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US Ski-O

Since ski-o doesn't seem to be all that popular on AP, it makes sense to have a group specifically for those interested in ski-o in the US. This is open for anyone to join.

Upcoming Events

Jan 27Cumming Nature Center try-it ski-o (1)
Feb 5Harriet Hollister ski-o (2020 rerun) (2)
Feb 5Durand Eastman ski-o (2)
Feb 9Harriet Hollister ski-o (2021) (2)
Feb 9Mendon Ponds (South Meadow) ski-o (1)
Feb 13HVO/WCOC Winter Series 2021 (1)
Feb 13Cumming Nature Center NordicFest ski-o (2)
Mar 13TSN: Reid Park Sprints (1)
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Members' Logs

arthurd 11:41
kensr 9:54
ernst 7:57
biggins 3:33
Cristina 2:53
jima 2:00