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US Team Trials for WOC '11



Peekskill, NY, US
May 28–30, 2011

Next entry deadline: May 24, 2011

Type: Orienteering - National

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US Team Trials for WOC 2011 hosted by Hudson Valley Orienteering and the US Team.

Sprint(!): State University of NY (SUNY), Purchase, NY
Long & Middle: Blue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY

Full sets of courses will be available for non-Trials competitors. All welcome!

Register here!

Who's Coming

Entry-on-day only now. Orange courses are suitable (but challenging) for fit, adult beginners. Yellow is less difficult and shorter, and White is short (1.5-2.5km) and easy, suitable for younger children.

Go to this page for a detailed fee schedule. (scroll down)

Red and Blue courses now sanctioned by Orienteering USA.

Sprint terrain:
University campus, fairly flat parkland with open lawn, car parks, some woods and scattered buildings and numerous sculptures, and a central, mostly paved area with a cluster of densely packed, large buildings with stairs, passages and whatnot. Runnability is good to excellent for the most part.
Participants will have free entry to the wonderful Neuberger after the TT runners have finished, so stick around! There will also be OrienteeringUnlimited-provided Discovery-O for a fun exploration of the campus' quirkier sites.

Blue Mountain is Blue Mountain, mostly deciduous forest with some dead pines, lots of small steep one or two contour hills, some larger ones, and a fair amount of rock. Currently very runnable. Much of the fallen pine has rotten through, leaving the forest more open than it was a few years back. It is a fantastic area.

Course times and details
The sprint on Saturday May 28th starts at around 2.30pm, and last start will be at 3.45pm. (Limited) On-the-day registration will be possible until 2.15pm, but we strongly encourage all to pre-register. It is cheaper. TT runners will (be quarantined and) start last, allowing for some great spectating.

Start windows: Sun (Long) & Mon (Middle): 9-11am for R/Bl; 9am-12pm for W-G.

Course lengths and more available in the course setter's notes.

Parking at Blue Mountain
Please note that there will be a $4/vehicle parking fee each day; this is the (lower) resident rate because we booked a picnic area. People staying at the lodge might be exempt (TBD, definitely no fees on Friday).

Sprint at Purchase - Please follow the indicated route directly to the Phys Ed carpark.

Long/Middle at Blue Mountain - Take the Welcher Ave exit East from Route 9 and go straight to Blue Mtn.

GoogleMap of all Locations

If you are hesitating about whether to come: Do! It will be worth it.

Keep staying tuned for more information!

If you have questions, post them in the discussion or email neil.dobbs @, what is it again,


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RockHEART torn foot ligaments , :(((

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