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Neck Pain (Head/Neck)

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Average recovery time: 23 days

Recorded Instances

arianna1 daysdetails
dersu2 dayscause: standing in cold in soaking wet turtleneckdetails
beeker2 daysViv cracked it a little, but it seemed to settle down with time.details
seanverret2 daysStress and lack of massage etc. Time to take care of myself more.details
Reini2 daysdetails
Luca D.2 daysdetails
clanchief2 daysdetails
teno2 daysdetails
tompza2 daysdetails
Richi Ross2 daysdetails
div3 daysdetails
ziggyr3 daysdetails
The Fish3 daysIce message and chiro adjustment provided a quick cure.details
Camster3 daysJust take it easy and rest. details
LittleBit3 daysdetails
Gooder3 daysvisit to the Chiropractordetails
JennyJ3 daysno idea why I got this pain but it felt better after the JK sprint bizarrelydetails
JennyJ3 daysflight didn't really bother it bizarrely but I think it was just getting better anyway, yoga definitely helped and helped my usual sorenessdetails
ashleyw3 daysStretch always..Don't get lazy with stretching.details
Andrew3 daysDon't go MTBing too much when unused to it and then proceed to lift heavy stuff.details
tkdgolden3 daysdetails
J. T.3 daysdetails
kgeisen3 daysdetails
hagi4 daysdetails
ken4 daysdetails
Gooder4 daysNeck feels better nowdetails
evancuster4 daysLasted a little longer this time, 4-5 days. Should have put on neck collar earlier, as really seemed to help this time.details
nana4 daysdetails
Gooder4 daysWent To Chirodetails
xctimo4 daysdetails
duxma4 daysdetails
OL4 daysrest, ice, chiro.details
JesseHagberg4 daysDon't "push through" pain while lifting heavy.details
paul.dd4 daysSchuld war diesmal das Bouldern, aber ohne große Belastung. Krause hat sehr geholfendetails
markg4 daysdetails
Dalton4 daysdetails
mcqueen4 daysIkke så mye å endre på, falle på ski kommer jeg alltid til å gjøre.details
marcus_horton5 daysdetails
JennyJ5 daysDefinitely good to visit Kim, also good to have heat on it. Don't think I'll be biking on ice again any time soon and need to get a new helmet first in any case...details
Mahuan!5 daysBless my chiropractor. Almost completely better in a few days. Doing yoga like a good boy...details
gg5 daysdetails
Phat5 daysdetails
Tooms5 daysdetails
gudeso5 daysdetails
Wonkey Donkey6 daysdetails
beeker6 daysviv fixed medetails
Linas6 daysdetails
zeizei6 daysSöin paramaxia kuin leipää, ja pääsin Jukolaan, jonka jäljiltä niska taas pari päivää "jumissa", mutta vihlova puukko oli poistunut lapaluusta.details
xctimo6 daysStill a bit stiff, but neck turns in an almost normal fashion now.details
Gooder6 daysNeck is better now. Couldn't get in to see Chiro so had to wait this one out.details
seanverret6 daysChiro, rest, tennis balls, heat, ice, repeat...details
Gooder6 daysdetails
nana6 daysdetails
3m6 daysdetails
Misha6 daysThis time the pain in the neck just went away by itself. details
Gooder6 daysReceived 3 ART Tx's in Tremblant and some sport Tapingdetails
Gooder6 daystook anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants.details
han_solo6 daysdetails
mmace7 daysdetails
3m7 daysCouldnt really move for a couple of days and took about a week before I could look over my shoulder. Heat pack and voltarendetails
Stodge7 daysdetails
Sarge7 daysRest and changing ergonomics of office setup.details
CarlEdmo7 daysUsed a hot water bottle and time to aid it.details
JesseHagberg7 daysFeeling better now.details
lowees7 daysdetails
Veijo7 daysdetails
BigAl7 daysdetails
hbeatrixx7 daysdetails
xctimo8 daysdetails
dmast8 daysdetails
Brooner8 daysdetails
bodgie9 daysdetails
K'lea9 daysStill niggly but mostly better. Could be due to weak scap. Strengthening exercised done details
Gooder9 daysdetails
JesseHagberg9 daysTime.details
sparky3139 daysdetails
Flam9 daysdetails
saraabom9 daysdetails
CathW10 daysJudith.details
fizyxnrd10 daysRecovery gradual, still slightly sore at more extreme range of motion, but doesn't impair activity.details
kathi10 daysdetails
Gooder11 daysdetails
Gooder12 daysdetails
Mahuan!12 daysdetails
jwolff13 daysdetails
Gooder13 daysdetails
Elvis13 daysdetails
Treadlie13 daysdetails
Aquaman15 daysEither sit ups, sleep or feeding baby in odd position. Hot showers on the back of the neck and Ibuprofin.details
vandy661615 daysdetails
ericrox17 daysStretching neck and shoulders daily seemed to be the fix for this. Was just a pulled muscle I bet.details
ihelgesen17 daysEtter en penicilin-kur or litt fjern-healing (!!!), ble eg frisk som en fisk! details
alirobertson17 daysI'm stupid and let it go on and on without getting checked out by a physio. Was put off by thought of cost...details
ShadowCaster17 daysPhyiso, prescription muscle relaxant, stretching routine. details
Trailrat18 daysGiving it time I guess... this one really sucked.details
fizyxnrd19 daysAdd neck strengthening exercises to routine to build neck up along with lats, traps, and triceps.details
thegingerninja20 daysLight stretching each day helps. iBuprofen as soon as it gets re-injured. Took about 20 days to get back to normal.details
mmace21 daysdetails
Cory Smith21 daysdetails
JesseHagberg21 daysTime. I'm still not sure what caused that one but everything feels fine now. Glad to be on the mend. Neck and Back stuff that doesn't quickly go away scares me a bit.details
ondrejpavlu21 daysA couple of Chiro sessions - working on my posture and regularly doing some exercises to strengthen my upper back/neck musclesdetails
Benham22 daysdetails
Boltboi23 daysdetails
Embo24 daysdetails
K'lea25 daysFinal Osteo appt. Still a bit sore if i take it to end range but other wise don't notice it.details
dezellis31 daysdetails
K'lea44 daysFascet syndrome due to long term cervical ROM lack. Still dull and achey but no longer going to the chairo for treatmentdetails
Mal44 daysdetails
sberg45 days6 physio appointments with neck mobility/ stretching / acupuncture. Exercises with rubber bands to strengthen shoulders and neck, and thinking of posture at all time details
tracblue46 daysThink swollen sinuses blocking eustachion tubes. Chiro work around skull helped as did the sudafed.details
hbeatrixx50 daysdetails
Hilary51 daysdon't fall asleep with my hands holding my chin infront of the tv on the floor.details
alirobertson53 daysdetails
mmace60 daysdetails
Keg62 daysdrugs, more drugs, PT, chiro, and timedetails
hbeatrixx66 daysdetails
Munter Hitch67 daysI think its better, but I know I have not stressed the specific muscelsdetails
bubo71 daysdetails
michalmy77 daysdetails
RJM116 daysReligious use of neck traction for two months or so, and stopped biking (which seemed to aggravate it). Not certain it is fixed, but after 4 months it does seem to finally be better, even though at about 3months I was so pessimistic I thought it would never improve. Fingers crosseddetails
Charlie145 daysmostly just get used to it. I suppose it is more or less better. Certainly not worth keeping on the log any more.details
L-Jackson181 daysdetails
simmo181 daysdetails
tornado_grl246 daysPT, massage, chiro. May still need massage and chiro, but not 3x per week... going 2 weeks w/o. Will check in after Ragnar.details
simmo706 daysDecided to add recovery, though will always be a problem.details
Len204+ daysdetails
simmo1006+ daysdetails
Patrik J1530+ daysdetails
Snailspace3068+ daysdetails
ks4388+ daysdetails
thegingerninja4675+ daysdetails
gillianw5297+ daysdetails
koz6069+ daysdetails