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Discussion: WRE eligibility rule

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Feb 6, 2012 12:51 PM # 
New WRE season is knocking on the door and we've finally got revision of Specification for World Ranking Events in 2012. It is great that this was done before real season start, especially because for many events in the past Points calculation was not strictly by the most disputed rule 2.2 (min. 3 or 4 ranked runners) and 2.3 (why 0 points don’t count). Fairness of Points calculation and same fair treatment at WREs for all athletes is one big step towards more WRL credibility.

In previous thread feet mentioned that at WREs we might have a three sets of conflicting rules. I have never read about any protest made on WREs based on eligibility issue.

So is it possible to have ineligible competitors at WRE start list or more important can they get WRE points? From my practice and based on other official results I was sure that any athlete is eligible to start at WRE in Elite class (at least in our case) and that IOF doesn’t have any special eligibility rule although I have always thought that this is not good because WRE is an official IOF international event.

So I was very surprised to see IOF footO rule:
WRE 5.5 The W21 and M21 classes shall be restricted to competitors classified as elite competitors by their Federation or who are selected for the class based on their position in a Federation’s ranking scheme.

It wouldn’t be wrong to know if individual athlete without Federation’s membership is eligible to start in Elite class or start yes, but no Points. Can someone explain how this rule should be/is implemented in practice?
Feb 6, 2012 1:22 PM # 
Nice to see that the weighting for WOC and other big races has been removed. I always had the impression that due to the higher mean ranking points of the competitors at these events, it was in effect a double bonus? At least it should help ensure that World Ranking is based on just more than annual WOC finals for the top competitors.
Feb 7, 2012 5:06 PM # 
Is possible to assume that this issue is very important for organizers/federations and even athletes?

I checked old IOF rules and this rule was in force at least from 2004 onwards. I can understand that there might be some open questions how this rule should be enforced/used but probably not so impossible task that a proper solution could not be found in last 8 years. Is our interest to have Elite World Rankings or Open World Rankings?

It is a question like this one:
Can I join a "fantasy" sports league for Tennis, football, baseball or even wrestling? or even orienteering?

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