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Other (Torso)

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Average recovery time: 54 days

Recorded Instances

kh0 daysgoing to record all my stitches soo i can try and figure it out. theres gonna be lots of them.details
kh1 daysi put this weird a5-35 like stuff on it. hopefully it works. it should. it is. details
kh1 daysdont know what caused it. its stupid. i ate 2 hrs before the race. maybe i started to was a fast start becuase it was a mass start which SUCKS. but i had my oatmeal like i do in skiing and all other race stuff and that was alright milk junk...annnd i dont konw...maybe i shoulda started easier..which is easier said then done in a mass start. sooo yep its dumbdetails
kh1 daysmystery,details
norrisc1 daysdetails
Mcatt1 daysStrain from SUP in cold weather - lack of stretching- bad sleepingdetails
menostig1 days A day later, Ibrufened and rested, it's reduced in intensity to barely provokable. And now gone after 36 hoursdetails
mcnabb_t2 daysWent climbing without a proper warm-up. Rest was the resolution.details
CrzBoarder2 daysJust need time to stay dry & heal up.details
naomi3 daysdetails
Valencia3 daysThink I passed a stone or something. No pain at all during yesterday's long workout, nothing today. Hope it's gone!details
OL3 daysLuckily was able to get in right away for a chiro and Graston Treatment, hours later. Follow up treatment two days after as well.details
skyhigh3 daysdetails
Treebug4 daysDefinatly have to whatch what I am doing at work & how I am sitting. I`m still not shure what caused my vertebra to swell but we`ll soon find out I guess. Starting running training again tomorrow, if the back pain starts up again I`ll go see a chiro for shure! In the mean time, I`ll use the crane to lift the paraplegic outside the water.details
naomi4 daysdetails
Bruce4 daysNothing specific - just time for the 'infection' to recover.details
zootrio4 daysdetails
MisVbn4 daysdetails
tinytoes4 daysdetails
CathW5 daysCold pack & neurofen, & it was loads better by the first evening, just took a few days to go completely.details
FelFairy5 dayscaused probably by using weights on upper body, recovery came with time and less stress to the area.details
LittleBit6 daysTake the pills with food!details
AliC7 daysHave no idea what caused it. Anti-inflamatories help recovery, as does apparently biking lots and orienteering and camping!?!? Totally bizarre injury!details
Vox7 daysdetails
helehan7 daysdetails
Sanna797 daysdetails
OLLE8 daysdetails
pepa.8 daysdetails
Toblerone8 daysAleve, ice, hot tub, beer, 1 day off and massage/myofascial releasedetails
MVB8 daysdetails
Inge8 daysdetails
rickyp8 daysrestdetails
Chris8 daysdetails
Mona9 daysflax seed tea. beets + flax seed oil + lemon. (yummy tasting too!)details
Miikka10 daysdetails
zootrio10 daysdetails
yougogirl10 daysElbehandling, massage, drog ner lite på träningendetails
phatty11 daysdetails
dieterkreps11 dayssaw physio and have been doing a stretch as often as possible. Chiro for Fascial Manipulation (which effing hurt!). Avoided chest and back exercises that might have irritated it. Good to go now.details
undy11 daysDon't overdo it and patiencedetails
cmorse11 daysNo longer bothersome as of 9/30. details
phil12 daysdetails
jamesnchlsn12 daysdetails
ccsteve12 daysFooting, footing, footing... again...details
Tcw4912 daysdetails
Charlie13 daysI can still feel it, but it's certainly no big deal any more. Time seems to have been the answer.details
smoke14 daysrunning seemed to help keep it loosedetails
Grandpa Jameson14 daysfull functional. can still feel a bit in the chest but keeping from doing anything.details
tinytoes14 daysdetails
AngrySeagull14 daysWarm-ups are important!details
balage14 daysdetails
MSoutham14 daysDon't get Shingles again :)details
fitless15 daysVoltarennel kentem és egy idő után elmúlt.details
Liam Dufty15 daysJust rested it from doing serves for a couple of weeks and it felt fine.details
ebuckley16 daysdetails
jools16 daysGradually recovered when I stopped all the coughingdetails
ahall17 daysdetails
NMFC17 daysdetails
Shingo17 daysdetails
Ezy18 daysdetails
darryn18 daysdetails
Santinia18 daysdetails
schnitzer18 daysdetails
phil19 daysInitially rest is needed, than moderate exercise seems to help. Annoying injury, but seems to heal completely.details
RJM19 daysafter a week of rest I could cough and sneeze with tolerable pain, a week after that ok except for maybe pushupsdetails
Shingo19 daysdetails
Shingo19 daysdetails
PM19 daysdetails
simmo20 days26/10 - didn't hurt at orienteering today, so must be a recovery!details
gas_turbine20 daysStill around, but just kind of reduced severity as time went on.details
Trailrat20 daysTime.... that sucked.details
R-B20 daysStill not 100 percent, no strength work for a while but got a long run in so calling this over.details
zootrio21 daysdetails
ebuckley21 daysdetails
O-ing21 daysTorn R pectoral muscle - just rest for 3 weeksdetails
O9Man22 daysdetails
Fabi22 daysRepos et ostéodetails
purplepower22 daysdetails
StefanJ23 daysTog ut agrafferna 150507, på joggen dagen efter kändes inte minsta obehag, ser mig som fullt återställd.details
tdgood25 daysdetails
menostig25 daysrestdetails
nmulder25 daysdetails
neda.tamas25 daysGyógytorna Kiderült, hogy a gerinccel van probléma, szóval az erősítés és a gerinctorna sokat segített.details
Jubby26 daysJust had to rest it until confident enough to start ramping back up again.details
RJM27 daysRested completely a week or two, then light biking. Had lots of trouble finding a sleeping position. Held back on returning to activity much more than i wanted, but that may have helped speed the recovery (which was very fast in the last week or so).details
ahall27 daysdetails
Jeff1828 daysHockey injury: body check. Restdetails
JanO28 daysvallen op emitdetails
workouttexas28 daysBreath when lifting heavy weights.details
Mark328 daysDon't fell over. Time.details
2 Dots29 dayswhat you think caused it, what seemed to help recovery...... Hmmmm Let me see Crashing a Mountainbike During a race I think was the Cause, Recovery help - Sitting arround doing absolutely SFA... :-( so glad to be training again :-)details
L-Jackson29 daysno x-rays, but muscles were obviously screwed up. rest and Vitamin Idetails
cfosp129 daysTook it easy while pain persisted, gradually adding motions as pain and discomfort decreased. Paddling during first weekend in Oct seemed therapeutic. Used poles during Sisu Bounding session on Tuesday and did 26 km of L1 Skate skiing today. No more discomfort. I think I'm over it! details
austrianmike30 daysRestdetails
Hobitas31 daysdetails
Garry31 daysdetails
TeTe31 daysTick removeddetails
kurthu31 daysdetails
loobey31 daysdetails
tdgood32 days It tooka long time to heal. Had to start stretching it out as it healed tight. For a long time I couldn't sleelp on that side because it felt bruised. I think a lot of this discomfort was because the muscle was tight.details
simmo33 daysTaking voltaren allowed me to run pain-free, and as the doc said, it eventually cleared up within a few weeks.details
kurthu33 daysdetails
simmo34 daysRan two courses at NavDash, didn't feel anything. details
Turskis37 daysdetails
Joshosh37 daysIf you think you can jump a wall....make sure you actually candetails
ba-ba42 days10 days off then ease in.details
Zini43 daysZeit heilt, noch leicht spürbar, praktisch keine Behinderung mehrdetails
Fraser P44 daysdetails
budducci44 daysThe theory is it was caused by a colon that had looser connective tissue than most people, coupled with a large amount of running. This caused the colon around the cecal valve to stretch and twist, eventually pinching off. The only cure was surgery to remove 5 cm of small intestine, the cecal valve, and the vertical section of the large intestine. Recovery is generally 6-8 weeks, and I was given the ok to jog at 4 and all clear at 6.details
hodgepodge45 daysNot sure what happened here. Eventually went away.details
PaulT51 daysdetails
Mahuan!55 daysdetails
CathW58 daysdetails
Tane60 daysdetails
00761 daysgradually got better (3 months later still feel it a bit breathing in deep tho..)details
ahall64 daysGonna call this recovered, though there are still occasional twingesdetails
McCloy65 daysX-Ray and blood tests came back clear, so it seems my diaphragm was hurt somehow.details
theshadow68 daysdetails
Rich69 daysTimedetails
DrKeith71 daysdetails
Charlie76 daysGradually subsided. It appears to me now that this was a delayed effect of the hard fall I had on December 4th, crashing hard on my shoulder and some other places, and this particular injury not showing up until 10 days later. Anyway, it now seems to really be over.details
ahall77 daysdetails
sillypudgy79 daysdetails
lazydave86 daysdetails
McCloy88 daysdetails
morriam90 daysdetails
Terkelsen97 daysHyvin toipudetails
Swisstoph99 daysThis was Firestorm Tuesday of the Waldo Canyon wildfire and I was part of the evacuation team. The air was thick with smoke and I'm pretty sure I got some inhalation damage... Haven't felt short of breath in a while now...details
jima100 daysGoing to declare victory, or at least can't use the surgical recovery as an excuse for not getting out and doing stuff. Need to continue the PT exercises.details
JanetT138 daysdetails
ccaseman167 daysdetails
philm64185 daysCore needs more buildup. details
jonnyq203 daysdetails
Mark3213 daysMRI and ultrasound both showed nothing wrong with me. Pain eventually went away, mostly. details
HitnHope227 daysCaused by doing too many sit-ups at Pilates, so I stopped going for a while. Been ignoring it for a few weeks, and hasn't been causing much discomfort. It was a nuisance because it was the same set of muscles needed for swinging the leg, but I can't say it ever slowed me down.details
O-ing266 daysSurgery. Hole in abdomen was 1 cm - 2 stitches put in.details
Rosstopher317 daysCan’t remember this anymore, so I guess it’s over nowdetails
CoachingEnduranc406 dayshad double hernia surgyer. it's been 1 month and i feel fully healed now.details
Brooner470 daysdetails
lcut1082 daysdetails
cricketk1191 daysCalling it recovered. Still can't raise arm to verticall, regardless of orientation at the shoulder, but unrelenting pain is down to occasional grumbly discomfort.details
Klaas395+ daysdetails
StuartE1050+ daysdetails
Creech2660+ daysdetails
danieloconor2676+ daysdetails
rockman3554+ daysdetails
JanO3829+ daysdetails
matthew14550+ daysdetails
IkeySol4898+ daysdetails
Cory Smith5229+ daysdetails
SamanthaP5750+ daysdetails
franklinwood6195+ daysdetails
carter6300+ daysdetails
RockHEART10507+ daysdetails