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Discussion: Southern Hemisphere Thumb Compass

in: Orienteering; General

Jan 24, 2023 2:17 AM # 
Does anyone have a couple of MS (Southern Hemisphere) thumb compasses that we can borrow? Joseph and I are going to Australia and we'll be competing in the Easter Orienteering Festival in New South Wales in April. It's unlikely that we'll ever need them again. Thanks.
Jan 24, 2023 2:24 AM # 
I'm going to suggest that name to the organisers since they've been trying so hard over the preceding years to drop 'Easter' from the title (technically it's just the Australian 3 Days).

You might find plenty of local orienteers willing to loan some, most have more than one. I only seem to have one though so no luck sadly (and I'm also not attending the prologue).
Jan 24, 2023 11:47 AM # 
Thanks, tRicky. We'll be attending the prologue as well as the 3 days. We're going to Australia to see the total solar eclipse and friends told us about the orienteering festival. Maybe we'll meet there. Do you happen to know Jenelle and Ewen Templeton?
Jan 24, 2023 6:13 PM # 
We have a box of the box of S compasses that were bought by the team for JWOC (???). Send me an email with your address and I'll send you a couple of loaners.
Jan 24, 2023 7:44 PM # 
Yes Jenelle and Ewen are in my club, Bayside Kangaroos (well Ewen is, Jenelle's actually in another club). They're also avid radio orienteers (or at least Ewen is).
Jan 25, 2023 2:11 AM # 
I'm sure local orienteers would loan you some, several of them on AP.

You must be visiting WA, we have an event on the Sunday before the eclipse.
Jan 25, 2023 6:00 AM # 
Hale School is not central to everywhere.
Jan 26, 2023 2:14 AM # 
Linda, thanks, I'll email you. are they thumb compasses?
Jan 26, 2023 2:18 AM # 
Ricky, I know Jenelle and Ewen through radio orienteering. They've stayed with us a couple of times and Jenelle told me about the competition. We're meeting them in Canberra. We're also missing the US radio Champs because we'll be in Australia.

We're flying into Sydney, then Canberra for the event and then to Darwin for the solar eclipse expedition cruise with Jenelle and Ewen.

I didn't realize that they are in different clubs.
Jan 26, 2023 2:19 AM # 
Tony, we are going to the festival in NSW.
Jan 26, 2023 2:32 AM # 
I mentioned you to them last night and they told me all about the cruise and your experiences with radio orienteering. I only formed my theory for them being in different clubs based on their results published for one of the national events they both did last year.

My wife and I used to be in different clubs when we lived in WA. Now in Vic we are in the same club although she also has a membership in another club that I am not a part of.
Jan 26, 2023 9:50 AM # 
Southern hemisphere compasses bought by the team for JWOC - you mean @Dubbo '07?
Jan 26, 2023 6:46 PM # 
Ricky, thanks for the update. I look forward to meeting you.
Jan 26, 2023 6:46 PM # 
Jenny, I believe so. I know it was a while ago.
Jan 27, 2023 3:57 PM # 
Thank you , Linda for sending the compasses.

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