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Plantar Fasciitis (Foot)

inflammation of the plantar facia, the soft connective tissue encapsulating the muscles on the sole of the foot. pain is most commonly at the inside front of the heel.

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Average recovery time: 142 days

Recorded Instances

cbd-211 daysI got custom orthotics, which worked well.details
TheInvisibleLog1 daysDisappeared very quickly. But has come back. Now have diagnosisdetails
bealaw1 daysdid some massage to it and applied some massage creamdetails
TheInvisibleLog1 daysRest for a day. No warm up before the event.details
TheInvisibleLog2 daysRest, change work shoesdetails
bealaw2 daysI did a lot of massage and applied some soothing cream (VITAS) to loosen the muscle.details
BlakeC2 daysI iced it well and stretched that whole afternoon. Took some ibuprofen and was good to go for Sunday.details
O Steve!2 daysdetails
ChristianeT2 daysdetails
Julia (old log)3 daysdetails
cbd3 daysStretching seems to have helped.details
rhesketh3 daysnew Inov-8 Roclite 315 shoes seemed to be the cause. I may have done some inadvertent heel landing.details
Ari-o3 daysGone! Probably from overuse/landing funny. Time to go overuse it again, I guess.details
gas_turbine3 daysnot major, so turning it off, as twisted R ankle is now the limiting factor.details
TheInvisibleLog3 daysRest and some patella and eccentric exercisesdetails
Julia (old log)4 daysdetails
ultrajen4 daysKept icing foot and trying to massage it; also put on a arch wrap and slept in it. Didn't do any weight bearing exercise, got in the pool to water run. Woke up Thursday with no pain and ran Friday on it and have been good since.details
rickyp4 dayslet it settle. get a massage balldetails
originalsuds5 daysNo running for 5 days, plenty of stretching, icing and Ibuprofen. Support insole helped greatly! details
Brooner5 daysdetails
TheFlan5 daysrest for 5 daysdetails
northernfeller5 daysNo idea really - Although could have been the moon grass?details
ken6 daysrest/ice/ibuprofen/stretchingdetails
NeoteriX6 daysStayed off my feet for a few days. Religious stretching of arch and calves. Also iced frequently with a frozen bottle. Also used a "Strassburg Sock" during sleep to help keep arch stretched overnight. Being on summer break, able to stay off my feet helped a lot.details
ebuckley6 daysStill there, but manageable.details
JonD6 daysWatch the shoesdetails
bealaw6 daysI guess I did too much hill run. I applied VITAS to loosen the muscle and had ice therapy. Stretching for a few days seems essentialdetails
sjreeve6 daysdetails
Ben Perry6 daysdetails
ken7 daysaggravated by skate skiing. stopped that.details
Godders7 daysprobably caused by unacustomed running in O shoes combined with dodgy achilles rest, ice, calf stretching seemed to workdetails
hodgepodge7 daysno runs for the week, seemed to be enough to let it heal.details
Niamh☀7 daysLots of rest, ice and some friction.details
jrock7 daysdetails
Brad T 1237 daysdetails
elavallee7 daysI got a Strassburg sock the first day I felt it, and it has been fine since. I also iced it the first day and did lots of calf stretches during the day.details
O Steve!7 daysice and was really bad for a few days and then took a turn after 5 days or so and healed quickly in about 3 days details
Noname8 daysdetails
Veijo8 daysdetails
Misha8 daysThe foot recovered, probably because I wasn't doing too much hilly running in shoes with little cushioning and support.details
dcady8 daysNot sure it was PF. Felt similar but was more on the outside of foot rather than inside. Went away after a week on its own.details
dcady8 daysDid extra stretching, massage. Tried KT tape wrap for a couple of days and athletic tape for a run. Barbara (and doc) thought it might have been partly caused by switching to sandals recently. Also lack of running meant lack of stretching. Doc says I should stretch everyday. Was surprised how quickly it resolved. Had this last year at about the same time.details
Doris8 daysdetails
$mitty8 daysdetails
mtcnas9 daysRest and Perskindol cream worked preaty fine.details
BP9 daysRunning on tight track with spikesdetails
gfallon119 daysdetails
schnitzer9 daysdetails
jfromme10 daysice, warmth alternate. details
A.Child10 daysStrething the achilles. Break from running (biked instead).details
bestes10 daysIce baths & golf ball foot massages!details
schnitzer10 daysdetails
Agiofws10 daysREST!!! for one week ... details
Fabi10 daysOstéo, semelles, repos, injection de cortisone.details
ken10 dayslow impact x-training for a week or so.details
Torzi10 daysROLLING WITH A BALL - and general physio! details
gas_turbine11 days1 week w/o running. (biked) dodged the bullet on this one.details
FletchLives11 daysTight hips...tight calves...tight arches...pain!details
JonD11 dayssee abovedetails
bradc13 daysRest, rest, no impact, rest, ice, rest...details
lestarlight13 daysTook a week off of running, slept with night splint, began wearing custom orthotics again, acupunture, physical therapy, ice, and stretching. After a week off, I started running again, but slow and easy, wearing only super cushiony Hokas and taking every 3rd day as a recovery day.details
EricNorris13 daysdetails
Doug B13 daysstill some tightness in L calf, and middle of foot, but this seems to have gotten better. The hot water pack seemed to help each day over the weekend, and stretching of calf, achilles and hamstring seems to help.details
Team Disoriented13 daysdetails
Zimmers13 daysGot in to she Shane as soon I a noticed there was an ice. A lot of foot stretches and calf stretch. Rolling a frozen gatoraid bottle on it once an hour for three straight days. Seems fine now. Pain has settled down. I bit tender still to roll a ball on it, but no pain in the morning, walking or when running. Will continue to monitor.details
dabond14 daysStretching and exercise seemed to help. Still not completely healeddetails
bubo14 daysProbably not PF, phew. It took about a week before it stopped bothering me. No problems at all when running 25-manna.details
Will.Tucker14 daysdetails
ken14 daysdetails
E. Oberholtzer15 daysIced, got inserts, stretched. Had some calf pain too. Cause? Shoe switch? (Asics 2130).details
Trailrat15 daysJust time. Went easy until I did not notice it anymore. Also took a few days in a row off from running which I think really helped push it into healing mode.details
mrevrgreen16 daysI took 2 weeks off of running and wore only super cushion shoes. I slept a couple of nights with my sexy struasberg sock. I kept ice under my desk and iced through out the day. It was a good plan. And best of all it worked.details
cktrahan16 daysSeems to be doing pretty well. I know it was the otc superfeet insoles that led to it. After dumping the insoles and resting the pain seems to have resolved. I really have to get new prescription insoles. details
dcady17 daysSeems to have gone away to the extent that if I hadn't had it what little sensation I feel would seem normal. Note: I have realized in retrospect that this was definitely a flare-up of PF. I don't know why I didn't realize it at the time.details
Torzi17 daysdetails
Trailrat18 daysLots of rolling foot on golf ball and ice.details
Chris18 daysdetails
Doris18 daysdetails
OJ21 daysdetails
AngusL21 daysNo real action taken other than general re-strengthening.details
Erik 21 daysdetails
seahawke23 daysdetails
WandAR24 daysDidn't resolve a blister issue and so my gait changed that caused me to strain the arch. Lots of calf stretches, towel pulls, golf ball. 3 weeks rest.details
AE1324 daysstretching strengthening wearing good trainers and not landing on my heelsdetails
schnitzer25 daysdetails
Ptr26 daysblev nästan två veckor utan löpning och med tåhävningar/stretch istället. Först för att vila, sedan för att jag blev sjuk. Missade lidingöloppet, men det verkar ha gått över. Hålle rmig till löpning varannan dag en stund till å börja med så det inte kommer tillbaka.details
bcvlj27 daystime, ice and celebrex.details
PngtsTzks28 daysdetails
Purko28 daysRest and not running. Wearing proper insoles and shoes when walking around the housedetails
msteffel29 daysWhat seemed to help most was rolling the tennis ball under my foot and stretching (calf and towel under ball of foot). Not doing longer runs also seemed to help.details
BenSquire29 daysRested for a week then started training again and it was fine. Still a few niggles but nothing major after warming updetails
JonD29 daysdetails
ken29 daysSeemingly from aggressive heel drops, took a break from thosedetails
undy30 daysStay off hard ground, icing and soft shoe shufflingdetails
JesseHagberg30 daysHaven't noticed it in a while. Not sure when it healed but seems better now. Just time, and not running much more than a mile a day. Still biked.details
Erik 30 daysdetails
Old Daniel30 daysStill uncomfortable but now running on it on paths nor terrain but unticked the boxdetails
jwolff31 daysdetails
Hobitas31 daysdetails
luciaire33 daysdetails
BigAl35 daysdetails
cbd40 daysdetails
ToddO41 daysdetails
Ptr41 daysKörde tåhävningarna och vadstretch två gånger om dagen i en dryg månads tid. Såg till att i början ta löpvila varannan dag och sedan övergå till löpvila var tredje dag. Hade lite känningar första månaden men sedan kändes inget mer. Fortsatte ganska länge efter att jag "stängde" skadan med att ha löpfria dagar för att låta foten läka.details
CharlieRennie41 daysdetails
Russ41 daysFor me it all stemmed from the anlkle mobility issues, but rather than causing calf issues as it did in mid 2023 this time it impacted the foot. Lots of things with the foot unstuck by Encarna. Need to keep working on ankle mobility with bands/stretching calf etc.details
JonD42 dayschanging shoesdetails
Anvil42 daysdetails
Pavementsucks44 daysdetails
Bridge44 daysApparently the cure was abuse. And taking a fuck ton of naproxen right before pre ranger details
TheInvisibleLog45 daysEccentric stretching, rest time and ibuprofendetails
AliC49 daysWow. Well, don't really feel like I know what the problem initially was. A nerve problem at the end, maybe also in the beginning, who knows. Had 3 physio visits. Not a stress fracture or anything, I guess. Bit of a mystery. details
KingTim49 daysTwo issues; plantar fasciitis and at the same time a misaligned peroneus. Physio suggested that my bike fall in mid October caused swelling on the ankle which pushed the peroneus out of its normal alignment and it hadn't settled back properly. She manapilated it and it seemed to be fine, but to make sure she taped my ankle up to pull the peroneus in the right direction. Plantar fasciitis may have been caused by my running differently due to both the medial knee ligament damage and the peroneu...details
AngusL49 daysdetails
ken50 daysa break from ball-of-foot landing strides seems to have helped this quite a bit.details
Jwchter51 daysChanged shoes, ran with them hard. wasn't a good idea. Took too long to recover due to not resting it. Went skiing for a week w/out any trouble. details
Inprin53 daysNew inserts and better stretching have helped. Only now after neqrly 2 months can I get out of bed and walk without having to stretch first. Two weeks of rest at the start was very important. Must really watch traing to make sure it does not get reinjured.details
A.Child53 daysTime? I didn't do much running over the winter which likely helped a lot.details
jimcdono53 daysdetails
morriam57 daysdetails
kb60 dayszuerst Laufpause und Eis, danach exentrische Übungen, Querfriktion, Igelball, locker Laufen(alle Maßnahmen für Dehnung und Durchblutung)details
iansmith61 daysCalf stretching and strengthening is really important for prevention. I required two weeks on crutches, four of no running and about eight weeks of limited activity before I was recovered. details
jima62 daysSeems to be just minor at this point - padding on the heel with certain shoes helps a lot.details
kkling62 daysInserts have given great relief, the passing of time also helpeddetails
fitchampion63 daysdetails
ahall65 daysdetails
Sarah65 daysdetails
inuksuk66 daysOrthotics, constant massage (stones under my desk at work) alternative training (i.e., mtn biking, cycling), and avoid too much flat hard surfaces -- the more uneven, it seems, the better.details
ken69 daysdetails
dirtyshoes72 daysNever got too bad. Regimen of stretching, wearing splint, and Hoka's did the trick. details
su--72 daysdetails
Chris9873 daysWeak feet, calfs, and glutes combined with lots of road miles and shady shoes. Needed to strengthen targeted muscles with specific exercises and get more flexibility in my feet. Will endeavour to run on grass as much as possible.details
emjem9278 daysuse tennis balldetails
cfpete78 daysLet it heal! As of 2/27/13 - no paindetails
Tyrannosaurus79 daysBeen back to running for a little while, and really haven't had issues. Every once in a while I roll it out with a baseball, but honestly no major problems.details
kbomb80 daysacupunture rocksdetails
ken83 daysdetails
gas_turbine83 daysGradually went away. 2 weeks vacation helped.details
Snoball83 daysI came to the conclusion that this injury was cause from introducing calf raises into my workout routine. In the beginning of the summer (4 months ago) I began incorporating weight lifting into my training. One of the exercises was 2 X 15 single leg calf raises holding a 45lb weight. Shortly after introducing this exercise I experienced a "sore heal" immediately after a 6 mile tempo while running on a concrete boardwalk. I've done this run a hundred times without any issues. I believe the...details
jennapaj83 daysdetails
susiethebear84 dayssjukdom med vila gjorde susen.. lttid nåt. better keep up that knäckebrödskavling thoughdetails
tbl84 daysGissningsvis mer skoglöp, blandade skog & bra sulor, stretch & massagedetails
PDBennett85 daysStretching seems to help the mostdetails
Klaas85 daysdit was het dus niet... Wel: enkel probleem: instabiel en AP re niet goed.details
P-K87 daysdetails
OL90 days-Staying away from hill running -wearing stabilizing shoe for training and trainers for racesdetails
mayer2290 daysThis seems to have gone away. Sometimes certain shoes will make me feel some issues in my foot but the alignment really seemed to be the underlying issue. Also have to pay extra attention to stretching my left calf sometimes. Next time after recovering from injuries make sure the body restores to proper motion. If a doctor (chiro, PT) can help do it.details
Garrison90 daysdetails
Cory Smith91 daysdetails
ken91 dayshamstring and calf stretching, running on grass.details
Knutern9793 daysLitt som kneet. Ikke helt bra, men får faktisk trent en god del uten større smerter. Er allikevel begrenset til 1t 30 min og null løping på asfalt :/details
Craig93 daysCalf raises on fasciitis fighter and lots of massaging arch with ball. Still gets tight and fatigued after lots of time on feet.details
leper94 daysStopped running completely. It's the only way this is going to stop being a problem, I'll try again in 18 months :(details
W95 daysdetails
Stryder107 daysI believe my foot is all but recovered. Over-training on the road with speed work during a time of high stress last fall caused the injury, and a lack of paying attention to my body. Foot rolling, periodic ice, "Sole" foot beds in my running shoes, a change to a more stable road shoe, and more terrain and less road running all contributed to my recovery. This was a slight case, and I did not have to be very aggressive in my treatmentdetails
marcitailor107 daysHengerezés details
Rich108 daysCalf stretching. Was a secondary injury caused by tight calf muscles.details
Brooner109 daysdetails
Ptr114 daysTog det rätt lugnt med löpningen och körde bara varannan dag ungefär. Sedan upptrappning. V.50 bestod av löpning varje dag utan någon känning i hälen, så nu får den klassas som "läkt".details
Ptr115 daysEfter två veckros sjukdom så känns det inget mer. Räknar med att det är borta. Tejpning och nya sulor under ett par veckor verkar ha gjort underverk.details
southernskier116 daysI took time off of it-swimming, biking, getting fat. I will be very cognizant about it though and I will stretch it, ice it, etc. if need be.details
Jagge117 daysdetails
yougogirl119 daysdetails
jtruns122 daysUltrasound, night splint, Rubz ball, stretching, massage, and ice. Consistency with as many of the listed items resolved the issue. This was by far the worst running injury ever.details
Kseniya122 daysDifferent shoes, massagedetails
jfromme125 daystime. stretching. ice. time.details
Andree127 daysdetails
OJ131 daysHard and prolonged high mileage training appears to have helped to resolve this where resting failed. details
Jonas Detterfelt132 daysVila foten så fort du känner minsta lilla i foten nästa gång. Det var segt värre att bli av med när det väl blivit illa värre. Birkenstocks hemma och valvstödjande formgjutna sulor till vardags verkade vara det enda som ev hjälpte.details
Bommy T134 daysdetails
BillJarvis138 daysI started using a tape that seemed to prevent re-stretching of the PF when working & exercising. It is called X-taping from the book "Essentials of Athletic Training" by Arnheim. I should've done this much earlier.details
iansmith139 daysdetails
driesvdk140 daysThis was hard to get rid of, long rest period and slow build up of training intensity healed the footdetails
furlong47145 daysInsoles for high arches seemed to do the trickdetails
rhess1326147 daysStreach and wore special sock. still a little pain every once in a whiledetails
OL147 daysRecurring injury, not running and ball rolling works. Stilldetails
OL147 daysRecurring injury. Not running and ball rolling works, still.details
Nathan148 daysdetails
jberwald152 daysdetails
Ojoj159 daysVar ikke plantar fasciitt, men låsning i foten som førte til slitasje på senendetails
boyle160 daysdetails
Swisscheese164 daysLots of foot gymnastics. Stretching and the boot. MBT shoes.details
Rsbrun168 daysBarefoot running was the ticket to help to gain foot strength. One day per week, not much more than 5K. Used toe shoes too! I should have done the toe to knee flex thing sooner too. Didn't get a handle on it until way into July. It just took time to resolve after that. details
wildwood168 daysdetails
nic.169 daysdetails
yougogirl171 daysdetails
inuksuk173 daysnew orthotics helped... details
stig of the dump175 daysChange of shoes.details
o-iain180 daysnot overusing it, some exercises, but mostly waiting.details
HitnHope190 daysJust took time. Implants helped a lot. details
nmulder191 daysThree visits to an orthopaedic surgeon for cortisone injections, a neurologist and many, many physio and bio sessions finally made sense of it all. A sequence of right leg injuries last year finally led to plantar fasciitis on the right foot. The inflammation at the heel attachment seems to have impinged on the Baxter's Nerve which wraps around it before going under the foot to the lateral side and posteriorly around the heel. I didn't have any major plantar pain, apart from right at the a...details
W192 daysdetails
juicyfresh194 days130211: Idag klarar jag av att hoppa med hälen och köra spänstövningar. Har i helgen även testat springa i skog. NU friskförklarar jag mig. Måste bara trappa upp försiktigt... 5 stötvågsbehandlingar krävdes..details
joch55194 daysdetails
cfpete195 daysNight splint and heel inserts workeddetails
coach196 daysLess running, more biking helped, no intensity.details
HitnHope203 daysCaused by over-use. A week's skiing helped - no impact, and the foot held rigid in the boot. It's not completely gone, but today's run was pain-free. Still there, but below the level of other aches & pains so it's time to call it recovered. Still wearing arch supports most of the time, and it helps details
jemmerson207 daysdetails
MaryMac211 daysdetails
susiethebear211 daysvem vet? mindre stress? ingen löpning över sommaren? rehab? (mkt varierad)details
OL212 days-4 angles of roll (medial, lateral, BOF and heel) -single leg foot fascia exercises to fatiguedetails
Pellervo214 daysTalven aikana oli juoksut vähissä. Syksyllä kerta viikkoon juoksentelu gt2000:lla helpotti vaivaa ja teippauksella pystyi juoksemaan "normaalisti"details
cbd215 daystime off, low mileage, insoles, massaging.details
inuksuk216 daysMainly time. New Shoes, stretching in bed before I got up, taping, and golf ball massage also helped. Also important: cursing - lots of cursing.details
O Steve!217 daysdont run stairs on a cruise ship 4 days in a row when you are not used to it....the cordosone shot knocked it out.....made the diggest difference....nice to be able to run without a nagging injury for the first time in years... details
HitnHope221 daysKeep wearing arch supports even when it feels recovered. Not caused any problems for a few weeks.details
ken226 daysbad shoes, hard surfaces. soft ground and stretching helped in the end, I thinkdetails
autark236 daysStill taping but going to call it recovered. Internet thinks stretching calf would help. Dunno... just sucks getting old :-(details
pskrivanos238 daysdetails
Strand242 daysdetails
sofiawigle247 daysDet jag tror orsakade skadan var dels för svaga muskler i foten, för mycket pronation och många tuffa tävlingar. Tror också att snedbelastning från höften/ljumsken kan ha hjälpt till att irritera senan. Lösning: total avlastning, stretching av senan samt rehabövningar för att stärka foten och få in ett rakare steg. details
A.Child248 daysdetails
Hirppa248 daysA lot of stretching to calves and achilles tendon.details
Anna258 daysNot sure if it's gone, but my knee is now the weak link, so fingers crossed!details
Grandpa Lefty261 daysSkied as much as possible. Finally have no pulling while turning my ankle in any direction.details
wildwood266 daysdetails
Steve R269 daysCauses - wearing old shoes, thongs? Tight calves? Recovery - Rest, no running for 6 months, stretching/rolling calves.details
devil271 daysseems to have recovered as a consequence of being knocked off bike and doing nothing for 4 weeksdetails
Ebbot275 daysThis is a kind of problem which doesn't feel bad at all in the beginning. Its severeness only slowly grows until you suddenly understand that you really have a problem. Then it is much too late to be able to heal fast, and it's really difficult to rest the heel since you have to walk sometimes (resting e.g. an arm is much easier!). So my best advice is: don't neglect plantar facitiis-like pains in the heel, no matter how small they are! Get some help with it immediately, by finding someone wh...details
StephHurry282 daysToo much too soon. Ran through it - not a good idea. Had cortisone injection, rested. Sat with both feet in a bucket of ice cold water for 10mins every night. That and the rest / reduced mileage helped. details
randy298 days 08/28/07 Ended up with bi-lateral PF and R patello-femoral pain syndrome (runner's knee) when it was all said and done. All linger slightly, but I am marking it as recovered. Best things for PF, in my experience -- superfeet orthotics (custom and other OTC did not help) strassburg sock during acute phase, but leg numbness made this untenable in the long run active release therapy from a "sports chiropractor" (self-administered after observing technique) scrunching towels or mar...details
Anna300 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog305 daysRecovered as in I have managed almost 50 kilometres in a week for the first time in quite some time. The issue is still in the background and mismanagement will quickly lead to a relapse.details
khall323 daysRunning in shoes without enough arch support. Solved by good shoes ALL the time. (Less barefoot, slippers, flip flops, VJs etc.)details
O-ing325 daysTime and very little running. details
Binnsey337 daysorthotics, calf strengthening exercises, cortisone patches, "time heals everything" details
Jac337 daysHar haft ont tills uppehåll i löpning pga stressfraktur i oktober 2011 till januari 2012. Därefter bättre! Har böjas med iläggsulor.details
Charlie365 daysEventually diminished to virtually nothing. Lots of calf stretching helped.details
Fabi371 daysNouvelles semelles, kiné, ostéo, repos, etc.details
Tooms380 daysdetails
herbhead385 daysTime...a lot of stretching and a final dose of NSAIDdetails
div390 days01-06-2021 Looks like recovered (?) Short runs under 3km helped.details
fiddlesqueak408 daysI put down "recovered", but not entirely true. It's no longer a "3"--probably hasn't been since July 2010... but now it's more like a "1" still. From Jul-Nov last year, still competed with lots of wrapping and ice. Orthotics in Nov helped a bit, not much training over winter. Started slow in spring and still can flare up on occasion, particularly after tough workouts/too many days in row, but generally manageable now. Can't help feeling though like it could worsen again at any time.details
silje426 daysdetails
ndcoop427 daysTook 9 months for it to go away (while running on it and receiving various treatments)....but running unnaturally on it, caused other issues which extended the problem another 3-4 monthsdetails
cbruski427 daysThe BEST exercises: 6/30 exercises (look up the video on youtube: Have been doing them EVERY single morning for the past four months, along with 3min calf stretches after each workout. The 6/30 exercises are the only thing that helped and they are keeping me moving and pain-free! Tight calves are a huge culprit for prolonging recovery from PF. Keep stretching those, and also do some MFR on them at bedtime :)details
ba-ba429 daysdetails
Aaron Ostrovsky433 daysdetails
emmawilson442 daysdetails
Dehydrated453 dayshelp from doctor orthotics just went awaydetails
darryn508 daysIt's still there at some level, just not as bad, but I'm tired of looking at it on my attackpoint page.details
Alibongo519 daysdetails
1L529 daysshould have gone for treatment right away instead of trying to train and race on it for so long.details
Ansgar539 daysHat sich auch wieder rausgeschlichen, einen Endzeitpunkt gibt's also auch nicht. Geholfen hat Gymnastik: Fersenheber, Dehnen mit gebeugtem Knie, Kniespirale, Blackroll.details
RASPUTIN551 daysdetails
bill_l577 daysdetails
rhesketh578 daysActive Release Therapy Rolling bottom of foot with a 1" diameter super ball every nightdetails
Alibongo588 daysMy feet have just adapted to running on them far more frequently than ever before and I've put softer insoles in my work shoes, which have arch supports and give some gentle cushioning.details
yougogirl589 daysdetails
bill_l606 daysdetails
cissi624 daysdetails
Stevek718 daysPut down as recovered. watch mileagedetails
possum733 daysdetails
dimario799 daysdetails
mattrooke878 daysOver 2 years and it might be on the mend. Lots of massaging, stretching and icing seems to have helped. Just done my first race (not including some walk/jog orienteering events in early 2012). Not quite there but I can do more running now than I have been able to for 2 years. Cause - switching to road rather than track when I finished uni. No more road running ever!details
khall889 daysOn and off still, but not often an issue. Usually a few days of good calf stretching and foot curls makes it go again now. And never going barefoot, and insoles in the Crocs. Insoles in all my shoes, actualy.details
slow-twitch103+ daysdetails
harzol267+ daysdetails
Attackpointtom301+ daysdetails
rrgoing628+ daysdetails
rrgoing1151+ daysdetails
GRennie1453+ daysdetails
David Rojas1541+ daysdetails
OL1850+ daysdetails
Sjkirwin2165+ daysdetails
Kimple2434+ daysdetails
thomasnr2761+ daysdetails
hrh2830+ daysdetails
fn2929+ daysdetails
Brentman2964+ daysdetails
vandessa3033+ daysdetails
SamTheMan3085+ daysdetails
CrzBoarder3157+ daysdetails
vatsalihaskala3226+ daysdetails
mklimek3287+ daysdetails
Seelie3322+ daysdetails
ViktoriaE3376+ daysdetails
Miss Green3387+ daysdetails
Cobie Blue Shoe3552+ daysdetails
Antimatter3823+ daysdetails
lizzieadams3906+ daysdetails
Dorelien3907+ daysdetails
mayer224077+ daysdetails
dancarter4267+ daysdetails
JamesBradshaw4291+ daysdetails
speedbetty4319+ daysdetails
vineer4348+ daysdetails
Miss Green4388+ daysdetails
James4429+ daysdetails
Lara4443+ daysdetails
kate4445+ daysdetails
mklimek4477+ daysdetails
natedunn4527+ daysdetails
be4587+ daysdetails
Sawtooth4607+ daysdetails
pforma4677+ daysdetails
Try Athlete4713+ daysdetails
Tap4745+ daysdetails
fitchampion4767+ daysdetails
JenniL4817+ daysdetails
Schmidt2174832+ daysdetails
Jjumper4972+ daysdetails
runupnorthbub5006+ daysdetails
cbd5039+ daysdetails
tuppz5092+ daysdetails
Bobrock5203+ daysdetails
kmor5288+ daysdetails
orienteeringTim5321+ daysdetails
KR5521+ daysdetails
orienteeringTim5605+ daysdetails
KimberlyS5658+ daysdetails
Julia B5671+ daysdetails
constancekim5730+ daysdetails
jimyqcc5825+ daysdetails
Stolle5827+ daysdetails
mcourtin5854+ daysdetails
Jonny6107+ daysdetails
carlw6330+ daysdetails