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Discussion: Course Data

in: CalOFest 2023 (Jul 17–30, 2023 - San Francisco, CA, US)

Jun 15, 2023 8:13 PM # 
When can we expect it to be released?
Jun 15, 2023 11:23 PM # 
Course lengths and climb will be released along with Bulletin 5 around early July
Jul 7, 2023 10:05 PM # 
What determines the "club" in the club relays? Is it the primary club that counts (which is probably what they registered under), or for those with multiple club memberships does does secondary clubs also count?
Jul 9, 2023 5:12 AM # 
It used to be that all members of the team had to be in the same primary club based on their OUSA membership. But I just checked the OUSA Rules for Relays and it says nothing about clubs at all. The organizing committee will be discussing this on Tuesday (July 11) and will publish some guidelines and the team sign-up list shortly after that.
Jul 9, 2023 7:03 AM # 
When the US Relay Champs were discontinued, the rules for them went away, but IIRC, the rules were as bill3 described.
Jul 9, 2023 2:17 PM # 
For members of small clubs who can't field a complete team at the event, those who have a secondary membership in another club should be eligible to run with a team made up of that second club's members, if available. The second club should be able to vouch for the person's membership if needed. To do otherwise is demoralizing to those members of small clubs who do travel to national events.

Primary club membership should only be required if OUSA reinstates the Relay Championships.
Jul 9, 2023 6:15 PM # 
I agree with JanetT (both paragraphs!), as someone who fits that description.

BTW, if my home club (secondary) doesn't have a slot for me (TBD), I'm available ;-) Worth 5 points.
Jul 14, 2023 2:11 AM # 
Following up on my original question, I was told that that since this isn't a relay championship (which doesn't exist anymore) you just need to be a member (not a primary member) of a club to be on a club team.
Jul 14, 2023 2:19 AM # 
It's just a few days before the event, and many folks are traveling in the next day or so. Will Bulletin 5 be posted before we get there?

If it's on the Cal-O-Fest site somewhere, it's not linked from the Bulletins page.
Jul 14, 2023 3:07 AM # 
GuyO: just need to be a member (not a primary member) of a club to be on a club team.

And since there is no realistic way to verify club membership -- heck, there are folks who list a club as primary for OUSA, who aren't members of that club!
Jul 14, 2023 5:43 AM # 
Bulletin 5 is being worked on furiously (not by me). Hopefully very soon...
Jul 14, 2023 2:09 PM # 
Interesting weather forecasts for the Truckee area for the next two weeks. High temperatures consistently in the high 80s F, overnight lows in the high 40s. POP <10% .
Jul 16, 2023 5:00 AM # 
Still waiting on course specifications in Bulletin 5 . . .
Jul 16, 2023 12:04 PM # 
The course distances will be clear on the map.
Jul 16, 2023 1:50 PM # 
There is a lot more information we are expecting in Bulletin 5
- details about the model event for NAOC
-package pick up information
- NAOC bus details
It's that stuff that gets us ready for and to/from the events that we are waiting on and are confident will come asap.
etc etc
We are confident event technical aspects such as course distances and climb will be witin the prescribed norms.
Jul 16, 2023 2:35 PM # 
Package pickup will be available at registration each day.
Stages 1-4 also now have all of the logistical information posted at the top.
Jul 17, 2023 3:29 AM # 
Where will registration be on rest days, eg Thursday 7/20?
Jul 17, 2023 4:07 AM # 
At Northstar Village...exact location tbd
Jul 17, 2023 2:08 PM # 
Best wishes to those competing at Presidio today. It is a special location, for sure.
Jul 18, 2023 2:04 AM # 
Hey everyone, does anybody know if competitors are allowed to use a headcam at NAOC while competing in a NON-IOF class: for example M-Orange?
Jul 18, 2023 5:57 AM # 
I'm sure that a headcam would be fine on M-Orange.
Jul 19, 2023 12:17 AM # 
@MishaB 8m not aware of any rules against it even for the IOF classes.

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