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2017 Corn Maze Champs



Sunderland, MA, US
Sep 2, 2017

Type: Orienteering - Local

added by: jjcote

Bulletin #6

Redid the start lists, inserting a few people and making some other adjustments. Check your time, you may have moved by a minute or two (though I don't think in general that anybody got moved much earlier).


Bulletin #5

Sprint start list
15:30:00 Ellen Morse
15:30:30 Giovanni Berlanda
15:31:00 Gail Gagarin
15:31:30 Robert Greimel
15:32:00 Lynette Walker
15:32:30 Chiara Testini
15:33:00 Brad Harkavy
15:33:30 Ann Marie Mador
15:34:00 Rhonda DeWeese
15:34:30 Katie Greis
15:35:00 Jackson Codd
15:35:30 Mary Jo Childs
15:36:00 Dean Sturtevant
15:36:30 David Oxenstierna
15:37:00 Gail Richardson
15:37:30 George Walker
15:38:00 Craig Weber
15:38:30 Mark Webb
15:39:00 Guy Olsen
15:39:30 Charlie DeWeese
15:40:00 Judith Karpinski
15:40:30 Hayden Morse
15:41:00 Ed Despard
15:41:30 Alex Rosenberg
15:42:00 David Bryant
15:42:30 Vincent Chen
15:43:00 Colin Harmer
15:43:30 Adeline Vidolova
15:44:00 Theo Boehm
15:44:30 Dave Yee
15:45:00 Barb Bryant
15:45:30 Pia Webb
15:46:00 Greg Lewis
15:46:30 Patrick McNeal
15:47:00 Mitch Collinsworth
15:47:30 Phil Bricker
15:48:00 Rick DeWitt
15:48:30 Susan DeWitt
15:49:00 Ralph Lindzon
15:49:30 Jeffrey Saeger
15:50:00 Clinton Morse
15:50:30 J-J Cote
15:51:30 Katia Bertholdi
15:52:00 Pavlina Brautigam
15:52:30 Keegan Harkavy
15:53:00 Vilppu Viinikainen
15:53:30 Nathan Colllinsworth
15:54:00 Violeta Feliciano
15:54:30 Juan Manuel Mérida
15:57:00 Ian Smith
15:57:30 Evalin Brautigam
15:58:00 Joe Brautigam
15:58:30 Alex Jospe
15:59:00 Ethan Childs
15:59:30 Isabel Bryant

Classic start list
16:30:00 Giovanni Berlanda
16:31:00 Rhonda DeWeese
16:32:00 Gail Gagarin
16:33:00 Robert Greimel
16:34:00 Brad Harkavy
16:35:00 Chiara Testini
16:36:00 Ann Marie Mador
16:37:00 Ellen Morse
16:38:00 Lynette Walker
16:39:00 Mary Jo Childs
16:40:00 Jackson Codd
16:41:00 Charlie DeWeese
16:42:00 Katie Greis
16:43:00 Judith Karpinski
16:44:00 Guy Olsen
16:45:00 David Oxenstierna
16:46:00 Gail Richardson
16:47:00 Dean Sturtevant
16:48:00 George Walker
16:49:00 Mark Webb
16:50:00 Craig Weber
16:51:00 Theo Boehm
16:52:00 Phil Bricker
16:53:00 Barb Bryant
16:54:00 David Bryant
16:55:00 Vincent Chen
16:56:00 Mitch Collinsworth
16:57:00 J-J Cote
16:58:00 Ed Despard
16:59:00 Susan DeWitt
17:00:00 Rick DeWitt
17:01:00 Colin Harmer
17:02:00 Greg Lewis
17:03:00 Ralph Lindzon
17:04:00 Patrick McNeal
17:05:00 Clinton Morse
17:06:00 Hayden Morse
17:07:00 Alex Rosenberg
17:08:00 Jeffrey Saeger
17:09:00 Adeline Vidolova
17:10:00 Pia Webb
17:11:00 Dave Yee
17:13:00 Katia Bertholdi
17:14:00 Pavlina Brautigam
17:15:00 Nathan Colllinsworth
17:16:00 Violeta Feliciano
17:17:00 Keegan Harkavy
17:18:00 Juan Manuel Mérida
17:19:00 Vilppu Viinikainen
17:24:00 Isabel Bryant
17:25:00 Ethan Childs
17:26:00 Alex Jospe
17:27:00 Joe Brautigam
17:28:00 Evalin Brautigam
17:29:00 Ian Smith

Trail-O will follow the Classic, and will be done in waves of five minutes each (limited time allowed on the viewing platform), with up to ten people in each wave. There will be a signup sheet for the waves at the event site.

Party will be... somewhere nearby, arrangements will be finalized shortly.

Night-O will use a quasi-mass-start format at around 20:30.

Bulletin #4

Surprise! Registration is now closed, those on the entry page made it in. If you think you entered but don't see your name there, or if you were snoozing and missed the unannounced entry deadline but think you have a plausible reason why you should still be able to enter, send you sob story to, and the corn wizard tribunal will consider your plight.

Start times will be announced tonight (Aug 30). Probably.

Bulletin #3

Mapper Notes

The competition area lies near the Connecticut river. Typical of such anastomotic water courses, the terrain sits on a fluvial terrace of an alluvial plain.

The soil in this riparian zone is a rich crevasse splay, historically praised for supporting healthy stands of Nicotiana tabacum. However the vegetation encroaching the terrain now is a rather invasive form of Zea mays. Entering these areas is forbidden, and has been mapped in olive green.

Given the championship level of the event, brand new super high resolution LIDAR scans were taken. In keeping with the recent trend of smaller and smaller contour levels, the contour interval was set to not 5m, not 2.5m but a world beating 1m. Moreover, every half contour form line visible in the LIDAR data was also kept. So competitors can expect accurate contour detail to better than 0.5 meters.

In fairness to all competitors, the most recent official map of the terrain, 100% fully field checked as of July 5th, 2017 is available at the following link. (Just the left part, ignore the section on the right.) As usual, this map is perfect.

However, due to the excellent local growing conditions in the last few weeks, some minor vegetation changes should be expected.

Course Setter Notes

All courses, regardless of category, will fully utilize all areas of the mapped terrain. Nevertheless, competitors can be assured that the climb for all courses has been kept well below the CMOUSA limits.

To help the inexperienced, most course legs have been designed to provide at least one route with handrails. However expert orienteers should be able to find corridors that will reward a more aggressive approach. Very fast running speeds are expected. Be wary of parallel features. Controls on identical features, close together, may be encountered, probably deliberately.

Since the areas of zea mays are forbidden, there is no need for leg covering. For the night-O, a watch is recommended, and also some mechanism for portable lumens.

As in all international events, use of an internet capable device with a screen during a race is not
permitted. Carrying is fine, just no peeking. Calling 911 is cause for immediate disqualification.

For the trail -O, mechanical aids are not disallowed. Drone use is permitted. However, lack of flying skill will likely earn derision from the crowd and possible loss of the craft depending on where it “lands”.

Sense of humor highly recommended.

And number one rule, above all else, respect the maze.

Bulletin #2

If you'd like to register but don't have an Attackpoint account, or if you don't want to post your particulars on my log, send an email with that information to instead.

Bulletin #1

Due to the retirement of erstwhile organizer PG (necessitated by crippling time constraints of bicycle touring and birdwatching), the event this year will have courses set by Steve Richardson, with organizational assistance provided by J-J Cote.

Some details are still in the planning stage, but:
- We'll most likely have two individual races in the afternoon, a Trail-O, some sort of dinner/party nearby, and a handicapped night race.
- First start will probably be about 3:30 PM.
- There may be some changes to the Trail-O to bring it more in line with international non-corn Trail-O standards.
- The map will, as always, be perfect.
- Entry fee for all events (not counting dinner) is expected to remain at $20.

Embargo: anyone planning to compete in the event is expected to stay out of the designated embargo areas, effective immediately, until the start of the event. In addition, drone flying anywhere in the area depicted is prohibited prior to the event.

Entries: As per usual practice, there will be a field limit of 50 or so competitors. Pre-registration is now open, by posting here.


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92.1 Gswede (log) Not in the country, but I'd totally be down for a rerun if possible :)
75.5 ✓ Evalin B (log)
73.7 ? Wyatt (log)
73.2 ✓ Joe (log)
69.4 ✓ Izzy B (log)
69.3 ? Tyrannosaurus (log)
69.3 speedy
64.1 ? Ari-o (log) Depends on lots of things!
61.2 ? DarthBalter
60.1 ? Cristina (log)
57.7 ? cmpbllv (log)
56.0 ✓ iansmith (log)
54.9 ✓ cmorse (log)
54.6 ✓ jjcote Meet directing and running
53.6 ✓ coach (log)
53.2 ? PG (log)
53.0 ? oxensd (log) Yes if on Sep 2, otherwise no
52.4 ? GlenT
50.3 ✓ fossil (log)
49.3 ✓ umeditor (log) It's now a family tradition
48.8 ✓ stever Course Setting
47.6 arthurd (log)
47.3 o-maps Alas I'll be at Deschutes Daze
41.8 ✓ skdewitt (log)
41.7 ✓ dness last year was my only miss. Don't want to repeat that!
40.5 ✓ barb (log)
40.0 nancy (log) Going to be in Italy
39.7 ✓ Charlie (log) And Rhonda, perhaps some other guests
37.4 ? furlong47 One of these years
36.7 kensr (log) Regaine in CNYO land
36.2 JanetT
35.5 ? bl (log)
33.0 ? cedarcreek
32.1 ✓ GuyO
✓ acjospe (log)
✓ CraigW
✓ EChild I expect Ian Smith to be there. I expect to trounce him.
✓ walk (log)
✓ telegirl
✓ MJChilds (log) First time! Yeah.
? bubo (log) I'd love another try, but probably not...
? glidestone
rm (log) Not this year

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