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Discussion: Control Challenge

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Apr 12, 2023 7:03 PM # 
The Junior Squad of the National Team (NT) and the Youth Development Program (YDP) are excited to announce a new fundraising campaign to help athletes travel, train and compete in Europe. This trip is one of the best training opportunities for our young orienteers and helps unite the junior program from individuals living across the country into a single team. It also exposes athletes to new and exciting maps and terrain.

This is the first time since 2019 that this kind of training and racing trip is being planned again, with the trip being open to all athletes on the National Team and all juniors in the YDP. While large parts of the JWOC team’s participation costs are covered through the Board Designated funds for the National Team, all costs for the Bulgaria portion of the trip, the athletes participating in JWOC-Tour and all travel to and from event locations, including JWOC, are covered by the athletes themselves. While Bulgaria and Romania are not expensive countries for lodging and food, the combination of airfare, ground transportation and race fees is still quite high.

Goal: We hope to raise at least $4000.

Any additional funds will be used to support athletes going to NAOC and help in holding on to the “Future Champions Cup”, won by the OUSA juniors at NAOC 2018.
All donations and pledged funds will go to the entire team, not individual athletes, no matter whether your challenge was to an individual or a few athletes or the entire team (YDP juniors may also be challenged).

How to pledge:

To raise money, the athletes will participate in a Control Challenge. Similar to walk-a-thons, instead of donating a set sum, you pledge a certain amount of money for one or more persons completing a task. In the case of the control challenge, this is usually collected controls but also works for kms run or hours trained.

Example: I pledge $0.50 for the sum of controls visited by all the East Coast JWOC athletes during the fundraiser time; bonus $30 if they reach 400 controls.

Please feel free to look at the logs of those going to Europe and those who have been challenged, to gauge reasonable pledges. All logs associated with the challenge can be accessed here. You may keep it simple or be creative with your pledges, add bonuses, track non-control goals, or create competitions (east coast vs west coast?). Feel free to set a maximum on your pledge as well. Any amount donated or pledged is helpful, thanks in advance to all participating in this fundraiser!

Options for Pledging or Donating:

1) Enter your pledge by commenting on this attackpoint thread.
2) If you'd rather help but not make it public, send an e-mail with your pledge to Keegan at or Lily at
3) Or just donate directly by following this link
or sending in a donation by mail.

The fundraiser will run from April 17th to June 4th. After June 4th, we will count up all the controls, kilometers, and hours logged, and notify each pledger of the final pledge amount, how to submit it and by when.
Apr 13, 2023 1:05 AM # 
Woooo! Yay! Juniors going to Europe!!
Apr 13, 2023 3:42 AM # 
A few donations already coming in. Woot!! We're on our way to $4000 and beyond!!
Apr 13, 2023 11:21 AM # 
Please consider challenging me to total kilometers plus a bonus for reptiles sighted in the wild!

Sadly, I don't get to visit Arizona in the next month, so nothing like Cristina's 5 lizards in a single run! In fact, there are no native lizards to Massachusetts. But it is snake mating season!
Apr 13, 2023 11:40 AM # 
Reptiles in the wild in general? Or while on an O course?
Apr 13, 2023 11:53 AM # 
Seen while on a training run of any type. Not the reptiles in the tank in her room. ;-)
Apr 18, 2023 5:29 AM # 
Pledging 10cents for every logged orienteering mile or km run by a junior squad athlete, jwoc team and alternate athlete, or NT and YDP athlete going to the Europe training in Bulgaria or JWOC Tour; up to a total of $250). Plus a challenge for Anna: $10 for up to $50 total, for lizzzards or ssssnakes' locations if where found is marked on an uploaded map (seen on a training run of any type). Keegan in lieu of running himself, may pick a fellow NT member to claim their logged training miles or km as his for fundraising purposes, so as not to cause more injury for the sake of fundraising.
Apr 18, 2023 5:33 PM # 
I pledge

  • $0.10 per control up to 2000 controls, any NT or YDP junior.
  • $2 per student that a NT or YDP junior teaches in an official orienteering class or workshop, up to a max of 200, between now and June 15 or the end of the control challenge, whichever comes first. For example, today Keegan is teaching 16 middle schoolers (from a Cambridge Camping program) in a 4-hour orienteering outing, so that nets $32. The same person can be taught more than once. Meaning of "official": It must be an class or event organized by a local orienteering club and/or through a school or youth-serving organization, and not just taking your little sister out on a course. If 2 JWOC team members are teaching the same kids at the same time, each taught kids counts once for $2. Teaching the next generation is a great thing to do, and you US team folks are great role models. (Thanks also to the CRLS team for helping with today's event!) This is partly meant for those who should not be training too hard right now due to injury, and as they say, those who can't do, teach... What a horrible saying. Finally, I realize this might be a total hassle on top of counting controls, so if you just send a quick email with your student count, right after you teach, I'll keep track.
Apr 19, 2023 3:23 AM # 
You all are awesome and creative, I love this!
Apr 25, 2023 9:32 PM # 
Just a reminder, the control challenge is still going on and we'd appreciate if you would make a pledge if you haven't already, and a big thank you to those who have already made a pledge!
Apr 26, 2023 7:55 PM # 
So far, we have at least 81 kids taught by junior team members - nice going!
May 6, 2023 10:47 PM # 

May 9, 2023 2:41 PM # 
The Harkavy's pledge:
$1.00 per control, up to 200 controls.
If challenge met, we will match another $200.00

Go Team!
May 25, 2023 11:47 PM # 
Hey Everyone!

With a little over a week left for the athletes to collect controls, I bet you are all wondering how they are doing. Well in short pretty well! In total we have collected more than 600 controls, taught more than 80 people, and ran more than 1100 miles. Alex is currently leading the way in controls with 161 and Ben has run the most with 160. You can see the full list of controls collected and miles run here.

We are also still collecting pledges! As a reminder, all donations are going to support the juniors traveling to compete in Europe. The juniors are clearly working hard, show them your support with a pledge. The last day to pledge will be June 4th so if you are able to support the juniors, please let me know by then. All athlete's miles and controls will finalize then as well.
Jun 6, 2023 10:29 AM # 
Hey Everyone!

The control challenge has now officially ended. As such no new pledges will be accepted and no new trainings will be counted. The preliminary results for the challenge can be found here. As of right now we have collected 1414 controls and run 1386 miles. Mori has collected the most controls with a whopping 281 and Ben has run the most with 206 miles. These numbers may change a bit as I collect trainings and controls not found on Attackpoint.

If you pledged to support an athlete I will be reaching out in the next couple of days with how much you owe, and how to donate. If you didn't pledge, it is now to late to take part in the challenge but you can still donate directly by following this link.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or helped out! And a big round of applause for the fantastic work of the Junior athletes! To keep up with the Juniors and the rest of the National team check out the wonderful blog manged by Bridget here.

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