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Impact wound / trauma (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 45 days

Recorded Instances

JoS1 daysdetails
daedalus1 daysI did ice it a bit, and no terrain running for a couple days, just in case it was worse than I thought.details
trailchampion1 daysI think it was connected to resistance band over doing itdetails
trailchampion1 daysdetails
ken2 daysrestdetails
Shek2 daysDoesnt hurt on flexion, only extension, so I'll consider it healed as far as running is concerned.details
Darius2 dayslygtai viskas gerai shiandien jau nieko nebejauciudetails
putte2 daysTvätta sår noggrannt direkt efter såret har skapatsdetails
radulan0072 daysdetails
dersu2 daysCompletely fine after two days.details
mikee2 daysdetails
gg2 daysdetails
Ant W2 daysNot as bad as I thought.details
mrs.nosnhoj2 daysdetails
devonbeckman2 daysdetails
3x32 daysPo prostu pech.details
lestarlight2 daysdetails
MrPither3 daysMore trainings in trail shoes, ice, ibu, sleeping with socks on can't have hurt either. Didn't stop training altogether though.details
slang3 daysSurprised how quickly the bruise disappeared. I was expecting it take a couple of weeks.details
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
alanlane3 daysdetails
Marc B3 daysdon't jump off of surfboards feet-first. was just a bruise.details
The Fish3 daysWound has already closed up. Shouldn't be and issue for the swim at Black Diamond.details
rwagnon3 daysRocks are hard.details
pjw213 daysdetails
vandy66163 daysTimedetails
hunyuk3 daysPain was gone this morning [08-18-2013], almost as rapidly as it appeared. I have a follow up Tuesday. There are a couple theories about what the issue may be.details
Milia3 daysdetails
M.Serguiev3 daysdetails
Taco3 daysRICEdetails
justwah4 daysice few time per day, for first 2 day then dispose then 21/5 didn't feel paindetails
josh884 daysdetails
lorrieq4 daysjust ice and raise takes a few daysdetails
Swisscheese4 daysTake it easy in the first few days.details
IFKekan4 daysTog det helt lugnt under 3 dagar. Orsaken var ren otur, snötäckt vass pinne går inte att skydda sig mot.details
bendover4 daysstill unable to run, but back on bike and spinning. just bruising now i think, wound has healed. details
Shaya4 daysdetails
Nadim4 daysRest kept me from reinjuring it. details
Hirppa4 daysdetails
MariusG4 daysDar truputi skauduliuoja, taciau keliais begioti galiu laisvai.details
Brentman4 daysStil a bit sore when pressing on trauma but no pain when walking or running.details
JL4 daysSåret har i princip läkt. Gör knappt ont att trampa på det längre.details
Pete4 daysdetails
cbruski4 daysIcing and TLC helped this one recover, although it’s still not at 100% comfortable. I consider it ‘recovered’ now for all types of exercise. Should be fine by the time I’m in classic boots.details
ken5 daysice for 36hrs, then just rest.details
Elmo5 daysDue to the exam-flavoured lack of a lot of training, it stopped weeping eventually, and healed up.details
MinnesotaRambler5 daysIce and elevation. Tape splint for a couple of days and rest. details
blairtrewin5 daysSettled within 2-3 days as is typical with severe bruising.details
troll feet5 dayswaiting. Was fine on SL as cushioned trainersdetails
TheSkull5 daysHögst sannolikt trampet i hålet + DNIC som fördröjde att jag kände smärtandetails
Francesca T5 daysUn po'di riposo, massaggi /argilla e cross trainerdetails
Bruce6 daysantibiotics x 2 tetanus ice elevation ultrasounddetails
dirtmonkey6 dayshaven't lost the nails...yet. But they feel ok to run on! Tender if I touch them but...they don't feel too bad.details
ken6 daysdetails
Swisscheese6 daysdetails
٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶6 daysMore restdetails
RyanC6 daysdetails
runit6 dayshealeddetails
Rich6 daysdetails
Ptr6 daysdetails
cousteau6 daysDon't run into random hard objects!!details
Disco6 daysdetails
Siggi6 dayspassiertdetails
zang4696 daysDiagnosed as gout from trama during vb practice. When I jump I take off from my left foot and caused truma in the left big toe. Went on a PrX for 2 days and swelling was relieved. took a few more days until I was able to run with out it effecting my form.details
Phat6 daysdetails
kurthu6 daysdetails
yakin6 daysdetails
Flakey6 daysdetails
cfosp16 daysTough to run from bright sun into deep shade. Need to add a little drill to first aid kit to relieve pressure from under banged up nail.details
DominicGreen6 daysdetails
ev7 daysdetails
PhilW7 daysdetails
Cookiemonster7 daysdetails
rwagner7 daysafter 1 week still sore on long runs but tolerable - toe-nails likely to be lost over timedetails
Dormir7 daysdetails
Regina7 daysStill sore sometimes but i think I can take this offdetails
vad19737 daysArnica 9ch + pommadedetails
mjulius7 daysDon't add miles or change surfaces too soon, dummy.details
Tooms7 daysdetails
Richi Ross7 daysdetails
Tschaekob7 daysdetails
Pablova7 daysIll-fitting ski boots, sudden increase of new activity, high and repetitive abrasion at bone location.details
dkonotopetz8 daysdetails
slowphil8 daysno pain now felt from the toe, 8 days later, although yet to regain full range of movement.lack of range still unchanged five days after that.details
alanlane8 daysdetails
GPiret8 daysdetails
KariItkonen8 daysdetails
Torzi8 daysCleaning, dressing and patience. details
HiipiväHirvi8 daysdetails
div9 daysalmost gone, some swalleness around joint remaines. ice 1s/dat 10min, ibu 1x600/day, glucozamide 1x2pills.details
schnitzer9 daysdetails
ev9 daysdetails
schnitzer9 daysdetails
Tooms9 daysIbuprofen and time have helped recovery. Wearing wellies has not. Inflammation gone now 2 weeks post, still sore to jog uphill but no longer an 'injury'.details
LOST_Richard9 daysdetails
Boje9 daysdetails
Franc10 daysdetails
Ptr10 daysdetails
Parkino10 daysI've been doing towel stretches (seated on the floor, towel around my feet, stretching the calves). This has eased the condition so far.details
Danolou10 daysdetails
Mowbs10 daysRest and bandage/foot support seems to have helped.details
atsip10 daysdetails
Flakey10 daysdetails
Hobitas11 daysdetails
randallxski11 daysTime away from skiing and skiing in the old boots helped to resolve this. I need new "new boots". :-(details
Boltboi11 daysdetails
Veijo11 daysdetails
Santinia11 daysdetails
Anvil11 daysdetails
Danolou11 daysStill sore but healing nicelydetails
mariaamaya11 daysStopped playing soccer - lateral movements, improved rapidly.details
xcsnowskier1412 daysdont step on sharp rocks otherwise your foot will get cut...details
BazorakcommaJ12 daysStill tender underneath. Still running mostly on grass or tartan.details
ColmM12 daysseemed to heal itself but scotland suggested otherwise...details
Gytė12 daysdetails
Toblerone12 daysjust waited it out with no impact activities and now im good to go! details
Dawnie12 daysWear the right shoes you monkey!details
apb11412 daysDidn't really alter my training, just monitored swelling and stiffness. Has reduced through time such that it is barely noticeable after a good warmup.details
Ari-o12 daysA few days rest keeps the doctor away, or something.details
incrediblehulk12 daysStarting new stricter diet which limits purines.details
pepa.12 daysdetails
Kez13 daysPretty sure its better now :os Had some later problems with a bit of tendonitis due to the swelling (Self diagnosis). Still need to take it easy over the next week to make sure it fully recovers. I'll be scared of sticks while night orienteering from now on. details
mm-ha13 daysdetails
Anna B13 daysdetails
Raz13 daysdetails
MichaelBish13 daysIce for 2 weeks, after using the footdetails
Dalen14 dayssome massages and 2 weeks rest...details
Katrin H14 daysdetails
AlistairR14 daysAbsolutely no Exercisedetails
TeTe14 daysdetails
atsip14 daysdetails
daffodil15 daysTook sutures out after 12 days. Continued to wear shoe with heel cut out for a couple more days. Pretty much back to full force after 2 weeks. details
Stryder15 daysHealed 90% and enough to run close to normal distance on the roaddetails
Friday15 daysdetails
Bruce15 daysice cushioning shoes where possibledetails
Treb15 daysRested and avoided impact for a couple of weeks. details
Mess Engineer16 daysSufficiently healed to resume normal activities.details
Kez16 daysdetails
PeterT16 daysdetails
GRennie16 daysHaven't done a lot with my foot, seems to be better. I'm nervous about it thoughdetails
MCh16 daysdetails
errolpit16 daysdetails
undy17 daysPretty much gone - time healed this one, having managed to keep the wound clean before the skin healed up.details
vyc17 daysdid nothing :) reduced training amount a little bit..details
W17 daysdetails
Flakey17 daysdetails
dkonotopetz18 daysdetails
MVB18 daysdetails
Beardable18 daysdetails
Boje18 daysÅ holde såret rent er veldig viktig. Måtte til slutt kutte opp såret og få alt dritten ut.details
TrailRunnerVT18 daysdetails
jjcote19 daysThis eventually subsided, along with the minor bruise on the lower thigh of the same leg from the HG landing at Wellfleet. Nancy made me take a bunch of ibuprofen and ice the heel, and I also iced the thigh, but it wasn't evident to me that this improved the recovery time.details
retrac19 daysStop kicking roots/rocks/ect...details
krmayborn20 daysdetails
OL20 daysIndection eventually went away with antibiotics. details
TrailRunnerVT20 daysdetails
Ecmo22 daysdetails
jwolff22 daysDo not jump into strange waters...details
Hobitas22 daysdetails
Psuba22 daysflexitol, swelling cream and easing up on training, running in 1/2 size larger shoes if at all.details
Seamus22 daysIt is asking for a resolution - maybe not to be silly and slop boiling water on it. And be a bit more careful with dressingdetails
kurthu23 daysdetails
HGaston23 daysI've learned that leaving pencils sticking up on the floor is not a good idea ;-).details
ba-ba23 daysDon't kick doors.details
Useless Fool23 daysdetails
Nielsen24 daysdetails
pfc24 daysSeems to be back to normal but will have to see the next time I'm out on skis.details
Matt Hartland24 daysGo easy.details
Ecmo24 daysdetails
pepa.24 daysAusgesessendetails
fletch25 daysHasn't really been an issue... the big toe that I hurt 2 weeks earlier during the first PTS race on the other hand...details
Adh00726 daysDon't Jump from moving trains. Ultimately, the month off probably did more good than harm.details
MHtrailvet26 daysdetails
AngrySeagull27 daysStill slightly achey. Probably shouldn't do too much running for another week or two.details
Brooner27 daysdetails
dolph28 daysdetails
Rainbow Unicorn28 daysSlow recovery. Can still feel at times, but no longer painful. Shoe issue from center of sole without rock guard.details
mmcleod28 daysdetails
fabiomars28 daysdetails
HWW28 daysdetails
benjo28 daysStopped running, eplitical for the first few weeks + core. Last two weeks no exercise - utter helldetails
Heather O29 daysPretty much a whole month off running seems to have done the trick. Still not sure what it was.details
Useless Fool29 daysdetails
RLShadow30 daysDon't jump off of a motorboat where it isn't intended for jumping (i.e., the slick, unstable side of it, with protruding metal parts to cut the bottom of feet).details
AndrewM30 daysdetails
inuksuk31 daysJust time. Took antibiotics after foot swelled and got gamy overnight the first night. Stayed off it for about a week, and hobbled on for the better part of another...details
Ezy31 daysdetails
leehawk31 daysThe only thing I could do to help speed recovery was stay off my feet for two weeks. I also iced my heels which seemed to help. I'm going to be more careful jumping from now on but I will probably still jump once I'm sure its fully recovered.details
Nikolay31 daysWas really not able to run in the forest/uneven terrain for 3+ weeks But time heals everything.details
OJ31 daysKept running on it and it got better and better despite significant discomfort. Used a golf ball to massage it quite a bit as well. details
NSW Stinger31 daysdetails
CleverSky32 daysMore or less cleared up by this point.details
Mal33 daysdetails
dkonotopetz33 daysdetails
Raz35 daysdetails
thegingerninja36 daysComplete rest would have speeded up recovery but got through a few Judo sessions without re-bashing it.details
Florence36 daysrest. 2 weeks no running. and then nothing major (auld lang syne race knackered) its fine running but painful warming up but if it doesnt hurt running then im recovereddetails
undy36 daysTime.details
justwah37 daysdetails
Jules37 daysTook a while after surgery to finally recover. Needed to build up slowly. details
Flight37 daysphysio works. If a little bone starts to hurt a bit, probably best to check it out. Just because it seems like a "weird spot" doesn't mean it isn't a big deal issue. details
Charlie37 daysTired of looking at this, so I will mark it as recovered. Icing, elevating and hot tub are good for it; driving, sitting, and too much walking are bad.details
Parkino37 daysdetails
Ezy38 daysdetails
ahall38 daysWear shoes in the house so that if you kick a shop vac there is something to protect your toes!details
Bruce38 daysRest. 5-6 weeks.details
Hugginator38 daysdetails
Anvil40 daysDon't impale foot on star picket. Don't sit in emergency for 2 hours allowing it to get infected before the wound is properly sterilised...details
PeterT41 daysdetails
andzs42 daysDr said that there is nothing to do. I should move on with my bump on leg and do the business as usual ;)details
jdunn10042 daysNo noticeable pain any more, but I've not run at all since either. Continue working on walking and much more treadmill this winter details
bethh43 daysrest!details
NMFC45 daysdetails
Sirupful45 daysdetails
menzies45 daysdetails
boyle46 daysDon't walk in dark rooms.details
Creech46 daysWatch your step.details
twhite2347 daysdetails
pjh48 daysdetails
Eug48 daysdetails
DominicGreen48 daysCaused by running too far in O shoes on hard surfaces so just avoided it as much as possible. details
atsip50 daysdetails
Ptr51 daysdetails
hmklaff51 daysdetails
Flam51 daysdetails
A damp otter51 daysdetails
KariItkonen51 daysdetails
gg53 daysdetails
oroby53 daysStill feel something in my heel, but not so serious.details
lorrieq54 daysdetails
Heather O54 daysDid as Steve suggested but mysteriously no further pain or discomfort when I started running again. Ramped up the mileage in preparation for the LAMM and still felt fine. All very bizarre but having successfully completed the LAMM with no pain I think I can close this injury again!details
Raz54 daysdetails
Work4justice55 daysHad to wait for it to heal.details
justus57 daysNo pain left, just the scar to remind me to wear shoes when working in the shop. details
mmace57 daysdetails
tomslocombe61 daysdetails
kyntha67 daysAt first I didn't slow down much. The bike trip to Moab was hard on it. And when we hiked to the Arches it hurt alot. But after that I rested a week. And then I felt much better. It still feels not right. I might get an xray again just to see the position of it.details
All-in67 daysdetails
A damp otter68 daysstretching and rest details
OLLE69 daysdetails
OJ70 daysSort of got better all by itself. I tried resting and that didn't work, I tried different shoes and that didn't work. In the end I just trained and raced through it and it gradually improved. Strange one. details
Bruce71 daysSurgery to remove the foreign bodydetails
Swisscheese72 daysFirst take all necessary precautions for an optimal healing, then get out orienteering and it will throw your body back in place.details
JonasB73 daysdetails
Brooner75 daysdetails
Culbin76 daysdetails
kissy78 daysdetails
mood84 daysdetails
O-ing85 daysFracture healed after ~six weeksdetails
Anvil90 daysdetails
jsjöberg92 daysSätter slutdatum idag 20/3 eftersom jag kom att tänka på det nu, men såvitt jag vet så hade jag inte ont när jag blev sjuk i slutet på januari.. Skriver in 1. februari för då vet jag med säkerhet att det läkt. Update dec 2015: Kul att notera att det här inte riktigt läkt. Känner fortfarande av det när man trycker på det från fel håll - det enda exemplet jag kan komma på är att det smärtar lite lite att ta på/av mina pjäxor till rull/längdskidor.details
rcro93 daysLittle bit of rest. Not running so hard and placing my feet differently when in terrain seems to workdetails
Rosenstiel93 daysdetails
bill_l93 daysRan barefoot in CA a couple times 2 weeks prior to onset. Maybe a puncture?details
Mal95 daysHospital for 10days of IV dripdetails
Clone95 daysfinally time and rest and some strength exercises SEEM to have resolved the issue for now, a trail run or O race will tell.details
Ptr97 daysdetails
W102 daysdetails
Regina108 daysdetails
JoshuaDudley113 daysI feel comfortable signing off this injury now. It has not given me problems in recent training and racing these last couple week. I can still feel the residual stress when stretching in the joint but it no longer is a hindrance to my progress. Next time I will take my climbing more easy. The best cure has been combination of massaging with muscle rub, daily stretching routine, calf raises, and walking in the outsides of my feet. Lots of rest and a good diet. details
Ptr117 daysMassage + ultraljud hos Manus friskvård i mjärdevi. Körde även en hel del med kinesologtejp.details
Shep117 daysdetails
Rosenstiel119 daysToe still feels a bit weak, for example when I do lunges. But I can at least run on it fine now.details
Ptr121 daysBörjade springa efter Jukola men det gjorde ont. Började då att äta voltaren + att tepa den då gick det bra. Körde så hela sommaren och mot slutet av augusti var den typ bra.details
Nails128 daysdetails
Davidm0811133 daysdetails
ahiahikunn137 daysdetails
5122158 daysNot had a twinge for a few weeks now, so think its all healed up. Will continue to do exercises with band anyway as a preventative. details
riley mcfarlane 164 daysGot some Zoom Fly FN and stretched the tendon in my foot which helped make it stronger and more tender while rested.details
jonny crickmore169 daysdetails
Carl006175 daysdetails
Spongey178 daysdetails
guitarbiker213 daysI think it was broken 7 months later still not as good as before but still some pain. What can you do with a baby toe?details
jmnipen264 daysdetails
camel380 daysdetails
freddie499 daysvooral heel veel geduld, heel veel oefeningetjes....details
Mark3644 daysWell I still have a 2p sized area I can't really feel, and have to really concentrate to plant my for in the correct orientation - but it doesn't hurt any more. I don't think any more feeling is going to come back, nearly 2 years on. Could've been worse!details
Kas1332 daysdetails
graeme1438 daysAll that seemed to work was waiting. Very long period of mild irritation at the end, especially running on hard surfaces. Wearing proper shoes during the day aggravated things.details
Freeheelpete1770+ daysdetails
Courtner1955+ daysdetails
FlavieD2062+ daysdetails
Luarno2584+ daysdetails
Micke2691+ daysdetails
Alvaro Prieto2844+ daysdetails
mickymaynard3278+ daysdetails
Popper3347+ daysdetails
TeoCr3422+ daysdetails
d_lapensee3466+ daysdetails
ToRunLong3607+ daysdetails
jamesnchlsn3615+ daysdetails
Tingis3953+ daysdetails
brokenanklekit3992+ daysdetails
nolimit4307+ daysdetails
Angus Dobson4693+ daysdetails
edurocher4755+ daysdetails
Whitty4856+ daysdetails
TereseO4993+ daysdetails
Gibbo5127+ daysdetails
MoseleyPeter15283+ daysdetails
torsparkles5386+ daysdetails
shattucks5694+ daysdetails
GOUGER5697+ daysdetails
martin(uk)5760+ daysdetails
Jul!e6193+ daysdetails
DanielaL6232+ daysdetails
RockHEART14029+ daysdetails