coliseum. Pass the antigen test. Once passed the antigen test, the teams must wait outside the Coliseum for about 30 minutes, until the reception of the result of their tests. The teams will be called at a specific time between those times. They can not enter the Coliseum until obtaining the results.
Check in the material/equipment.
All your documentation, stickers for the race, accreditations and flags will be in your team boxes. It is compulsory to prepare the material/equipment in the same place. You will not take your boxes to the hotel. You must wear a face mask inside the area.
During the afternoon you will be allowed to access to your boxes to prepare your material, inside the Coliseum.

Friday, 1st October
From 9:00 to 14:00-> Preparation of the material/equipment. Coliseum.
15:30 Race boxes and Bike boxes will be given (the teams will have to carry them to the lorries). Coliseum.
18:00 The bus will depart from the Coliseum to go to the flag parade (it is obligatory to wear the numbered vest and to carry the flag of your country provided by the organisation).
19:00 Presentation of the teams and maps will be given.
20:00 End of flag parade.
20:15 Return to the Coliseum by bus.
Saturday, 2nd October
7:30 The hotel bag will be provided in the Coliseum.
7:45 The bus will depart from the Coliseum to Monforte de Lemos.
10:00 Arrival in Monforte de Lemos. There will be cafés and bars.
12:00 Championship Start 2021.
Start. Monforte de Lemos.

It is compulsory the use of the face mask before the departure. Besides, it will be obligatory to use the face mask along the first kilometres. The departure will be neutralised, accompanied by the police car from Monforte de Lemos which will accompany the teams as far as the departure triangle marked on the map. From there, the free route of the raid starts.

122 Kms. Trekking.
On foot section which will have as protagonist A Serra do Courel. The trekking will be fast in its first 15 kilometres, where we will go along St. James’ Way. From there, we will enter a mountainous area characterised by strong slops. The trekking will transit through paths, trails and firebreaks. Pay attention to the summits and high areas, as well as in the steep descents, especially during the night.
It is forbidden to walk around not allowed roads. Pay attention to the ways you take. O Courel is an area full of rivers where it is easy to obtain water, but it is recommended calculating the quantity of food for such a long section.

T1 Manzaneda station. Bike Box.
In this transition, you will find the Bike boxes. It is allowed to leave food and clothes in this box.
You can buy food in the station as the establishment will be open. There are usually sandwiches and dishes in this establishment.
This section will be indoor, there will be power and hot water.
Before leaving for the MTB, you have to do the following:
2 raiders downhill special race. You will take the chairlift and descend the trail called Medras. You will have Cp (control point) in the middle of this trail.
2 raiders will do the zip line. Equipment provided by the organisation.
Once the team is gathered, you can get on the chairlift and as soon as you reach the high part of the station, you can continue in the MTB section.

80 Kms. MTB
This section will take place in the highest part, more exposed and coldest of the race. We recommend that you wear warm clothes, a hat, winter gloves. Don’t skimp on clothes, above all if the weather is adverse and it rains.
Be careful with the descents. It is easy to warm up the disc brakes and make them work worse. The descent is very steep.
The rest of the route does not prove to be difficult. You will transit through pasture areas, forests, paths and good running tracks.
Be extremely careful in the last descent before the T3, especially at night. It is a steep area, with an abrupt descent along firebreaks and with remains of tree felling.

T2 Quiroga. Box A, Bike box, kayak bag.
The transition will take place in the sports hall. Outside, you will have some restaurants/bars where you can buy food during their regular hours. In this transition, you will have hot water and electric current.
The kayaks and the kayak bags won’t be located in the transition. They will be in the football pitch, marked on the map, in the way to the boarding place.
You will have to carry the kayak bags along the kayak section.

90 Kms. Kayak.
It is a section by kayak which doesn’t present any technical difficulty. However, it is compulsory the use of a helmet. At the beginning of the section, you will find small rapids. Owing to safety reasons, during the night, these rapids will be avoided by land. Carriages and obligatory carriage times will be marked on the map. It will be also explained in the road book. Once you have avoided the rapids, you will enter an area of damned water along many kilometres to get inside the incredible Canyons of the Sil river, one of the most impressive river cliffs in the world.
Having finished this kayak stretch, Embalse de Santo Estevo (Santo Estevo dam), you have to leave the kayaks and make a carriage along 10 kilometres. The places for the disembarkation will be indicated on the maps. Please, pay attention to the disembarkation and don’t get close to the dam, as it is strictly forbidden to approach within 200 metres.
The carriage has a steep slope at the beginning and it will take place on the asphalt. You will have to wear the reflective vest and take the lights on during the night for this carriage. You will transit on the left side of the road.
From here, you will continue descending the river up to the Balneario de Laias where there is a pier to get off the kayaks.

T3 Laias. Box B and Bike Box.
You have to leave the kayak bag with all your kayak equipment in that transition. This transition will be in a hotel and spa. The ones who have booked a room can rest for 6 hours maximum. The ones who have booked showers will be informed where you can get a shower and those who have ordered some food will be informed where to get it.

210 Kms. MBT – Orienteering.
The longest section of the raid. At the beginning of the section, you will have to cross a main road. Be extremely careful when you arrive in Lugo; it is a town with heavy traffic.
Once having arrived in the transition point, you must leave your bikes locked. You will be given a map containing photos and you must walk a section of 8 km. You must take photos in every place of Cp (control point), and you have to show them in the transition where they will be verified. In the photos, at least three members of the team must appear.
Having verified that the route is completed you can continue the section.
We were asked if it is recommendable to carry a pair of trekking shoes for this section: as it is an urban section, it would be advisable to take a pair of comfortable MTB shoes which allow you to walk. The rest of the section doesn’t present any difficulty. Pay full attention to the crossings of forbidden roads to avoid any infraction.

T4 As Pontes. Box A and Bike Box.
This transition will be under a big tent. There won’t be hot water or electricity. It will be the last place where you will find the Bike Box. It will be possible to buy food around the transition (restaurants, bars…), whenever they are open.

65 Kms. Trekking -Special SUP (stand up paddle) challenge.
When starting this trekking, you have to go to Lago As Pontes (Lake). There, there will be a special section of paddle surf. The section will be very short, 1.5 Kms., where you will have to reach a control point and return. Only 2 raiders have to do this section, the other two will wait in the start point. The organisation staff will provide the paddle boards, oars and life vests. Once you have finished this paddle surf challenge, you will go on the trekking. Be very careful when crossing the main road when leaving the lake. Placed on the trails, the trekking doesn’t present important technical difficulties.

T5 Betanzos. Box B and kayak Bag.
This will be an indoor transition. Not hot water or electricity available. The kayak will be placed at a distance of 700 m. from the transition. You have to walk carrying your kayak equipment up to the pier. The helmet and the trolley are not necessary for this section. You can leave the trolleys in the transition; it is unnecessary to carry them. For section 6, you have to carry the kayak bag.

Kayak, 11 Kms.
At the mouth of the river, specifically, after passing the Puente do Pedrido (Bridge), you have to be placed at the right bank of the river as far as passing the cape on your right (Punta Xurelos). The recommended way will be marked. As soon as you reach the sea, you have to go to Sada, a small town where the transition is going to be. This estuary is really affected by the tide so, if you do this section in low tide, you must choose the best place to go. Besides, you must consider that depending on the tide, low or high, you will find more or less difficulty when moving forward.

Tuesday, 5th October
Low tide - 10:30
High tide – 16:45
Low tide – 22:42
Wednesday, 6th October
High tide – 5:00
Low tide – 11:00
High tide – 17:15
Low tide – 23:30
Thursday, 7th October
High tide – 5:45
Low tide – 11:45
High tide – 18:00
Friday,8th October
Low tide – 00:10
High tide – 7:00
Low tide – 12:20
High tide – 18:25
Saturday, 9th October
Low tide – 00:45
High tide – 6:20

T6 Sada
In this transition there won’t be any team bag or box. You have to leave the kayak bag which you have been carrying with all the material inside. This section will be under a big tent so, there won’t be any hot water or electric current. This transition will be the point of the raid where you have to pay the possible penalisations of the raid.

32 Kms. Trekking
This last trekking will go along the coastal area between Sada and A Coruña. You must transit through coastal ways and paths next to the cliffs.
Be extremely careful when entering A Coruña town: there can be heavy traffic at rush hour. We beg you keep the social distance with the people you meet when getting the finish of the raid.


The finish line close will be on Saturday 9th, at 12:00 am.
The acts and awards ceremony will take place at 18.00 pm in the same place as the finish line (Explanada del Parrote= Parrote Esplanade).
Giving the event bracelet, you will be given some food and a drink per raider.
At 20:00 pm, León Benavente’s performance.

It is obligatory to wear the face mask in every transition. You always have to take 2 face masks each along the whole raid.
When getting the transitions, it is compulsory to disinfect your hands before picking up your material/equipment.
There will be designated sleeping areas far from the transition areas.

All the rules of the raid will be found in the following link:

Remember that penalisations will be paid in the T6 (last transition). The penalisation for using forbidden areas or roads will result in the best time estimated by the organisation in that part multiplied by 5.

ARWC2021 Organizing Team
Sep 27, 2021 8:22 PM # 
Also, I will be covering the U.S. teams for SleepMonsters, so I would appreciate any help this crowd can lend me!
Sep 28, 2021 12:02 PM # 
Love this translation: "Be careful with the descents. It is easy to warm up the disc brakes and make them work worse. The descent is very steep."
Sep 28, 2021 12:21 PM # 
I was having trouble finding the standard list of teams/members/nationality. There's a list of teams vis-a-vis covid safety checklists buried on one of the pages but...
Sep 28, 2021 1:05 PM # 
Here's the full team list:
Sep 28, 2021 1:52 PM # 
Thanks Cliff
Sep 28, 2021 2:23 PM # 
Mr Wonderful:
122 km trek out of the gate, what a start!
Sep 29, 2021 2:04 PM # 
I’m relieved to see that many sections “don’t prove to be difficult”. Phew.
Sep 29, 2021 2:40 PM # 
Kateness, chiming in from Madrid...
Sep 29, 2021 5:27 PM # 
Sep 30, 2021 4:45 PM # 
Pics of the road book/passport:
[Edited, will add these in later, in the meantime, I've posted them in the Strong Machine AR Club Facebook page - it's private but feel free to join if you want and I'll add you]. I'll be doing lots of dot-watching and commentary for the American teams there.]
Alternatively, you can find the road book posted by Track the Race on Facebook.
Sep 30, 2021 5:48 PM # 
I can't see them but that would be awesome. Is it just me?
Sep 30, 2021 5:49 PM # 
Same here, Bash!
Sep 30, 2021 6:12 PM # 
Mr Wonderful:
I'm guessing the embedded source is not on the whitelist? Maybe copy them to something else and share them that way....
Oct 2, 2021 2:21 AM # 
Here's the link to the course booklet:
Oct 2, 2021 2:23 AM # 
Start time is noon Spanish time, 7 a.m. EST. Racers arrive at the start in Monforte de Lemos at 10 a.m. and will receive maps when they get off the bus. I believe the start is at the historical cathedral in the center of town.
Oct 2, 2021 4:10 AM # 
Enjoy the dot watching everybody! I’m looking forward to racing with Team Endurancelife #64.
Oct 2, 2021 10:24 AM # 
Caught this live early today:

Hard to find a timestamp on a live video, but Bend and Strong Machine make appearances starting ~35 minutes in.
Oct 2, 2021 10:24 AM # 
Not sure if it's posted above, but here is the link to the dots:
Oct 2, 2021 8:33 PM # 
Mr Wonderful:
Looks like there's at least one tricky turn out there that got the lead pack, near CP4.

I noticed that when I was trying to figure out why my local hero's team was having a moment en route to #3.

Oct 3, 2021 11:17 AM # 
If you are looking at breadcrumbs for the top 5 or so, it seems that Estonia missed the zip line but there is a video on FB that shows them there.
Oct 3, 2021 5:33 PM # 
Race is spreading out now. Snow trickling down on the high points of the bike ride will reward teams that prepared with warm gear and don't get too cold. Bend looks good on the bike, Quest is in TA (I don't blame them for hanging around there instead of pushing into the sleet!) and Strong Machine is slowing but in good shape to finish the big trek in the next four hours. AdventureKidney is probably 6+ hours out. Not sure what's happening with MRC...they have stopped about halfway through the trek and are now the last ranked team. Hopefully their tracker has just stopped working.
Oct 3, 2021 5:38 PM # 
Live interview with Naturex just now, Seb Raichon said one of their teammates is injured...but they're still moving OK, now in around ~10th.
Oct 3, 2021 6:51 PM # 
I noticed adventure kidneys tracker at a hotel. I suspect MRC’s tracker went out or something. Seems the race organization would have checked in on them by now? Glad to see the progress Strong Machine is making! Orbital is making some moves, hope it’s strategic and not accidental! EDIT: yup it was strategic. Flying past Red Fox now it seems.
Oct 3, 2021 7:12 PM # 
Two bigger names out of the race - USWE, winners of AR Croatia, and Puppy AR, a very solid Swedish team, which made a couple of nav errors on the trek. Os Barbas is also a very strong team that has pulled out. They finished the full course at RG 2017.
Oct 3, 2021 7:46 PM # 
W4J - really impressed with Orbital - I didn't see any advantage on the maps, but kudos to them!

Also, that 4PM cutoff at the end of leg 2 is looming for all of the team still on the trek. Should be comfortable (with sleep) for teams near SM, but not sure about that group back just ahead of CP7. I don't see how Adventure Kidney makes it. Hoping that MRC is somewhere closer to TA.
Oct 3, 2021 10:48 PM # 
Adventure Kidney seems to be at a hotel? And I reached out to ask about MRC, but no word. Fun fact, Michigan has 3 of our own there! I have looked for the rules about cutoffs-if it’s short course or they are done— but can’t seem to find anything.
Oct 3, 2021 11:17 PM # 
Confirmed on the ground, Kelly Urckfitz says Adventure Kidney is at a hotel. Strong Machine is in TA, with a plan to sleep, not sure how long. Kelly confirmed MRC was on the move last night - their tracker is frozen - but she said she's not sure where they were. Hopefully we'll get an update soon as they were about 1-2 hours behind SM last night. I'm sure the race staff will get the tracker issue sorted out in TA.
Oct 3, 2021 11:18 PM # 
I believe the cutoff is 4 p.m. tomorrow to be on the water out of TA 2.
Oct 3, 2021 11:24 PM # 
Thanks SM. What’s the consequence for not making the cutoff, do you know?
Oct 3, 2021 11:52 PM # 
Is it on the water or out of TA, because based on the race maps those are very different things?
Oct 3, 2021 11:56 PM # 
Peaking at the front, it looks like Blizzard may be out of their element on the paddle. SAFAT has caught and passed them quickly. Anyone know what the boats are?

EDIT: Vidaraid is also on the water in front of Orbital and moving really well. How hard will they push to get themselves into the mix before the next bike leg?

EDIT 2: Boats are 2-person sit on tops.
Oct 4, 2021 1:17 AM # 
It's out of TA.
Oct 4, 2021 7:11 AM # 
Uhm, Blizzard seems to have lost their wits since the sun came up. Now they are heading back upriver during the portage after fussing around in one spot for about 15 minutes. SAFAT has already passed them and Orbital will also momentarily. Getting a bit more mixed up at the pointy end of the race!
Oct 4, 2021 8:02 AM # 
Looks like Blizzard did not get CP 17. They went up the inlet but then is looks like you have to treck a bit to go and get it which they clearly did not do. A very serious error. Can you imagine the state of moral now.
Oct 4, 2021 9:58 AM # 
Still no word on team 63. Also, Vidarid has dropped back. Thought I read somewhere maybe a sick teammate? So, now, it’s Estonia, SAFAT and Orbital. Saw the live vid and the water is moving really fast.

Read on AR Live Coverage: - Teams that DO NOT DEPART to section 3 before Monday 4th at 16:00, will be grouped and taken by transport to AS PONTES (T4) on Tuesday 5th at 10:00, continuing there.
Oct 4, 2021 12:07 PM # 
Back to the US teams -

Bend and Quest are on the paddle, with Bend nearing the halfway point while Quest has just put on.

Strong Machine is nearing the end of the bike leg. If my math is correct, they have 2 hours left to finish the bike ride, TA, and get out with kayaks in hand. It is possible, but TIGHT. Other comparable teams have taken ~90minutes to get to TA from where they are. But those teams don't have JayXC pulling the train. It does seem like they're working with 2 other teams on the leg. Send all of your pedaling vibes to them!!!!!

Adventure Kidney is still on the opening trek but will finish before nightfall in Spain. I think they'll be shuttled to the start of the monster MTB leg.

MRC - anyone see anything about them? As far as I know they have yet to come off off of the trek.
Oct 4, 2021 12:24 PM # 
Glen, SM actually have more like 2.5 hours now, and they're moving really well. Update from Kelly Urckfitz on the ground says they're all feeling fresh and smiling (incredible after that trek!). I think they got this.
Oct 4, 2021 1:04 PM # 
Oooo - did I do my conversion wrong? Are they east Coast + 5? I've been going based off of the start which was +6?

EDIT: unless I'm crazy (no comments SM...) I'm almost positive that it's +6.

And I agree, they have been moving very well on the bike. Glad to hear that they're happy!!
Oct 4, 2021 1:45 PM # 
No, I got it wrong! They only have 15 minutes left!
Oct 4, 2021 1:49 PM # 
Ahhhhh! Hurry up!!!!! Experience is super helpful here I'm sure!!
Oct 4, 2021 1:51 PM # 
Nine minutes!
Oct 4, 2021 1:52 PM # 
I hate dot-watching!
Oct 4, 2021 2:04 PM # 
Oct 4, 2021 2:06 PM # 
WOOOHOOOO! Anyone know when the next cutoff is?
Oct 4, 2021 2:10 PM # 
Haha, apparently SM was super-relaxed in TA and has now stepped out to get lunch and a coffee at the local cafe.
Oct 4, 2021 2:10 PM # 
Unfortunately, MRC just updated (finally) and they are about 1/3rd of the way through the bike, so they'll miss the cutoff.
Oct 4, 2021 2:30 PM # 
And, the 3 top teams are in TA together. Who leaves first? The trackers there aren’t updating either. Just checked and Estonia hasn’t updated in 2 hours.
Oct 4, 2021 4:25 PM # 
Well then...the main media outlets for the race (FB and Insta) have just failed worldwide. At least we can keep watching the dots and commenting here...
Oct 4, 2021 5:38 PM # 
Looks like SAFAT and Estonia are close together on the big bike leg. Estonia got some good sleep - anyone know about SAFAT? Orbital has fallen back a slight bit but appear to be getting some well deserved rest.

Night is falling in Spain, and most of the mid-pack teams will be on the water well into the dark and early morning. Sleeps will be happening on the riverside I'm sure.

Rumor is that the next cutoff is 0800 Thursday morning to be done the monster bike leg. Seems very attainable for all of the full course teams still.
Oct 4, 2021 6:04 PM # 
According to the live interview of them during the portage, SAFAT was not planning to sleep at the TA before this bike leg because they had already slept at CP17, but I can't tell if they decided to rest anyway. Orbital's tracker has been pegged for nearly 4 hours, so they probably slept, but it's unclear if they are still sleeping or if they have moved on with their tracker buried and not communicating. I'd put money on them being quite close to the lead pack of SAFAT and Estonia.
Oct 4, 2021 6:08 PM # 
It's the same trio that fought it out at NIAR this year, with SAFAT taking the win over Estonia by an hour, and Orbital, who was in the lead, finishing third after deciding to sleep before a 200-k bike ride.
Oct 4, 2021 6:11 PM # 
I had forgotten about that SAFAT sleep. Still, I would guess that Estonia has more rest and is better set up for a huge push from here.
Oct 4, 2021 6:17 PM # 
Orbital just updated and is still at the TA. Seems they took a longer-than-usual sleep.
Oct 4, 2021 6:31 PM # 
Probably enough to push for the rest of the race though.
Oct 4, 2021 6:40 PM # 
Anyone know what the kayak portage is like? Do teams have boat dollies? It doesn't look like much fun. Looks like Bend was about 3hrs on that portage.
Oct 4, 2021 6:54 PM # 
Yes, portage wheels are mandatory gear. There were some good videos of what it looked like but they're all on Facebook...
Oct 4, 2021 11:54 PM # 
I read on a Sleepmonsters post that the teams get both a hot meal AND a hotel room (for up to 6 hours) at TA3. Strong motivation I'm sure to push through to that TA. Explains what Orbital was doing there for so long.
Oct 4, 2021 11:57 PM # 
Yes, but they had to order and pay at registration. Not sure if it's available to teams who change their minds when they arrive.
Oct 5, 2021 12:23 AM # 
Well, my pick to win the race is likely not gonna do it. In the latest ARWS press release covering Day 2, Naturex reveals an injury that may keep them from completing the course (also check out the great story of Strong Machine making the cutoff!):

PRESS RELEASE: Rivers, Portages, and Cut-Offs
For most teams Day 3 of the Adventure Racing World Championship was spent on the first kayak stage, or trying to get there in time to avoid the first cut-off of the race.
Race leaders Estonian ACE Adventure – La Sportiva had spent much of the night on the early part of the 90km kayaking stage, which involved some portage stages for safety, and by first light had reached the long portage which took teams 12km around several dams. They said they had kept a steady pace through the night and used a small portable music player to listen to Estonian music to help keep them awake. Their media support watched them through a later portage around another dam at the city of Ourense and said they were much quicker than usual at the portaging and very motivated.
Had they known what was happening behind them they might have been more motivated as the second placed team, Blizzard of Russia, made a simple, but costly, mistake. Tired after two nights without sleep they forget to punch the checkpoint at the start of the long portage, and only realised after walking 5 or 6km with their kayaks. Then they had no choice but to turn around, go back and get the missed CP, though they could leave their kayaks and didn’t take those all the way back.
In doing so they met 3 other teams who now passed them in the rankings. This would have been a brutal experience for any team and to make matters worse the portage had a lot of climbing on it, starting with a long, tough uphill haul, which they now had to do twice. (This kayak stage had 450m of ascent!)
Some teams had difficulty with broken wheels or trolleys on the portage, and Team Endurance arrived at the finish with both kayaks on one set wheels, which seemed to be working OK. The broken wheel set was slung over the shoulder of Maria Daniela Costa Tobar who cheerfully said, “We have to carry them, they are mandatory equipment!”
Just ahead of them, crossing a long bridge (one of 4 at that location where two rivers meet) were the world #1 team Team400 Naturex, three of them white coverall suits which made them look like laboratory workers. Things were not going well for the team as Nico Seguin is carrying a groin injury and he said he was thinking of quitting, but would continue with the paddle and bike ride, but he wasn’t sure if he could manage the later trekking stages.
Later in the day, at the start of the portage, the UK Adventurers team were struggling with a sheared wheel nut and sought the help of legendary racer Antonio de la Rosa who was in the café there. The team stopped to eat while they could and said the canyon they had just paddled trough was amazing. (The canyon the portage road wound alongside was stunning too, but teams had their heads down with their labours.)
For teams further back on the course just getting onto the water was a priority, as the first race cut off was at the start of the paddle, at Transition 2. Teams had to leave the transition in the town of Quiroga by 16.00, or they would be cut from the full course and transport nexted day to TA4 at As Pontes.
As the clock ticked round to 16.00 five teams were in the sports hall used for the transition, rushing to sort their equipment and get out in time. The Strong Machine Adventure Racing team from the USA came out in good time, with a whole 10 minutes to spare. Kate Hanley-White said she’d enjoyed the second, mountain biking, stage and that the team had been under pressure to arrive in time. She added, “It was thanks to Mark’s speedy navigation that we arrived in time to sort ourselves out without rushing too much.”
She was speaking about Mark Lattanzi, a renowned navigator (and author on the subject) who said, “The last part of the route into town was difficult and slow as trails disappeared, then we got onto logging trails which were unrideable, and then we had to find a way through the streets to the TA, so that just added to the pressure.”
[The team includes Mike Garrison, the new USARA Chief Exec, and in the hall at the same time was the Danish federation chairman, Johan Thorup Nielsen, while in the café around the corner Marek Navratil, founder of the AR European Series was having a consolation beer after his team withdrew. Neilsen’s Delta team has also withdrawn.]
At 16.00 the team from France where hustled out of the door, half dressed, barefoot and with arms full of clothes and equipment and they joined several other ejected teams outside to eat and sort themselves out, but still in the race on the full course. (They had to carry their kayak bags to a nearby field to pick up the kayaks, then portage these down to the river, so it would be some time until they got on the water.)
At the final count (unofficially) 62 teams had made it through the cut-off, so just over two-thirds of the field; 6 teams had continued unranked having missed checkpoints or without a full team, and a further 4 teams had withdrawn at the transition.
Oct 5, 2021 2:25 AM # 
It's around 4AM in Spain...

Bend is sleeping in TA3.
Quest seems to have grabbed ~3 hours of sleep at the end of the portage. They have just started moving again. Should be about 9 hours to the TA3.
SM is moving well on the paddle and are currently portaging. They have about 11-12 hours to go to get off of the paddle. They are in a big sleep deficit and will need to get some good hours before the MTB leg.
AK and MRC are awaiting transport at TA2.

At the front of the race...
Estonia just leads SAFAT, nearing the halfway point of the bike. Both had have good sleeps, but Estonia's was of better quality.
Vidaraid has moved into 3rd. They are low on sleep, but they don't care. How hard will the fastest team in the world push themselves to win this race?
NIAR and Red Fox are a bit further back, followed by Black Hill and Orbital. Orbital banked an amazing sleep, having been steadily moving forward, and are most likely primed for a nonstop push to the finish.
Oct 5, 2021 2:42 AM # 
Minor addition glewis: SAFAT has camped for another sleep in the middle of the bike leg, which allowed Estonia to pass them...likely totally unaware that SAFAT was sleeping a park just next to the road.
Oct 5, 2021 3:35 AM # 
Uh oh - Estonia appears about to be overshooting CP24. Wonder how long they'll go before recognizing it?
Oct 5, 2021 3:43 AM # 
Ok, they fixed it somewhat efficiently, but I'd call that a minor bobble.
Oct 5, 2021 10:38 AM # 
The camera people are running with Orbital now on FB:
Oct 5, 2021 10:57 AM # 
An early morning addition to what I shared last night - seems like the time from Portage to TA3 is closer to 6 hours, not 9 hours. Quest is in TA and presumably sleeping. SM is <2hours from TA and a well earned snooze.

EDIT: @StrongMachine correctly observed that I have no idea what's been going on, and our friends on SM have actually banked 5-6 hours of sleep and are much better off than I realized!!
Oct 5, 2021 11:01 AM # 
Good intel Conman. I'd say that SAFAT and Estonia are "even-ish" on sleep now, which puts Estonia's lead at 1 hour. Vidaraid still holds in 3rd. NIAR is in 4th having just finished the O-course around Lugo. Orbital is hot on their heels - can't be more than 45 minutes back now.
Oct 5, 2021 11:59 AM # 
+1 for that great video that W4J shared. Lots of time with NIAR and then Orbital!
Oct 5, 2021 2:42 PM # 
Estonia are the first team off of the bike! A quick TA and then onto the 65km trek. They just finished the SUP. SAFAT is already out of TA as well, right behind them, just over 40mins. The course book estimates just over 20 hours of racing left. This is exciting!!
Oct 5, 2021 3:46 PM # 
Sovijarvi 2.0:
Is it just me, or does the SUP after 210k MTB prior to 65k trek feel rather...
Oct 5, 2021 3:48 PM # 
Vidaraid is making moves, wonder if it will pay off?

EDIT: It did, wow…
Oct 5, 2021 5:16 PM # 
@Sovijarvi 2.0: the town where the SUP is taking place (As Pontes) is the race director's hometown, I wonder if he was trying to create a bit of a spectacle there to get the crowds out?
Oct 5, 2021 7:49 PM # 
NIAR has overtaken Vidaraid at CP35. I'm so curious to know why Vidaraid spent so much time in the vicinity of that CP.
Oct 5, 2021 8:03 PM # 
I might have heard somewhere they sometimes punch a CP, go a bit, and then rest. And, when they hear a team they get up and go again. They are known for being a no sleep team.
Oct 5, 2021 8:37 PM # 
Looks like Estonia is taking a sleep stop. SAFAT is closing in fast.
Oct 5, 2021 8:52 PM # 
Anyone else notice the perennial strong team SWECO has quietly assumed the same race position as their bib number? Just a curious factoid to make some of you smile.
Oct 5, 2021 9:15 PM # 
SAFAT just walked right past Estonia. Not sure how obvious Estonia's makeshift camp's possible SAFAT does not know they've passed them.
Oct 5, 2021 9:16 PM # 
And...~15 minutes later, Estonia is back on their feet and chasing SAFAT.
Oct 5, 2021 11:40 PM # 
The pointy end is a full on dog fight in the wee hours of the 4th night right now. If you aren't watching...WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!
Oct 5, 2021 11:41 PM # 
Wasn't sure what Estonia was up to. There is enough race left to get back in the lead. What a nail biter!!
Oct 6, 2021 2:09 AM # 
I suspect Isla's feet (mentioned in a recent article/post as in rough shape back at TA4) are slowing down Vidaraid. Time will tell, but they have lost considerable time to NIAR since completing the SUP.
Oct 6, 2021 3:05 AM # 
Now Estonia's tracker has gone a bit haywire...both in that it shows tracks that cross the river twice in a not-really-crossable section and in that it has stopped reporting their position. I suspect they are further downriver than is currently indicated.

Of course, they could also be sleeping on top of the tracker...?
Oct 6, 2021 9:56 AM # 
SAFAT is really close to the finish and are moving quickly really opening a lead over Estonia. The coverage about Estonia and teammate care is on FB:

Really a testament to the sport. Also reported that Isla on Vidaraid/Torpedo is having foot problems.

And, Black Hill is now in the mix for the top 5. What a race!
Oct 6, 2021 11:56 AM # 
Having not raced on mainland Europe (recognizing that that itself is a big and diverse place), I find myself wondering whether there is something about the style of racing that would have put these handful of teams at the top regardless of who else was there, or if the top five would look different if the Kiwis and Aussies had been able to travel.
Oct 6, 2021 11:59 AM # 
Congrats to SAFAT! New World Champions!!!!
Oct 6, 2021 12:05 PM # 
Great finish!
Oct 6, 2021 12:18 PM # 
Wow, fantastic performance! Fun to watch with so many of the top teams (minus AUS and NZ) in one race. Well done.
Oct 6, 2021 6:12 PM # 
Podium is complete!

2. Estonia ACE + 4hrs
3. NIAR + 6hrs

Vidaraid is on pace to finish 4th in the next few hours. Have to wonder if they consider that a disappointment.
Black HILL (who has moved well over the last bits of the race) are leading Orbital by ~20 minutes in the battle for 5th.

This should all be sorted out in the next 5 hours. Then the focus will again turn to the race against the cutoffs.
Oct 6, 2021 6:44 PM # 
How about some more drama? Orbital had a large bobble on 45 and is now only ~10 minutes behind!
Oct 6, 2021 8:26 PM # 
The remainder of MRC (James and Richard) have just finished the race unranked! They are the first restart team to arrive. Huzzah! Cool surprise! I didn't know what tracker number they were racing under
Oct 6, 2021 9:45 PM # 
There's a veritable sprint finish in progress for places 5-8. Positions Might not change over the next 2 hours, but its awful close after 100+ hours of racing.
Oct 6, 2021 11:09 PM # 
2nd American racer and 3rd N. American racer(1st ranked racer from these places) due in momentarily: Mari Chandler from Michigan with Team Orbital. Tune in on FB for a likely live feed in about 15-20 mins.
Oct 7, 2021 9:36 AM # 
I was refreshing FB every couple of minutes and sadly there wasn’t a finish line photo. Heard from her soon after in good spirits!

Any knowledge of any future cutoffs? Cheering for those still at it!
Oct 7, 2021 12:08 PM # 
I read on FB that there was a SUP cutoff at 8AM. But it sounds like the team who missed it are still full course. I'm only aware of the finish line, closing at 8AM local time on Saturday.
Oct 7, 2021 12:38 PM # 
Does anyone happen to know when the next cutoff occurs?
Oct 7, 2021 3:25 PM # 
Raid Gallaecia's official Facebook page says the finish line is open until noon on Saturday. So roughly 42 hours left of racing.
Oct 7, 2021 3:25 PM # 
The SUP closed at 8 a.m. Teams who missed it are sitll on full course, but have been assessed a one-hour penalty.
Oct 8, 2021 2:41 AM # 
Quest is having some serious issues on the last paddle, and just as the channel opens up a bit. Haven't examined the tide charts, but it was dark and I wonder if something weird happened related to tidal current?
Oct 8, 2021 3:04 AM # 
According to info above the low tide was around midnight and the next high is at 0700. I hope everyone is ok. The surf could be tricky at night and in sleep deprived state.
Oct 8, 2021 10:17 AM # 
I was also wondering about them. But it seems like they got it sorted out and are one the final trek. It looks like Strong Machine is finally making their way towards that last paddle as well, right around noon local time. The promise of a warm bed tonight should pull them towards the finish line.

EDIT: False alarm - SM is still in TA. Guessing that they'll sleep a bit longer and then set out on the paddle. It looks like they are going to have a horrific tide for the paddle unless they plan on waiting ~7 hours.
Oct 8, 2021 6:01 PM # 
Something happened with the paddle that's still not clear, but the race director made the call to shorten the paddle, moving the end of the stage to the bridge, from where teams are getting moved by car. From what I can make out, it was a combination of a breaking reef in that area, as well as fog and mudflat low tides.
Oct 9, 2021 12:50 AM # 
The race is nearly wrapped up! Big US news, Quest finished on Friday evening (local time), 2nd American team after Bend.

There look to be only 3 teams left on the course. Strong Machine should finish in the next 3 hours.

The final 2 teams, Budino Raid and Pena Guara, are still a ways out. They have about 7 hours of race course left and 9 hours until the cutoff. It seems appropriate that a pair of Spanish teams will be the final teams off of the course.
Oct 9, 2021 12:54 AM # 
Also, I'm holding out hope that one of these final 3 teams is the first to swim across the Rio Mero on the way to the finish. It's less than 500 ft but will save racers 2-3km. I'm convinced that it has to be quicker.
Oct 9, 2021 10:03 AM # 
Way to go, StrongMachine!!!
Oct 15, 2021 10:50 AM # 
Bend Racing's Race Report:

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