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Diarrhea (Other)

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Average recovery time: 4 days

Recorded Instances

candis_derksen0 daysdetails
Bruce0 daysearly to bed - lots of rest and no trainingdetails
Fraser Ross0 daysdetails
mkb09090 daysdetails
hillseeker0 daysSomething I ate probably. Need more sleep!!!!!details
gg0 daysdetails
Tooms0 daysdetails
Rudie0 days??details
Steve R0 daysdetails
jwolff1 daysdetails
Keith1 daysdetails
manel1 daysdetails
Munter Hitch1 daysDon't eat the spinach!details
pjw211 daysdetails
Pooleta1 daysLots of rest and water - don't eat mouldy clementines!details
dariusz1 daysIrgendwann hört esdetails
jwolff1 daysdetails
jeffsgrant1 daysthink I caught a bug from Becky -- she had the same thing a few days ago. I just dealt with it for a day - tried to drink herbal tea and hydrate throughout the daydetails
Juuso1 daysdetails
hoboGO1 daysrestdetails
JennyJ1 daysdidn't eat anything for a day (bar a mushed up banana with sugar and some plain rice)details
Hapardi1 daysdetails
IronDave621 daysdetails
Fabi1 daysReposdetails
PhilW1 daysdetails
jwolff1 daysdetails
JL1 daysBerodde nog på maten...details
KingTim1 daysAfter purging my innards seemed to be all ok again, albeit feeling rather weak and listless.details
Maluks1 daysdetails
dariusz1 daysdetails
Useless Fool1 daysdetails
ChristianeT1 daysdetails
ChristianeT1 daysdetails
Lavigaattori1 daysdetails
Möhkis1 daysdetails
balcius1 daysdetails
Belurd1 daysdetails
Steve R1 daysdetails
O-ing1 daysdetails
PoJo1 daysdetails
bealaw1 daysrush to toilet right after my rundetails
All-in1 daysdetails
vyc1 daysdetails
Thoto1 daysdetails
ChristianeT1 daysProbably some pasta I ate that had been at room temperature too long.details
Remco1 daysdetails
vyc1 daysdetails
Elvis1 daysdetails
Elvis1 daysdetails
rwagnon2 daysdetails
Fly'n2 daysdetails
Fly'n2 daysdetails
bradc2 days...and it wasdetails
seedy2 daysdetails
rdlesko2 daysThere's been a stomach bug going around. Only time could help on this one.details
Mona2 daysAte boiled rice, and yummy boiled carrots...details
Bruce2 days2 days taking it easy and many trips to the bathroomdetails
KingTim2 daysdetails
Fabi2 daysReposdetails
Bruce2 daysCaught bug from Sophie who was sick on Tuesday night.details
Bruce2 daysdetails
mkoo2 daysdetails
Fabi2 daysRepos... alité tout le dimanche...details
Pellervo2 daysdetails
Fabi2 daysRien de spécifiquedetails
Lavigaattori2 daysdetails
Fabi2 daysRepos et repos...details
DrKeith2 daysdetails
Jammu2 daysdetails
TomiKä2 daysdetails
Swisscheese2 daysdetails
Miikka2 daysdetails
TomiKä2 daysdetails
hkleaf2 daysRest, pain medicinedetails
hkleaf2 daysrest, fasting for 2+ days, prescriptions from Doctordetails
Psuba2 daysdetails
Veijo2 daysdetails
Craig2 daysdetails
bugci2 daysdetails
jouni552 daysdetails
Hector SP2 daysIts not so clever to eat an abundant dinner before a night trainning.Bland dietdetails
ChristianeT2 daysDämliche Dänische Frikadellen. Lå uten kjøling ON på fergen før vi spiste de.details
IMHungry3 daysjust had to wait through this one, increase food and water intake, got seriously dehydrated though and I'm afraid of the time that I've lost training, only one real build cycle left before the 70.3 in May.details
mlakelly3 dayslots of sleep and waterdetails
Jubby3 daysdetails
kungen13 daysdetails
Craig3 daysdetails
fitless3 daysDon't take any drugs. Sleep enough :)details
dariusz3 daysjepp.details
simmo3 daysdetails
Jagge3 daysdetails
raphi3 daysdetails
tri eric3 dayspossible uncooked hamburger had to run to the toilet 7-10 times a day stool already water from day 2 did a BRAT (banana rice apple tea) diet + oral rehydration salt lots of restdetails
Malla3 daysdetails
DrJ3 daysNo idea - no identifiably dodgy food. Probably a bug from the kids. details
pcbrent3 daysdetails
GPiret3 daysdetails
Pellervo3 daysdetails
shabar3 daysBBQ related food poisoning - wrought havoc with guts. Back to exercise after a couple of days restdetails
JohnDingelstad3 daysdetails
boyle3 daysdetails
Thoto3 daysdetails
KariItkonen3 daysdetails
coach3 daysdetails
Berci3 daysdetails
Andree4 dayslikely just flu bug.....details
dariusz4 daysE meint ein Rota oder Adenovirus = hoffe das war eine Art Simone Niggli-Kur *schallendes Lachen* !schräger Humor!details
Keith4 daysdetails
bendover4 daysit morphed into a cold. details
Fabi4 daysReposdetails
fitless4 daysdetails
GPiret4 daysRepos, dafalgandetails
TomiKä4 daysdetails
dcady4 daysProbably stomach virus. Stuff has been going around. Barb got it after me.details
CrunchieMunchie4 daysTimedetails
DrKeith4 daysdetails
jwolff4 daysdetails
Boje4 daysdetails
DrKeith4 daysdetails
orienteeringTim5 daysdetails
Hilary5 daysEating has definitely restored my energy levels and I will be able to get back to normal exercise regime. Went to doctor and got some antibiotics. These helped a lot!details
bendover5 daysdetails
Bruce5 daysdetails
Boltboi5 daysdetails
Thoto5 daysAusruhendetails
Lara5 daysSleep, rice, bananas...the usual.details
Tajda5 daysdetails
DWildfogel5 daysdetails
Miikka5 daysdetails
Malla5 daysdetails
johannes roto5 daysdetails
Elvis5 daysdetails
O-ing6 daysTime and 3 cups of proper coffee on return to Perth.details
Fabi6 daysRepos et hydratationdetails
Animal-O6 dayseating soup and liquid diet worked, and not pushing passed a certain intensity.details
Desmond6 daysdetails
Bruce7 daysa couple of easy days and eating and drinking whenever I can stomach anythingdetails
bcvlj7 daysTime heals all wounds. Unable to do race tomorrow due to still a little weak. LFTs were elevated. Fatigue lasted for 1 wk. BM still not quite right.details
Jubby7 daysRest from training - Pepto Bismol to settle stomachdetails
cpn7 daysdetails
balcius7 daysdetails
tomtom7 daysdetails
Pellervo7 daysVieläkään (2/12/13) ei suolistossa ole kaikki ihan reilassa mutta nyt uskaltaisi jo lenkkeilyä aloittaa.details
ReindeerCounter7 daysdetails
Mona8 daysrice, apples, bananas, yogurt, camomile tea, RESTdetails
O-ing8 daysLoperamidedetails
jwolff8 daysdetails
philm648 daysfridge was broken, food too warm --> food poisoning. just what you need 3 months after havgin your insides trowelled out vis all your stomach wall muscles beign cut. details
Meister Eder8 daysSeit Montag geht es wieder besser. Aber irgendwie bin ich noch kraftlos details
Thoto8 daysdetails
O-ing10 daysA lamb burger - not cooked right through. details
graeme10 daysMassive dump.details
DrKeith10 daysRest and fluidsdetails
jgreen11 daystime heals most things - this just too a while, luckily i didn't need immodium for the race on the following weekend.details
kysulis12 daysdetails
dgrove13 daysFlushed out of system after 13 days, apparently. Towards the end, it only happened 1-2 x per day and was controlled. On day 11 at the Teanaway Forks race, I was able to run 6+ miles without incident. Of course, the day I get over it I get a cold.details
Andrew Feucht18 daysGiardia sucks. I should have sought doctor help sooner and realized that giardia was a definite possibility sooner.details
DrKeith33 daysdetails
bradc64 daysdetails
Mich_èle3172+ daysdetails
christiaang4030+ daysdetails
Kieran Schwartz10438+ daysdetails
BCox46449+ daysdetails