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Other (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 96 days

Recorded Instances

dariusz-2 daysRausgelaufen.details
Ezy0 daysdetails
dariusz0 daysWährend dem laufen abklingend. Könnte vom Rollskilen herrühren.details
jdbadger0 daysdetails
Bruce1 daysrest day, plenty of ice, swapped my work shoes for casual shoes on Friday too, which seemed to help.details
PhilW1 daysTook Colchimax and drank lots of water. Usually does the trick.details
pjw211 daysseemed a bit better today. didn't walk so fardetails
Ryan the Lion1 daysdetails
jusbet1 daysMissä venyydetails
Hedis1 daysdetails
Maluks1 daystruputis deep relieff ir koja kaip nauja.details
IFKekan1 daysAvbröt passet, troligtvis för mjuka skor på mjukt underlag.details
Lene1 daysdetails
Arlaharen1 daysdetails
Alvis1 daysdetails
MatiasKOK1 daysdetails
marita1 daysdetails
TheMinister1 daysCan't think of anything. Right toe joint is still swollen, but no pain. details
mcarthy861 daysToo much running too soon. Two days of rest pretty much took care of it. details
nickm1 daysdetails
Mal1 daysShoes!details
MatiasKOK1 daysdetails
Tompson1 daysdetails
Andrew1 daysLots of big-toe stretching ensued. This is not the first time I've had trouble here. Usually it goes away pretty quickly, though the pain this time around was maybe a bit more than usual. I guess it was brought on by a combination of ORingen, jogging the last few days in new shoes and, possibly, twingeing it during the skipping earlier in the day.details
TheInvisibleLog1 daysAfter a days rest it seems resolved. From acute to nothing in a day. Will have to watch this one. Hence the one day injury is recorded. Postscript. Patella tracking.details
Bruce1 daysrestdetails
jys1 daysdetails
Niamhunter1 daysdetails
Parkino1 daysicedetails
mvuk1 daysdetails
AlexO2 daysplaying ultimate, which has a lot of sideways motion caused the problem. It went away on its own after a couple of days.details
ken2 daysdetails
bryant2 daysit seemed to go away fast, but came back in late july, early august.details
bryant2 daysdetails
Landry1212 daysDon't jump from high places and try to land right.details
Cookiemonster2 daysA low impact session on the turbo trainer seemed to help relax the muscles and kept my inner training demon happy too :-)details
LuT2 daysI think I did it in ballet, and resting seemed to help recover it.details
Honkie2 daysVoltaren, både i tablett och tubform, och ännu striktare med rätt skor så gav det med sig. Men nu måste det shoppas skor, både terräng och löprapjukks.details
Kitch2 daysdetails
Cam2 daysdetails
game.boy2 daysdetails
mm-ha2 daysdetails
pjw212 daysdetails
TheFlan2 daysRest and icing and loose shoe laces helpeddetails
Tooms2 daysdetails
jdbegin2 daysHealeddetails
jdbadger2 daysdetails
Elvis2 daysdetails
RJM2 daysrest, naproxen, avoid dangling left foot when sittingdetails
fn2 daysGick över förvånansvärt fort.details
mmurph2 daysMay have been the toe socks I tried on Monday hoping it would help my dead toenails.details
CrunchieMunchie2 daysJust after time the pain died out. Probably should be careful not to mess it up again though.details
trailchampion2 daysdetails
gudeso2 daysdetails
JL2 daysGick över. Tror foten skulle må bra av att bli lite starkare, hålfoten faller lätt ihop som det är nu.details
tinytoes2 daysdetails
Pyyr2 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysrunning and cycling seemed to help very painful for the first 15 minutes but then improved details
phil2 daysdetails
Faceplant2 daysCaused it:soccer Help recover:not using it details
boyle2 daysdetails
Torzi2 daysPOSITIVE VIBES. details
NSW Stinger3 daysantibiotics cleared up infection quickly but toe nail was a lost causedetails
Sid3 daysDamage was superficial but had black foot for a while. Bought new skates with better protection.details
Hobitas3 daysdetails
orienteeringTim3 daysseem ok without any treatment... actually don't know what happening with my ankle... = ="details
Ralph3 daysdetails
LittleBit3 daysPossibly from being in those road trainers for 2hours? Odd.details
BillJarvis3 days3 days without running seemed to work ...will find out tomorrow.details
Anvil3 daysdetails
Fabi3 daysApplication successive de pommade cicatrisante et de lotion désinfectante (qui sèche) - 3 à 5 fois par jour. details
Jared3 daysDon't know why it went away. I have a prescription for it now. We will see how this works. details
Philipp3 daysdetails
Nizkane3 daysdetails
Charlie3 daysIce and elevation helped. Still a little funny feeling, but not really sore. No idea why it came, no idea why it is going away.details
Cassandra_Coxen3 daysbought new shoes and took the 9th off still a little sore but its a lot easier to run ondetails
Mr O-memes3 daysKinédetails
TheMinister3 daysThis lasted only 36 hours; result of going on the drugs early. unknown cause: diet, stress and exercise levels OK. Increases Allopurinol from 75 to 150 mg daily. For next time: reduce colchicine dosage by 1/2 (too hard on stomach & headache) details
runforest3 daysMassage, run with flat shoes do other thingsdetails
Tingis3 daysdetails
ms treegarden3 daysdetails
Grafaz3 daysRodos buvo alergine reakcija.details
fellmonkey783 daysdetails
tillman3 dayserfolgreich behandelt mit Bepanthen, Hydrocortisoncremedetails
J_Dean3 daysdetails
cousteau3 daysdetails
incrediblehulk3 daysdetails
Zimmers3 daysdetails
Lines3 daysI believe the injury was caused by walking long distances in my PureBoosts ZG. details
Bruce3 daysdetails
Thoto3 daysdetails
ebuckley3 daysdetails
codymonster3 daysCrack the joint!details
Jagge3 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog3 daysMake sure to wear shoes with PF support. Long slow walks help.details
Blaaz4 daysdetails
Bruce4 daysJust seemed to get better after a couple of days. Ice definately helped, and not too much walking in my work shoes. details
WArhys4 daysRecovered on its own within a few days. Cause unknown.details
Bruce4 daysJust like magic - rest for about 2-3 days and it's fine again.details
PhilW4 daysmeds finally kicked indetails
Shep4 daysrestdetails
Dormir4 daysdetails
pjw214 daysNo pain this morningdetails
dabond4 daysdetails
pjw214 daysrestdetails
Honkie4 daysBegynnande hälsporre som ska lösas med voltaren, bra skor, tåhävningar och stretch. Har inga känningar efter helgen som ändå får sägas vara väldigt tuff för de stackars fötterna.details
Nick4 daystape when new shoes being useddetails
Kitch4 daysdetails
Thoto4 daysdetails
sharon4 daysRICE (and just not running for 3 days)details
DeeR4 daysdetails
LuT4 daysdetails
nh4 daysHad some crazy thing where the top of my foot was real sore when I pushed off while running or walking but I had some physio thing and now if I ignore the pain it doesn't matterdetails
JonasB4 daysdetails
Alvis4 daysdetails
schnitzer4 daysdetails
EricNorris4 daysdetails
mikeeyer4 daysdetails
dcreekp4 daysI can run now so the cut wasn’t too deepdetails
austrianmike4 daysSeems to have gone after some rest... but still hurts after pro-longed inactivitydetails
niallm4 daysdetails
Brooner4 daysdetails
Misha4 daysFeet are important! I have to make sure I wear comfortable shoes that provide sufficient protection. I also need to pay attention when I'm playing sports or running so that I do not injure myself.details
sajmoen4 daysdetails
troll feet4 daysMag sulphate. Compeed. details
davelevine4 daysTook a few days off from bicycling. Gradually the pain subsided. Still not 100% but feeling at least 98%. I just need to avoid pushing myself too hard for a little while.details
undy4 daysProbably just a small strain ? Went away after some rest.details
Andrew4 daysChronic problem of footballer's ankle was present and, also, the hallucis flexor longus became inflamed, especially around the ankle. Big toe got pulled inwards and had reduced mobility. Earlier damage in the month is likely also the reason.details
Knutern974 daysdetails
DrKeith4 daysRest and diclofenacdetails
Geiler OLer4 daysdetails
Fondeur4 daysRecupéré assez vite. Quelques légères gênés sur côté g cou de pied par après. details
Tooms4 daysdetails
kathi4 daysdetails
Torzi4 daysdetails
yougogirl4 daysdetails
Kemény Legény4 daysdetails
Bruce4 daysdetails
orienteeringTim5 daysalso don't know what happening with my foot and how no pain i feel more without any treatment... = ="details
Macca5 daysNever use Leuko or Elastoplast sports tape again!details
pjw215 daysseems to have resolved with less walkingdetails
Martinsson5 daysdetails
marieke5 daysLeft heel.details
Jared5 daysReduced to swollen ankles and some manageable pain. Prednisone seems to have helped or was it the beer? details
j.freshman5 daysi don't know if it's gone or not, but my shinsplints hurt a lot more, so i'm not feeling it either waydetails
Fabi5 daysDésinfection, arrachage de peau, désinfection et application de compeed.details
Fabi5 daysApplication de pommade cicatrisante et de compeed + repos nécessaire...details
simmo5 daysdetails
Shrek5 daysaika paransidetails
Akhilleus5 daysdetails
ReindeerCounter5 daysdetails
Strand5 daysdetails
Sarge5 daysdetails
rmanley5 daysdetails
tomslocombe5 daysRest + Tapingdetails
JamesRoberts5 daysdetails
mmace5 daysdetails
Stijn5 daysdetails
coady5 daysdifferent shoesdetails
Markus5 daysZinksalbeverband und Voltarendetails
Ant W5 daysdetails
hughmac45 daysIbuprofen at FIRST SIGNS would have been better. Hydration. Hydration.details
kurthu5 daysdetails
Nizkane5 daysdetails
Leif_Blake5 daysdetails
elavallee5 daysI don't know what it was, but icing it, healed it. Two days off was probably good for it too.details
JoeD5 daysdetails
--11--5 daysExcentriska övningar (dåligt alltså)details
mjd5 daysdetails
Brooner5 daysdetails
Salinda5 daysSteroids get a 10/10. I will be more willing to seek them out after my next bee sting now that I know they truly do help so muchdetails
errolpit5 daysdetails
andrew_elwood5 daysFlucloxacillin and no running.details
KT6 daysTake a few days off, and ice it several times daily.details
L-Jackson6 daysdetails
dersu6 daysdetails
tess6 daysstopped running for a week and changed running shoes seemed to do the trick.details
CheeseSteak6 daysLooks like #2 is back in action...still looks a bit swollen, but it doesn't hurt anymore. I leave it be...details
primik6 daysdetails
PhilW6 daysDiclofenac-4 days and rest.details
Tobias926 daysdetails
A.Child6 daysdetails
lteutsch6 daysWent to see an athletic therepist, he twisted and yanked, and popped my foot. Apperently it's actually my hip that is tight.details
Thoto6 daysdetails
daveabrams6 daysdetails
another_mile6 daysPossibly pushed the mileage some last week. A few days off (not running - but still cross-training) seems to have done the trick.details
JMorris6 daysRICE!details
andypat6 daysdetails
justus6 daysjust went awaydetails
vangell6 daysAntibiotika och smärtan borta efter 1v. Bra skit.details
Charles.6 daysLäker bra och ömmar bara lite efter Jukola.details
TheFlan6 days3-4days running restdetails
RMac6 daysdetails
hughmac46 daysI'm going to call it "healed", although it's probably a life-long potential issue. The steroids definitely took this from a potentially multi-week injury to a few-day injury, huzzah.details
Zimmers6 daysIce non stop, elevation 24/7 Ibuprofen x10 details
Markus6 daysdetails
CrzBoarder6 dayshot water soak 10-15 min, wrap for 10-15, repeat for 2 to 3 hours.details
Andrew6 daysdetails
guerfondler6 daysdetails
dcady6 daysJust got better on its own. Running/walking never bothered it - only going down stairs. Skipped a day of running nonetheless.details
Louise6 daysdetails
Ptr6 daysKörde alternativträning, ellips, styrka rodd. Såg till att ha skor som inte gjorde ont när jag gick (Dvs inte tofflor)details
bchubb6 daysdetails
Bruce6 daysdetails
derflixx6 daysdetails
antoniomariani6 daysdetails
Fondeur6 daysGlace 1er jour + huiles essentielles tte la semaine. Pas d’Ibuprofen Chaussettes serrantes details
SteveG6 daysnew shoesdetails
codymonster6 daysIt might happen when I do really hard uphills with the calfs.details
JanetT6 daysAnkle support for activities until the flare-up ended. Making sure I wear supportive shoes (Spenco sandals indoors)details
Bridge6 daysPhantom paindetails
Old Daniel6 daysCan still feel it but seems much better but in very padded shoes, soft ground and no fast down hilldetails
Geiler OLer6 daysdetails
phammond766 daysDefinitely caused by not wearing orthotics but cleared up quickly.details
div7 daysdetails
Justina7 daysIsvada labai paprasta - netingeti daryti apsilimo.... details
franklinwood7 days07.06.13: Ran 20km on Saturday and had only a slight pain, but it was relieved by wiggling the toes. Ran 15km today and had no problems. I think the rest has been good. Plus I think I caught it in the early stages. Will keep a check on it, esp. given I have a 100k in 2 weeks. I think perhaps it was a combination of overuse and I the shoes were too tight. rdetails
dersu7 daysInitial diagnosis probably correct. Kept my shoelaces loose and it went away on its own. details
PhilW7 daysDiclofenac for 6 days-this is the 4th, start with colchimax for 3 months the allopurinol for who knows how long.details
misspinker7 daysdetails
Trailrat7 daysTime and running the foot over the golf ball like a mad man.details
Doughboy7 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil7 daysdetails
Axe7 daysdetails
Rhesus7 daysdetails
MikeMc7 daysdetails
runforest7 daysThe cause seemed to be the shorter length of my left leg (fractured 10+ years ago) and a metal implant with 7 screws on the tibia. When running, I over-extend the left leg to compensate for its shorter length. My solution was to remove the insole of the right shoe. I had the insoles on when I ran 40+ km a week ago. Removed again the right insole, Stretch, massage getting back slowly to running was the curedetails
workouttexas7 daysMild foot strain caused by dropping down a few mm in my shoes. Started on a day where I used 0 drop shoes a lot one week. A few mm makes a differencedetails
Juliamt7 daysdetails
Kas7 daysTook out my inner soles. Instant fix. details
Nathan Lawson7 daysFootball caused it and then resting and when doing sport strapping it up with a serious amount of tape and bandages for cushioning.details
Siggi7 daysAuch mit Übungen zur Heilung der einen Überbelastung/Verletzung sollte man nicht von null auf 100 starten. Sonst folgt schnell die nächste Überbelastung.details
J Anderson7 daysdetails
blairtrewin7 daysSuggested possible nerve issue related to underlying back/glute problems.details
levitin7 daysIce, Rest, Vitamin Idetails
Knutern977 daysFortsatt ubehag i hælen, men klarer å leve med det. details
MSoutham7 daysSeems to be 95% fixed. Don't buy running shoes from payless. Who knewdetails
Chris7 daysdetails
Bruce7 daysdetails
Shingo7 daysdetails
DrKeith7 daysTabs colchacinedetails
PeterT7 daysdetails
matt_parton8 daysdetails
andrewg8 daysEven weeks after, my foot still is damaged. When i'm running, there is still that burning tightness feeling like the nail had just been pulled out. Luckily it didn't leave any pernament damage, and i will eventually be good as new once again.details
Loopy Lou8 daysdetails
harley8 daysrestdetails
Anvil8 daysdetails
Ptr8 daysEfter några dagars vila från löpning var det något bättre. Gör ont när jag går, men blir inte värre av att springa och känns nästan mindre då. Så lägger ner det här med att den är skadad.details
porcupine8 daysstill hurts to put pressure on ball of foot. but will try to work again after weekenddetails
Dormir8 daysdetails
marcowolf8 daysdetails
giovanni8 daysdetails
Honkie8 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil8 daysdetails
Ilkka8 daysdetails
Kurt8 daysdetails
Parkino8 daysrest - took three days off, able to run with only discomfort on day four; towel stretches, toe curlsdetails
JuraMac8 daysdetails
incrediblehulk8 daysdetails
camd8 daysRest and change of casual shoesdetails
TommyH8 daysdetails
KathrynB8 daysdetails
pinyata8 daysdetails
austrianmike8 daysdetails
Pattie8 daysdetails
Ptr8 daysEn veckas löpvila.details
CleverSky8 daysRested it for a week, wearing sturdier shoes and mostly walking.details
ironmom9 daysStill swollen, but not sore anymore. details
matt_parton9 daysdetails
saiph9 daysdetails
Pavementsucks9 daysdetails
LOST_Richard9 daysAppears to be back to normal, no special treatment other than no runningdetails
Stryder9 daysreduction in frequency and distance helped resolve the issue. A classic case of too much, too soon.details
ken9 daystook it easy, biked insteaddetails
gg9 daysdetails
Alvis9 daysPie vainas nelokamība. Pēc strečinga sāpju nav. 1. reizi skrienot vēl bija jūtams, pēc tam vairs ne.details
rob s9 daysdetails
Shaun Mc9 daysFinish the antibiotics today. They worked quite quickly and I noticed considerable improvement the next day which enabled me to get into exercising right away.details
Nizkane9 daysdetails
fp9 daysdetails
phil9 daysEtwas Zeit und Ruhe.details
Eerola9 daysAthlete's foot. Penisiline and lotion on itdetails
marcitailor9 daysdetails
Boje9 dayshold såret rent!details
Ptr9 daysLa in lite vilodagar, men fortsatte att springa på. Verkar ha funkat.details
Neil K10 daysyep as above. details
Macca10 daysIan fixed it for me :)details
PhilW10 daysCross training, rest. I'm not 100% sure it's OK, but it feels OK most of the time.details
ahall10 dayslet it heal....details
Jared10 daysDr. on 25th, ultrasound for blood clot on 25th, Dr again on 26th. Prednisone, antibiotic in addition to alpurinol. Could walk almost normally by next am when I left to sand bag in Fargo for the weekend. On 30th little pain without pain meds, much less swelling but could get running shoe on if needed. Although I can't run on it it and it is still swollen this episode is considered healed. details
Dolf10 daysdetails
o-pia10 daysSer at d e litt gnagsår fortsatt, men kjenne d i d minste ikkje... :)details
Månsen10 daysdetails
mindsweeper10 daysAlways clean wounds after a race, regardless of small and innocuous they look.details
preno10 daysRest and cross training activity seems to have helped recover. I can still feel it, but I can run without pain so I am considering this healed. Running injured is not smart, and not running at all sucks. So lesson learned is don't be cheap when it comes time to buy new shoes, and always listen to your body.details
erikalnervik10 daysVerkar vara någorlunda tillbaka efter över en veckas alternativ träning. Körde 90 min skogsdistans igår utan känning.details
bs10 days
Tooms10 daysIce helped, nothing else - and it inconsistently hurt while in shoes. Time seems to have helped too, although I haven't been game to ride or run on it yet.details
WandAR10 daysRest. Ice. Rotorua Thermal Heat Rub. No treadmill. Not 100%.details
DrKeith10 daysTimedetails
JessLund10 daysasked bianca and she massaged my foot, and said i need to massage downwards from inner knee to outer ankle, worked like a charm!details
o-darn10 daysToe nail still purple after a month, but no more pain, and it's still there. Probably caused by my toe jamming into the front of my sneaker, and should try to tie front laces tighter. Also have purple third toenail on L foot -- makes me wonder whether there was a different cause. details
MarkOus10 daysStill not totally sure what caused it, but it was for sure a problem with a tendon. Didn't end up doing much for it other than trying to not run up on toe too much, and ski moredetails
iainw10 daysx-talon shrunk somehow and started rubbing on my tendon. Super annoying.details
JuraMac10 daysdetails
Konsti_K10 daysdetails
lyds10110 daysstretch your bloody tight af calves details
HiipiväHirvi10 daysdetails
michalmy10 daysRest. Good enough for training & competition.details
kurthu10 daysdetails
TimGood11 daysdetails
pfc11 daysStill not 100%, but severity < 1details
bbrooke11 daysI think I can keep this in check with regular ibuprofen and icing.details
Hobitas11 daysdetails
512211 daysShoe's too small. Stopped correct movement of foot. Physio checked after 7 days and it resolved its self with a few band stretches dailydetails
justus11 daysCause: Running 40 miles on Massanutten Resolution: RICE / Time / Recovery Socksdetails
blairtrewin11 daysdetails
tom-carl11 daysSome injuries are possible to get rid of through running, this was one of them!details
andypat11 daysPossibly some sort of wear and tear in the joint.details
dcreekp11 daysrest, learn to pick up my feet a bit more, get new shoesdetails
levihibbert11 daysdetails
LMschwirz11 dayscause appears to be new shoes; stopped wearing them and has improved since; does not affect running too much thoughdetails
milarepa11 daysPetade bort en nagel bit till slut med tops och alsollösning. Kompress.details
Roger T11 dayserythromycin (oral, 1 day) ceftriaxone (intravenous, 5 days) clindamycin (oral, 5 days)details
helehan11 daysProbably interphalangeal sprain. Touch of rest/cross training was all that was needed.details
Nopsukka11 daysHoitona fystioterapeutin käynti, vastuskuminauhaharjoitteet, teippaus, lepo ja nsaid kuuri. details
heggo11 daysdetails
Steffen11 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 11 daysdetails
jemmerson11 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi11 daysLepoa. Ei tunnu kun ei urheile. Katellaan.details
ebuckley12 daysUsing thicker socks. Haven't had any trouble since.details
ebuckley12 daysdetails
RJM12 daysno running for over a week (easy because of poor weather).details
Bert Bennett12 daysMust try not to keep reinjuring my ankles! details
AliC12 daysdetails
veenstar12 daysdetails
SteveDana12 daysfeelin' finedetails
Santinia12 daysdetails
Nathan12 daysresting and not playing as intense foottballdetails
mjd12 daysdetails
duxma12 daysI think I am recovered but I am not sure 100% I will continue with my trainings...details
geoffkelly12 daysdetails
orianateering12 daysdetails
jemmerson12 daysdetails
Andrew12 daysdetails
Rhona12 daysdetails
annawallin12 daysSom ja trodde så försvann det av sig självt med lite vila.details
Limpan8912 daysdetails
Doris12 daysdetails
Mark312 daysThis may have been caused by running so far with too-tight shoes. I've been conscious to do them looser since, but who knows whether it's that, or just time, which has made the difference!details
Mark312 daysRest. No idea what caused it. Pretty sure this was an inner calf injury causing referred pain. Massage stick and stretching seems to have worked.details
nmulder12 daysIodine foot baths seem to have worked.details
tbl12 daysBättre efter vila från skogslöpning mycket alternativt och rehabdetails
Schwepps13 daysTwo weeks of restdetails
omaster13 dayseventually stopped being a problem. just slowly went awaydetails
xcman8213 daysBaby tow still swells...but let's call it 'healed'. Probably fractured it.details
ashleyw13 daysResolution...don't ever leave the blade to a sewing tool open when not in use.details
Backstreet Boy13 daysdetails
Eveborn13 daysVila hjälptedetails
Gooder13 days2 weeks of no running.details
Raz13 daysdetails
Mark313 daysClearly not a stress fracture. No idea what it was; just went away. Mysterious. details
bensmith13 daysI think it was related to wearing unsupportive shoes, and running on my toes too much (not letting my heel touch the ground enough), causing too much stress on my arches. I have new shoes, and will be trying to improve my form.details
rozsdi13 daysdetails
axelhalvar13 daysSpring aldrig utan strumpordetails
Trav13 daysIce does the trick. Just a bruised foot nothing more seriousdetails
Anna14 daysWhen I first hurt it, I could still run on it, so I did. But then it didn't get better, so I stayed off it, and it healed a lot quicker.details
Tane14 daysAlways cut your toe nails before a big run!details
chiuihc14 daysicedetails
siaipsau14 daysdetails
justus14 daysdetails
Martinsson14 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep14 daysCombo of ankle sprain, overuse and mostly from pushing bare foot in the surf ski right at the joint caused a bruise and swelling to joints/tendons of my 2nd & 3rd toes. details
nh14 daysjust rested heaps and its all good nowdetails
PhilW14 daysdetails
Aaron Ostrovsky14 daysseems to have settled down on its own - did alot of icing, stretching, ice bathingdetails
Ally R14 days27miles inside 36hours, just too much strain for my ankles, plus it was all on horrible road!details
Zed14 daysantibiotics, elevation and timedetails
fn14 daysdetails
LtConspicuous14 daysdetails
Brooner14 daysdetails
Torzi14 daysseems to have gone :) details
Markus14 daysDiclofenac?details
KathrynB14 daysCycled for 2 weeks - just rest and it was finedetails
Meister Eder14 daysdetails
Max M14 daysResting it and now some S&Cdetails
riinaF14 daysTook ibuprofen for four days and two weeks off and foot was better after that. One thing I read mightve been the reason was nerve pinned in the foot: tried to move it around a lot and separate big toe from other toes etc, felt like mightve helped but not suredetails
bedders15 daysRest. Will say it's recovered for now but I will continue to keep tabs on it.details
marisolkate15 daysdetails
arg15 daysdetails
Tane15 daysRest, Rest, rest... and maybe some ice, anti-inflammatories and compressiondetails
VO2 Orienteering15 daysdetails
spilka15 daysdetails
M.G15 daysConfucius says. Don't run 15km through sand dunes in 'O' shoes. You will regret it for weeks.details
Swisscheese15 daysKeep the wound out of pressure in the beginning. But if you can't use one leg for a long time (more than 4-5 days), than you need to build up the strength first and be careful with the first few runs... otherwise you will get really sore muscles... finally slowing down the training build up. Doing alternative training first is good, but for me the biking made my muscles tired, and than running on them killed them (at least my quads).details
Ernie_wise15 daysRest Rest Restdetails
drewi15 daysbad shoes -> :(details
A damp otter15 daysdetails
Kurt15 daysdetails
fp15 daysdetails
ondrejpavlu15 daysdetails
Boje15 daysdetails
Jagge15 daysrest, stiffer shoesdetails
CasperS15 daysKan ha varit en smäll mot foten under Partilletrippeln och då gjorde iläggsulorna att det blev extra tryck mot foten. Sedan har jag haft de när jag är i skolan vilket gjort att det varit ett tryck där hela tidendetails
pepa.15 daysdetails
MeanGene15 daysantibiotics to treat bacteria, reduced swellingdetails
PhilW16 daysDoubled the dose on Tuesday with the Dr. advise. No problems the next day. Plan of action is to continue with 1/day for 3 months, and begin on another preventative med. The frequent attacks this year could be due to my weight loss this year, and being more on the dehydrated side most of the time. certain Food (seafood,pork) and alcohol are a triggers though.details
LiveWideLoveDeep16 daysToo much HIGH intensity. Combo of pushing too big of a gear on a climb (road bike) that caused strain in my left outer calve muscle and running with tight calves and strain when running. Foam roller, RICE and easy up on the back to back intensity days ;-)details
Jared16 daysLast Prednisone on 4-25-09 night. On 28th swelling in ankle went down for first time in I don't remember. Feeling my aches without the Prednisone but glad I have not had to take it for a few days. Was able to ride pain free on 4-24-09. details
JesseAH16 dayslet up after a while. all that dancing may have helped. details
VO2 Orienteering16 daysI took them out on my own risk, and it looks it was a right decision!details
helehan16 daysdetails
kswarbreck16 daysdetails
cktrahan16 daysdetails
O4ever16 daysgut erholtdetails
andrew_elwood16 daysdetails
Gustav16 daysErstmal für geheilt erklärt. Gibt noch Stromphysiso bis Mitte Juli. details
sajmoen16 daysEfter en veckas vila/tejpning och fotledsskydd så blev det bättre. Tyvärr uppvrickad igen på Prisma-rastit. Bättre efter några dagar igen. Får jobba med fotledsstyrka och använda fotledsskydd på kommande tävlingar. details
veliceraptor16 daysdetails
Backstreet Boy16 daysBy August 19th, barely noticeable... and August 21st, played a long game of ultimate. Closing this case unless it feels funny on Monday, August 22nd when I go out for a run.details
Imogenpieters16 daysdetails
Amber17 daysdetails
Tullster17 daysdetails
mg78302317 dayscaused by shoes? too much too soon? anyway feels better now :)details
BradLund17 daysdetails
will_benedikz17 daysdetails
evancuster17 daysdetails
Rose17 daysdetails
northernfeller17 daysdetails
danieloconor17 daysdetails
andrew_elwood17 daysRested it.details
RockHEART17 daysdetails
Boje17 daysdetails
jennyr17 daysdetails
Tyrannosaurus17 daysFull 2 weeks off helped a lot! Felt some instances of pain, just a little bit here and there, but low enough grade that I could be imagining it. details
Isak Dalin17 daysKnölen har försvunnit men har lite ont i högerfoten sedan innan ändå. Annars känns det bra!details
Tommy H17 daysI think it’s better and I hope that it’s the last I’ll see of itdetails
Bruce18 daysRest day on Friday seemed to dilute any remaining pain.details
chickey18 daysdetails
jwolff18 daysdetails
Warti18 daysdetails
AC18 daysSeems okay now. No problem with it while running. treatment of ice, anti-inflams seems to have worked well. Not sure if I should use the Active Ankle as yet as that seemed to be the cause of teh problem. Will tape for this weekend and then see where I am.details
kate18 daysdetails
Phat18 daysdetails
pepa.18 dayshopefully. stärkung (stufen-übung), bein hochlegen, dolgit (2x)details
Keith18 daysDon't do laces up so tight, on old crappy shoes.details
Tane18 daysdetails
Bridge18 daysdetails
MrPither19 daysnot cured yet, but tired of being on the injury list.details
yeagerjoel19 daysdetails
3m19 daysNot really sure what was going.. still kind of there when I run, will ask physiodetails
ahall19 daysIf you think something is infected it probably is..... I got so fed up with the pain on Monday 22nd that I soaked and drained the wound - instant relief and a surprising amount of gunk. Doctor confirmed that I had done the right thing at my follow up on Wednesdaydetails
mood19 daysdetails
vzabalza19 daysprobable fascitis. rest and ibuprofen healed it.details
Alvis19 daysPēdas kroplīgas, tādēļ Jalas noberza. details
dyoungdmd19 daysdetails
gas_turbine19 daysStill feel it to touch and when flexing foot, and won't run sprints on it, but not worth clogging up AP with for now. Cause - running in place for 1 week at hospital?details
Brooner19 daysNo clear resolution, just gradually decreased in severity until it was no longer a problem. details
Albin19 daysVila fungerade.details
igor_19 daysdetails
Liam Paterson19 daysphysio + time details
Badger19 daysdetails
Paul S19 daysLooks like the main culprit was super tight calves. I went to Probility today and the guy wasn't surprised I have a problem with the ball of my foot due to my tight calves. I guess I'll stretch a lot more than I have been.details
Knutern9719 daysdetails
Siobhan19 daysJust went too hard and did too much after a big break. Need to remember to take my own advice and prescribe exercise widely, don't smash myself all the time.details
Kemény Legény19 daysdetails
Stijn20 daysdetails
nana20 dayscause: wrong shoes? (new ones or very old ones? Will throw the old ones out anyway) resolution: inflammation inhibitors (pills/flector), rest (only bike). And then after 1 week provoking it to increase the inflammation and kick in the healing process. After that it was better from day to day... Maybe also some transverse friction might help to get it fine properly...details
ricky20 daysdetails
fizyxnrd20 daysTendon continues to be sore but no longer affects performance. Will concentrate on preventing "toeing-off" when running by adopting a wholly midfoot style of running with shorter, quicker strides.details
Brooner20 daysdetails
MDeVoll20 dayscalling this one healed. Basically I needed a new pair of work shoes. I still need to get new workshoes, again. New ones I bought in June are already wearing thin with holes in the heels. Need a better pair. details
aireyb20 daysdon't know what caused it, but time off my feet and not running has allowed it to heal.details
Bonhamp20 daysFinally ran without pain. Will still have ongoing problems with my old foot injury, but that is to be expected. Need to take better care of stretching my feet an warming up my ankles to prevent this injury from reoccurring.details
Keith20 daysdetails
hkleaf20 daysFirst ice and ultrasound for top of foot. Then physio therapy working on the inflamed tendon at bottom of foot. Also used tennis ball to massage and stretching.details
KariItkonen20 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog20 daysdetails
Shingo20 daysBig ankle still big but not as big. Now overtaken my back a number one injury.details
Inprin21 daysdetails
grroes21 daysgradual decrease in pain until finally no pain on april 27details
Ryan the Lion21 daysdetails
sharon21 daysI think it was caused by trail running when I'm so used to running on pavement and also due to trail shoes that made me over pronate. I need less shoe. RICE for 3 weeks and I'm slowly getting back into running. Arch is tight and at times, my achilles is tight but after massage/rolling, feels fine.details
Mr O-memes21 dayssupporting solesdetails
fisharepeople221 days24 Adventure race help remove all traces of scab....only to get new scab later. Why am I recording this?details
mayer2221 daysdetails
daveabrams21 daysdetails
Oestlin21 daysdetails
Stijn21 daysdetails
run4ever21 daysdetails
Geiler OLer21 daysdetails
kido21 daysCause: poor technique and lack of strength in core / glutes. Fix: rest, isometric calf raise holds, self massage. Resolved before it became chronic details
ColmM21 daysRest mostly. Rested hard the final week which sussed it, with chiropracrtor + physio help / work. Using anti-inflammatory gel massaging on it each evening. Exercises, hopping, SL squat, calf raised (focused on big toes raising), general ankle moving / mobility and calf stretches.details
kurthu22 daysdetails
hkleaf22 daysThere hasn't been any pain post-run in the last week. More importantly, no discomfort felt after the hard hill repeats yesterday. So I'm going to take this off the list. What helped? New shoes, or more specifically not wearing the Pearl Izumi. No track/super fast running plus icing also helped. I've also done a much better job stretching. details
Focus22 daysWednesday 8th hill run made the foot hurt alot more whereas it had almost healed on that day. Then Thursday the 16th my foot finally felt as good as it did on the 8th.details
fluceluce22 daysdetails
Karhunpentu 22 daysdetails
nh22 daysToo much adjustment on my orthotics, bit of rest and it came rightdetails
spinner22 daysdetails
Wyorx22 daysdetails
austrianmike22 daysTake it easydetails
run4ever22 daysdetails
bealaw22 daysI couldn't walk in the first 2days. I applied ice and I managed to walk in the following day. I still felt pain for the following days but I let it be until the pain completely left by itselfdetails
schnitzer22 daysdetails
mayer2222 daysNext time recover slowly from injuries (especially ones that immobilize parts of the body for long periods of time) even if I am staying fit in other ways.details
Hugginator22 daysdetails
LilFlip23 daysCaused by over-doing it - too much too fast. Recovered with time and rest. Not sure of exact recovery date, so this is a guess.details
mmace23 daysdetails
IanW23 daysTwo weeks off running seemed to do it good, no problems running on it recently, probably cause was linked to my terrible biomechanics - tight and imbalanced muscles.details
torbensfunk23 daysdetails
cissi23 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion23 daysdetails
MrJames23 daysDidn't warm up properly for a long run and went bombing it for an hour then it happened near the end of the run. Too much too soon also I think. Rest, cycling and walking more seemed to all help.details
PeterT23 daysdetails
Spur23 daysBetter supporting shoesdetails
BanjoLasse23 daysdetails
schnitzer23 daysdetails
C224 daysdetails
Bruce24 daysa couple of weeks rest from running. Not completely gone, but definately better.details
GT24 daysdetails
Tatty24 daysNow seems to be alright - but sometimes needing to wear padding underneath.details
camd24 daysCaused by: Returning too quickly, physio did not pick up on issue fast enough Helped Recovery: Exploring different options with new physio, gym, doing physio exercises, strapping but mostly new shoes which provide slightly more support.details
GrrrBear24 daysJust went away on it's own.details
austrianmike24 daysUpdate 17-March: pain seems to have gone, a short rest seems to have done the trickdetails
Josse24 days2 veckor lång voltarenkur. 3 om dagen. Svullnaden försvann.details
herbhead25 daysrest and NSAID"s.details
cissi25 daysdetails
Pavementsucks25 daysdetails
DerLolek25 daysdetails
ken26 daysalmost instantly better after changing shoes.details
dirtmonkey26 dayskept shoes off as much as possible, stretcheddetails
dgrove26 daysSeems to have gone away with time. Didn't really need to stop running or anything it just kinda evaporated away on its own. Reminds me of some similar Achilles' pain I had during XC for about 10 days and then was gone.details
KKjellman26 daysX-ray of ankle came back normal. That and the fact it was progressively feeling better ruled out a stress fracture. Saw Shane twice a week throughout for ART. In the later weeks of injury, could feel improvement 2 days after it was worked on. He worked on the arch, a bit up the shin and also underneath my big toe when that we causing havoc as well. Not sure of cause...Skiing? Running in deep snow? Overuse+track( I have been hurt every winter that I have been on indoor track.details
RosieWatson26 daysNeed to keep my feet and ankles strong, including the arches, so have made a new strengthening program. Also need to work on the flexibility of my left ankle (at the moment my right leg does more work due to the weakness/inflexibility of my left ankle). Also, BUILD UP to road running!!!details
nicki26 daysdetails
loobey26 daysdetails
Hoddy27 daysdetails
samsonite27 daysStubbed toe and tore nail off in an excruciating relief of pain.details
jeliasson27 daysdetails
Oestlin27 daysdetails
Psuba27 daysdetails
ajriley27 daysdetails
cmorse27 daysCalling the 'recovered' - still adjusting to new shoes (and awaiting others), but toe not as painful as it was, just a persistent soreness, but gradually improving so will hope it continues on that trajectory.details
Ralph28 daysdetails
joch5528 daysAfter almost a month with nearly no running (but walking the Rogaine) and 11 days of arkoxia, this is probably over. Not sure what caused it. The half marathon alone doesn't sound right. Maybe the combination of the half, a very slight twisting of the ankle a week before that and the recovery running in the following day. Or just bad luck.details
ales.drahokoupil28 daysdetails
Orun28 daysdetails
Markus28 daysdetails
JesseHagberg29 daysI pulled something towards the middle/front of my left arch, about an inch behind the ball and of my foot. I originally thought it was further forward than a typical Plantar Faciitis problem. I belive I pulled it during a rigorous yoga session while pushing off in Warrior 2, followed by some hard running. It was very slow to heal but didn't cause intense pain, I was just constantly aware of it. I never stopped training as my load wasn't that heavy to begin with, mostly P90x and one or two...details
wildwood29 daysdetails
div29 daysdetails
Hedis29 daysdetails
linastrand29 daysdetails
Benerito29 daysdetails
Solo30 daysdetails
Mal30 daysdetails
Sanni30 dayslääkekuuri, lepo, kylmädetails
atsip30 daysdetails
TommyH30 daysdetails
TeTe30 daysToe totally recovereddetails
jeffw31 daysMy foot seems mostly better as I'm planning to get back to my usual running schedule. Reducing the amount of running, avoiding rocks, and icing once in awhile helped the recovery.details
roschi31 daysmetatarsyl pad and lotsa advil/naproxendetails
dabond31 daysmake sure to get rid of old shoesdetails
justus31 daysFeeling pretty good now. Hurt some on long run last weekend, but feeling ok todaydetails
ol.micke31 daysMer alternativt och streching, får dock hont och är känslig efter mycket löpning.details
Terapin31 daysWorking on flexibility of ankle and strengthening of glutes and hip flexors.details
ol.micke31 daysVila och mycket streching av nedre vaden.details
obewan31 daysstay away from XYZ plastdetails
Ari-o31 daysOveruse/dumb use!details
CalumK31 days- Caused by very tight calfs (phisio said) - 3 different calf stretched 3 times a day for 30sec - went away instently, able to race next day - rolling also helped a bitdetails
DrKeith31 daysTime and buddy strapping details
T.Fong31 daysThank god I'm better. Recovery was rough.details
Erik 31 daysDehnen, Dehnen, Dehnen! Auf die Waden achten und Ibuprofen und Zinkverband haben geholfendetails
Brooner31 daysdetails
susan31 daysR Peroneal Tendinopathydetails
connyletta32 daysdetails
VO2 Orienteering32 daysrunning on deep snow - caused the injury! massage and rest- helping! I hope i would not came back to this injury!details
Jared32 daysSlowly improved with a few flairs to the end date. Still always present but I can almost run on it now. Don't know if the med is helping or not. details
Siggi32 daysdetails
Useless Fool32 daysdetails
Mal32 daysdetails
blairtrewin32 daysGradual recovery.details
Billenicus32 daysJust healed itself gradually. Probably helped to have a few days without much running. details
CecileF32 daysdetails
Ella1132 daysdetails
loobey32 daysdetails
hughmac433 daysWell, it's still not totally healed, but is really a non-issue. Hopefully it will fade.details
Jagge34 daysdetails
herbhead34 daysRest and NSAID"Sdetails
Andrew.Scholle34 dayswore carbon insert in my shoe during class day. stayed off it. doesn't really hurt anymoredetails
vandy661634 daysStill not 100%, but good as it's going to get. details
Zini34 dayspraktisch verheilt wie es beim OL geht wird sich zeigendetails
baz34 daysRest, Voltarol, ice. Will need to keep an eye on this injury as it may just sneak back again.details
bill_l34 daysdetails
ljd934 daysHelped to rest it. Just spontaneously resolved.details
elnyeste35 daysdetails
Kas35 daysRest from running, calf stretches, slow build up back into running, orthodics (now barefoot science orthodics), plantar fascia and calf massage, arch strength exercises.details
fn35 daysKänns som senan har återhämtat sig. Har inte ont längre när jag springer i skog. Känns som ända sättet att bli av med det har varit att undvika skogslöpning. Får se upp med den här skiten i framtiden så det inte kommer tillbaka.details
silkychrome35 daysbursitis, 5th metatarsal head. The podiatrist diagnosed bursitis and I think it was caused by not enough pronating, i.e. rolling over the outside/lateral side of my foot instead of over my big toe. It was probably brewing for quite some time and then flared up with the addition of pack weight at POCAR (which I ran in women's cascadias...too narrow). So the solution was to find a shoe with a) lateral posting to encourage better pronation <--hard to find b) wide toe box to not irritat...details
fn35 daysHar nu gått över och känner inget längre. Gäller att undvika skor med hård hälkappa.details
PeterT35 daysdetails
vyc36 dayslabai tikiuos kad praejo.. nieko ipatingo nebandziau, nusipirkau papildoma ciurnai kojine, vis patepliodavai diclacu ir gal labiausiai padejo varzybos kuriose adrenalinas uzmusa visus skausmus.. :)details
Tullster36 daysdetails
RASPUTIN36 daysdetails
mishortkut36 daysdetails
RASPUTIN36 daystime off from running. going to come back slowly with short runs on flat soft surfaces. nothing long, hard or trails/off camber for a while.details
Komy36 daysdetails
northernfeller36 daysDon't increase the load so quickly - 10% rule next timedetails
RASPUTIN37 daysnext time stop running and mtb immediately. ice/standard protocol. enhancement to right orthotic by dr. heaslett seemed to help. Long downhills or anything faster than 6:00 pace seems to aggravate it, as well as mtb/unpredictable jarring and dabbing is a no-no.details
justus37 daysdetails
Nick J37 daysdetails
A damp otter37 daysTook some time off and did lots of stretching and strenghning , note to self : when pain occurs rest immediatly instead of waiting for the pain to become significant details
Torzi37 daysPOSITIVITY - taking time off running, listening to the body, conservative treatment. details
Fraser Ross38 daysdetails
Fraser Ross38 daysdetails
Daniele38 daysdetails
A.Child38 daysResting, wore different shoes. Pretty sure it was Extensor Tendonitisdetails
Shrek38 daysTunne ei kokonaan poissa, mutta ei kipeydy enää juoksussa joten poistan vammoista. Juoksukengissä yhä päkiän alla vanhoista pohjallisista leikattu pehmuste. details
SwissMiss38 daysNo idea what caused it. Should have rested earlier. Physio, exercises & break from running helped. Bare foot running may have aggravated it.details
IndyBass38 days8/21 update: Gout is controlled now. Blood test came back positive for elevated uric acid. I was on the anti-inflammatory for two weeks, and then started on a daily med to control the uric acid levels. Toe is feeling fine now. My guess at a full recovery date is about a month ago.details
Joshosh38 daysdetails
OJ39 daysHad to stop walking around and give it proper rest for a few days. The niggle lasted for a while, but regular stretching and manipulation got rid of it in the end. details
Lotta39 daysdetails
Slar39 daysdetails
ilks40 daysdetails
Bashman40 daysdetails
fn40 daysAvlastning på den ömma punkten. Se upp att springa för mycket i nya skor.details
-JL-41 daysdetails
majaporle41 daysEftersom att det inte gick över tog jag kontakt med sjukgymnast som ordinerade helt vila från löpning vilket jag gjorde i tre veckor. Nästa gång jag kom tillbaka var skadan borta och jag fick återigen springa! Bästa känslan! ska fortfarande kolla att jag inte får tillbaka det och inte springa så mycket nu i början. Jag har i vilket fall lärt mig att inte springa i huvud taget om jag börjar få ont, det skulle nog denna gång kunna dra ner på vilotiden ganska mycket.details
Hol41 daysdetails
Useless Fool41 daysdetails
matt_parton42 daysdetails
Mani42 daysdetails
JuliaB42 daysdetails
RosieWatson42 daysMust have twisted ankle when falling in Glentress half... all seized up on the left/outer side of calf, and down behind ankle bone. Stretching and self massage helped.details
fridaarnesson42 daysvila, oklart vad det var som var fel men vilade, knölen försvann och nu gör de inte ont längre (slutdatum är oklart, la in i efterhand)details
igor_43 daysdetails
jet43 daysdetails
Bender43 daysdetails
Anton.43 daysdetails
Geiler OLer43 daysdetails
graeme43 daysCleared up after antibiotics, pending causation/correlation fallacydetails
nh44 daysdetails
ktiep200345 daysChiropractor adjusted bones in foot. Work on stretching achilles by using stretching block 3 minutes at a time. Work on getting bones to be loosened up. Mobility.details
Macca45 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil45 daysdetails
RASPUTIN45 daysdetails
autark45 daysHoka Rapa Nuis protected the foot. I hate the shoes, but they did the trick I think.details
Misha45 daysI should pay attention to my running form, so that I place the weight correctly on my feet, especially when I run on hard surfaces such as rocks or pavement. Walking barefoot while looking carefully where I'm going is good therapy for this.details
o-darn45 daysCorn between toes, which dr removed. Seems to have been cause of small neuroma. But feels better after removing corndetails
Fraser Ross46 daysdetails
Mal46 daysdetails
Pavementsucks46 daysdetails
HammerTime46 daysdetails
Knutern9747 daysKjenner det fortsatt men det plager meg ikke så myedetails
verticalwanderer47 daysdetails
fn47 daysdetails
prez ret48 daysIts better tho not fixeddetails
olle7148 daysNeuer Schuh gekauft, der besser stabilisiertdetails
PhilW48 daysMeds this time long termdetails
Pooleta48 daysWow, that took a really long time to sort itself out, and thanks so much to Liz the physio for sorting me out. Let's just hope it stays away once I start running on surfaces other than flat tarmac.details
cissi48 daysdetails
Hobitas48 daysdetails
dersu49 daysThis was PTT but the severity masked its true naturedetails
PhilW49 daysdetails
.johan.49 daysDå det var ett ledband som nästan var helt av var det nog mest tiden som fick det att läka. Dock kanske jag kommer känna av det ett tag till. details
loefaas50 daysdetails
yougogirl50 daysefter den distinkta smärtan ca 2 veckor in på skadan, käkade jag naproxenkur i 2 veckor utan löpning. smärtan släppte, testade att jogga, gjorde ont. vilade mer från löpning och gick till JMC som sa att det inte var någon inflammation i foten men att den pga snedbelstning samt överbelastning aldrig han återhämtra sig mellan mina löppass och att jag på det sättet hela tiden brytit ned foten. så han sa att jag behövde arbeta på fotledsstyrkan i min tidigare stukade fot, styrkan i att trycka fra...details
RASPUTIN51 daysdetails
Ptr51 daysProvade lite olika skor och olika belastning. Var även till Wretman och kollade upp det. Han tyckte att stelheten inte är något att bry sig om. Han trodde inte heller det var hälsenan som var problemet utan snarare trycket på hälen. Så han föreslog att jag skulle prova med lite tejpning och olika skor. Körde därefter bara i skor som kändes mjuka i hälen och hade inga mer problem förutom att hälsenan oftast är lite stel i början på passen.details
spinner51 daysdetails
fredder52 daysI'm going to call this resolved--even though my big toes never are pain free. Initial pain was mostly from underneath, but it seems the worst scenario if stubbing the toe. Not much to do about that.details
Regina52 daysdetails
mrs.nosnhoj52 daysdetails
Georgia53 daysScar tissue buildup from repeated spraining of ankle. Physio to grind down scar tissue seemed to help a lot.details
undy53 daysIn retrospect, it was probably all that ultimate I was playing on the crappy artificial turf in Jakarta wearing O shoes. One of the guys I work with (Costa) had the same injury from indoors soccer.details
KingTim53 daysIt just got better over a couple of monthsdetails
JL53 daysdetails
Nathan53 daysdetails
BruceMeier54 daysSlowly got betterdetails
Rozy S55 daysdetails
heggo55 daysdetails
Miller Time55 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil56 daysdetails
Rob128056 daysdetails
Inis57 daysdetails
Vaala59 daysTying my shoelaces too tight is not a good idea, especially not ice skates after your feet have swollen from running that morning! Recovery? Try and keep off it and then watch your laces every time you tie them.details
noRa59 daysdetails
arvidaron59 daysKänner ej av det längre säker på att de beror på ostabila fötter så får jobba på detdetails
kezza60 daysdetails
RJM60 daysDoc just says with loose joints this is just part of my future. There are three responses i can take: do nothing, continue the alleve/ice/heat/brace/care i'm now doing, or surgery to tighten the loose ligaments. I am cleared to exercise as long as it doesn't hurt.details
Mal60 daysdetails
redrider60 daysLuckily just irritation in the tendon. After realising the injury (took about 1 week) I didn't run for 2-3 weeks, then tested a little and it felt ok but when I ran 6km fast the pain came back. After that I took 4 weeks off from running, then gradual rehab and build-up starting with short morning jogs on beach.details
Josse60 daysdetails
Cruachan60 daysNothing really - physio and more ice etc details
Hanny60 daysdetails
liv61 daysdetails
joanna61 daysdetails
Inis62 daysdetails
GoSalamander63 daysTook some time off. After a run on the 20th, I think it's fair to say I'm 100% again.details
loobey63 daysdetails
Warti63 daysdetails
jemmerson63 daysdetails
div64 daysFinal recovery was result of taking Glukozamide (/???) pills, 2x2 per day. Last time my body didnt accepted this treatment and disagreed which resulted in sever pains in liver and back.details
Mona64 daysBought new shoes with good stability. Took out their inserts and placed in only my inserts.details
-64 daysdetails
Craig64 daysdetails
cedrik64 daysdetails
Loopy Lou65 daysdetails
yakin65 daysdetails
jonny crickmore65 daysdetails
errolpit65 daysdetails
SteveT66 daysdetails
Tanja66 daysdetails
marcitailor66 daysPihentetés. Mással nem lehet. Lúdtalpra gyógytorna.details
kookoo67 daysLepoa ja tauko juoksustadetails
MasjaV68 daysdetails
MuddyFox70 daysdetails
Raz70 daysdetails
noken71 daysdetails
justus71 daysFoot hurts off and on, depending on mileage and terrain. Just going to deal with it. details
Grandpa Lefty71 daysCoral Calcium supplement started end of Januarydetails
3m72 daysJust needed some rest I think, sports doc thought it might be inflammed joints in the foot, was on anti inflammatries for awhile and stopped running. Still tinges occasionally details
Shingo72 daysdetails
ReindeerCounter73 daysChange shoes when they're too old and check'em more regularely. Dammit.details
Bridget73 daysdetails
justus73 daysdetails
Misha73 daysAssiduous application of vicks vaporub (or generic equivalent) after shower two times a day, every day for two and a half months cured the toenail fungus. The old, infected nail eventually fell away and new, healthy nail grew in its place.details
hkleaf74 daysTypical R.I.C.E. treatment, plus NSAID for a little while. Still haven't worn any extra arch support with shoes yet, and so far no relapses. But I'll probably look into getting a pair of Power Step.details
Hirppa74 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall75 daysDoing much better. Tape ankle across first digit tendon up to tibialis anterior and cross bands for long and terrain-heavy adventures to reduce likelihood of recurring. Stretch that tendon to reduce irritation across joint.details
Markus75 daysdetails
MDeVoll76 dayspersistent foot pain. Turned out to be from poor work shoes--not enough support. Got new shoes, foot feeling better.details
tsaari76 daysEipä tälle mitään mahtanut. Aikaisemminkin olisi voinut aloittaa juoksemisen, muttatässä vaiheessa kautta kannattaa ottaa varman päälle.details
fritzof77 daysdetails
Daneo77 daysThink it was just severe tightness from running differently due to my achilles injury. Wore a boot and cycled a lot and it seemed to go away. details
helehan78 daysdetails
Martinsson79 daysdetails
loobey80 daysdetails
DARTvg81 daysOveruse, heavy weight in pack on long distance. I'm focusing on strength training and hoping it will prevent and re-occurencedetails
Mal81 daysdetails
DWildfogel81 daysDid lots of physical therapy, but it sure seemed like the thing that helped most was wearing the Strassburg sock overnight. Note: mild relapse in Nov, '17, and again a few days of wearing the sock seemed to cure it.details
eevi81 daysdetails
justus82 daysTimedetails
justus82 daysdetails
Stijn82 daysdetails
tbl82 daysPelott & 3 veckor total avbelastning med kryckor. Trodde aldrig denna skulle bli bra men allt verkar läka. Fortsatt med antiinflammatoriska på natten för att känna vid löp. Lite känningar vid barfota gång annars inget.details
Mark383 daysThe podiatrist says I don't need to come back for any more followups :) basically it's just a scab now. it's been run to run on from a few days after the operation, but oozed for about 8 weeks afterwards. details
George84 daysjarred joint. rest.details
jeliasson84 daysdetails
loobey86 daysdetails
skijorTT87 daysIt has healed to the point of rarely causing me pain. Occasionally flares up a bit if I hike sideways on it on a downhill or similar. Hopefully will be back to normal soon, but sure took a while. Not sure about skate skiing again, will have to evaluate this once the snow falls. details
abigail87 days.details
angela89 daysdome on innersole added by aaron in papakura swayed the pain. as long as I wear it (annoying changing between shoes) the foot is generally fine. Will ask about getting it in permanently. hope it is not stuck there forever though. Possible cause due to fallen arch massage underfoot by hand and with golf balldetails
khaleesi89 daysdetails
Mark389 daysEndless salt baths.details
Shrek91 dayspikkuhiljaa katosi.vieläkin löydän asennon jossa sattuu,mutta ei haittaa juoksua.teippaan jalkaa yhä,mutta vain varmuudeksi. details
StephHurry91 daysHad a gait assessment by a podiatrist. Got orthotics - seems to be helping.details
Nadim92 daysMy right foot is still a different color, but nothing like what it was when I went to see the doctor. Sometimes it gets very itchy too. There may be an underlying problem the bone from the ankle that leads to one toe. That sometimes cracks when I wake up and stand. details
Grandpa Lefty93 daysKept running on itdetails
Inis97 daysdetails
DeeR98 daysdetails
Benerito98 daysdetails
Jerritt99 daysWill call it healed. Still feels off, but no pain when running or biking.details
JoshuaDudley99 daysI believe that a compbination of bad shoes, soles and little conditioning resulted in the injury. Now I train often with more comfortable shoes, that have less pressure on the toes, I wear a stiffer and arch supporting sole, and also carry out exercises regularly, from calf raises (slow down), walking on in and out sides of feet, and massaging. details
mary100 daysSeems to have eased off for the time being... Just gotta watch that the peroneals don't get too tightdetails
WandAR101 daysNot fully recovered, but not causing as much pain after a run. details
RASPUTIN101 daysdetails
another_mile101 daysProbably caused by doing a lot of vertical in minimalist shoes. Using Superfeet Green insoles in bulkier shoes helped tremendously.details
Elina B101 daysRest. Getting back slowly but feeling good.details
noRa101 daysdetails
codymonster101 daysNeed to strengthen feet and transition out of orthotics more slowly.details
Bashman102 daysdetails
kido102 daysLots of physio, return to strength training.details
Imogenpieters102 daysWent on for a while and was inflamed after racing in x talons but went away between races, and days off after races kept reducing until I recovered straight away. Iced a lot which helped bring down inflammation and ditched the trailsters and x talons which I think were too small anyway.details
kzemach103 daysCaused by long day skiing in ski boots.. non stop powder and hiking. Just be careful next time.details
fredder104 dayssome combination of massage, stretching. loosening up the shoes, and foot plant seems to have made this bearable.details
annawallin104 daysVet inte riktigt när det försvann men fötterna blir väl mer och mer vana av att springa skog igen. På 10mila då det ändå var riktigt tufft så vet jag att jag inte kände nått så säger väl att det försvann då.details
cissi106 daysdetails
guitarbiker106 daysdiet changedetails
ToddO107 daysStill tingles a bit after lots of impact. Rest didn't fix it completely but a gradual return to running, with lots of cross-training made to comeback possibledetails
Ptr107 daysEfter att ha kört tåhävningar och stretching under typ tre veckor och haft två veckor i princip helt utan löpning så verkar det ha släppt. Gjorde även två behandlingar med stötvågsbehandling mot slutet. Kan nu springa utan att det gör ont så anser det vara borta. Kombinationen med hälsporren gör att jag under en liten tid framöver får hålla mig till löpning en gång varannan dag.details
GM109 daysWasn't a neuroma - bloody stupid Internet diagnosis on my part. It was a structural thing with my foot. In the end I went to the podiatrist and got some v. expensive orthotics. Seems to have done the trick. Hasn't cured the problem, but it has mitigated it dramatically. Can't wear the orthotics when O'ing - they don't fit inside my ankle braces, but manage to wear them most of the other time. They do help.details
Fabi109 daysPas de sur-utilisation du tendon...details
Klaas109 daysrekkennnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!details
LuisNogueira111 daysdetails
undy112 daysNo idea what caused it - maybe a lot of cycling ? But I'm still cycling and its gone away.details
drwill4113 daysTimedetails
Bomb114 daysdetails
Misha114 daysThe old nail fell off. The new nail is extra thick and tough, but seems healthy. Mom says it was probably caused by the impact of the foot against the front of the shoe (that the nails and toes weren't used to when I started training in the spring and summer). It healed with time, and the toes and nails are probably tougher now.details
fn115 daysRiktig seg läkning denna gång. Varning för nya OL skor!details
RosieWatson116 daysStop running completely (3 weeks+) while doing other things that work ankle gently e.g. yoga, climbing, circuits. Then some walking on rough ground. If this is ok, try a jog! details
Flam117 daysdetails
Swisstoph118 daysSomething on the top of my second toe hurts. Feels like an inflamed tendon/ligament whatever is in there... Definitely part of transitioning into a new running stride.details
justus122 daysdetails
Hobitas123 daysdetails
BenSquire124 daysTight calves = tight heels details
Meli125 daysdetails
abigail128 daysdon't know when injury ended. Still a bit iffy on stonene ground. almost hurt it on camberra training campdetails
Ralph130 daysdetails
eileen131 daysdetails
Jac131 daysdetails
ChristianeT134 daysNever really identified the cause. Physio didn't believe it came from the sore muscle. In the future, be careful with hikes/runs on snow. Check the leg (and everything else) regularly.details
Pablova134 daysdetails
JennyJ135 daysStill occasionally bothers me but i think rest sorted it out mainly. Don't think it was plantar fasciitus maybe just the heel fat pad or something?details
Katnap135 daysdetails
Jagge136 daysdetails
BakasVag141 daysdetails
AKO144 daysLong time alternative training after operation.. Will now begin long, hard and progressive development of my running abilities.details
blegg146 daysdetails
Niamh☀146 daysdetails
ShadowCaster150 daysBy June I think it is all better. Watch shoe size!details
MasjaV153 daysaanpassing zolendetails
Garrison153 daysWisdom? When the ski goes clockwise so should the rest of me.details
tbl153 daysFormade sulor och alternativ träningdetails
Billenicus154 daysdetails
Roger T156 daysGradually eased off; no ill effects from O race on 1 Feb with quite a lot of rough stuff so mark as 'recovered', although last pain was 2-3 weeks earlier.details
PhilW158 daysNot really recovered, but I think this one will need to go down as chronic. It's not going away, but not getting any worse either. Old age maybe?details
mccallross158 days16th July my physio is going to sign me off so a good time to consider this resolved. Need to take it very careful building up of course and a long way to return to fitness. Expect quite a few niggles etc next few months and just have to be sensible Looks like the operation was a success so just need to be careful and build up appropriately! details
BIGpete161 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt162 daysdetails
Josse164 daysDet är inte ett lika stort problem längre, även om det fortfarande kan göra ont vid slag. Det tar också fortsatt emot i hälen när jag är i stå-på-tå-läget.details
Matikka166 daysdetails
JonD169 dayscauses: tight calfs + wear/tear on foot joints talus/tibia & metarsal/talus + a few bad sprains due to foot rolling outward, which running shoes w/ too much padding on the heel contributed to recovery: resting the foot, but not stopping fitness activites + continuing biking & swimming + immobilization cast + bone stimulator device, which continues to seem to help w/ "clicking" as well as any other soft tissue related pain (even though its not supposed to be used for that) + good orthoticsdetails
O-ing169 daysSurgery to remove bone growth on top of ankle bone. details
RichieR172 daysFoot has been much better lately after seeing a different physio who diagnosed plantar fascitis. Since then have been stretching and strengthening foot and ankle.details
drewi172 daysdetails
Haenrik176 daysSpänsthopp och gummibanddetails
AllyBeaven176 daysDinnie run long races on hard trails in uncushioned shoes ya bam. Clumpy Altras, time, toe walks and ankle circles and making fists with my toes like John McClane probably helped a bit.details
Tullster180 daysdetails
jools182 daysI don't know if it has recovered, but I've seen the podiatrist a couple of times and tried changing the profile of my sole, to take the impact off the sore part, but that hasn't helped. I breckon it's plantar faciitis, and am trying a stretch suggested in a recent running magazine. It's not getting any worse. The final diagnosis for this pain is osteoarthritis.details
axcxnj182 daysDenovo surgery to replace cartilage and microfracture drilling in ankle. long recovery + physical therapydetails
Oestlin183 daysdetails
Marsela185 daysdetails
WandAR186 daysStill a little tight at times. But nothing like before. I would say 98% recovered. We will see what happens as race season continues.details
Ptr188 daysGick på löpvila pga vänster "lilltå", utgår från att det kommer läka ut det här också med den vilan.details
PVA191 daysdetails
OL193 daysInjury got better with rest and decrease in running. Sometimes some lingering effects, but minimal at this pointdetails
Tooms196 daysStress fracture. 16 weeks till able to attempt gentle jog. No magic. Time..........details
Klaas196 daysdetails
BP198 daysdetails
jonny crickmore199 daysdetails
tinytoes200 daysNow on maintenance perhaps forever as I don't want that much time off again.details
A3201 dayszo goed als geen klachten meer, af en toe met kisten aan nog even wat pijnlijk maar zowel trainingen als wedstrijdjes gaan pijnvrij.details
Heather O202 daysConsistent physio from mid June to the end of September brought steady progress and I was able to reintroduce running. In September it actually started to become enjoyable again. Tentatively closing this injury in mid October after two weeks on Arran, where I was able to do consecutive, long days in the mountains, interspersed with coastal walks and runs. Only very mild tenderness and tiredness in my foot occasionally. Starting a training programme with Paul Tierney to build up my runni...details
wildwoodsflower209 daysI'm convinced that this injury was caused by a combination of things. first, lack of recovery from VT100, wearing minimalist shoes all the time, not enough stretching/calf foam rolling. details
Andree214 daysdetails
J_T214 daysVery gradual introduction back into running and lots of cycling + conditioningdetails
Josse223 daysSaucony suger har jag bestämt mig för. Upplevde smärta första gången i samband med fjällöpningen i augusti då jag bara sprang runt i dessa trailskor i en veckas tid. Samma smärta under hela hösten. Under vintern använde jag inte skorna längre och problemet försvann sakta men säkert. När jag tog fram skorna igen 30 januari började det dra i hålfoten igen, under första passet. Nu ska jag inte sätta på mig ett par Saucony igen i hela mitt liv. Dem har fått två chanser.details
beeker226 daysdetails
feike226 daysIt took a long time to recognise the problem, visiting the physio was the best thing to do with this onedetails
standre229 daysdetails
Fat Rat230 daysdetails
errolpit233 daysdetails
naomi235 daysnot sure if it was a stress fracture. trained on the bike only for a while and when i tried running afterwards the pain was gone.details
Oestlin249 daysAlltid bred läst på skor från å med nu..details
jpdiasfernandes250 daysWent to surgery and rested for 3 months. Did physio for 2/3 months and also started doing bike around the start of physio. Started running after the 6th month. By the 7/8th month was able to start structured training with more intensity.details
redeyewarrior252 daysdetails
O-ing256 daysTime.details
ronjahugg260 daysdetails
Ptr261 daysLååång löpvila. mitten december till mitten april. Började då trappa upp löpningen låååångsamt.details
AC262 daysdetails
Jerritt267 daysdetails
TommyQ270 daysStill not perfect nine months later but nearly up to running 30 minutes and I'm now confident the operation was the right way to go.details
spilka272 daysdetails
Ptr280 daysHälen, körde en del styrka och trappade upp löpningen. Kom och gick lite. Kändes som om det släppte i sambande med snabbhaneracet (28km). Skumt.details
Torzi282 daysSo proud to say that this injury has healed. Commitment, trust and letting go. <3details
kaplis284 daysdetails
Hantta290 daysKortisooni kesäkuussa ei auttanut. Parani itsestään levolla.details
coach302 daysSwelling down, heeldrops and 1 legstands to 3 minutes.details
Jac303 daysNästan ok nu. Har fortfarande en del känningar, men kan tävla och träna obehindrat. Bör köra massor av balansbräda etc i vinter.details
lpyle305 daysMost of the pain seemed to be due to chronic muscle strains. What helped most was dry needling and strengthening/balance exercises.details
Kat315 daysdetails
Backstreet Boy315 daysNov 25, 2012 might classify it as chronic now. Didn't feel it today playing ultimate.details
ken337 daysgetting bigger shoes seemed to help. recovery date very approx.details
slauenstein342 daysdetails
Bruce352 daysdetails
Louise355 daysGoogle suggests that it might be a bone spur. I'm thinking that it's caused by driving Hilda and levering the foot at too much of an angle. It often hurts driving. Cruise control helps. So does Voltaren.details
codymonster363 daysI have no idea why it got better, but it did.details
noRa365 daysdetails
trailchampion367 daysdetails
tbl369 daysLång rehab tid, fotövningar varje till varannan dag, tyngre rehab för att stärka myskler runt om, tejpning, fotledskydd. Känner fortfarande att det är kvar och kommer fortsätta rehaba men får inte ont längre och kan orientera i hög fart så ser det som ”skade fri”. Hoppas att det håller i sig.details
Lizzie373 daysdetails
CoachingEnduranc379 daysSURGERYdetails
AKey383 daysdetails
RD Tom389 daysNot really recovered. Just stopped doing things that aggravate the arthritis... no running, no fast walking, always wear shoes with carbon foot plate which limits big toe range of motion. Cycling doesn't bother the toe so that's my sport for the duration.details
Manney1397 daysdetails
cfpete402 daysrestdetails
911444408 daysChanged shoes and ran off-road more while taking more recovery. Still there but not as bad.details
ronjahugg408 daysdetails
Tooms419 daysTime and moon boot essential. Not running as of 13 March but otherwise seems 100%. Will avoid running until May at least. August now, have started running, is minor enough not to be an 'injury' per se.details
Manney1420 daysdetails
nikan421 daysdetails
mindsweeper427 daysIt was interesting that the problem did not go away while I was not training due to my hip injury. I think the problem gets worse when I wear one particular pairs of office shoes too much, and I'll try to avoid that.details
Louise439 daysTime. Still hurts on occasion.details
marmelad449 daysGlömt att avsluta denna, vetifan när jag blev frisk från den...details
ronjahugg455 daysdetails
ken460 daysmore cushioned shoes, softer surfaces, less running?details
markg476 daysdetails
Gooder486 daysdetails
linastrand486 daysdetails
Josse518 daysTillslut gav det med sig. Hade perioder med alternativ träning, ingen träning, hälkudde i skon, bara hårt underlag. Ingenting hade någon större effekt på smärtorna. Tillslut upplevde jag inga problem på 5D i Norrköping (juli) och märkte inte av det fysiskt/psykiskt efter det. Så nu inför höstsäsongen känns det rättvist att säga att skadan är över. details
andfall549 daysself diagnosed as referred pain linked to hamstring tendonopathy - perhaps via pressure on sciatic nerve. Cleared up with improvement of HT anywaydetails
Sony554 daysdetails
amandap569 daysWell it finally started to feel better when I had to force myself off my feet due to an unexpected ankle injury. it may come back again. Who knows. it gets worse on hills and track has been okay.details
Klaas575 daysdetails
Browner613 daysdetails
andrews619 daysWeak quads, took very long time to recover totally from - lingering pain for half a year after end of tendonitis.details
FerencJonas623 daysZeedetails
mccallross633 daysNeed an ankle reconstruction...details
kgluskie649 daysSince a radical ablation was performed on both feet, I shouldn't have any problems ever again. details
Mal764 daysdetails
Canadian1009 daysEnough stretching and some heal lifts seems to do the trick but I really need to keep stretching it out quite regularly. It seems to be that my left leg being 11 millimeters shorter than my right is to blame...details
Paul Jensen1063 daysdetails
Anna1075 daysdetails
Cos1181 daysdetails
ljd91393 daysdetails
ljd91475 daysdetails
Kurt1733 daysdetails
Chas3611 daysdetails
gruver3823 daysClosing this many years after the fact. Doubt if the same as the driving ache.details
tcut3910 daysWill never get cured but can be controlled with good shoes.details
div7090 daysNot flexible enough and range of movement greatly reduced, but at least not as painful as it was 10 years ago. Total took 18 years to get better.details
errolpit7+ daysdetails
Inkeri28+ daysdetails
Ralph29+ daysdetails
Pablova39+ daysdetails
jcolleran45+ daysdetails
yougogirl54+ daysdetails
jonny crickmore54+ daysdetails
tdgood119+ daysdetails
O Joy204+ daysdetails
O P247+ daysdetails
loefaas309+ daysdetails
r.lil409+ daysdetails
kathi505+ daysdetails
spingere541+ daysdetails
andrews812+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete827+ daysdetails
Utoirra894+ daysdetails
tomeck897+ daysdetails
mrsb929+ daysdetails
kPa969+ daysdetails
LindaSchrader1086+ daysdetails
TorziBeth1091+ daysdetails
Arlaharen1133+ daysdetails
Danish Dynamite1183+ daysdetails
schnitzer1261+ daysdetails
warmonk1374+ daysdetails
warmonk1377+ daysdetails
MaximO1449+ daysdetails
lilicob1488+ daysdetails
Saryyyzzz1513+ daysdetails
Orhankutlu1547+ daysdetails
o-darn1638+ daysdetails
Milo1649+ daysdetails
Tom Wood1663+ daysdetails
Herbz1711+ daysdetails
GRennie1713+ daysdetails
jameshi1727+ daysdetails
greg1761+ daysdetails
Torz B R1927+ daysdetails
Dave A1953+ daysdetails
Lotten2168+ daysdetails
tomtom2203+ daysdetails
derflixx2221+ daysdetails
Thibaut2301+ daysdetails
carolineheloise2312+ daysdetails
z-man2364+ daysdetails
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MHorta2528+ daysdetails
Coeck2535+ daysdetails
KathrynB2547+ daysdetails
Philip2608+ daysdetails
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JDiPalmy2655+ daysdetails
danieloconor2695+ daysdetails
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Zerbembasqwibo2774+ daysdetails
Anton.2776+ daysdetails
JDiPalmy2781+ daysdetails
smoke2825+ daysdetails
noRa2837+ daysdetails
charbrader2904+ daysdetails
Runner992933+ daysdetails
golds213009+ daysdetails
Chumblet3011+ daysdetails
LA_runner23043+ daysdetails
Zan3110+ daysdetails
Zan3110+ daysdetails
incrediblehulk3117+ daysdetails
Oestlin3150+ daysdetails
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Tullster3166+ daysdetails
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Road Runner3227+ daysdetails
Kseniya3237+ daysdetails
mickymaynard3252+ daysdetails
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LookingFor423341+ daysdetails
Hen-nifer3466+ daysdetails
Alaimo 3477+ daysdetails
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Hen-nifer3495+ daysdetails
J-BANGZ3497+ daysdetails
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D-MAN3528+ daysdetails
Charli3543+ daysdetails
D-MAN3571+ daysdetails
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hcmaxie223698+ daysdetails
Mcatt3713+ daysdetails
DanW3724+ daysdetails
YellowRunner3813+ daysdetails
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Lotta3989+ daysdetails
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lilcricketruns4117+ daysdetails
kercollier4131+ daysdetails
izzie4209+ daysdetails
kgluskie4255+ daysdetails
D-MAN4310+ daysdetails
wendy4346+ daysWent to doctor about it. He said that I have a stress fracture - I dont believe him. Rested it and didn't walk on it much - woke up one morning and the pain had gone into my calf muscle. Had tightness in muscle for a few days. Then it disappeared - no pain at all now in foot or in calf...... so hopefully all gone now ;-) will start back slow and sensible thoughdetails
IkeySol4389+ daysdetails
Jamie Stevenson4395+ daysdetails
Beccs4480+ daysdetails
be rad4489+ daysdetails
mklimek4501+ daysdetails
RockHEART4516+ daysdetails
Josh4576+ daysdetails
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Molls4618+ daysdetails
mlee24719+ daysdetails
sparky3134739+ daysdetails
srollins4751+ daysdetails
LA_runner4776+ daysdetails
ChloeH4794+ daysdetails
Snow Lizard4800+ daysSo, five years later (2/2016), I went to the podiatrist about this. I'm getting new orthodics, with additional support under the big toe on my left foot. We'll see!details
fulpdawg4803+ daysdetails
carterswamp4870+ daysdetails
knoc4871+ daysdetails
Zini4881+ daysdetails
GPS4915+ daysdetails
Sarafina124951+ daysdetails
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Grandpa Bagger5722+ daysdetails
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