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Course Exchange Group

Tired of designing courses for yourself on the same old map you've run on dozens of times? Then this group is for you. We are a group of orienteers from around the world who design courses for each other.

Upcoming Events

May 8NEOC Earls Trails BYOM (1)
May 162021 Spring Kensington (1)
May 16Scottish Score Championships (1)
May 22Grizzly Orienteering: Lubrecht Experimental Forest (1)
May 29Sprint Scotland Race 1/2 (1)
May 29Scablands 24-Hour, U.S. Rogaine Championships (1)
Jun 5Raccoongaine Rogaining Festival (1)
Jun 5British Middles and Northern Champs (1)
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Members' Logs

Charlie 11:46
OJ 9:01
ColmM 7:34
Warti 6:43
Magic 6:22
Mr Wonderful 5:04
PVA 4:26
Spike 4:25
ndobbs 3:53
lost jokes 3:50
Jagge 3:45
Cristina 3:23
BorisGr 2:53
DWildfogel 2:51
Acampbell 2:46