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Other (Knee)

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Average recovery time: 110 days

Recorded Instances

entrenando123-179 daysdetails
JohnDingelstad-14 daysdetails
mnickel0 daysI am supposed to do 3 sets of 10 weighted squats 3-4 times a week at the gym and abductions (?). I am also supposed to avoid weighted hamstring curls. i can run and do whatever though since its a "tweak" and not a tear... YAY!!! I'm glad to know i havent been killing my knee for the past 2.5 months.details
Rabbanah0 daysGood enough for government work. It wasn't bad and I thought I could get away with resting it a day and was right. It may be a bit stiff still tomorrow, but I was able to run on it tonight so it should come around. Just glad it didn't linger like the last one.details
jwolff1 daysdetails
LeeVice1 daysdetails
nomi1 dayswhen i woke up the next morning it completely didn't hurt, except a bit of discomfort on bending knee. but not like muscle pain anyway. peculiar as i thought it would be aggrevated after ballet..details
John O1 daysTo avoid this injury i need to avoid running on roads when i am wearing my o shoes as the impact goes to the knee. details
pepa.1 daysdetails
ActionFig1 daysUh, I dont know rest?details
LuT1 daysI think it was just the a random ache that faded within a day or two!! It just felt really painful at the time!details
dariusz1 daysdetails
gas_turbine1 days0n hold for nowdetails
Focus1 daysdetails
JL1 daysTroligen har jag bara slagit i någonstans.details
BHumphreys1 daysdetails
devil1 daysdetails
trailchampion1 daysdetails
LL1 daysdetails
Ilkka1 daysdetails
DrKeith1 daysDrained by Polish Doc details
Luke Bennett1 daysCause- lack of warm up Recovery- Swimming pool and Ice bath details
max.osterberg1 daysdetails
buzz2 daysCleared up almost as suddenly as it appeared - perhaps a bit of loose stuff floating around - will check with Kim.details
Ezy2 daysdetails
beeker2 daysToo much stretching never did anyone any good.details
Slimes2 daysrestdetails
pjw212 daysEnded up being bruised probably from fall.details
Eliot2 daysdetails
kokos2 daysIngen mer jitterbugg utan jitterbuggskurs! =)details
gg2 daysdetails
Ruhis2 daysdetails
jrock2 daysdetails
mantutiss2 daysHistalgan + rest day.details
datbornemann2 daysRousseau called me said doc looked at images, no abnormal damage. (great thing about living in a small town and having friends in the medical field) Will go see Dr. J on Thursday.details
ruggedjamil2 daysI took a day off from running and iced about 10 times with a pack of frozen peas and an ACE bandage. I also did strength exercises for my medial quad muscle. The next two days I took easy and made sure to run more on my mid-foot which seemed to activate the muscles in such a way that the knee tracked correctly. details
51222 daysSeems ok again. Not warming up, jumping out of bed in morning straight into clips and doing sprints. More of a warm up needed. Turbo for 10 mins pre rolling to sprint practise in future..& not sitting with legs bent underneath me at work all day, have them out in front etc..details
Focus2 daysmy 3 week rest definately helped rid this injury. lucky me.details
junebug2 daystook two days off....kept knee elevated...used ice...think was just a bruise to the muscle on the inner right side of knee..still tender but should be able to exercisedetails
Old_Fox2 daysJust rest and stretching and chestnut cream :) Worked fine! Easy running and a bit of cycling.details
dcady2 daysJust waited it out.details
pianistforlife2 daysdetails
vyc2 daysPerskindol and light training.details
cmorse2 daysProbably caused by racing hard on Saturday, followed by longish run Sunday, though it didn't bother me on the weekend. But it didn't persist, so calling it recovered.details
Hedis2 daysdetails
Steffen2 daysdetails
Snow Lizard2 daystime?details
Gewinner2 daysNot totally gone, just rested.details
Matikka2 daysdetails
mushy_pea2 daysdetails
Olly Williams =)2 daysdetails
joni2 daysdetails
Struhy2 daysdetails
Pajėda2 daysLyg ir nieko rimto nebuvo. Baisu tiesiog su tais keliais visad.details
bazil2 daysIce, wasn't really anythingbmore than a rogue click of the knee!details
Markus2 dayshart auf einen Stein gefallendetails
O Steve!2 dayssame as last time...ibu knocked it out...details
Ralph Mnguni2 daysPut ice on knee to reduce swellingdetails
Colin B2 daysdetails
PeterT2 daysdetails
Giuseppe2 daysdetails
billh2 daysresolved on its own with two days of easy 2M runs and some ice. postponed start of strength training, squats, DLs because moving those storage bins was very similar motion, basically deadlifting with a twist. dont do that! some of those bins were quite heavy, I'd guess nearly 100 lbsdetails
mpage2 daysA rest day helped recover, I should've have just payed attention though and I wouldn't have hurt it.details
mhallett10012 daysdetails
twidmer2 daysdetails
emmaS2 dayswhoa this recovered so quickly!!! not sure why really. Normally it takes 5-8 days, average 7 to unlock but it unlocked at around 10 am so only 49 hours later?? which was nice but awkward to explain to coworkers why i was on crutches that morning but not that afternoon. Oh well, can't complain. details
Hadron Collider 2 daysdetails
O-ing2 daysWoke up at ~2am with sore knee, couldn't bend right leg. Limped all day Sunday, iced 3 times. OK on Monday at physio. details
Tane2 daysdetails
dcady2 daysJust rested it. Turned out to not be a long term issue. Didn't miss any running.details
kokonda2 daysdetails
inuksuk3 daysrestdetails
Chase3 daysdetails
dyee3 daysI suspect the discomfort is due to overtraining. Maybe I should work on some strength excercises to stabilize the joint,details
Reef3 daysDidn't do anything signaficant to fix the problem. Played through. Not a 100% yet, but good enough.details
jwolff3 daysStill sore on some peculiar occasions.details
Nixon's Plan3 daysIce, magic cream, rubbing ja lovedetails
Bruce3 daysrest, and some ice.details
Bommy T3 daysthink it was just a tight muscle above my knee which was pulling on my knee strangely.details
Ptr3 daysTog tre dagars vila från löpning (och annan träning också för den delen).details
ba-ba3 dayslight runningdetails
Nordic Moxie3 daysHiking up one mile and down one mile on compact snow and ice with improper shoes; slipped coming down and had feeling I could be at risk hurting my knees. Iced it twice a day and then did a race on May 11 and everything was okay.details
loefaas3 daysdetails
MuddyFox3 daysDo loads of stretches before AND after exercisedetails
Macca3 daysdetails
orienteeringTim3 daysdetails
ganderson3 daysdetails
MuddyFox3 daysdetails
Focus3 daysI don't know how it resolved itself. I think it was just some minor tissue damage that healed quickly.details
Cruachan3 daysdetails
LeeVice3 daysdetails
rainyruns3 daysdetails
mm-ha3 daysRestdetails
marita3 daysdetails
peppa3 daysdetails
dcady3 daysTurned out to be no big deal. Fixed itself right away.details
dabangdig3 daysOver use. Hard trail run two days prior to long run.details
mhegdahl3 daysdetails
Bruce3 daysdetails
Shrek3 dayspääsin säikähdyksellä.pari päivää liimasiteellä tukien ja mobilatilla hoitaen - jäykkyys poissa ja kestää juosta. details
NSAR3 daysdetails
TheFlan3 daysdetails
alirobertson3 daysdetails
M.Serguiev3 daysdetails
Torzi3 daysdetails
BeckyRob3 daysjust needed rest and icingdetails
PatDunlavey3 daysMy best guess as to cause is that I may have overdone my hamstring stretches in the previous couple days. Now, a couple days later, I have tried my first run (very easy trails) and the problem is not noticeable. I've dialed back my hamstring stretch on the right side, letting my knee remain flexed maybe 5 degrees during the stretch.details
miclaraia3 daysdetails
gamble3 daysdetails
andrew_elwood3 daysUsed kinesio tape on it and foamed rolled the area. Recovery was quicker than expected which is good.details
paul.dd3 daysgeschont und dann nach 3 Tagen von selbst besser gewordendetails
Fondeur3 daysAction Kiné (Catherine)details
Richi Ross3 daysdetails
p51dmustang3 daysprob. preobremenitev + premalo vajdetails
Eric Johansson3 daysDe var nog inte nåt alvarligt för blev bra efter några dagardetails
TorziBeth3 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog3 daysRest.details
AntonSi3 daysSpinningintervallerna under tisdagen, måste stuttit feldetails
H.Såndus3 daysnot running until the knee becomes normal again details
jm12794 daysIce helped on my foot and knee.details
willisnot4 daysdetails
capt'n smythie4 daysdetails
Bert Bennett4 daysI don't know what it was but I can run on it now pretty comfortably so i think its mainly betterdetails
dabond4 daysdetails
Ollie4 daysFixed itself before the VM thank goodness. Just went away. details
kkruger4 daysdetails
pi4 daysAfter taking it easy for a few days, the problem went away.details
Wally804 daysnot sure what caused it, but it's better. details
sparky3134 daysseems better today, I'll run tomorrow at syo trainingdetails
Toblerone4 daysrest, ice, heat, advil, beer, sleep and good to go! details
ShotRat4 daysRest seemed to help. Suspect a 15km in new shoes last week didn't help.details
lorrieq4 daysdetails
cousteau4 daysdetails
Rabbanah4 daysThis one felt good today. Just stayed off it for a few days and the swelling went down. The left knee seems to be getting worse, however. I tried to run today and it just wouldn't loosen up. Sore with every step. I am going to stretch good and run as much as I can everyday till it is better. Will stop before it really hurts each day.details
jeram.osebno4 daysJa zdravnica je rekla počivat + da če se bo ponovilo bo treba na Metelkovo za športne poškodbe. details
markgullett4 daysHealed on its own. details
evancuster4 daysFeels pretty good after 5 days. Almost all of the swelling is gone. No more than the usual ache.details
hagi4 daysdetails
Hirppa4 daysdetails
Nizkane4 daysdetails
dcady4 daysDecided to not run for a week. It got better on its own.details
Boje4 daysto ganger triggerpunktbehandling hjalp.details
MrCoose4 daysCan squat parallel now. Just rest for 4 days, no running or leg exercises besides swimming (low impact).details
JuraMac4 daysdetails
rickyp4 daysRest. Probably caused by too much road running after a heavy weekdetails
Eerola4 daysaika paransidetails
SteveG4 daysRest and no Advil - theory is that inflammation is a healing process that ibuprofen interrupts - seemed to work (this time)details
vvenetjoki4 daysdetails
xcman824 daysdetails
Sandbo4 daysdetails
Torzi4 daysdetails
rc754 daysOverdoing it; old shoes? Icing, ibuprofen, change of shoes improved it - need to maybe do some physio type stuff to prevent reoccurence.details
jwolff4 daysdetails
max.osterberg4 daysMer styrka!details
adventuretom4 daysdetails
Timato5 daysdetails
Sandy5 daysdetails
HansE5 daysKan gå og sykle som normalt. Må forsøke å unngå belastning på kneet.details
stampy5 daysdetails
gas_turbine5 daysMaybe from scrubbing floor on knees??details
O Steve!5 daysice, 2 days rest, and ibuprofen did the trick....the lesson is to rest and ice immediately with a suspected strained/inflamed tendon...I would say to ramp up more gradually but I was doing that so I just need to act quickly when first noticing this type of pain...details
Corduroy5 daysÖverbelastning. Inte helt bra, problemet finns men jag kan leva med det.details
jeram.osebno5 daysdetails
Shaun Mc5 daysA ride on the bike and a few easy days fixed it up pretty quickdetails
trailchampion5 daysFriday ran without orthotic and week of street shoes without orthotic....related?...missed 3 days MTW helped recoverydetails
Matikka5 daysIcepower and burana did the work. Knee is OK for running again.details
Tõnis5 daysdetails
Torzi5 dayshard ground running, helped to ice and no put to much pressure on it details
Trailrat5 daysdetails
seanh5 daysdetails
LJ5 daysdetails
incrediblehulk5 daysdetails
Colin B5 daysdetails
JuraMac5 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog5 daysFull on rest. Lots of ice and compression for two days. Patella tracking issuedetails
MrCoose5 daysdetails
Sandbo5 daysdetails
pompemarek5 daysSollte eigt wieder gehen ;)details
xcman825 daysdetails
Nadim5 daysRest. I didn't run but I did do some short cycle commuting. details
TheInvisibleLog5 daysMovement without exertion.details
D.Keyser6 daysResting over the weekend was a big help, did not run Friday through Sunday. Need to be more mindful of my footing on a slipperty surface and work on over all balance and movement so I can react quicker next time.details
Niels-Peter6 daysdetails
Ezy6 daysdetails
ironmom6 daysdetails
Ezy6 daysdetails
C26 daysdetails
Ptr6 daysFörsökte bara ta det lugnt med överböjning. Dessutom några extra dagar med vila pga ögonoperationen.details
Carlsberg6 daysdetails
spilka6 daysdetails
mm-ha6 daysdetails
Ethan6 daysI just ran through it...details
aireyb6 daystook a week off of running and things seemed to resolve themselves. it was the right move and sets me up well for the long term.details
spilka6 daysdetails
Reini6 daysdetails
DanW6 daysdetails
tom-carl6 daysStarted running slow and short sessions before the Comps and was pretty sure my knee wouldn't be able to run two comps but it dig. Lucky. details
O Steve!6 daysapparently just irritated the crystallized meniscus but Ibuprofen knocked it out!details
MatiasKOK6 daysKanskje det var pga for mye skidetails
BigWillyStyle6 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog6 daysPatella tracking issue. Rest for a few days, then strapping to shift the patella. Still a risk of relapse, but as long as I take my return to running cautiously, I am hoping this is the end of the injury.details
xcman826 daysdetails
CalumK6 daysbit of icing and restdetails
Brooner6 daysdetails
mcqueen6 daysSkoene må byttes ut.details
BlazK6 daysdetails
Torzi6 daysdetails
neda.tamas6 daysSemmi extra csak a szokásos. Néhány nap pihentetés (4 nap) közben becyületesen hengereztem és óvatosan nyújtottam, meg kenegettem. Folyamatosan múlt el, és még a regeneráló kocogás sztem sokat segítettdetails
AntonSi6 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog6 daysdetails
michelle7 daysdetails
div7 daysice plus ibu worked well. still little pain but improving.details
bwhitch7 daysknee seems good now. will keep the brace on for longer runs and any downhill.details
Swedesport7 daysRest (the best medicine and its free)details
Gilou7 daysdetails
o-pia7 daysKjente ingenting på jogginga, så regne me d e ferdi...details
Ryan the Lion7 daysdetails
jmnipen7 daysdetails
Flatfoot7 daysdetails
DanW7 daysdetails
FunRun7 days(not sure the end date, didn't really slow me down but was present for a few weeks... mostly felt doing lunges)details
Lara137 daysdetails
Teichmann7 daysPause, wärme, Blacroll dehen Knietape und ein paar Antientzündliche Sachen- dann gings wiederdetails
wendyd7 daysTight muscles on inside of left leg from groin to knee causing rubbing on bursa at knee. Stretching of the muscles alleviates the stress on the bursa.details
VladFG7 daysdetails
Chris7 daysdetails
pi7 daysNo known cause and it went away with a week's rest.details
Abrando7 daysdetails
Clone7 daysPhysio and stretchesdetails
blairtrewin7 daysdetails
jys7 daysFår tips av Manne att fortsätta aktivera muskulaturen runt knät även när jag har ont. Enkla små knäböj ex. För man tappar den fort. Så tog fram balansplattan och använde vid tandborstning några dagar samt försökte göra små knäböj nu och då.details
Henerzz7 days1day rest from running. lack of strengthdetails
loobey7 daysdetails
SteveG7 daysAdvil regimen - 3 tabs every 6 hours for 4 daysdetails
RJM8 daysrested. I don't think it's spinning per se, but not sure whatdetails
Atropos8 daysdetails
torbensfunk8 daysdetails
Jõujõu8 daysI think that taking some time off from running and not competing the next day helped a lot to speed the recovery.details
tree8 daysdetails
ElGringoPicante8 daysi fought through it and i feel finedetails
T.Cannan8 daysa week of doing nothingdetails
Awdriuxas8 daysdetails
stig of the dump8 daysover use! To much road running! X-training and mixing the suface type. Lots of streaching!details
RMac8 daysdetails
mm-ha8 daysA bit of rest and arnika salvedetails
delawrence20118 daysOver usedetails
nobobs8 daysdetails
Parkino8 daysremedial massage loosening back and hip-abductors etc, no twinge next time outdetails
SarahG8 daysI was fine, just bruised knee cap and IT band.details
Boje8 daysTriggerpunktbehandling hjelper ganske med en gang!details
havarti8 daysRest and stretching.details
JuraMac8 daysdetails
jouni558 daysdetails
Anna8 daysRested when it hurt. Advil before bed. Knee exercises. KT tape under kneepads may have helped, can't tell.details
CML8 daysdetails
Taco8 daysBruises gone, went for a run and all good:)details
Boje8 daysdetails
dcady8 daysSeems to be OK on 2/9/21. Ran this AM. No ill effects by 5 PM. Rest was the cure (1 week).details
annanisi8 daysdetails
Misi8 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog8 daysPatiencedetails
shea_craig9 daysIt went away.details
mmace9 daysdetails
Focus9 daysIt was some sort of brusing of the kneecap or tissue around it. It didn't hurt to run on, only sore to touch if pressed. details
Stodge9 daysdetails
pchandlerg9 daysGet the clips on my bike shoes fixed. They are putting to much torque on my knee. details
AlistairH9 daysITB stretches got rid of it fine.details
OL9 daysAfter one treatment of ART it relieved almost all the pain. Still some residual pain (both sides) when stretching.details
Karhunpentu 9 daysdetails
MikeMc9 daysdetails
weathergirl9 daysNot skiing seemed to do the trick. Never know something so painful become so insignificant so quick!!!details
Tim C9 daysoveruse, rest+ice.details
kookoo9 daysVenyttely, tulehduskipulääke, kylmähoito, inkivääri...details
Nejc Z9 daysObčasno še čutim bolečino pri dolgotrajnejšem obremenjevanju, načeloma gre na bolje. Tudi moč se vrača- je treba počasi, postopoma delat vaje za močdetails
CalumK9 daysCaused by running with very tight/bit sore itb details
ironmom9 daysdetails
Chris9 daysdetails
miclaraia9 daysdetails
miclaraia9 daysdetails
R2 Anna9 daysdetails
Frøisland9 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog9 daysTurned out to be a patella tracking issue. Rest, ice, taping resolved this one.details
Faceplant9 daysDid nothingdetails
michalmy9 daysSeems to be fixed after a week's rest and some Voltaren gel.details
koalakeeya9 daysicing my knee and rolling my tight muscles helped to release the pressure put on my kneedetails
10T9 daysI think the rest week when I was in Southampton did the trick, gave it chance to recover. Just got to make sure I don't overdo it again with all the races accumulating in my calendar! details
lxna9 daysdetails
Torzi9 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B9 daysGave it a rest. Intermittent NSAIDs to reduce inflammation. It hurt a lot for a couple of days. Hard to tell what had happened to it, but turned out to be acute rather than chronic. Phew.details
the_latvian10 daysI should be paying more attention to running mechanics, because once I increase my training amount, improper running can result in an injury.details
xclaura2210 daysdetails
ccsteve10 daysCause - stress too soon after Goat. Cure - rest, limited use, streching.details
C210 daysdetails
HGaston10 daysdetails
ba-ba10 daysrest, bit of walking, rest some more. Think it's gone now...details
Clone10 days10days rest a good idea, anti-inflamatories & rub.details
MuddyFox10 daysdetails
gas_turbine10 daysdetails
mat-d10 daysdetails
Reiver10 daysdetails
Klaas10 daysdetails
radulan00710 daysJust have to wait how my foot reacts to running again!details
murraystraining10 daysdetails
Gewinner10 daysPossibly from sitting too low on the bike. I also have clips now that probably help.details
Steffen10 daysdetails
erikalnervik10 daysInte känt av det på några dagar nu. Tror det är bra med skidor en vecka sedan på det igen med löpningendetails
Boje10 daysÜberbelastung! Dehnen, Laufpause und Eiskühlungen haben aber nicht wirklich geholfen :/details
northernfeller10 daysdetails
FE10 daysPool based balance/strength exercises and warm baths initially helped straighten & untwist knee. Spinning helped reactivate quad/hamstrings strength to support knee joint stability.details
MikeMc10 daysdetails
troll feet10 daysHobbled back from Copeland Chase. Rested for a few days until Macc SL. Decided against Pendle (re large downhills). Feels better 18/11 tho need to test it sometime soondetails
Stijn10 daysdetails
Lori10 daysJudging by how quickly this seemed to resolve, I'm thinking this was a hyperextension, and rest and treating it nicely for a week or so seemed to have been key!details
Anselm10 daysdetails
philm6410 daysdetails
jemmerson10 daysdetails
jfromme11 daysrest seems to have fixed this. details
C211 daysdetails
Trailrat11 daysWore a knee strap for a few days and took an easy. Just took time, caused by increase in mileage.details
ba-ba11 daysdetails
Dooby11 daysphysio solved it, tight quad need to stretch them more even though they've been doing well recently when stretching so not sure how the problem surfaced.details
olle7111 daysdetails
Nick11 days6 physion session and almost 100% back. big fall at GRR and the whole muscle slide it down towards kneedetails
BigWillyStyle11 daysBest guess - it was caused by playing basketball at Hoopfest. I plan to resolve this issue in the future by not playing basketball at Hoopfest.details
alirobertson11 daysdetails
swat11 daysdetails
Jim_McN11 daysRest.details
Veli Pulsa11 daysdetails
Zimmers11 daysPhysio, mobilization of tight hamstring muslces, and much more stretching and icing. Hoping it doesnt come back... getting up the prehab!details
FernWerm11 daysFeels better after some rest and no pilates for a while. Lets see if it lasts.details
00711 daysdetails
camd11 daysRested for two weeks, physiodetails
loudmansam11 days- Not a full recovery, but the acute period seems to have passed. -Since it is a recurring problem, I will count it as recovery for now. details
Brucewithamap11 daysStayed away from Hills for a couple of weeks. Still not certain it is healed but felt fine on the few mild hills at the Sprint meet last nightdetails
lestarlight11 daysdetails
Benerito11 daysdetails
vvenetjoki11 daysdetails
Seiya11 daysdetails
aleksirytkonen11 daysdetails
axelhalvar11 daysTroligen för mkt cykel med cykelskor som utlöste det. Fungerade bra med rehaben och även att verkligen känna efter vad som passade benet gällande träning. Skönt att det ej blev långvarigtdetails
div12 daysalmost good, little residual paindetails
Burty12 daysdetails
leper12 daysWent to see the osteopath when this didn't get better after a week. She said it was lactic acid build up in my upper leg muscles that was pulling on the knee and making it sit in a bad position (i think) and sure enough rubbing said muscles to relax them made the problem go away for the rest of the day. I'm going to wear orthotics constantly from now on, we think it was the thongs that triggered it to start with, and then it was exacerbated by the long/hard bike ride that next weekend. I foun...details
TeTe12 daysdetails
MuddyFox12 daysdetails
xusheng201012 daysneed to run up the training intensity gradually. two weeks of rest help the recovery.details
jima12 daysdetails
northernfeller12 daysI have got no idea what caused this one - I think it was a sprain or something but no idea how it was caused.details
Maluks12 daysPerskindol tepalu patepiau kelias dienas, atrodo nieko, bus matyt geriau po treniruotės asfaltais.details
aireyb12 dayslots of calf, hamstring, low back, and IT band stretching seems to have solved that problem.details
BillS12 daysSome knee strengthening has helped. Still niggling so being careful.details
Calmy12 daysdetails
obewan12 daysNo exercise post Easter carnival. Felt a lot better.details
Hapardi12 daysdetails
J-BANGZ12 daysdetails
dcady12 daysBy Aug 29 was not an issue anymore. Waiting it out helped the most.details
johannes roto12 daysdetails
RuariCottier12 daysdetails
div13 daysice ibudetails
vosvos13 daysdetails
blairtrewin13 daysdetails
ridgerunr13 daysdetails
NeilMcEoigheann13 daysdon't do difficult rock overs while its so cold your feet are numb. and be extra careful that your surgical wounds don't get infected..details
MollyMo13 daysdetails
Struhy13 daysMore stretching and warming up. Drinking and eating dietary supplements, vitamines, fish oil ... etc.details
bestes13 daysTime off then stop being a little bitch.details
Reiver13 daysRested at right time and got treatment.details
NanC13 daysPain is very mild now. I know this is a chronic issue but not bad for linear sports.details
mmurph13 daysTook an eight day Naproxen Sodium regimen and iced it. Felt good enough to race 50k. Actually felt better after than the week before. details
nlake13 daysPositive that it was from my last ultra-race. 100 miles can really damage your body. Resting it helped the recovery process.details
Colin B13 daysdetails
samuelmarkel13 daysWar im Endeffekt ein Gelenkserguss, eine Prellung des Oberschenkels und eine leichte Muskelzerrung eher Glück im Unglück, weil es doch blöder ausgehen hätte können (Bänderriss...)details
Zimmers13 daysMassage!!!!!details
RosieWatson13 daysdetails
10T13 daysOveruse caused it, and getting back to full training too soon extended injury period. Took it steady this last week, and seems to have cleared up. Props to Max's hills for finishing the recovery. details
Torzi13 daysFeeling better <3 details
kokonda13 daysdetails
div14 daysalmost gone.details
mnickel14 daysidk if its really better. usually is. ice. stretch. keep moving but be careful. the end. I'm not the best for injury related advice.details
andriusj1114 daysdetails
Ptr14 daysFörst lite vila, sedan lite smörjande och sova med knävärmare. Efter en vecka fick anna titta lite på det och satte på kinesologtejp, vet inte om det hjälpte med efter en vecka med det och fortsatt lugn träning så kopplade jag träningen igen.details
Trav14 daysInterfererntial current, cold laser at Cain Chiropractic. details
Mitch7814 daysdetails
Mowbs14 daysdetails
Brooner14 daysdetails
kehseattle14 daysdetails
Colin B14 daysdetails
Spongey14 daysEasy build up of running, with good rest and strengthening and the problem slowly disappeareddetails
Hirppa14 daysdetails
jwolff14 daysdetails
Hugginator14 daysdetails
Henerzz14 daysStill a bit iffy but had a few days complete rest, then some days on the bike. Dosed up a load of paracetamol for Sedbergh and didn’t notice it much. Bit of pain if I stretch quads fully, but otherwise fine. details
pfc15 daysDidn't feel it after the 40+ hour training event, so it must be healed.details
simi15 dayspå grund av den andra skadan fick jag ont på andra sidan! jag vilade i en hel vecka utan att göra någonting sedan blev det bättredetails
rhp15 daysdetails
SlowDownHill15 daysNot convinced it is cured but it has not re-occured again but then again I've not run 8 miles yet which is when it kicked in, so next weekend I'll try to get up to 7 -7.5 miles if possible - assuming the short, 4.5m mid week runs go okay. Kim's hunch seems to be correct - great is great and reassuring, :-) details
Old Daniel15 daysNot gone but definitely on the mend details
Stanley15 daysTaping really helped at the beginning and as I think my body accustomed to a new posture it stopped hurting, yay:)details
oscarS15 daysdetails
bradc16 daysdetails
fredder16 daysRest and trigger point stuff seamed to work pretty well. No drugs or ice after the first day.details
Anna16 daysdetails
genebeveridge16 daysIt got better over time even with training and racing Might have been something to do with my bike set up which i changed slight because to see if it would reduce the pain, but there was no instant affectdetails
Tim C16 daysdetails
Boje16 daysProbleme auf eisiger unterlage gehabt und irgendwie das Knie etwas verdreht..details
lostrunner16 daysdetails
Hirppa16 daysdetails
sajmoen16 daysEfter 5 dagar med voltaren och vila från löpning en vecka så blev det bättre. Långsam upptrappning med löpning därefter.details
theshadow16 daysdetails
simmo16 daysdetails
phil16 days2 Wochen Pause.details
RJM17 daysPretty sure this turned out to be ITBand. Perhaps I injured it in the 7 mile tempo run, but hard to tell. Rest did little good, but symptoms greatly reduced almost immediately after doing ITB (and runner's knee) exercises and stretches.details
TeTe17 daysdetails
Desmond17 dayscortisone injectiondetails
Trav17 daysRestdetails
Snow Lizard17 daysdetails
Nadim17 daysRest, less running, and more cycling probably helped but I don't really think I'm past the injury. It's just not actively hurting me when I exercise. I know there's still an issue because of some aches, other pains, and increases noises coming from it. details
Eug17 daysPretty sure was from when i went over in the snow. Compression tights seem to helpdetails
austrianmike17 daysdetails
andyd17 daysdetails
Brooner17 daysdetails
duncanarcher17 daysdetails
Kurt17 daysdetails
mjd17 daysdetails
Jagge18 daysHamstring is so much worse, so I declare my knee recovered.details
tstreet18 daysRest, Ice, Stretching. etc. Seems to have gone now.details
Carlsberg18 daysdetails
dcady18 daysHas been fine for a while. Only took a week off running.details
Kurt18 daysdetails
dersu18 daysMCL ligament strain. Dr said pain was because it separated from meniscus, but that it is not serious. details
HitnHope18 daysHad to rest it for three or four days at a time and it gradually improved.details
codymonster18 daysJust give it some quality rest, and it goes away...details
Ͷoah18 daysRest & Icedetails
Dennysausage18 daysCaused by over-use. A non-runner trying to run every day = bad idea and hopefully not irreversible knee issues. details
JCallender18 daysdetails
oscarS18 daysdetails
ljbean18 daysEasy exercise seemed to help it recover faster.details
Brooner18 daysdetails
Hugginator18 daysdetails
rocky19 daysNot fully recovered by Dec 31st. Still a bit tender but I have been doing trail runs and it feels okay to run on. I have been told runners, bikers, swimmers use forward motion so the side muscles in the legs are not balanced. When I start my weight training I will be sure to include this. details
dkonotopetz19 daysdetails
Ralph19 daysdetails
KingTim19 daysNo real wisdom here. Iced it quite a lot and didn't do too much stuff to aggravate it (apart from two O races).details
-19 daysdetails
mrevrgreen19 daysTook it easy. Increased NSAIDS, Zantac, zyrtec. Stopped alcohol and caffiene.details
Boje19 daysNicht lang genug Pause gemachtdetails
jonny crickmore19 daysdetails
heggo19 daysdetails
Stijn19 daysdetails
donatello19 daysdetails
AlexanderS19 daysdetails
Spur19 daysRestdetails
jemmerson19 daysdetails
vyc20 daysless intensive training, sauna, diclac, icingdetails
mood20 daysI should be more carefull when I start training again after beeing ill.details
sparky31320 daysdetails
murraystraining20 daysdetails
hodgepodge20 daysdetails
mm-ha20 daysdetails
bugci20 daysdetails
RichB20 daysGradually got better, but had to miss a couple meets. Some year surgery may be advanced enough to fully fix it, but I am cognizant of what causes it.details
Parkino20 daysapparently exercise is advised for tendinopathy, maybe that's why it didn't get worsedetails
mood21 daysdetails
BW21 daysdetails
Reiver21 daysRest and not running fast (no sprint finishes) has helped.details
Keith21 daysRest, tappingdetails
spie009721 daysI started running too much too quickly on pavement. In the future I need to ease myself into a running regiment. I could also supplement running on pavement with running on grass.details
noRa21 daysdetails
Reiver21 daysdetails
riinaF21 daysWent away after 2 weeks of complete rest + 1 week with only 2 short runsdetails
WileyKyO-T22 daysWhile it was difficult for force myself to run slowly even after I was confident my knee had improved, doing this and keeping a stable but low weekly mileage helped prevent the pain from reoccuring.details
MrPither22 daysdetails
OLLE22 daysdetails
Stevek22 daysSeems OKdetails
Meli22 daysdetails
aplatakis22 daysdetails
katiepetersen22 daysdetails
MDeVoll22 daysQuadricep tendonitis. Iced, rested, ibuprofen. Lots of cross training, esp. swimming, instead of running.details
troll feet22 daysnone. Kept runningdetails
Knutern9722 daysHar ikke kjent så mye til kneet på en stund. Har ikke gjort noe spesielt for å bli bedre, bare løpt litt roligere enn vanlig. Satser på at det ikke kommer tilbakedetails
vvenetjoki22 daysdetails
codymonster22 daysStop hill running for a couple weeks.details
Reiver22 daysGradual improvement, rested, iced, anti inflammatory but just gradually improved whether exercising or resting.details
Ben Cooper22 daysProbably should let myself fully recover instead of run while injured. Who would have thought!details
Niels-Peter23 daysdetails
zerfas23 daysStill just a tad sore, but I am running again so tough to say I am injured. Caused by overuse and maybe at one point or two went beyond a normal range of motion stretching the ligament or tendon way to far. I have lots of range of motion, but it can still go to far. Rest, bracing, weightlifting, and NSAIDs all helped with recover plus icing.details
Godafoss23 daysWith the use of ingested fish oil (anti-inflammatory) and good cross training the pain has resolved.details
rmanley23 daysdetails
JDiPalmy23 daysdetails
Sheap23 daysdetails
Hugginator23 daysdetails
HansE24 daysMinimalt med aktivitet de siste tre-fire ukene. details
Hemlock24 daysdetails
PeterT24 daysdetails
Ralph Mnguni24 daysdetails
Shingo24 daysdetails
michalmy24 daysPhysio says that quads and hamstrings are too tight. Need to do more stretching with ice and Voltaren gel.details
ricsch24 daysdetails
Skidder25 daysAfter a weeks rest and then running a week or more with the soft brace the knee is back to normal. Whenever I lengthen the distance substantially - especially on tempo runs - I should where the brace as a precaution.details
div25 dayslooks like recovereddetails
irt25 daysdetails
Novelja25 daysdetails
ptusar25 daysdetails
ShadowCaster25 daysibuprofen regularly helped. Did regular hamstring stretching. Was probably caused by road relay in Solomon shoes on pavement, trying to adjust my gait after chi running course.details
troll feet25 daysEased off on training and tricky descents - carried on orienteering (Battleaxe) - holiday hill walking seemed to help.details
Reiver25 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil25 daysdetails
steph_lawrie25 daysBasically I just need to avoid breaststroke from now on. I wasn't doing much running anyway so that helped it go away quicker.details
kirillapeti25 daysdetails
O Steve!25 daysdetails
austrianmike25 daysdetails
JuraMac25 daysdetails
susan25 daysRest! Also a bit of taping but tbh I ran 2 days of the Shamrock without tape and it was fine.details
J_T25 daysRested for a month with lots of strengthening and stretching has relieved pain and can now get back to training.details
Rich25 daysdetails
dcady26 daysNo problems or symptoms after running sprint and medium at CNYO meet so this injury is declared cured. Made a promise to myself to not push it think carefully about what I am doing with my knee and to increase training slowly, which I have always done.details
kookoo26 daysVenyttelyä ja vähän lepoa juoksusta. Muutakin tereeniä kuin juoksua.details
krmayborn26 daysdetails
kookoo26 daysHieroja/venyttely auttoivat - 26.3 ensimmäinen pitkä lenkki ilman kipua. Vielä pientä kireyttä jäljellä. Hierojalle kerran viikossa.details
noRa26 daysdetails
atsip26 daysdetails
Pia W27 daysdetails
dcady27 daysSlowly got better. Didn't do anything for it except stop all running. Bike riding didn't help. details
quickchick27 daysdetails
dcreekp27 daysmy knees are finedetails
Sirupful27 daysPo nekaj tedenskem treningu se 12.11 le odločim za 14 dnevni počitek. In uspelo pozdravit! :)details
Martinsson27 daysRestdetails
Tim C27 daysRICE, strengthening(squats and lunges), pooldetails
rickyp27 daysRest and 1 legged squatsdetails
biddy28 daysignoring the fact it was there and running within pain and three loads of physiodetails
dlevine28 daysCombination of time and gentle lifting (to increase quad strength) reduced/removed pain. Leg still weak, but mostly pain-free details
JoS28 daysdetails
NeilMcEoigheann28 dayssurgerydetails
Twink28 daysdetails
nealont128 daysdetails
Useless Fool28 daysdetails
O-ing28 daysITB softening fixed itdetails
firbanator28 daysGet proper fitting MTB cleats and take up yoga!details
STORM28 daysdetails
HansE28 daysDet var nok ingen annen fungerende løsning enn operasjon. Så er det bare å være tålmodig nok med gradvis opptrening og utprøving av aktivitet.details
EuanT28 daysdetails
andriusj1128 daysPasirodo istrižinis pilvo priešingoje pusėje tinginiavo. Daviau darbo, susitvarkė ir TFL.details
ba-ba29 daysdetails
m.jada29 daysdetails
CheeseSteak29 daysdetails
bcvlj29 daysfeeling better since taking time off running.details
Pavementsucks29 daysdetails
Corduroy29 daysSKadan finns kvar men den bekommer mig inte nu.details
Rainbow Unicorn29 daysdetails
wildwood29 daysdetails
jonny crickmore29 daysdetails
OLotte29 daysdetails
Bomb30 daysdetails
CoachingEnduranc30 daysit was overuse injury i think. knee cap pain went away as i tapered for the grand teton 100.details
Luke W30 daysrest is probably the best medicine for this injury. i was able to keep it at bay up until Ironman by reducing volume and icing. details
RosieWatson30 daysdetails
Rich30 daysSlowly increasing the running, stretching and quad exercises seams to have sorted it after an initial period of rest.details
Hanabanana30 daysdetails
xclaura2230 daysdetails
austrianmike30 daysdetails
M.Serguiev30 daysdetails
Hobitas30 daysdetails
Boje30 daysdetails
JimBailey30 daysdetails
willisnot31 daysIcing and vitamin I seemed to workdetails
Tim S31 daysdetails
Georgia31 daysStress reaction in patella. Caused by dodgy running style and overly tight quadsdetails
Stijn31 daysdetails
Grafaz31 daysKaip keistai praseidejo, taip keistai ir praejo :/details
loefaas31 daysdetails
Rainbow Unicorn31 daysR&R - Overuse injury that went away with a bit of time off the legs doing high intensity orienteering.details
Mowbs31 daysseems to have just gone... fingers crossed!!!details
Jules31 daysJust took time. After enough rest if healed. Just be patient and do alternative training that doesn't hurt. details
MisVbn31 daysKaj pa vem; nisem posvečal preveč pozornosti sanaciji, čeprav je bolelo in me je bilo strah a cilje sem si preveč želel ostvariti, zato sem nadaljeval in s časoma je preprosto minilo. Očitno "bolečina št.1"details
Craig31 daysMobilisation of Tib/Fib joint seemed to help.details
Boje31 daysNur die Zeit hat diese Wunde geheiltdetails
bubo31 daysOne month is enough :) This thing disappeared just as quickly as it came. I was very pessimistic for a while thinking I would have the same problem coming as with my already bad left knee. Now I think this may well have been "only" a temporary infectious arthritis. The reason for this is that I had a bad headache on Thursday morning and took some Ibuprofen to be able to work - this made my pain disappear and I could walk normally and feel nothing of my previous problems... A common cau...details
Useless Fool31 daysdetails
ElBales31 daysdetails
torbensfunk32 daysi really hope i am recovered, i will still take it easy with running and start running properly again in the middle of next week 20.12.2008 -- have been running more and more without pain, so hopefully recovered nowdetails
HansE32 daysEr vel kommet såpass langt i rehabiliteringa at jeg kan begynne med treningsaktiviteter igjen.details
Jules32 daysGradually got back into training, needed alot of vmo strength work and strecthing. details
IF only33 daysdetails
Ruhis33 daysdetails
Nikolay33 daysAfter 1+ month of no running at all (except orienteering races) and lots of cycling, and couple weeks of massages, electrical impulse therapy and ultrasound the injury is gone. The morale of it: Don't run for 21 hours after you roll your ankle and it looks like a soft ball. The bigger picture: Don't do rogaines, and the above will not happen.details
O-ing33 daysPossible meniscus tear due to jarring/twisting. EDIT Not a tear, just "wear and tear". Pretty much settled down after 3 weeks. Both knees still "dodgy" though. details
Becky33 daysdetails
GZs33 daysdetails
axelhalvar33 daysEtt tag sen jag kände av det, antar att det bara var tillfälligt. Vet inte vad som gjorde att det släppte.details
Cory Smith34 daysRested for two weeks.details
drwill434 daysLaid off the high impact stuff and used ice (frozen peas work wonders). That and time pretty much took care of it.details
graeme34 daysTime, wear and tear. Wait 6 weeks and it'll go away.details
SlowDownHill34 daysRest helped with gentle short and slower pace runs twice a week - stopped doing some exercises that impact on my knees. Bit optimistic on the long term view! details
ken34 daysdetails
NSAR35 dayssort of ok....stayed off it, cut back mileagedetails
fritzof35 daysdetails
johannes roto35 daysVenyttely, lonkkia vahvistaavat liikkeet, fyssarilla käyntidetails
Georgia35 daysAble to run with no pain after approx 1 month. Restdetails
Nordic Moxie36 daysCause - Went into training too fast and hard (picked up speed quickly and doing lots of races); had not been running for years due to back/neck/hip injuries incurred from auto accident. Progressed too quickly before body could strengthen. PT helped it, in addition to some massage therapy sessions; daily exercises and stretching, and 5 minute pre-run warm up follow by 10-minute post-run cool down walk and lots of stretching. Syndrome will reoccur. these warm ups, cool downs, stretches, a...details
Hol36 daysdetails
stevewhittxc36 daysdetails
bl36 daysmaybe an imperceptible infection entrance wound to lead to infection vs simple minor trauma. details
Thibaut36 daysdetails
Anna36 days"Ending" the injury after I went on a run with 0 pain! Still being careful.details
TheInvisibleLog36 daysLong walking efforts at slow speed did the most in easing the pain. Physio says its arthritis.details
dabond37 daysI still don't understand what caused it, and the only way it got better was staying off it.details
calum37 daysdetails
Akhilleus37 daysdetails
RA_FELTON37 daysPost 50k race injury. Training through it for 4 weeks. Rest to recoverdetails
Stijn37 daysdetails
kswarbreck37 daysdetails
Eric Johansson37 daysJa detta blev ju en historia. Har haft otroligt ont från och till. Jag körde ju ett löp pass lite för tidgt vilket försenade återhämtningen. Men sen tog jah de lungt och lite vattenlöpning på de gjorde att jag är påväg tillbka. Senaste veckan har jag tränat en del men fått ont sista minutrarna på passen men inte de senaste passet så jag hoppas jag är hel nu.details
putte38 daysdetails
michelle39 daysdetails
Vaala39 daysdetails
Ollie39 daysdetails
Lexc39 daysRubbing on roads caused it... And urban races... :( 50x standing up and back down followed by resting fixed it :) details
susan39 daysPhysio (strengthening glutes without stressing knee. Rest. Ice. details
Faceplant39 daysdetails
triple-double40 daysdetails
randy40 daysvolume related; reduce volume. Don't run on it. Running was ok until pain onset, then stop. The net is rife with innocuous-seeming quad stretches that are claimed to help this problem. They seemed to. details
JP Web X-C40 daysdetails
Sly Chimera40 daysWeakness in my hips, limited flexibility in my hips, but most of all, tight quads. Stretch!details
lestarlight40 daystransitioned from running to mountaineering for the summerdetails
michelle41 daysdetails
m-senin41 daysdetails
Ptr41 daysTiden gjorde det..details
GaryHouse41 daysdetails
c.underwood41 daysOveruse injury in the end. No clear diagnosis. Stretching hamstrings and strengthening quads.details
Louis S.42 daysMy boy Brute and Matt prayed for me and now I feel grand. No other reason for miraculous healing other than God healed me. details
andrew_elwood42 daysdetails
hkleaf43 daysNot really sure what caused it since I've never had any knee problems before. May have tweaked the knee running in the GNC, in addition to the already inflamed ITBand, that compounded the injury. Treatment (done alongside the ITBand injury) included REST, X-Train (Swim), and also physical therapy - strengthening exercises, stretches, massages, ultra-sound, ice, and electrical stimulations. A knee brace was also fitted for running and other activities to help keep meniscus in place.details
Reiver43 daysdetails
noRa43 daysdetails
runehjelle44 daysdetails
Luke W44 daysdetails
A damp otter44 daysWorse when first got , alright from then on , was able to train straight through it. Glad it never developed into anything worse..details
Vaala44 daysdetails
axelhalvar44 daysMåste smyga igång efter uppehåll, verkligen from the start, 30-45-60 min. details
P-K44 daysdetails
Eric Johansson44 daysÅÅÅÅÅÅ satan vad glad jag är. Äntligen är denna skit över. Men ska ända ta det lite lungt framöver. Har gjort bort mig många gånger under dessa 50 dagar då jag klivit på för tidgt. Mycket tårar och jobbiga stunder för att jag inte kunnat träna. Men det blev bättre när jag tog detta seröist och tog det lungtdetails
boyle45 daysdetails
bcvlj45 daysMy knee feels better now after 2 wks of celebrex. will keep it in check and it is keep shurting I may try a steroid injection.details
Boyles9345 daysMy arches collapsed a few years ago and that was the main cause of my knee problems. I just completed physical therapy this week, where I did several types of exercises to stregthen my arches and hopefully bring them back to where they are supposed to be. I also did exercises for my quads and hamstrings which I am supposed to continue with. Running on pavement or for extended periods of time could still cause some discomfort, but that's normal and will decrease with time.details
dcreekp45 daysovertraining resting helped to recover pushbike definitely takes its tolldetails
Markus45 dayshat nix geholfen, nichtmal eine Cortison-ähnliche Spritze. einfach Pause. Als ich wieder länger schnell gehen/laufen konnte hab ich konz. Arnika-Salbe verwendet, tat gut.details
jima45 daysIB works. Started on Glucosamine-Chondroitin a couple of weeks ago - it helps.details
elgar45 daysdetails
secchio45 daysdetails
Heliveikki46 daysNo idea what caused it in the first place. The doctor couldn't find anything specific. Taking it easy for a couple of months, Ibuprofein and using a knee support seem to have fixed it, for now at least.details
m.jada46 daysdetails
O-ing46 daysMagnesium Powderdetails
ShadowCaster46 daysstill a bit stiff occasionally, but seems have to recovered mostly on its own. Probably need to continue to care for it. details
michalmy46 daysRest, stretches, Voltarin gel, prednisone, some physio.details
kensr46 daysdetails
Nick47 dayswell. left knee still hurts_march 18 but at a way lower scaledetails
kurthu48 daysdetails
ToRunLong48 daysPer MRI: Early Osteoarthritis, medially. Cartilage on Femoral head "rough" Doc offered a synthetic synovial fluid shot. I held off.details
Shaya48 daysdetails
gaffelman48 daysVar hos Paldanius och fick diagnosen hoppknä. Sen stretchade jag som han sa, och avslutade datumet är jag definitivt bra.details
RosieWatson48 daysdetails
fn48 daysIngen belastning och alternativ träning.details
kaplis48 daysdetails
khall49 daysTook 6 days completely off. We'll see if it is really cured.details
Bomb49 dayssurgery to remove cyst. details
FRBlackSheep49 daysStill aching a bit but able to run - may have to consider physio long termdetails
Zippy49 daysStill no idea what caused it. It's still stiff while warming up, but loosens up and no longer causes me any pain. I probably rushed the cycling intensity on a half-baked base.details
gg49 daysdetails
mjd49 daysdetails
davec49 daysdetails
roschi50 daysslowly stopped hurting after longer and longer runs.. i am taking it off now as i think the 100 mile run serves as a good measure stick that the knee is healed up!details
Honkie50 daysVet inte vad som hjälpt men knät är iaf fullt återställt.details
JGeo50 daysdetails
Hol50 daysdetails
Tim C50 daysdetails
RJM50 daysrest (much more than i thought i'd need)details
Difke1450 daysdetails
Torzi50 daysKeep rehabbing every other day! details
Bambi on ice51 daysSeat post slighly low and aft position of saddle too far forward. Caused tracking issues with patella.details
Boltboi51 daysdetails
TortoiseTam51 daysdetails
billh51 daysknee is better, I think strength training and lower volume and intensity helped. details
Freeheelpete51 daysdetails
susiethebear51 dayshopparknä enl pt, fick träningsprogram för framsida lår, funker fintdetails
mattspencer52 daysCame on after doing a lot of walking in HK, maybe being tight and dehydrated didn't help. Same side as recovering grion strain, not sure if thats related!details
Tane52 daysdetails
jmnipen52 daysdetails
NSAR52 daysusual start up pain, ongoing, bothers me now and againdetails
Bomb52 daysrelease hip flexor and tightness in quad. details
Pia W53 daysdetails
ahall53 daysdetails
infantino1353 daysI don't know why this started or why this ended. But it did.details
Dooby53 daysdetails
SkankHunter4253 daysdetails
j.freshman54 daysit still comes back from time to time, but not regularly. no clue what it is.details
graeme54 daysdetails
v54 daysdetails
Roberto D.54 daysdetails
randallxski55 daysPhysical therapy to strengthen hips and quads, and substantial time off from running. Only minor issues riding a bike during the recovery period. details
NSAR55 dayspain went away eventually, it was ligament moving back and forth in front of knee, no IT issuesdetails
Hobitas55 daysdetails
austrianmike55 daysRest!details
AdamL55 daysMRI scan clear. Turned out to be ITBSdetails
Bridge55 daysidk what caused it, idk what ended itdetails
yakin55 daysdetails
Milia55 daysInt ha ja viri å spring na ennu men he känns no helt bra å igår tå ja peda vaalt int e na sår. Har mest vila, ha tejji biln ti arbeiti så tå hare no vaali bra. Hoppas kona tävel nästa helg på fsom...details
lestarlight55 daysDr. Edmunds gave me a knee injectiondetails
redenergy56 daysHad surgery to repair meniscus tear. Caused by running in very uneven ground.details
m.jada56 daysdetails
austrianmike56 daysdetails
Eerola56 daysTromssan kisan jälkeen ei oireita lainkaandetails
FJohnson56 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B56 daysdetails
RASPUTIN57 daysWent away couple weeks before Moab. Strangely, no knee pain after Moab like I felt after Gorge Games and Kit Carson.details
mtcnas57 daysdetails
Brodie Nank57 daysdetails
kaplis57 daysdetails
Lori57 daysdetails
HGaston58 daysdetails
beeker58 daysdetails
Georgia58 daysCalling it recovered. Just needed restdetails
Brodie Nank58 daysdetails
Badger59 daysdetails
orienteeringTim60 daysdetails
Heather O60 daysTook two months but gradually improved with two massages and shorter runs. Probably should have seen a physio this time to speed things up but was happy to take it easier for a while.details
Snow Lizard60 daysdetails
jima60 daysRest, knee brace and keeping to a mix of activities seemed to do the trick.details
emmaS60 dayswent to the physio, apparently my glutes were SUPER weak. clamshells, back bridges and squats were prescribed, gradually working my way up to longer distances. details
brandenh61 daysdetails
Anvil61 daysdetails
BCH61 daysdetails
Abrando61 daysdetails
Pyyr61 daysdetails
P-K61 daysFull 1 week rest, work through swelling week 2, week 3 and 4 monitor, done after 4. Started ATG program after and has worked wonders on right sidedetails
fkawam61 daysI'm thinking the 8 km+ run/core combo days are the culprit... So, core about 2 h after the run seemed not to aggrevate issues brought on by the core program...Also lower the intensity of core these daysdetails
Justina62 daysdetails
o-iain62 daysgoing to say it's better - but knees still hurt when warming up and after the event. will continue stretches.details
LarryC62 daysdetails
3m63 daysRest, no running for a while. Fell on it again during a training run and that seemed to flare it up again. Cycling didn't aggravate it. details
lxna63 daysdetails
Trav63 daysRest. details
Niko64 daysStretch och tid verkar hjälpadetails
Evalin B64 daysdetails
amandap65 daysdefinitely overuse....just xtrained a lot to stop to from hurting. But it was bad a few months hurt to walk on. I just realized today that it hadn't hurt in a really long time, sooo I guess it's gone. Except a few stretches seem to bother it, so I stay away from those.details
2bbless65 daysdetails
White Kenyan65 daysgrowth painsdetails
steph_lawrie65 daysRunner's knee. Got better with time.details
Desmond67 daysRest. And i should start training my vastus medialis and practising more alternative sports.details
ddurbin68 daysI feel like my leg is pretty much back to normal. At least enough to feel like I'm recovered. I think being aware of shoe mileage for the road shoes and logging all of my long days on the trails has been key. I also think the muscle scraping when it's really bad and stretching/rollering for maintenance has been a huge help as well. I need to keep a strengthening routine in place this year to keep any further injury at bay.details
o-iain68 daysdetails
DWildfogel68 daysAfter nearly two months of physical therapy, I'm back to running normally, though my knee is certainly not 100%. Will continue to do the glute activation exercises, which hopefully will take the pressure of my knee. 11/18/16: The knee held up through 3 days of orienteering in Laramie, but then was troublesome hiking in RMNP right afterwards. Mostly OK through the summer, including the trip to WMOC in Estonia. Held up fine during the 2-day Classic and NorthAms in Sept. Even in late Oct I wo...details
DeeR69 daysnow it only happens if i dont warm up/ stretch... details
chiuihc70 daysdetails
Blue fox70 daysdetails
Boje70 daysdetails
Hirppa71 daysdetails
daveabrams72 daysdetails
Magic72 daysdetails
magma72 daysdetails
ernst72 daysNeed to cautiously resume running training, which should include WU on statonary bike (~ 10 minutes), some WD walking, and then icing/elevating afterwards. I'll see how far that gets me.details
orienteeringmom73 daysI had a injection in my knee on 2/3/09 which really helped with the inflamation in my knee. I continued with the PT for the rest of Feb and when I went back to the orthapedic doc on 3/3/09 we decided that I could go back to my normal activity at my own discretion according to any discomfort I might have.details
mood73 daysHar kännt av det av och till men fortsatt träna. Verkar iallafall helt lugnt nu, men kör lite cykling i hopp att det inte ska komma tillbaka.details
Rich73 daysdetails
Oestlin74 daysKnät känns bättre och bättre, har dock lite anndra smågrejer så ska lugna mig lite med löppassen ett par veckor.details
delk4msm74 daysContinue physio exercises. Avoid falls this year (good luck!). Keep strengthening left leg.details
bradc74 daysdetails
Akhilleus75 daysSeems to be ok after a few weeks of taping.details
HubNukin'76 daysIt was just the fall I think. It slowly started to feel better just by resting it until I reinjured it at Angry Seagull. Again, felt better on its own. Felt okay for Storm the 10 but it just felt tired as the day went on. Eventually Geoff worked on it and it felt okay in Portugal.details
menostig76 days>20m stretch * 10 days Stopped running!details
Daniel Mahoney76 daysdetails
Kiplings Mum77 daysdetails
Anna77 daysdetails
andyrq177 daysdetails
Fatty_Goffe77 daysInjury was a strange one. It took a while to recover fully. I went on many runs where it felt fine until I stopped and then tried to get going again where it was agony and had to hobble. With time off for baby it seems to have healed. I think it is muscular and the result of an imbalance due to my long-standing lower back issue. Usual boring, slow cure of stretching. I really need to find a good pilates/yoga classdetails
Nathan77 daysdetails
Nick78 daysstill hurts (seldom that's true -feb 1/2007 ). help recovery: stretching and exercises.details
Vector78 daysRest, strecthing. Not certain what the issue was.details
dcreekp78 daysget over it, strengthendetails
Bee_G78 daysdetails
frankj79 daysavoided any knee stress and gave it time. Wasn't spinning. wasn't squats. wasn't d'lift. might have been poor bike fit. might have been running too fast.details
O-ing79 daysGone into hibernation. Can't feel it due to rest caused by colds and shoulder injury. So hopefully its gone. details
JesseHagberg79 daysTentatively calling this recovered. Feels ok now. Long heal time. No particular routine to solve this one other than time.details
Kalgman79 daysdetails
linastrand80 daysdetails
E-li-sha83 daysdetails
JonD83 dayscause: a strain to ligaments on the inside of my knee; inflamation of the ligaments and the bursa helped: exercising during the recovery; advil during later period; details
jennyr83 daysCaused by returning to running after time out and not having enough strength. S+C + rest/swimming. Recovery not helped by illness/lack of sleep alongside. Not sure it's fully healed but doubt it will be a limiting factor any more.details
Tane84 daysdoing nothingdetails
Karhunpentu 84 dayslähes 3kk epäsäännöllisesti juoksulenkeillä ja maantiellä rupesi aina särkemään muutaman kilometrin jälkeen.details
weegie86 daysdetails
TereseO86 daysdon't start running to fast after you've hurted your foot.details
Slimes87 dayswater running, details
HitnHope87 daysProbably age and over use. Got a whole lot better when iI injured my other knee skiing and had to rest completely for 6 weeks.details
TC88 daysdetails
BillJarvis88 daysBasically did little exercise and let it go away by itself.details
mrogers88 daysdetails
Psuba89 daysdetails
eli90 daysdetails
blairtrewin90 daysTook some time but has settled down now. details
Martinsson90 daysdetails
cissi92 daysdetails
JoeHudd92 daysdetails
Philipp93 daysdetails
Scrysion93 daysdetails
Zimmers94 daysdetails
Kurt95 daysdetails
Eug96 daysdetails
undy96 daysBack stretching, change to training in Hokkasdetails
NoahD97 daysAll I did was rest and not run. The human body is an awesome machine and can heal itself if you let it. I did continue to bike to and from work 5 miles each way. I stopped logging my bike commutes because it was the same thing everyday and that is all the physical activity I was doing. After taking an extended break I am back running now and my knees feel pretty good. details
Snow Lizard98 daysdetails
Matt Hartland99 daysOver use injury. Recovery: Good physio, rest, knee support when running, RICE and patients.details
joch55100 daysI believe this is mostly gone now. The quad strengthening has probably done the trick.details
O-ing100 daysBone growth on patella, damage zone on femur. Injury suspended due to lack of running after ankle operation.details
Danny Riley100 daysdetails
darryn101 daystimedetails
div101 daysdetails
heggo101 daysdetails
BenSquire101 daysdiagnosed form physio as patella tendiopathy. Needed more stability in the knee so had a bunch of plyo exercises and built up the milage slowlydetails
CoachingEnduranc102 daysbone bruise took a long time to heal and i needed to rest it more than i was. ice, heat worked well i think. foam roaller helped i think. taking care of my it band helped. massage helped i think. by the end i was taking a tissue rejuvenator type product and that helped maybe.details
Knutern97102 daysIkke helt bra, men kan begynne å trene rolig igjen details
Russ Baldwin103 daystime heals, havnt had any reocurences for a whiledetails
hazdog103 daysWhile I was sick and resting the inflamation went away. The improved weather helped. Wisdom, if I get two bike rides for every running workout I rarely get knee pain.details
Grassie103 daysstretching at the appropriate times and keeping the muscles in the area strong/avoiding hard surfaces when the muscles are weakened will keep this at bay... details
pepa.105 daysArzt (Dr.Wagner) means: - Keine Flüssigkeit im Knie = O.K. Bänder reiben manchmal an Unebenheiten der Kniescheibe --> Oberschenkel Stabi.details
Terapin105 daysdetails
RASPUTIN105 daysdetails
Hawkeye107 daysArthroscopic partial meniscusectomydetails
Mr O-memes107 daysdetails
emmaS107 daysTurns out it was a torn lateral meniscus. Physio exercises, avoiding situations where I could re-injure it, lots of resting and now I'm fine I think. details
Tane107 daystimedetails
erik_ing108 daysdetails
Snow Lizard109 daysdetails
Ørret109 daysdetails
laeyre113 daysdetails
helehan114 daysWalked up and down Moel Eilio and ran 3 days previously with no niggles. Lets hope it holds up to skiing!details
-115 daysdetails
Brooner116 daysdetails
Bruce116 daysArthoscope in late August 2012. No running until late September. Build up training slowly with no long runs. Some stiffness in the knee after harder runs in October. This seemed to disappear in November.details
Parkino117 daysdetails
erik.118 daysdetails
buzz119 daysSeems to have gone but.... doing little exercise and swapping the problem to the other knee did the trick!details
v119 dayspanasu, kad deka poilsio (arba nebegiojimo asfaltu) praeina. Bijau, kad pavasari bus dainele is pradziu...details
samsonite119 daysTrade knee pain in for achilles. Stretch, stretch, stretch.details
Qbranch120 daysI guess I can consider this recovered. It hasn't caused any real pain in a while. What I would consider a major factor in my recovery is actually being re-injured playing hockey, which ironically increased my range of motion but at the cost of some major bruising due to the collision. Who's to say exactly what happened...details
mdryak120 daysdetails
lorrieq122 dayswarm up and warm downs take away the pain and have to keep them drydetails
DickO122 daysdetails
ebone123 daysGiven that the knee didn't hurt during my extensive hiking/running sessions while course setting for the Salmon La Sac Rogaine, nor during the Goat race on June 16, I think it's time to call it recovered. It did hurt a bit again on June 23, when I put too much strain on it doing something, but it felt better the next day, so at this point, I think it's going to be just old-injury pain. I'm pretty sure the injury was caused by all the skate skiing at the Sierra Ski-O Week, followed by one/so...details
AmeliaKennedy124 daysdetails
simmo125 daysdetails
Thoto125 daysPause dehnen pausedetails
Ondřej126 daysdetails
stampy127 daysdetails
Kitch128 daysdetails
Brucewithamap128 daysNothing here I could have done different. Surgeon said the knee problems were because my knees were off track since birth. Wish I had them fixed a long time agodetails
Martinsson129 daysdetails
chino130 daysIncrease run mileage gradually and without hitting as much ascent/ descent in the mt.s so early when getting back into running after long time off of running training.details
TheInvisibleLog131 daysOrthopedic surgeons can be useful. Heaps of time wasted hoping it would go away, accepting there is a problem, confirming diagnosis, waiting for it to fail to heal before finally succumbing to surgery.details
ami131 daysMy physiotherapist said it is mostly healed by now. And starting next week I can start to compete again :) The pictures of the knee showed a partial tear in the medial ligament. So operation was not necessary. I have been working a lot on balance and strength throughout the summer. Always keeping a focus on the quality of the movement. Keeping knee over toe and so on... I´ve tried to do some balance every day. details
Zan132 daysdetails
katieinnit133 daysdetails
AdamB136 daysPossibly sorted due to insoledetails
Hedis137 daysdetails
Desmond138 daysdetails
hansolo142 daysI can go running for multiple days in a row without any side-effects!! I do see the swelling grow sometimes, and do have to move it to avoid aches, but other than that good to go!details
sofiawigle143 daysBroskpåbyggnad efter snedbelastning från höften. Inflammation. Troligtvis på grund av nytt jobb med arbete på betonggolv. Löste sig efter löpvila samt mycket stretch och massage för lårets utsida, höft/rumpmuskulatur samt vader. Långsam upptrappning samt en iprenkur för att tillslut kunna börja springa ordentligt igen.details
nellie144 daysdetails
Grafaz146 daysSumazinus kruvi begte asfaltu kelis rodos sugijo. Galutinai isitikinti, reiktu pabandyti ilgiau prasibegti asfaltu.details
stig of the dump148 daysdetails
do.ke149 daysdetails
Bridget150 daysI completed the physio's stretches and exercises. I also stretch my hip and legs well before any run.details
AlexO153 daysmore or less recovered, have been running for three weeks before recurence of injuries, expect new sneakes and knee strap to prevent further injuriesdetails
karen153 dayscaused by sudden growth apparently. Did more corss trainingdetails
StephHurry153 daysdetails
AliC156 daysdetails
OL157 daysRest, decreased volume and weight training fixed it. *Need to do more leg specific weight training* -to strengthen VMOs, hams, glutes...details
Macca158 daysdetails
hickman1970158 daysHad partial meniscectomy surgery in Feb. Started on the stationary bike in March. Been running without pain in knee for a couple weeks now. I guess I can call this injury "recovered."details
A Forseille161 daysdetails
lost in space163 daysdetails
jys164 daysHade bra progression i början av skadan. Men sen trappade jag upp sty och då blev det bakslag. Samtidigt som jag ville lite för mycket orientering och inte lyssnade på kroppen, så blev riktigt bakslag under sommaren. När jag sen började igen och tog det lugnt med upptrappning kom jag tillbaka relativt snabbt men har sen under tidiga hösten varit försiktig med tempo-löpning och gått tillbaka till inte lika belastande sty och det har fungerat bra. Så ska få kontinuitet och inte stressa fram far...details
Fondeur164 daysdetails
Oxoman166 daysdetails
kokonda167 daysdetails
liv168 daysI am built in such a way that my knees turn inwards (silly female hips that I have) which is causing tightness in the joining muscles to my patella. Stretching & glute strengthening is the solution. details
Jeff18169 daysdetails
spilka170 daysdetails
dcady171 daysPatience patience patience.details
ScooterPhelps172 daysRestdetails
Kurt172 daysdetails
Calmy174 daysdetails
bradc175 daysLots of exercise to build up wasted hip, thigh and, especially, knee musculature to build up strength and get the knee tracking properly again.details
Mariarose176 daysno cluedetails
Shingo176 daysdetails
zsibthorp176 daysIT band syndrome and patellofemoral syndrome finally said no when I did sprint intervals - forced me to address life-long problems with knees. I put an end date because I feel that I'm now just working on getting back to my normal fitness level, and although I'm still doing physical therapy, I've figured out the ways to eliminate most/all knee pain.details
JuraMac178 daysdetails
Cos181 daysdetails
hkleaf182 daysA mixture of rest, physical therapy, and non-running exercises to let the knee heal and build up muscle strength around the joint. Lots of spinning/biking, some aqua jogging. Then a gradual build up of running activities. details
c.underwood182 daysCaused by weakness in vastus medialis. recovered by getting body to use vastus medialis again by using trigger points on the proximal, medial side of knee. Then flexing and lifting leg and therefore strengthening the muscle. details
m184 daysdetails
Nathan193 daysDidn't treat this very well. But when I finally sorted it out I realised just how important rest is because that's basically all I did, oh and found a really good knee support details
Jagge194 daysdetails
Tooms198 days1 day post-surgery walking with a limp. 2 days walking carefully, driving a little sore due to bending the knee 3 days pretty normal, unable to fully bend or straighten. July 2 - one week post arthroscopy, knee is normal for day to day stuff. No exercise per se yet though.details
Knutern97199 daysEr på ingen måte bra i knærne, men er ihvertfall ute og løper. Å gi faen har fungert greit så langt så jeg håper det ikke dreper meg for alltid. details
Akhilleus201 daysSeems to be virtually gone! No idea what caused it so just hoping it doesn't come back!details
smoke203 daysdetails
DrKeith203 daysNo resolution ongoing filling up with synovial fluid Replacement of ACL seems to have solved itdetails
Hadron Collider 204 daysdetails
vosvos206 daysdetails
lorrieq212 daysRest and stretching.details
noken219 daysdetails
O Joy219 daysPhysio for about 8 weeks mostly working on strengthening quads and fixing tendency to pronate my knees.details
O-ing222 daysTook a very long time to shake this off, persistent lacking of drive. Not sure it's finished but didn't notice it on the Abel Tasman.details
J-BANGZ224 daysdetails
jools227 daysAfter the Easter 3 days orienteering and a 2day bushwalking in steep terrain I can say that my knees are both okdetails
britty327228 daysdetails
mat-d236 daysdetails
L-Jackson236 daysWell, I am not sure the knee will never be an issue again, but it has not felt this good in a couple months. I still need to get things set up with a PT to see if things can be improveddetails
Guisborough1238 daysPost op getting my Pubic Symphysis inflamed probably helped recovery as it held me back from pushing too hard. The pancake was invaluable while watching tele. details
Becky246 daysdetails
kungen1252 daysdetails
Hedis254 daysdetails
Calmy255 daysdetails
xcman82256 daysdetails
J_Dean259 daysToo much training was the real cause, but knowing that the better i rested the sooner i would recover motivated me to take time off, while still doing the training i could (e.g. swimming)details
RHF264 daysdetails
O Steve!275 dayscortisone did the trick finally after meniscus surgery in Decemberdetails
kevinoc11223275 dayssurgerydetails
Nadim280 daysSurgery last summer improved my knee but it's not what it used to be and may never get there again. It's okay most of the time so I'll start calling this level of usefulness healthy. details
blairtrewin281 daysRecovered to the point of being able to run on it from January 2013. Still occasional soreness in the early stages of runs, but no significant issues post-warm up since March.details
Duncan284 daysdetails
Sophie Howes285 daysdetails
Charlie287 daysmeniscus repair 5/16/08; not sure why it was injured again after the repair in april 2007. Maybe I came back to soon. Anyway, being gingerly with it at the first sign of discomfort, but it is working ok.details
P-K288 daysdetails
O-ing292 daysCan run on this now - eight months after operation on 2 August 2017details
Trav301 daysMedial meniscal tear. It went asymptomatic by around June. Surgery consult with Dr. Tim Deacon waving off the knife. He recommended prp. details
elipsius303 daysWell not fixed just doesn't hurt that much anymore, I put July in as my close date due to getting results from my Orthopedic doctor. Happend in BJJ, a quick twist in the knee not exactly sure when it happend I just know it happend when rolling with a 290~300lb dude. Felt some discomfort at the end of class in my knee but nothing much, but the next day when I woke up I couldn't walk on it.details
Trailrat306 daysLimited my miles and added in strength training seems to help.details
axelhalvar311 daysInget jag lärde mig, bra att jag fick veta vad som behövdes göras för att få ordning på allt. Har inte ont i knät längre men måste hålla koll så att det inte börjar igen. Återigen, har insett hur långa dagar blir utan träning! UPDATE 18 februari 2018: Känns emellanåt, tror dock det är lugnt bara viktigt att hålla koll så det inte blir värre, särskilt nu i övergångsperioden. details
boyle316 daysDon't run in worn out shoes.details
LittleRev322 daysPhysio taping, next stop surgery. . .details
Liam Dufty325 daysProbably caused by overuse. details
Brucewithamap326 daysGood Surgeon and I followed recovery instructions given to me after I learned my lesson from my slow healing footdetails
LL327 daysdetails
BakasVag328 daysdetails
BeckyR330 daysRest. Never found out what it was (physio not sure and unable to replicate pain). Did some general stretches and rollering on ITB.details
Alibongo337 daysdetails
boyle351 daysDon't get old.details
Orun356 daysdetails
bradc364 daysdetails
redeyewarrior365 daysdetails
Charli365 daysdetails
div374 daysdetails
elipsius377 days Well the knee is working much better now, only thing when I start running I can tell it gets sensitive, I've been working my knees out to strengthen them so I think that has been helping. Main thing I notice is when I work out pretty hard or when it's cold out and the wild cools down my knees while biking it feels a little sensitive. But nothing I can't handle so I guess I'm done with this one. details
O Steve!383 daysagain, don't jump into something quickly.....this was caused by a hike/run at Murphy with a 20 lb pack....details
nathanl397 daysa lot of excercise brought it on, didn't really know why but hey ho. eventually just wore offdetails
ebone397 daysPhysical therapy led to correcting my muscle imbalance and my instability in the knee.details
DrKeith400 daysOp and Rehabdetails
sjreeve400 daysdetails
c402 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B402 daysFirst run after this was July 4, 2022. High uric acid seems to be the problem. Genesis unknown. Idiopathic? Kidney function totally fine. Gave up alcohol, meat and shellfish for a while, but no discernible effect. Started Allopurinol around June 1, 2022, which seems to be reducing the uric acid levels to something reasonable. Occasional flare ups of gout which are excruciating. Bloody Hell. Supposedly due to the uric acid crystals leeching out into the outer parts of the joints - ...details
-427 daysdetails
Trav448 daysNothing to be done. Just a badly used up knee. Arthritis mainly. Just going to live with it. details
kelliew455 daysnot too bad at the moment with all the extra riding, will see how it goesdetails
DrKeith455 daysdetails
climcc456 daysit just went away after ages...details
StrathyCallum456 daysdetails
Garrison492 days6/8/15 - Acute pain in the left knee seems to be under control. I think what I have now is old knees. Lots and lots of quad and ITB stretching was the key.details
Utoirra493 daysdetails
Franchitastic495 daysI think it has been a month or two since the knee has been niggle-free. It seems that strengthening the muscles in the rest of my leg has helped. I am also careful to have good posture when running, particularly when running downhill which is how I picked up this niggly knee to begin with.details
revjen515 daysEnded fencing and high lateral movement. Just straight forward jogging, walking, Xcountry skiing for me.details
lorrieq518 daysdetails
mary520 daysdetails
Treb521 daysdetails
rozsdi522 daysdetails
Schwepps525 daysNot causing too much trouble recently 14.8.2007: Been noticing this again recentlydetails
24527 daysdetails
Daisy M529 daysLax ligament in knee- possibly due to weak ankles and poor running form Regular physio sessions - once a week- to strengthen muscles details
Faceplant548 daysGlute strengthening, muscle rolling, and time. details
simonr567 daysApril 2011 - apart from a bang I gave it at NZ Rogaine Champs knee is pretty much 100% recovereddetails
Utoirra608 daysdetails
Shep626 dayssurgery on January 9th 2013. it's never going to be the same, but it's not really stopping me train anymore so i'll tick the recovered box...details
Rsbrun630 daysSurgery fixed it. Yippee!details
JonD637 daysnever really recovered but I don't want to track it anymoredetails
darryn639 dayslong waitdetails
CBL643 daysdetails
andfall643 daysdetails
Eveborn660 daysdetails
yakin667 daystrainingdetails
Tim C739 daysWeak knee stabilisers. Rest, reduced load, strength, breaks between activities.details
Gordon U752 daysdetails
noRa759 daysHasn't been an issue for a while so have ticked recovered!details
LuT760 daysdetails
Nadim829 daysNot quite resolved but close enough. I just haven't run as much. Cycling did help. details
007924 daysdetails
alirobertson948 daysCore work, stronger glutes, less tarmacdetails
fletch962 daysProbably never 100% recovered 2.5 years later. Chucking a rogaine in while trying to prepare properly for a marathon was particularly stupid. Still not really sure what the issue is.details
C21008 daysdetails
Morten1022 daysdetails
khall1053 daysWell, we'll see. But it isn't what is holding me back.details
Niamh☀1092 daysdetails
Pia W1117 daysdetails
mnickel1131 daysALWAYS cool down! PT rocks! (band exercises, heel drops to toe rises, standing on one leg and catching a ball, leg extensions and raises...) Kick-boxing seemed to help. I don't know why. Maybe because it added diversity to the types of exercise I did.details
AlistairH1169 days details
jcolleran1232 daysdetails
BruceMeier1253 daysPhysio and restdetails
HebeD1363 daysdetails
jmnipen1391 daysdetails
furlong471566 daysdetails
prez ret1625 daysHave learnt to live with this so declare it resolved.details
candyman1826 daysStrength and stability work plus time.details
furlong471870 daysOver time it just started feeling fine. Now the other one has problems.details
zacosh1886 daysdetails
Tom Wood1924 daysdetails
prez ret2082 daysHave learnt to live with this so declare it resolved.details
bradc2128 daysKnee opdetails
DrKeith2988 daysdetails
MooPoint4374 daysdetails
Craig.w14+ daysdetails
SimA20+ daysdetails
nmulder37+ daysdetails
finn duguid80+ daysdetails
cmatthew0685+ daysdetails
Loicdq130+ daysdetails
disoriented 153+ daysdetails
bill_l168+ daysdetails
Geiler OLer189+ daysdetails
thetrombonist359+ daysdetails
thetrombonist359+ daysdetails
Teveborn404+ daysdetails
Teveborn430+ daysTror o hoppas det är över. Lite vilodagar osådär, hjälpte inte att jag åkte skidor hela dagarna. Till o från. Troligtvis från fallet.details
Dooby479+ daysdetails
hsopoti494+ daysdetails
DerLolek581+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete623+ daysdetails
Lottierun650+ daysdetails
lestarlight662+ daysdetails
P-K718+ daysdetails
nellie787+ daysdetails
Liam Dufty795+ daysdetails
Konsti_K817+ daysdetails
OLotte839+ daysdetails
rrgoing855+ daysdetails
Konsti_K937+ daysdetails
troll feet969+ daysdetails
Shingo1016+ daysdetails
gas_turbine1079+ daysdetails
lxna1089+ daysdetails
Cornster1154+ daysdetails
Brucewithamap1186+ daysdetails
ViJi1239+ daysdetails
erik_ing1278+ daysdetails
GRennie1313+ daysdetails
zafirisSOLOBARS1322+ daysdetails
KerMit1407+ daysdetails
LMolloy1500+ daysdetails
koalakeeya1506+ daysdetails
Renntier1543+ daysdetails
Petukka1606+ daysdetails
0071695+ daysdetails
FlyDonny1701+ daysdetails
Pavementsucks1742+ daysdetails
martin(uk)1759+ daysdetails
dhdh1854+ daysdetails
Len2074+ daysdetails
bettypur2086+ daysdetails
Heidistolberger2087+ daysdetails
abigail2109+ daysdetails
tompza2111+ daysdetails
dhdh2117+ daysdetails
jcolleran2227+ daysdetails
Lindarenner2276+ daysdetails
Louis_Morris6612310+ daysdetails
Ben Breeze2327+ daysdetails
SSavonne2347+ daysdetails
pust172367+ daysdetails
orhantiring2411+ daysdetails
Hoog942416+ daysdetails
Cos2419+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2531+ daysdetails
freddie2537+ daysdetails
naomi2550+ daysdetails
aber2578+ daysdetails
PippaD2637+ daysdetails
Patricija2660+ daysdetails
jessica.johnson2681+ daysdetails
Patricija2767+ daysdetails
~sz~2808+ daysdetails
Dehydrated2824+ daysdetails
Tanja2873+ daysdetails
Len2888+ daysdetails
Freeheelpete2932+ daysdetails
Klepperton2938+ daysdetails
Junk Yard Dog3005+ daysdetails
Lexc3023+ daysdetails
Eveborn3056+ daysdetails
carolineheloise3161+ daysdetails
Boyzone3215+ daysdetails
Casman19613237+ daysdetails
cfosp13251+ daysdetails
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carolineheloise3270+ daysdetails
NanC3271+ daysdetails
Clueless 3325+ daysdetails
LMschwirz3404+ daysdetails
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D-MAN3446+ daysdetails
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froskand3547+ daysdetails
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Tashrobbo3574+ daysdetails
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RunMo3683+ daysdetails
Miha3704+ daysdetails
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Pajėda3742+ daysdetails
Sergej F.3744+ daysdetails
xm9803762+ daysdetails
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SamuelGalloway3794+ daysdetails
YellowRunner3818+ daysdetails
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D-MAN3844+ daysdetails
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D-MAN3875+ daysdetails
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cfritchen3909+ daysdetails
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Road Runner3928+ daysdetails
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Eco3984+ daysdetails
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Rosenstiel4047+ daysdetails
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Terapin4183+ daysdetails
stevieb4197+ daysdetails
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QTRN4237+ daysdetails
whynot4259+ daysdetails
Jess4274+ daysdetails
Trailmaker4294+ daysdetails
Matikka4310+ daysdetails
hingo4331+ daysdetails
neonguru4343+ daysSeems to be better now. But I'll take it easy if I ride today.details
benjamin4359+ daysdetails
Sludo4368+ daysdetails
Matt Hartland4381+ daysdetails
schnittach4397+ daysdetails
benjw4413+ daysdetails
Hannah Bradley4426+ daysdetails
Fly'n4441+ daysdetails
Kseniya4441+ daysdetails
Shrek4460+ daysdetails
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Julia (old log)4865+ daysdetails
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Bert Bennett4976+ daysdetails
El Niño4982+ daysdetails
Zyza5001+ daysdetails
garcia7005046+ daysdetails
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RobMulder5262+ daysdetails
superfox5271+ daysdetails
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The Claw5470+ daysdetails
Keever's Dad5473+ daysdetails
Cookiemonster5476+ daysdetails
Cory Smith5477+ daysdetails
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Ant W5573+ daysdetails
crag5609+ daysdetails
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jlf5756+ daysdetails
Qrake5765+ daysdetails
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ijustgotdropped5937+ daysdetails
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huskiesxc5971+ daysdetails
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guitarbiker6054+ daysdetails
falstaff6090+ daysdetails daysdetails
dtaggart6183+ daysdetails
mattspencer6258+ daysdetails
µ6276+ daysdetails
.6332+ daysdetails
fern6352+ daysI'm sure its due to a tight ITB which has been troubling me since Friday. From experience this should go in a day or two - no running tomorrow though.details
smatti6372+ daysdetails
Kyle!6460+ daysdetails
maez6546+ daysdetails
simi6561+ daysdetails
j00n3z8824+ daysdetails