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Discussion: Suggestions on resurrecting...

in: coach; coach > 2024-01-27

Jan 28, 2024 3:51 AM # 
Suggestions on resurrecting your splits --

You recorded 15 times, 14 at controls and one at the finish. There are 16 controls on the course. It looks like at #4 you hit the stop button instead of the split button. The watch was then stopped for 10:44 while you kept moving. (See the red dot by where your 4th split is -- hover the cursor right over the dot and a time will pop up showing how long the watch was stopped for.) So it's likely that in the process of taking a split at #5, you saw the watch was stopped, and started it back up. So your split to #4 is pretty accurate, but you're missing #5. That 10:44 is your split to #5. And this adds 10:44 to your time.

Then, looks like didn't take a split at #16. The track go to the area of the control and then back out again. It looks like the split for 16 was 1:52 and then the split from there to the finish was 2:01. No change in the overall time.

Then there is another red dot by #2. You probably hit the stop button, realized it, started the watch back up right away, just stopped for 2 seconds, and took a split. So I suppose you should add 2 seconds to your time here.

And then there is a third red dot down by the 6th split you took (actually control #7). Looks like the watch was stopped for 1:17, but then you must have realized it was stopped and restarted it well before you reached the next control here. So that should be added back in, probably to your split to control 8.

So overall time is the 1:21:53 your watch shows, plus 10:44 pls 0:02 plus 1:17, or 1:33:56. Which seems plausible.

You can edit your splits, that's easy. While you're doing it, change the date of your run, probably now showing as Jan 26, to Jan 27. Then when you click on your blue globe, you'll also be able the see Phil's and Steve's routes too on the same map that shows yours. Should help in making sure that what I've suggested about modifying your splits is accurate. You could also see Steve Richardson's route, but first he has to change the date of his run too.

Maybe this helps?
Jan 28, 2024 4:43 AM # 
Yes, please edit your splits. Putting bad splits up messes up the split analysis (lost time, etc.) for everyone else, defeating the purpose of posting splits. It's easy enough to do, as Peter suggested, using the red dots on your AP track. Or, if you prefer, just put the total time, as Peter calculated, and leave off the splits. Thanks!
Jan 29, 2024 3:26 AM # 
Thanks for the analysis PG. I had not looked at the download to Attackpoint, the Suunto site was what I used for the splits, but it did not have them all, for somereason.

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