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Discussion: Caitlin

in: Ari-o; Ari-o > 2023-02-26

Feb 26, 2023 3:42 PM # 
were the women breaking trail for you at Birkie? ;-)
Feb 27, 2023 1:41 PM # 
I should probably look at splits, so that probably didn't help. But we all skied the same second half at Craftsbury.

Caitlin: 1:15, 1:11
Me: 1:11, 1:12

So in the second half she was 1m faster than me. Still a big difference!


Mark Johnson: 2:11 Craftsbury, 2:30 Birkie (+14%)
Mark Young: 2:13, 2:24 (+8%)
Sam Shaheen: 2:21, 2:28 (+5%)
Caitlin: 2:27, 2:29 (+1%)
Annika Landis: 2:28, 2:31 (+2%)
Me: 2:23, 2:49 (+18%)
Sara Graves: 2:32, 2:45 (+9%)

So 18% is a relatively high outlier.
Feb 27, 2023 6:17 PM # 
Yeah looks like you're certainly an outlier from those numbers. And yes that virus does seem like the proximal cause. I wouldn't expect "getting old" would make that much of a dent at your age. Based only on my experience I didn't notice much drop during my 30's. It got worse gradually during 40's and 50's as raising kids made more of a dent in my time available to train. Hard to actually separate those 2 causes since they happened in tandem. The biggest thing is what you noted in your writeup: trying to shift through the gears and hey, I don't seem to have any gears!

The thing I'm wondering looking at the numbers above is: classic or skate? Craftsbury was obviously classic and I was assuming the folks on your list skated the Birkie. But in that scenario I would imagine some would be faster skating.
Feb 28, 2023 5:43 PM # 
I think the "getting old" part is not recovering quite as quickly as I may have in the past. But I got hit pretty hard, and still don't feel back to normal, and didn't have a chance to put in hard work much at all in the past few weeks. Now I have to convince the Birkie office that the last 12 years finishing 154-204th is a good track record and this is an outlier. I have a shot!

All of these people classic skied Craftsbury and skated the Birkie out of early waves. There were a couple of late-wavers I didn't include. Especially since I skied Craftsbury on old, not-that-fast skis with no significant glide wax. My kick wax was fine I guess.
Feb 28, 2023 8:41 PM # 
Fueling matters, especially after a few days of puking. Jessie Diggins survived a 30k for her silver medal the day after puking, but she is a) a human freak, and b) only went 30k and c) a human freak.

I hope it works for you to get in to the elite wave next year. Otherwise gonna have to do it the old school honest way!
Mar 2, 2023 3:57 PM # 
Yeah I am not Jessie. Let's see how she does in a 50k (she'll be fine).

I'll do it the honest way if I have to. Maybe do the hack that Lincoln did: wait 4:45 to avoid the crowds, and ski out alone (or maybe with a few handpicked friends). Or even better, wait for the next classic wave to pass, get a front line start in Wave 2, and go out 10 minutes behind wave 1 to minimize passing. Not sure if this is allowed.

Hopefully the Birkie will have pity on me.
May 16, 2023 9:09 PM # 
d) @Alex there's a difference between food poisoning and norovirus, in my experience at least. The former is one quick vom and then you feel way better and are basically fine the next day. The latter is 24h of pain and suffering and not being particularly interested in food for a week.

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