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Discussion: Ottawa ski-O weekend January 28-29, 2023

in: OOC WCP Ski-O/SS-O (Jan 28, 2023 - Ottawa, ON, CA)

Jan 16, 2023 5:09 PM # 
More information is now available about two ski-O races to be held near Ottawa, Canada, one week before the US ski-O champs. Saturday's racing will take place on the Kanata Nordic trails at Wesley Clover Park on the west side of Ottawa, where 3 ski-o courses + a course for snow shoers will be offered. Sunday's races will be at the Nakkertok Nordic Ski Centre just across the river in Gatineau, Quebec. On-site registration for both events. Local conditions are currently excellent thanks to 25cm snowfall 3 days ago.
Jan 19, 2023 4:28 AM # 
On-site registration for both events.

On the event pages, it says you must be an OttawaOC member and it indicates that you can (should? must?) register online. Is that old procedure, or are there registration-related steps that need to be done in advance? (If the latter, when's the deadline?)

I'm holding off on registration until it seems clear that the snow will hold, but don't want to miss a key deadline. Thanks!
Jan 19, 2023 12:06 PM # 
All the covid-19 safety info no longer applies. Non members can participate and registration is day of.
Jan 19, 2023 12:50 PM # 
Great, thanks!
Jan 23, 2023 2:21 PM # 
Just to be clear, is 10am - 2pm the start window or the event window? I.e. does one have to start by 2 or finish by 2? (Trying to decide whether to drive up Friday pm or Saturday am.)
Jan 23, 2023 2:33 PM # 
@fossil: Event window. The finish closes at 2pm.
The snow conditions are great, with very good grooming. And more snow expected mid this week.
Jan 23, 2023 7:18 PM # 
On Saturday we've been asked to wrap things up by 1pm to make way for the Kanata Nordic kids program at 1:30. So the start window will be from ~10 to 11:30 on Saturday.
Jan 26, 2023 12:14 AM # 
Here are some more details on the ski-O / snowshoe-O on Saturday Jan 28 at Wesley Clover Parks in Ottawa, Canada...

The old ski-O map of WCP has been expanded and updated for this event. The terrain offers a fairly compact network of ski trails, mostly groomed for both skate and classic technique, plus a separate network of snowshoe trails. The 20cm of new snow falling as I write this should yield excellent conditions on Saturday.

Five courses will be waiting for you to discover:
Ski-O Shortest - 2.7km - good for youngsters!
Ski-O Short - 4.0km
Ski-O Medium - 6.1km
Ski-O Long - 8.4km
Snowshoe - 4.1km
All courses will use a map with 2.5m contours printed at 1:7,500 scale.
Snowshoers are not permitted to use the groomed ski trails, whereas skiers may use all trails.

On-site registration will be available from ~9:45 inside the heated Kanata Nordic cabin. The Start window will run from ~10-11:15am. All courses will close at 12:30pm to make way for the Kanata Nordic youth program. All participants must return to the finish and download by 12:30.

Parking is available at 411 Corkstown Road, just east of the entrance to the Wesley Clover campground. Look for the red Kanata Nordic banner and the Orienteering sign at the entrance to the parking lot. Note that due to LRT construction, 411 Corkstown Rd. is only accessible from March Road in Kanata. Do not try to approach 411 Corkstown from Moodie Drive as Corkstown Rd. is closed to westbound traffic!
Jan 26, 2023 12:29 AM # 
And here are more details for the ski-O on Sunday Jan 29 at Nakkertok Nordic Centre in Cantly Quebec (near Ottawa), Canada....

Nakkertok provides a dense and complex network of trails with many intersections, twists and turns to make it a perfect area for ski orienteering!

The event will have 3 courses that can be completed as skate or classic ski (sorry, no snowshoes). All Nakkertok rules for skiing apply during this event which includes Classic Only trails (marked with a green dashed line) and One Way trails (marked with red arrows to signify the direction of travel). All controls will have a good route option that stays on the wider trails that include a skate lane (marked as a solid green line). If you choose an alternate route choice that uses a Classic Only trail, you must use classic technique or double pole for the duration of the trail.

The distances in the courses provided below are calculated directly from point to point and the actual distance skied will often be 25% to 50% longer than the distance shown. The start will be 100m from the main Nakkertok lodge and, after punching the start control, there will be an additional 150m ski along the trail to reach a flag at the location of the start triangle.

Novice – 3.9 km with 16 controls: This course will stay in the southern part of the map with frequent controls to guide you through the undulating terrain. The course will use a trail that crosses a road. The road is to access the Nakkertok parking lot so the traffic is light and courteous to skiers but caution should still be used.

Intermediate – 6.9 km with 16 controls: This course explores a larger area of the map and provides some route choice that will include more challenging – and steeper - trails.

Long Advanced – 13 km with 24 controls: This course is more physically challenging and will include a map flip. There will be route options that could use the road crossing but they can also be avoided.

On-site registration will be available from ~9:45am inside the heated lodge.

The trail network will be open to Nakkertok members during the event which may include kids ski lessons. Take extra care to share the trails in the southern part of the map as this is where the younger groups ski.

Always ski in control, pass when it’s safe and yield to oncoming skiers when required.

Never stop and look at your map at the bottom of a hill! Most controls are at trail junctions so ensure that you have moved to the side in a safe location if you need time to plan your route to the next control.

Always obey the signage on the trails including but not limited to One Way and Classic Only signs. These are also marked on the map as mentioned above.

Nakkertok will be having an Adventure Race starting at 1:30 pm that will use the same controls as the Ski-O events, so expect an increase in people access the controls if you are finishing late.

There is a lodge and outhouses available to use but they could become busy in the afternoon as people arrive for the Nakkertok event.

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