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Discussion: OCAD Orienteering Teams License

in: Orienteering; Gear & Toys

Sep 7, 2023 2:44 AM # 
Our club currently has two OCAD Orienteering single-user licenses. We are planning to purchase two additional licenses and are seriously considering getting teams licenses. One of the concerns is that our current mappers each have their licenses active on two devices – desktop and tablet – and with the teams license you can only have one activation.

Has anyone had experience working with OCAD under a teams license that can speak to any inconveniences or disadvantages relative to the single-user license?

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.
Sep 7, 2023 11:13 AM # 
Our club (NEOC) has two team licenses. The copies are installed in the cloud (club's Google Drive), and 5-6 people access them, judging by the "last activated by..." info. Some are tech-savvy, some not-so-much.

Very occasionally, we get a copy "locked up" by a user, either because "Deactivate license upon exit" wasn't checked or more often, they were off-line when they closed it out. So far, we've been able to fix it by having them re-open OCAD on the same device while online and "closing it right." No OCAD AG intervention necessary.

Is the tablet really running full OCAD (old Windows tablet)? Could you get the functionality you need on the tablet with OCAD SketchApp? SketchApp requires no license--just the relationship with the full-licensed version.
Sep 7, 2023 5:58 PM # 
OCAD are always quick to help with things like locking up licenses
Sep 7, 2023 5:58 PM # 
Time zone depending
Sep 8, 2023 5:56 PM # 
Have you contacted the North American representative for OCAD? Brian Coleman is very friendly and always ready to help.
Sep 9, 2023 6:30 PM # 
Thanks for responses. I am with NEOOC, and have no experience with OCAD directly, but have a little experience using OOM.

I will reach out to our members who are the primary mappers and ask them to join the conversation with more specific questions or concerns that they may have with how the "teams" license might impact their mapping workflow.
Sep 11, 2023 8:31 AM # 
when you say that Teams license only allows one activation do you mean per ID ?
if so then could you use separate IDs:
Sep 11, 2023 4:55 PM # 
@Kitch, an individual license allows you two activations for that one license so you can have it on a fieldwork device and a desktop computer for example. I believe the team licenses are one activation per license so if your club purchases 5 team licenses you get 5 activitions not 10 and if you need it on a laptop and a desktop that takes 2/5 licenses.
Sep 11, 2023 7:49 PM # 
Thanks, Canadian. Yes that's how I would interpret it, but I also think that it may not a problem because FredMapper can only use one device at a time. When he's done on the PC he shuts down OCAD on the PC (which releases the license) then when he signs into OCAD on his tablet he picks up one of the club's licenses, possibly the same one he released from his PC a short time prior.
Sep 11, 2023 8:16 PM # 
This information may be out-of-date or even simply a misunderstanding of how it works but I believe a single team license can only be transferred at most once per day. i.e. if you were wanting to switch back and forth between some fieldwork and using a desktop version you would need to take up two licenses.
Sep 12, 2023 10:39 PM # 
Canadian, I acttivated an available license from BAOC's stock of 4 and transferred it immediately to someone else. He acknowledged the email the next day, so I don't know if he tried to use it the same day or not. I haven't seen anything about this restriction in OCAD's documentation. Just did that yesterday.
Oct 13, 2023 4:43 PM # 
I have a number of questions regarding SketchApp - can cmpbllj or anyone else with SketchApp experience please help clarify a few things? I expect there is a fair amount of personal prep being done right now for Highlander event, but any info in the fairly near future would be most appreciated!!

a) This needing a "relationship with the full-licensed version of OCAD" - how does that relationship get defined? Can a SketchApp user have that "relationship" with more than one OCAD user/ licensee?

b) I had thought that it could be used for field-checking on any existing OCAD map, once the owner of that map granted permission by sending it into an OCAD cloud - that seems to perhaps not be the case - does the original basemap need to be created within a special portion of OCAD in order to be compatible with SketchApp?? A map created with OCAD has been shared with me for use in my practicing with SketchApp and the GPS coordinates, but I cannot seem to access it, and an email from SketchApp seems to indicate that there is a special portion within OCAD within which the map needs to be created - if I understood it correctly (?).

c) I have no experience (yet) with the electronic OCAD version of an O map - is it in sections, for smaller file sizes? (4x4 meter sections??? That seems to require a LOT of files for a given map.)

Puzzled here, but interested in seeing if SketchApp might be helpful for a project for my summer camp work.

Thank you.
Oct 13, 2023 5:18 PM # 
I have recently started using Sketch App a little bit, not sure I understand all your questions. What was shared with you and what does the email say?

The project needs to be transferred using the OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange in OCAD, so it needs to originate from a licensed version of the desktop app. You can't just take an OCAD file you have and load it directly onto the app. And then in order to take your "sketches" from the app and do something with them, it then needs to be transferred back to the licensed desktop version. Someone with OCAD can send you a link to open the project with Sketch App once they have transferred it to the OCAD Cloud.

As for the map in the Sketch App, you'll see it as a single map/file. The details of how it is stored are not apparent to the user.
Oct 13, 2023 7:08 PM # 
Shared with me:
a sample map of an area near me, for me to "play with" SketchApp" and see if my own iPad was showing GPS location on that map; initially the map was sent to me (as an email attachment) as an OCAD file, then as a jpg so that I could at least see it.

email response from OCAD AG

"Thanks for the support request.

"How did the other person prepare the project?
OCAD Sketch does not work with a custom OCAD file. The project needs to be prepared with the OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange tool in the latest desktop version of OCAD:; "

It is the word "prepared" (as opposed to perhaps "shared") that is throwing me. I am hoping it means shared.

So if I am understanding your response, Cristina, that actually matches my initial understanding - anyone who has created a basemap in OCAD (regardless of which user or club license was used, assuming the version was recent enough??), can upload that map/file to the appropriate SketchApp cloud? And then let me know, and then I can "import" it from that cloud into SketchApp on my own iPad? Then send it back (via the SketchApp cloud), with markups, to be uploaded by that person and then incorporated into OCAD map?

Particularly, the creation of the basemap in OCAD happens (by the OCAD user) in the same way as if it was not going to be used in SketchApp, it is only the sharing with the SketchApp cloud that is different?

That would be pretty cool, I think. Do I have it mostly correct?

Thank you very much for your response!!
Oct 13, 2023 8:57 PM # 
Yes, that seems right. The map is processed ("prepared") while being exported by the OCAD Sketch App Data Exchange tool in OCAD. Once it's in the OCAD Cloud the OCAD user can share a link with you so you can get access to that project in Sketch App.

And once you're done sketching, that OCAD user can then import your data into OCAD for drafting updates.
Oct 13, 2023 9:27 PM # 
Ahh, thanks for clearing that up!!! Sounds pretty sweet, we'll see how it goes!! Thanks again!!!
Oct 14, 2023 1:29 AM # 
An exported project for SketchApp can contain not only the map, but also background files to be used in the field. Depending on the size of the map, this can be quite large, so you might export only portions of the map at a time - the "project" you are working on in the field on any given day.

So what you get in SketchApp isn't the same as the map file. It might be just a portion of the map, but with a set of background layers for mapping purposes. It's pretty cool.
Oct 14, 2023 5:41 PM # 
Thanks for this additional tip. I imagine that the selection of "which portion" is done at the time of exporting from OCAD into the SketchApp cloud, and so would need good communication between OCAD map-maker and SketchApp field checker, if they were not the same person, yes?
Oct 14, 2023 9:57 PM # 
Yes, that's correct. The selection is done in OCAD when making the SketchApp export.
Oct 15, 2023 7:49 AM # 
I have another reason for exporting just part of the map to Sketch. I dont actually do much sketching, but I DO like to know afterwards exactly where I went (as well as at the time of course). I normally upload my track each day. But the track in a Sketch project builds up and up, and I end up with a mess. On OCAD's advice I create and export a new project each day, naming it eg "partofmapnameDate15Oct 2023". If there's a better way, please sing out.

Occasionally, too, my phone says there isnt room for the project. Although given the above I am disinclined to believe it. Recent phone, too.

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