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Discussion: Bud Lite

in: Charlie; Charlie > 2021-03-17

Mar 17, 2021 4:12 PM # 
THE king of beer for litterers..........
Mar 17, 2021 4:13 PM # 
Nothing else comes close in these parts.
Mar 18, 2021 12:26 PM # 
Nor in downeast Maine.
Mar 18, 2021 12:48 PM # 
Nips! Can always count on them.
Mar 18, 2021 12:50 PM # 
There was a time when I was finding water bottles stuffed with snuff packets. Pretty grim. Haven’t seen those in a while.
Mar 18, 2021 1:09 PM # 
I'd occasionally find snuff tins along the NY country roads. And Bud Light cans of course. I haven't started picking up around here yet so I'm not sure what prevails.
Mar 19, 2021 11:01 AM # 
You don't have to actually pick them up to know about the Bud Light cans. Nice cheerful bright blue color. Not very good camouflage.
Mar 19, 2021 11:27 AM # 
I need to go out with a bag, there's a lot of trash here. Last night I spotted a stainless steel coffee cup.
Mar 19, 2021 10:52 PM # 
Not surprisingly, Bud Light is the litter king here too in my corner of New Hampshire.

But there are other local favorites. On one road a mile away from home, I am constantly picking up Natty Daddy (I have no idea). On other street a mile in the opposite direction, it's endless Copenhagen snuff tins. On my own street, it's daily servings of Twisted Tea (often multiple cans per serving). I'm guessing it's a single person responsible for each of these? I guess the point is that even a small portion of the population being slobs can make a big mess.
Mar 20, 2021 1:04 AM # 
I can't complain too loudly though, I guess, since I routinely (well, occasionally) chuck my empties out the car window as well. Although I'm more of an apples and bananas guy than a Bud Light guy.
Mar 20, 2021 2:55 AM # 
I've tossed apple cores, but not banana peels (and detest seeing them along roadways...can't say I've ever seen apple cores along the road).
Mar 20, 2021 1:37 PM # 
There was a piece in Outside Magazine a long time ago, probably back in the 90s, by Randy Wayne White (I think). He talked about how he was on a hike, and stopped at a place that had once been an orchard but was all overgrown. Some other hikers stopped as well. He picked an apple from an old tree and was eating it, and some of the other hikers were giving him kind of dirty looks and maybe grumbling. When he was done, he tossed the apple core into the weeds (by the tree that he had picked the apple from), and one of them said "Did you see that?". Another one climbed into the weeds, reported, "I found it", and put the apple core into his bag and packed it out.
Mar 20, 2021 11:02 PM # 
Everyone has their own rules, and where you draw the line.....I had heard that organic trash was bad for the local animals, as it would adversely effect their diet...I do wonder what the person who packs out the apple core does with it though, do they take it home to their trash, where it goes to a landfill, or do they compost it their backyard? Is that better or worse than it composting in the orchard?
Mar 21, 2021 12:03 AM # 
Exactly: all the other apples from that tree just fell on the ground and decomposed right there. (Who knows if the story is true...) I imagine various things munch on my compost pile. When I toss fruit leftovers, by the way, I always make sure they land where nobody will ever see them.

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