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Iliotibial Band Syndrome (Knee)

Symptoms include pain/aching on the outer side of the knee. the IT-band becomes irritated from friction during flexion/extension.

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Average recovery time: 132 days

Recorded Instances

Vector-220 daysBegan working up a tough running schedule without much of a work-up. Also was runnning on cross training shoes that were somewhat old. After having a tought running day, played very agressive Badminton game against a ranked player- lots of twisting, bending, abrupt movements, and in the same pair of shoes. I suspect the injury (whatever it was) was caused either by that game, or the abrupt running training, or both, in conjunction with using older cross-training shoes. I would recomme...details
Mrs.Gally-68 daysdetails
roschi0 daysdetails
Duncan1 daysdetails
Flakey1 daysdetails
Hobitas2 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 2 daysdetails
nmulder3 daysI caught this one early and I think it helped to get things back in order quickly. I only missed about 4 days of training. Good idea to bail the 2nd day of Amatola, I would have got horibbly injured. Physio seems to have helped a lot again.details
Hobitas3 daysdetails
Hobitas3 daysdetails
dirtmonkey3 daystoo much time going for the 1/2 marathon in early Jan. especially with all the hill work. Not ready for it at that time and too big a' step. stretching, anti-inflammatory, decrease mileage, only did easy runs for a hills, speedwork. details
AndyB3 daysRemoving off injured list as managed interval session without any ill effects. Now just need to do preventative maintenance and hip strengthening exercisesdetails
veenstar3 daysdetails
wiggles1013 daysAt this stage no reoccurence, must of been the old shoes. details
casser3 daysA bit of stretching did it - have to be careful with stretching after runs on icy slippery surfaces to release tension in the muscles otherwise it turns into trouble.details
Luca D.3 daysdetails
austrianmike3 daysA couple of days rest and lots of stretching!details
jennybengtsson3 daysKände ingenting idag(12/6) när jag sprang, ska fortsätta och massera veckan ut (till jukola). 20/6 Känner igen idag under styrketräning, men framsida lår fick jobba mycket idag också. details
susan3 daysOh it wasn’t BARF session, it was 4 runs in 2 days the weekend prior. Duh. Not running through pain, and trigger point on TFL & glute max. Did NOT foam roll ITB. details
jotaigna4 dayssoreness caused by stressed muscle, it went away by lots of stretching, strengthening exercises and caution.details
Joel4 daysI think I've had it before it just seems to come and go sometimes : )details
2 Dots4 daysdetails
runforest4 daysdeep massage. used rolling pin. Took glucosamine HCL rested 2 days Ran on water socks no issues.details
Jeff185 daysBetter stretching, warm up, less distance. Did some research on IT band stretching which really seemed to help.details
Bomb5 daysdetails
nickcooksey5 daysiced/roller/stretch + 2 days no activity went from superfeet to stock insoles in speedstars and started with new trailattacks details
stig of the dump5 daysRest, pushing to hard after the test run, and wet snow.details
Kevin5 daysdetails
bensmith5 daysSeems like it was just a niggle this time. Was fine after a few days rest.details
piero5 daysStretching and black roll massages.details
Max M5 daysRolling and strengthening details
Faceplant5 daysRest.details
jwolff6 daysDid play infamous floorball and followed up with more adapt hungarian football the same evening. That was too much, but it still took a week before the damage was done.details
Eliot7 daysdetails
arms_jeff7 daysno running for a shoes...treadmill workout...flat grounddetails
AndrewM7 daysdetails
jwolff8 daysdetails
Tom8 daysphysio and ultrasound stretching and strengthening exercises.details
mrevrgreen8 daysI think I am ok. I did some hills up and down today, and no IT band problem. I have continued stretching and will continue stretching. Caused by hard slamming downhill running.details
GoSalamander8 daysJust one session of vinyasa flow yoga did the trick. I'll see if it's loose enough to handle another half marathon tomorrow. Yes, IT band not too sore, but I feel it a little bit. I'll call myself healed as of today, however.details
andrew_elwood8 daysRest and easy S&C.details
KingTim9 daysNot sure whether it ever was ITB or tendonitis as Annabelle suggested. Still, a week's total rest, daily stretching (which I always do anyway), daily icing and massaging seemed to do the trick.details
KingTim9 daysSuspect a knot in one of the quads just up from where the ITB passes the knee. Massaging with a frozen water bottle I could feel a lump in the muscle with a sharp pain when pressed. Ice for three nights, hard massaging for two of those nights (until the muscle hurt more from bruising than the original pain) and a week off running seemed to cure it.details
JenniL9 daysStretching, yoga, ARTdetails
c.underwood9 daysWhat worked for me is doing a exercise where you lock the knee of the injured leg and then raising your hip, using the thigh of your injured leg to lift it. And then I would stretch my legs after.details
chelsealuttrall9 daysRaising seat a smidge and stretching seemed to help (and of course rest). But, I need to continue to's to the point where it gets tight and causes problems, so I need to back it off again.details
Nopsukka9 daysLaitoin kinesioteipin, venyttelin, kävin hierojalla, laitoin akupunktiota x2. Oli kipeä siis kunnolla pari päivää, tietyissä liikkeissä vajaan viikon. Nyt ei enää kipuja, mutta varon kyllä enkä juokse. details
LMolloy9 daysKeep doing strength training!details
Fraser Ross10 daysI stopped doing any exercise for 5 days and when I came back it felt much better. I also used pens-aid and and ice on it as many times a day as I could. Also I will be getting some new orthodics to make sure this dosn't happen again.details
roschi10 daysdetails
CBL10 daysrolled the bejesus out of my ITB and I've done masses of core stuff over the last week. It all seems to have worked.details
JoS10 daysStreching!details
confused10 daysdetails
BenSquire10 daysITB strengtheners are a mustdetails
Faceplant10 daysNeeded time and some glute strengthening. details
Phat11 daysdetails
majaporle11 daysStretching på en handduk, voltaren och kylbehandling. det var vad som behövdes. Synd att jag inte fick reda på detta tidigare så hade jag kunnat springa sweish league också snabb läkning får jag ändå säga!details
chino12 daysFoam roller/ ice 2-4X/ day. Days off from swimming and rd. running helped. INcreasing run mileage too much too soon, esp on steep trails, plus throwing in swimming did it, I think.details
o'man12 daysAfter lots of accupuncture and elbows in the butt, the osteo has loosened up the TFL which was pulling on the ITB which was causing the knee to shout loudly details
TortoiseTam12 daysdetails
cmorse13 daysLooks likely ITBS is a symptom of new Lyme related inflammation and not a cause unto itself, so I'm going to call this recovered.details
jhr88813 daysRested for 1 week. No running. Been doing only 5k maf runs. Knee felt better after 2nd run. Foam roller and stretchingdetails
Hapardi13 daysdetails
sodakKid14 daysgot lucky, it just went awaydetails
Beacon14 daysdetails
gogirlgo15 daysGive myself time to RECOVER after a 50 Km instead of just picking up where I left off. Back to core and glut strength too. details
Teichmann15 daysLaufpause, weiche Untergründe für den Start, Kühlen und dehnen. mal sehen wie lange es hält...details
tbl15 daysFoamroller på TFL och bak/framsida lår, mycket stretch.details
Hobitas16 daysdetails
runforest16 dayspain in itb is caused by tight glute and tensor fascia muscles pulling the itb causing it to rub against the bone when the knees are bent. Resting during a flu helped in full recovery. rest due to a flu has really helped healing ITB completely. Find the tight muscle spots and massage it 2 x a day until you feel some relief. details
A.Child17 daysMe thinks it was the rocky downhill at west point. I just kinda took it easy. Googled stretches for it and did those before and after my workout. My school trainer recomended using a rolling pin along my leg to "massage" it. I dont know if it helped and i looked rediculous doing it but what the heck. Glad i am better. Oh! Magical Cure. 2 nights in a pop up trailer tent thingy sure does the trick!details
Tane17 daysdetails
lorrieq17 daysdetails
Friday17 daysdetails
miclaraia17 daysStretching, strengthening, and foam rolling.details
Hawkeye18 daysdetails
daedalus18 daysDid lots of exercises for itdetails
Faceplant18 daysRolling and a few days of rest thanks to a cold. details
jennybengtsson19 daysBehandling 1 feb: Tvärfriktioner och nål. Kände lite på intervallerna den dagen, men efter det ingenting. Ska nu få behandling 1 ggr/vecka i 5 veckor.details
ken19 daysdetails
Scotta20 daysRice and rolling, easy bikingdetails
jamacki21 daysTime off while in Florida, all paddling therfore all upper body. Need to start into the running again easy, with lots of stretching so it does not start up again. Too many km's in too short a time most likely the reason. That and not stretching before and after workoutsdetails
gaffelman21 daysdetails
Flakey21 daysdetails
o-pia22 daysHar ikkje kjent nåkka til knesmertan etter at æ la om treninga, så trur æ ska la vær å løpe i ei uka t, å så ska æ prøve mæ fræm... :)details
silvermanb22 dayscontinued stretching/ PT seems to help, still occasional pain but nothing too baddetails
cfosp123 daysDr. Abraham diagnosed a pinched meniscus but no tear. Thought it was not too serious and indeed, it's mostly gone. Got some strengthening exercises for the knee.
Phanton24 daysdetails
PngtsTzks24 days#details
fredder25 dayscauses: ramping up mileage too quickly for marathon; not enough hip/thigh exercises and stretching. cures: some, not lots, of rest; constant stretching and hip exercises, "rolling out" (foam wrapped on 1.5in. PVC pipe) hip and upper thigh perhaps surprisingly--minimal use of ice and anti-inflammatories, the theory being that inflammation (to a certain degree) is a valuable/natural repair process and that things such as advil can delay recovery. This idea was generally confirmed by surgeon ...details
Egil Morast26 daysdetails
Climber127 daysdetails
Duncan27 daysdetails
Purko27 daysCaught it early; massively reduced mileage, did all the physio stuffdetails
caitlinirving27 daysvisited physio who said just run with the pain and manage it. lots of stretching, rolling, strengthening and heating.details
Brucewithamap27 daysStretches. Unfortunately while out Orienteering and running down a hill I tore a meniscus on the same knee details
00728 daysdetails
nmulder29 daysEventually went to Doc (chiropractor) who put my sacro-illeal joint back in place. There was a 1/2 cm discrepancy that was putting extra stretch on my right. Miracle cure.details
Hobitas29 daysdetails
chino29 daysMassage at chiro helped. Racing 4 weeks in a row did it. Beware of increasing intensity too fast.details
ken30 daystightness. treated with ice, vit-i, ultrasound, massage, stretching.details
TortoiseTam30 daysdetails
Heather O30 daysRest, massage, slower running without aggravation, stretching and exercises to strengthen glutes etc.details
ajriley31 daysdetails
axcxnj32 daysstopped running for 2 weeks. did short runs to the threshold after 2 weeks on soft ground. Knee has fully recovered to previous training regimin, but not race condition. normal training will resume now. Diet will increase in omega 3 fatty acids for anti inflammatory properties, and decrease foods that cause inflammation. hopefully this will be the end of this monsterdetails
mrevrgreen33 daysGood PT and rest got this one better. I really like the tiger tail. It helped a lot as well.details
Mini Forklift33 daysdetails
Mark333 daysDid lots of hip flexor exercises and hip strengthening stuff; seemed to work!details
Bob34 daysI'm calling it healed now b/c it hasn't bothered me in at least a week:) Cutting back on the training was the only thing that really helped - along with some deep tissue massage (oww), stretching more.details
Nordic Moxie36 daysCause - Went into training too fast and hard (picked up speed quickly and doing lots of races); had not been running for years due to back/neck/hip injuries incurred from auto accident. Progressed too quickly before body could strengthen. PT resolved it, in addition to some massage therapy sessions; daily exercises and stretching, and 5 minute pre-run warm up follow by 10-minute post-run cool down walk and lots of stretching.details
Sarah36 daysdetails
Hoog9436 daysdetails
mdryak36 daysdetails
Vanessa 137 daysStretching and rest up for a bitdetails
Kims38 daysdetails
loobey38 daysdetails
kezza39 daysstretches and stuffdetails
deMon39 daysMasseuse fixed my ITB, they rock!!!! Christchurch Therapeautic Massage are the business!details
sodakKid39 days2 weeks no running. The pain only started to go away after about 8 or 9 days, then it subsided rather quickly. Started a small routine at the gym including legs & arms. Lots of stretching & core drills done at home.details
FernWerm41 daysdetails
tbl41 daysOrsak: Mycket löpning och hårt underlag Återhämtning: Stretching, orientering mjukt underlagdetails
Mark342 daysHip strengthening exercises with theraband seem to have worked along with stretches to lengthen hip flexors. Resigned myself to doing these every day forever. details
ken42 daysmaybe stretching and foam roller, as well as just taking it easy.details
markg43 daysGlute/ITB stretch made a huge, instantaneous difference - place ankle of injured leg above knee of other leg, and drop your butt like you're trying to sit in a chair.details
run4theloveofit43 daysdetails
fluceluce43 daysdetails
silvermanb43 daysPT plan worked out, reduction in pain to the point where I dont notice it. will continue with PT exercises. details
undy43 daysSome rest, stop running, especially day after a long ride. Ibuprofen very effective at symptomatic relief.details
jpdiasfernandes43 daysOne week full rest. 2nd week started cross trainig with road bike. 3rd tried to run still there was a lot of inflamation. 4th running again? Pain. 5th running again? Pain i guess i have to go slower and endure it. I think i could've run earlier if i went slower and accepted that it had to hurt for the first couple of days. details
tbl43 daysLite ändrat löpsteg, flytta ut V ben och landa mer under foten inte på "mittlinjen". Styrka för utsida ben, knän och höft. Stretch och massagepistol. Succesiv ökning av löpning och mycket cykel. details
awentz44 daysLesson learned, don't jump into long races when not ready. Deciding to do a 50 mile race by a coin flip the night before, was not a great decision. Next time, need to train for months. Also, need to up the strengthening and stretching. details
the_ryno_grove44 daysdetails
ben.mangan45 daysJust about recovered. Been back to running 40km the last week and feels all good. I think it was as much inflammation due to stress from work as it was from the injury itselfdetails
Kims46 daysdetails
andrew_elwood46 daysS&C, rest, being sensible about it.details
ken47 dayselliptical, stretching, foam roller, break from leg strength work which was contributing to tightness.details
Miller Time47 daysdetails
genebeveridge48 daysRefer to left knee injuring reportdetails
fp48 daysdetails
Leon50 daysdetails
tbl50 daysStel yttre/framsida lår + stela/skärande punkter runt höft/rumpa. Massage & stretch.details
MCrone51 daysdetails
Chasem54 daysZero energy wand helped a ton. Running 5 in a row with no pain. 3+hours on trail and 9.5m on road. Think the worst is behind me.details
Hoog9454 daysStill on only running every other day but no pain for the last few weeks. Will keep building up the distance until I can start to do some faster bits. Physio thinks it was caused by my being out for 6months (2 of which were spent lying on the sofa not being able to move) due to a still undiagnosed stomach problem.details
Ari-o55 daysdetails
TheFlan56 daysS&Sdetails
undy56 daysRoller exercise daily, back right off when it hurts, minimise cycling.details
Valencia57 daysAfter two days of hard work, not so much as a trace of IT band trouble.details
kzemach59 daysClearly started because I'd taken time off and then tried to run agro, especially since it was on base and the road sloped off to the left, so there's no surprise that it was my left knee that tweaked. Probably needed to take recovery a bit more slowly, and when working back into it, instead of lots of short runs every day, maybe short runs with 2-3 days of nothing (walking) in between. details
hkleaf60 daysProbably caused by over-training. Consistently running on one side of the road is another. Tight hamstring and weak hip flexor may also have contributed to the injury. Treatment included REST, X-Train (Swim), and also physical therapy - strengthening exercises, stretches, massages, ultra-sound, ice, and electrical stimulations.details
Rosco60 daysdetails
Tane61 dayscomplete rest before gradually coming back to trainingdetails
caitlinirving61 daysdetails
sOviak64 daysBalanced Strengthening exercises and thorough stretching is key to preventing injury.details
jet64 daysdetails
lazydave65 daysdetails
AndrewM65 daysI have been and will continue to work on strengthening and stretching my glutes as well as my hips and other muscles in that area. Next time I am injured I will work on balancing working on my cardio and strength as opposed to this time where I mostly worked my muscles.details
JaxonRickel66 daysI don't really know... now it's just the knee in general. I'll make a new injury if (when :P) the IT band stuff pops up againdetails
dolph67 daysAcupuncture treatments, stretching, warm bathsdetails
Mark367 daysCaused either by (1) 28k, 5k AC parkrun, 2k, 10k = 45k in one day, or (2) Duathlon: 2k run, 15k bike, 2k run the day after Theraband exercises have seemed to work the best. Still feels a bit odd. details
Russell68 daysCould be caused by running too much, too fast on hard, steep and uneven surfaces. I think mostly rest helped recovery. I also iced and started stretching almost daily.details
Rich68 daysWeak Glute Med was the issue not helped by my slight tendency to overpronate. Initially brought on after being out over 2 weeks ill and then doing too much orienteering too soon before the illness has fully passed. After battling for weeks with the injury it cleared up in a few days after wearing mild arch support and doing a single leg squat exercise that isolated my glute.details
Nathan68 daysdetails
jmnipen69 daysWas able to train myself out of the injury. once i started to do relevant stretches, it got better and i was able to run properly. details
rmanley70 daysFoam roller, time off.details
Joel71 daysJust the usual R&R.details
-JL-71 daysdetails
StephHurry71 daysdetails
therunningpaige71 daysI think taking time off helped as well as being patient. Finding other activities like skiing definitely helped mentally with the setback. I still need to work on my hip and glute mobility.details
IanW72 daysCause - too much cycling and not enough running over the summer, then 3 runs in a week... Recovery - rest, plenty stretching, not cycling hard/up hillsdetails
Chasem72 daysdetails
randysmith72 dayslots of ice when possible and ibuprofin 2-3x day ten daysdetails
Tajda72 daysOčitno je fizioterapija pomagala, zdej pa bolj na izi in ga okrepit.details
wildwood72 daysdetails
Bridge72 daysTook time off, focused on rehab and sleep, and worked on decreasing stressdetails
zafirisSOLOBARS73 daysdetails
mrs.nosnhoj73 daysdetails
AlistairH74 daysdetails
Renntier75 daysStretching. Vorsicht bei Skating. Nicht zu grosse Umfänge anfangs Winterdetails
BigAl75 daysdetails
Katashunis76 daysdetails
BigWillyStyle77 daysStretch, dummydetails
loefaas79 daysDon't run in old/bad shoes. No cheating with stretching and strength training.details
MikeW79 daysdetails
mjd81 daysknee strengthening exercises helped, but also a lot of rest.details
Sony82 daysdetails
jonm84 daysLots of strengthening work (single let sit to chair, glut actication (slowly), lunge with body swing, rotating on pelvic joint while leat forward and hoping to increase control. Also strecthing to deal with the fact Im a runner!details
BpACKer84 daysSlow healing thru stretching and being careful of biomechanics when training.details
Desmond85 daysdetails
austrianmike86 daysRest and stretchdetails
RosieWatson86 daysRealised in the end my back was tight as well so that was why it wasnt loosening up very well! Once we realised that it was gone within a week.details
A damp otter88 daysphsyio and lots of stretching massage not a bad thing ethierdetails
genebeveridge88 daysMassaging TFL solved initial problems but connective tissue around both knees was damaged and took time to recover. Massaging this and VL helped too.details
joch5588 daysResting due to the ankle sprain has (hopefully) resolved the ITBS.details
RosieWatson89 daysBasically, my brain is lying to me! Because of last time with it being a big injury that put me out for months, the threshhold of the nerve endings etc have been lowered so they send messages to my brain at the slightest thing. Then my brain picks it up even quicker than before, remembers the injury as 'really bad' like last time, and sends out huge pain messages even though actually there's nothing wrong. Running style good, only a tiny bit of tightness in my back soo... all good. :) Learnt ...details
mdryak89 daysdetails
retrac91 daystissue massage/orthotics did nothing. started to run in five fingers and only experienced the pain once (3.5 hours in the mountains) since.details
Henrik.91 daysRestdetails
Flakey91 daysdetails
Jacques Booysen92 daysSalomon Wings Trail shoes, muscle imbalance - overuse injurydetails
Slynall92 daysdetails
HannesS96 daysDaglig stretchning och total löpvila har hjälpt bäst. Upptrappning av löpning från några minuters löp/gång intervaller till ca en timme löpning i sträck (i skog). Detta under några veckors tid. OBS! viktigt att ingen smärta hinner smyga sig på under löpningen! Efter 5 dagar orientering i sträck utan smärta under italienresan vågar jag förklara mig skadefri. En viss försiktighet bör ändå vidtas ännu.details
KFish97 daysdetails
sajmoen98 daysÄr fortsatt skeptisk mot löpning på asfalt och många löppass i veckan, men jag kan helt klart löpa i skog. Stretching var lösningen. details
Bridge98 daysHigh mileagedetails
Regina100 daysdetails
mikeeyer101 daysdetails
CalumK101 daysTook a lot of time this one and hope its now gone, Glute strengthening set every day for a couple of months and will continue that anyway. Orthotics helped I think, either that or it was just time.details
lazydave102 daysdetails
Danny Riley103 daysStretches, hip strengthening, and moderation in running.details
Friday104 daysdetails
bensmith104 daysDon't run 50 milers on pavement. Take time to recover; build it up again slowly.details
andrew_elwood104 daysLegs S&C exercises given by physio as well as 50m sprints to improve the loading of my ITB and strengthen it over time. details
rcro105 daysdetails
mps106 daysProbably caused by injuring L shin and working too much on the bike meaning overcompensating plus extra tightness blew R ITB. I tried pretty much everything for recovery. In the end a lot of glute strengthening and some massage helped. When everything was back to full strength a couple of weeks of daily ITB stretching seemed to work. On the other hand, it could just be the passage of time.details
vosvos108 daysdetails
runner_pucci109 daysdetails
loobey110 daysdetails
sambHCF111 daysSeems to have resolved through decreased load, less speed downhill and improved hip flexibilitydetails
mat-d112 daysdetails
Flakey113 daysdetails
A.Child114 daysPhysical Therapy. Lots of stretches and strengthening stuff. Foam roller too. details
Anna116 daysdetails
Toblerone116 daysPT ends today. Did a lot of hip and glute strengthening exercises. Switched shoes. MTB helped keep legs strong. Should be good to go! details
MBAR117 daysdetails
mikeeyer118 daysstretching gluten and hamstrings seemed to helpdetails
007120 daysdetails
jmnipen120 daysFeel it has recovered from its peakdetails
Tane121 daysRunning on off road heaps then going straight into road running again. details
MSoutham121 daysAfter an xray at Yale with no sign of cartilage or bone damage, I'm convinced this is actually a soft tissue injury from a gokart accident in 1992. If I keep my knee angle slight while running, the pain appears to be minimized. Update 6-4-16 I'm told this is a common IT Band injury caused by the ligament rubbing against bone. details
Animal-O123 daysstill doing hip and glut exercises for this, but it has cleared up for now. :)details
starfish128 daysTake at least one rest day every week. Stretch everyday, and get in multiple stretching some days, ice works great, and a few days of limping, not bending my knee helped too. Run shorter distances to build up strength, no long runs for awhile.details
Galloway130 daysdetails
PatrickGarcia133 daysAfter 3 months of trying to run through it. 1.5 months off COMPLETELY fixed the problem. Knee not 100% but close.details
Julli136 daysCause: achilles tendonitis / skiing. Fix: Exercises that strengthen the lateral thigh about 3 times a week, avoid running, use of a foam roller and stretching.details
Nick148 daysunsure of the specific date/ time when recoved. stretch- and more stretchdetails
kaimihata152 daysdetails
ponlin98153 daysdetails
autark161 daysNothing seemed to help much - just very, very gradually improved.details
itsmartin164 daysI am convinced this was exacerbated by my Hoka shoes. They collapse more to the inside than any other shoes I have so most likely they are not good for long runs. Ironic that. After being able to run stairs in the AM and then the Fleet Feet run in the PM two weeks in a row I am calling this 'healed'. It's not literally 100% healed but it's 70% and I am well on my way to a full recovery. Turns out it was not the actual IT band, rather it was some tissue _under_ the IT band that got irrit...details
Calmy164 daysdetails
fp173 daysdetails
ChristianeT175 daysdetails
vosvos176 daysdetails
Strand181 daysdetails
Shaya186 daysdetails
mpembery200 daysI think it is over now. Lots of rest, stretching, cycling, walking. Taking it easy though as don't want to reinjure it so doing strength and conditioning every daydetails
richard_b205 daysReverted to flexible orthorics, had myofascial release (acupuncture) in trigger points to ease band. Still occasional tightness but not painful any more.details
Tane213 daysCycling heaps then going back to running on flat roaddetails
Tullster286 daysdetails
Lori302 daysdetails
riley326 daysdetails
wants335 daysLots of cross-training and strength-training and icing.details
broccolisa362 daysResolved by changing to more stable shoes to address mild overpronation. Sudden resolution in June 2019 after nearly an entire year of ongoing issues despite many hours spent on rehab/rolling/stretching/strengthening. I finally stopped all of that out of disappointment that it hadn't seemed to help. A few months later, lo and behold the ITB issues stopped. The only thing I can think that could be the reason for resolution was finally changing to more stable shoes (New Balance QOM) instead...details
Wildsky402 daysIt will always be there if I push too much too fastdetails
Dean M444 daysMy knee hurts when I squat on it however it gives me no discomfort whilst exercising or during my everyday activities.details
tomslocombe450 daysRest, physiotherapy, slow, sensible(ish) build up of distance/hills, many stretches, building quadraceps, changing running stride and most importantly getting orthotic inserts. Nothing to it.details
Sarafina12463 daysSee Posterior tibalis tendonitisdetails
Tom465 daysdetails
Duncan477 daysdetails
Olly503 daysdetails
Ari-o504 daysA slow month in the summer and it went away for two months, then flared up again during Pisgah. Another slow month and I was good to go for the Highlander, and it hasn't been back since.details
Milo540 daysdetails
khall584 daysThe combination of orthotics and foam roller seems to have helped me work through it. A year of rest probably helped too, and less speed work. But having it not affect me at all during or after a marathon makes it 'resolved' in my book!details
tomasbal587 daysDvi dienos be bėgimo ir paskui treniruotė salėje. Man toks jausmas kad skausmas nuo neteisingos padėties tiek dirbant tiek namuose. details
AliS599 daysI just want this off my log....details
mikeeyer671 daysdetails
arvidaron801 daysdetails
fell824 daysPhysio, recovery training (lots of bike), ongoing stretching program, and cautious training. cause by overtraining (not enough rest and warming down) over a long period. Also probably due to constantly cramping my calves in waterpolo.details
Poppy997 daysdetails
Poppy1036 daysdetails
tstreet1267 daysdetails
Niamh☀1395 daysdetails
Poppy1620 daysdetails
Bomb1751 daysdetails
rcro1806 daysdetails
addison2718 daysdetails
Post3144 daysdetails
wallisdanny36+ daysdetails
Attackpointtom266+ daysdetails
lena.baath 324+ daysdetails
JoshuaDudley563+ daysdetails
Klaas713+ daysdetails
olssonella1500+ daysdetails
AlexanderS2160+ daysdetails
Larryj2523+ daysdetails
Sisell2601+ daysdetails
O-ing2975+ daysdetails
Meli2979+ daysdetails
bethh3399+ daysdetails
Kgroop3444+ daysdetails
brokenanklekit3615+ daysdetails
NiklasSander3687+ daysdetails
Bogdana3706+ daysdetails
JeremyN3851+ daysdetails
O9Man3887+ daysdetails
JeremyN3934+ daysdetails
vijurks3944+ daysdetails
benjamin4132+ daysdetails
mklimek4216+ daysdetails
Beccs4285+ daysdetails
Chewbacca4343+ daysdetails
Kelsie4374+ daysdetails
neilcohen4413+ daysdetails
neilcohen4413+ daysdetails
Helmos4418+ daysdetails
russport4432+ daysdetails
HBC4556+ daysdetails
NBK20074632+ daysdetails
jankoc4648+ daysdetails
mrnick19844740+ daysdetails
canary4742+ daysdetails
ClaireThompson4776+ daysdetails
JenniL4779+ daysdetails
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