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Stress Fracture (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 137 days

Recorded Instances

AdrianV-24 daysdetails
PVA3 daysdetails
Dansk4 daysVilade från löpning några dagar och då gick det över.details
davelevine8 daysI think this problem was caused by continuing to exercise after I was feeling sore. Rest and using crutches, not using the foot as much as possible helped speed recovery along.details
jeffhoernemann11 daysdetails
Trailrat11 daysWasn't a stress fracture but a deep bruise. Stress fractures don't go away this quickly.details
sulttaani12 daysdetails
FerencJonas12 daysRest it details
MallaC15 daysRunning on hard surface caused it. details
Doris19 daysdetails
cpn22 daysdetails
CleverSky23 daysWaited it out: stayed off of pavement, and took a bit of a break from running at all. I did have one serious relapse where it hurt a lot, but as of the 12th, it seems like I can run (on soft surfaces, anyway) without any pain.details
Manfred28 daysRunning with wrong technique hence having flat feet which gave extra pressure to my R-ankle. details
JHen28 daysdetails
JamesBradshaw31 daysdetails
OL_Tony33 daysVoet tegen een openstaande deur gestoten. kleine teen uit de kom en kleine fractuur.details
Thibaut35 daysEnfin plus ou moins rétablis (premier footing sans douleur)... Pourvu que ça duredetails
HiipiväHirvi37 daysKuukausi juoksemattadetails
tinytoes39 daysburpees and sudden pressure at flex. Very quick realisation and ceasing pressure.details
Adh00740 daysNot sure if I'm truly recovered, might just be less noticeable with the current reduction in running volume. That said, a lower running volume seems to work well for me as long as I maximize the quality of the running that I do.details
tinytoes42 daysOver use in summer; orthotics updated afterwards. Caught it early and iced it as well as stretching and easing of usage.Need to be more diligent on stretching, not just when injured.details
Boje42 days6 uker uten løping. Begynte å sykle etter 1 uke.details
Thoto43 daysTut noch hin und wieder weh, schaeint aber erstmal wieder zu gehen.details
ebuckley43 daysWent without boot - wore the Hoka's a lot instead.details
alan44 daysdetails
PVA47 daysdetails
jtruns48 daysNo running for 4.5 weeks, ice to start to reduce swelling. I was able to ride the bike two weeks after injurydetails
immy50 daysDon't run in inov8s alone for a month in terrain that's harder than you're used to. That's all I have to say.details
naomi51 daysdetails
Pwatts54 daysdetails
RA_FELTON54 daysdetails
Cookieboi55 daysTrying to run long distances on hard packed trail with no long distance running for a month. Also still just getting into running so probably just a build up of 6 months of intensive training without a running base training/fitnessdetails
nmulder56 daysLasted a long time and slow recovery. Started running again at the end of April. Injury is probably related as well to right anterior tibialis shin pain (scar tissue?) from late 2021 AR season, same cause as the plantar fasciitis of 2022. details
camel57 daysdetails
mmace57 daysdetails
Hobitas57 daysdetails
Danny Riley59 daysdetails
JDodge61 daysTime off and easing back into training.details
Thibaut64 daysdetails
CleverSky69 daysWell, it never really went away, but maybe I got used to it, or something. In the end, I'm not certain it was a stress fracture, and maybe it was the foot collapse problem that plagued Dad for the latter portion of his life. But stuffing cotton or foam wedge things under my arch seems to have helped somewhat, so I'll try continuing with that.details
silje72 daysToo little D-vitamin through the winter.details
cgmacint72 daysLong recovery, first workout back March 26thdetails
Bridge76 daysdetails
Sid92 daysShoe were too old when I injured my foot. Change shoes at 150 mile mark not above 200 miles. details
g.foz.foster92 daysNutrition issues - increased calories in diet up to 3000kcal per daydetails
All-in96 daysdetails
Päkä97 daysYlipronaatio, yhdistettynä löysään nilkkaan ja yksipuoliseen juoksuharjoitteluun aiheutti. Nyt yritetään jumpata nilkkaa ja jalkoja muutenkin ettei vamma uusiutuisi taas. Spesiaalipohjalliset myös käytössä.details
Goobs100 daysdetails
Nieuwy101 daysdetails
Päkä103 daysJokohan uskaltais todeta jalan parantuneen? Seuraavalla kerralla, kun joku paikka kipeytyy maltan levätä samantien vähän aikaa, varmasti selviää vähemmällä riesalla.details
goranwinblad103 daysdetails
linastrand103 daysdetails
Brooner106 daysdetails
swolfe111 daysOut of the cast on 10/30. Lots of ice, NSAID's and PT helped me to recover. I still have some soreness and mild discomfort, but that is to expected with a broken bone. body work, ankle mobility and range of motion is key in recovery. details
M Š111 daysdetails
cortelmcm113 daysdetails
sosew113 daysFinally got an xray and referral to a Podiatrist. Have a bunion on right foot that cause me to overpronate that foot putting stress on the base on my second toe (fractured) and possibly third too as well. Also top of foot from tying shoe too tight (laces wont stay tied on my Saucony trail shoes. Recommended shoes Brooks Addictions and Asics Kayano for running along with recommendation for orthopedic insoles. Got the Brooks at Tortoise and the Hare (doctor recommended) and the Orthopedic...details
mickyclifford121 daysFeels back to normal now. Slowly build running back up. Perhaps caused by too many milkes than I was ready for, not enough recovery and decent sleep, not staying on top of niggles and strength work. Pehaps there was already a minor fracture months before as I'd felt some minor pain when running uphill on the treadmill at certasin inclines and in certain trainers, and also when wearing shoes with little cushioning on rocky decents.details
AKey121 daysTimedetails
BigWillyStyle132 daysdetails
tinytoes136 daysNow in rehab. Never acknowledged it as injured except while orienteering. Extremely tight calf muscles were the major contributors, plus wearing incorrect orthotics. (both now rectified). details
EmmaC151 daysCaused by too much road running!details
JonD164 daysi am going to mark this as complete and hope for the best. I feel some weakness in the ankle and some "clicking" when I rotate it, but I think the 5 weeks off running has helped. I was never completely convinced of the stress fracture diagnosis - this felt more like the tendonitis I had in my knee. Note from 7/19/2008 - Exercising this ankle w/ focus on strengthening it ("alphabet" plus 20 seconds raised foot) has helped a lotdetails
Bridge166 days1. Build miles slowly 2. Wear good shoes 3. Recover 4. DON'T BE A DUMBASS 5. Have fundetails
Chief167 daysOverpronation is the root cause although my super busy racing/training for past couple years without proper rest/recovery didn't help...details
All-in167 daysdetails
cissi197 daysdetails
xtophe203 daysdetails
Jac204 daysEfter mycket småkänningar så är detta under kontroll....tror jag...details
Bomb210 daysdetails
Stijn261 daysdetails
Vaala282 daysdetails
JaimeG336 daysCaused by over training and too much on the road. Fixed by resting!details
Grandpa Lefty492 daysRestdetails
Ralph759 daysdetails
helehan875 daysStill niggles from time to time, just have to watch how much impact training I do in a given week. Feeling it a little bit in Jun-Oct 12 during periods of heavy training.details
Karol.BnO1044 daysCaused: too much km in August 2008, and to short healing after this (marathon in September 2008 for example) Recovery: surgerydetails
mjd1266 daysbeen a year since surgery, with 6 months of running. not perfect, but pretty good so far.details
carolineheloise1670+ daysdetails
jcoffen3460+ daysdetails
Pippalovestorun3545+ daysdetails
timbo3690+ daysdetails
klempaype3749+ daysdetails
MARS14046+ daysdetails
AlekBern4996+ daysdetails
Cristal5353+ daysdetails