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Injuries: G

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 6/17/16 1105+ R Upper Leg Other 3
view 9/29/13 5/11/14 224 L Upper Leg Other 3 Ran with clenched bum cheeks, avoided any hills, did some foam rolling.
view 2/3/13 2/28/13 25 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 4 Rest, massage and stretching cleared it up (mostly!).
view 9/20/12 1/8/13 110 R Lower Leg Shin Splints 3 Did 3x50 reps of the following exercise while holding weights for a couple of weeks http://www.yo...
view 4/1/12 5/14/12 43 R Lower Leg Shin Splints 2 With time it sorted itself out. Early on got a massage on all my right leg muscles.
view 5/26/09 8/4/10 435 L Foot Ankle Sprain 1 Eventually got to a point where it doesnt bother me 99% of the time

Training Log: G