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Fracture (Lower Leg)

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Average recovery time: 225 days

Recorded Instances

Camma14 daysdetails
Hedis58 daysdetails
LJ64 daysdetails
bpyan66 daysdetails
errolpit69 daysdetails
joshblatch70 daysdetails
MollyP71 daysdetails
triple-double81 daysdetails
Blainey88 daysdetails
kezza91 days3 months (13 weeks) in a cast usually fixes anythingdetails
camd92 daysCause: Crossing impassable cliff at end of sprint training Prevention: Read the map next time! Going fast and felt under pressure - slipped on rocks Helped recovery? - Millenium institute and Bays Athletics - provided the gym equipment and coaching which has helped me massively to retain and regain fitnessdetails
undy102 daysGet CT scan ASAP and show report to a doctor you trust. See a good physio who understands orienteering (Paula) Do what she says. Relax, time will pass.details
helehan133 daysBone fine - but ligaments still giving grief from time to time. Completed first full track session though.details
Freeheelpete199 daysdetails
helehan201 daysDischarged from physio just over 6 months after op - able to go back to full activity, mobility, stability and strength good.details
tomslocombe253 daysPatiencedetails
bugeater291 daysApril 16- Going to consider myself 99% healed. unlucky situation in my opinion. this affected my 2 half of racing season significantly. Also delayed and slowed my progression this winter in staying in some condition and getting back into shape. details
Popper303 daysFocus on stretching and using all the right muscles. If knees hurt during a run, stop and shake out gluts. Suck up the pain that come the morning after.details
iansmith350 daysRecovering from the fracture took much time. I was on crutches for about 8 weeks, limited walking for 4, then varying degrees of impaired activity for the remaining 9 months. The leg was sensitive from Injury+3 - Injury+9 months. The only way to recover from a fracture is rest, then to rebuild atrophied muscles with a diligent PT schedule.details
juliadahl442 days15 månader tog det, men nu är det (iallafall vad det ser ut/känns) helt läkt. Mängder av sjukgymnast/läkar/röntgenbesök och en hel del depp. En lite halvkonstig resa där det började med överansträngda benhinnor, plötsligt blev benhinneinflammation, innan någon fick idéen stressfraktur, tills att det slutligen visade sig vara en krosskada (fraktur). Så kan det gå, det som inte dödar det härdar.details
swimlinzi04605 daysdetails
FE635 daysCartilage damage discovered during keyhole surgery (not on scan), following 7 months of little progress. If you are not making progress, its worth getting a 2nd/3rd opinion. Physio 2/3 times a day, good advice and patience. Orienteering has speeded up recovery.details
MasjaV875 daysdetails
LOST_Richard174+ daysdetails
Mareilu2464+ daysdetails
S&M3360+ daysdetails
pforma3489+ daysdetails
mhiat4604+ daysdetails
Henny6002+ daysdetails