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Impact wound / trauma (Hip/Pelvis)

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Average recovery time: 55 days

Recorded Instances

LH1 daystree stump!details
Anvil1 daysdetails
salal2 daysdetails
antoniomariani2 daysdetails
ebuckley3 daysdetails
Ptr4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
WilliamNeill4 daysRest. details
Tooms4 daysBlack contusion now but not dire. Luckily my extra 5kg of adipose tissue is all on my left hip!details
Kurt4 daysdetails
EuanT4 daysI need to make sure I am still stretching even if I can't run.details
Nadim5 daysRest.details
CathW6 daysdetails
simmo6 daysAble to run, still get pain when sitting. Have now realised that upper arm also copped a hit and is bruised.details
O-ing6 daysjust a cork, I think. Able to walk without a limp after two days. details
DrKeith6 daysdetails
ksumner117 daysStill looks gross but I've kept it clean and it hasn't slowed me down. Should have a nice scar. That's OK. Chicks dig scars. details
OLLE7 daysdetails
Philipp7 daysdetails
vangell7 daysBag in boxen är farlig att umgås med.details
juliadahl7 daysSläppte gradvis efter några dagar!details
ondrejpavlu7 daysdetails
huon8 daysdetails
A Forseille10 daysdetails
Nikolay10 daysLots of Neosporin for the road rash, Ibuprofen and some herbal cream for the internal swelling and bruising, and Hydrocodone for the first few days while walking was a pain in the butt (pain in the side actually :-) ) details
NeilMcEoigheann10 daysdetails
cdenisclimb10 daysDon't take your hands off the bars when you're not ready for it, going too slow, or in dangerous situations.details
Anna10 daysTime! And not falling on the same place till it was better.details
mmcleod11 daysdetails
stig of the dump11 daysDont fall on sticksdetails
troll feet11 dayswaiting - ice initially. Iboprofen gel - physio visit to try establish reasons for falls. 2/7 not fully 100% but walked Saunders with E without any issues. Lying on left overnight still tender even with Thermarestdetails
beeker13 daysRecovery seemed to be helped by doing absolutely no training at all for 10 days. Not much choice for the first 5 or so though.details
forbesbc13 daysno bumping alloweddetails
Craig13 daysdetails
peterk13 daysdetails
philm6413 daysDoesn' seem to hurt anymore?details
schnitzer14 daysdetails
peterk14 daysdetails
JamieP14 daysdetails
Scotty15 daysdetails
rcro15 daysdetails
iansmith15 daysLots of bandages. details
Fabi16 daysBascule du sacrum / coccyx. Deux séances d'ostéopathe ont été nécessaires pour régler le problème. Sensibilité persistante au niveau du muscle fessier droit mais doit normalement disparaître avec les exercices d'étirements. A ménager et surtout éviter les faux mouvements et nouvelles chutes. details
nmulder16 daysDeep bone bruising seems to have been the main problem.details
LiveWideLoveDeep17 daysdetails
2 Dots19 dayswhat you think caused it..... the Inabillity to Stay Upright on My Mountain Bike what seemed to help recovery..... Lots of Rest! details
simmo19 daysOnly slight discomfort towards the end of a run or ride. Still a bit of a bruise at the top of the pelvis.details
philm6419 daysTime? Still sore but now not bad to run. Phew. details
fluceluce21 daysdetails
iainw21 daysGiven all-clear from the nurse. Although still looks a bit tender. details
vyc22 daysnatural recovery (not that bad injury as I assumed)details
Boltboi22 daysdetails
bill_l24 daysdetails
Brooner24 daysdetails
blairtrewin26 daysdetails
Heather O28 daysdetails
ken29 dayship impact while rollerskiing, bruising lasted a few weeks, and soreness/weakness (esp during box step-ups) a bit longerdetails
Steve R32 daysdetails
veliceraptor36 daysdetails
ceira38 daysdetails
OL45 daysrest.details
MichaelDurham65 daysHip pain is totally gone. Took it easy for a few weeks. Much betterdetails
bradc77 daysdetails
LarryC89 daysdetails
dcreekp104 daysget over itdetails
Spongey104 daysdetails
JustMe111 daysGood old fashioned time.details
Tooms214 daysTime was the healer. Gradually got better almost un-noticeably, bit turning point was at about 5-6months.details
kensr236 daysSymptoms finally began to diminish April 2021 after PT and trainer time.details
Crit-Fagg301 daysdetails
caoimhe785 dayschiroprators are great!! 2 years of pain then go to a different chiroprator and wow what a difference it madedetails
Treadlie543+ daysdetails
Len1421+ daysdetails
Hoog942340+ daysdetails
SPEEDKILLS1672592+ daysdetails
grilla4439+ daysdetails
thegingerninja4913+ daysdetails
Robin Barker5113+ daysdetails
Dober5197+ daysdetails
torsparkles5379+ daysdetails
Henny6517+ daysdetails