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Calf Strain (Lower Leg)

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Average recovery time: 46 days

Recorded Instances

null0 daysdetails
xcsnowskier141 daysit still is kinda sore when i massage it but it felt good running on it todaydetails
mtcnas1 daysdetails
nobobs1 daysdetails
ashleynank1 daysRest helped it recover in one daydetails
FelFairy1 daysNot felt the strain today, think caught it and eased back in time to prevent it worsening. details
acejase2 dayscombination of achilles tightness and hip tightness causing my calf to tighten (including nerve pain). recovered well by massaging calf and using tennis ball on hip/butt. especially hip. also cathyH exercises.details
mikee2 daysdetails
ksumner112 daysI gave it a day or two of rest and it felt great my next run. I've been training hard lately so it was just letting me know how old I am.details
Mona2 daysUsed icy-hot patches right away for 24h. I think they're recovered.details
Jubby2 daysLots of stretching and run it off.details
nightfox2 daysJust resting. Some massage and stretching also. And som "Hot 'n Cold" linement-cream. I can't feel any pain or worries today.details
gas_turbine2 daysdetails
BradLund2 daysdetails
nnmiles2 daysdetails
xcman822 daysRun and lift weights more. Still stiff after 5 or 6 days but what the hell.details
LeeVice2 daysstretching, coprire i muscoli con il freddodetails
workouttexas2 daysdetails
Ollie2 daysWent away very quickly after a day's rest. Completely fixed by January 1.details
darryn2 daysdetails
runforest2 daysShorter left leg, I fitted this 1/8 inch custom orthotic pads 1* 30 calf raises Massage stretch and restdetails
JMorris2 daysdetails
Alexander2 daysdetails
workouttexas2 daysGave it three days rest from running as soon as it started. Two full days off. Need to realize that spin class can take a lot out of me and either treat it like a running day, or just avoid them in close proximity to a really hard workout like the one hour hill session that followed the spin. Certainly shouldn't have put a three mile treadmill session on the third day on what was supposed to be only a cross training day.details
runforest2 dayscross friction massage. even the slightest twinge meant something's wrongdetails
runforest2 daysmassagedetails
TheFlan2 daysrestdetails
DrKeith2 daysUsound intense massage and Tiger balm active geldetails
roarkis2 daysdetails
troll feet2 daysdetails
EmilyEnright2 daysMassage and rest resolved the injury fairly quickly. details
patgie2 daysno triple digit mileage from now till end of maydetails
miclaraia2 daysGood warmups and continuing to run on it helped bring it back to a good enough state to run in a 5k 2 days after injury.details
billh2 daysI'm going to call this recovered since I feel no pain or tightness in the L soleus before, during or after the run this morning. I did several sessions of alternating ice and heat (Body Comfort pads) Fri and Sat so I think that helped. and of course, rested from running, so rest, ice and heat. no elevation, compression or anti-inflammatory meds needed. details
Parkino2 daysfrequent ice/compressions, gentle stretches, day offdetails
bealaw2 daysI tried to strech, it got better for awhile. Once I tried to walk or run again, it became very tight again. It was a hard time to get back home. I did more stretching and got some rest in the following days. details
o-darn2 daysdetails
Ptr2 daysHade kompressionsstrumpor dygnet runt för att hålla vaden varm. Om det var det som hjälpte eller inte låter vi vara osagt, gissningsvis var det ingen sträckning eller muskelbristning utan bara att jag typ sparkat mig själv med högerfoten på vaden vid fallet eller nåt sånt.details
susiethebear2 daysdetails
Parkino2 daysdetails
evancuster2 days2 days later no significant pain or limping.details
jwolff3 daysdetails
Olly3 daysdetails
Mal3 daysdetails
bubo3 daysStarting too early? Not enough stretching?details
AliC3 daysThink it was more of a cramp-knot than a pull/tear with lasting damage. Resting the one day and easy the next was good- did feel it after the easy though, so maybe two days off were in order!details
lorrieq3 daysjust ice and rest. felt bad on the day i got it but healed up quickdetails
Steffen3 daysdetails
Julia (old log)3 daysdetails
MDeVoll3 daysTreat with heat and massage.details
KingTim3 daysdetails
Mowbs3 daysdetails
Post3 daysLot's of ice, nurofen, and no runningdetails
Honkie3 daysViladetails
Stodge3 daysprobably fatugue based on favourig from other leg.details
VladFG3 daysdetails
dtarkalson3 daysRested over weekend. Massaged after injury. Ran slow monday-wednesday of following week.details
runforest3 days2nd day of recovery, chose to ride a bike to office this morning, rather than run. the right calf's swollen and pain is iminent. Rest is needed stretched, iced and massaged at night, just a little tight on tuesday's run continued stretching, calves and hams a bit tight easy running/run/walk pace All other muscle aches feels completely recovered details
A damp otter3 daysLots of stretching and icing details
Keith3 daysdetails
Phat3 daysdetails
Brooner3 daysdetails
runforest3 daysdeep massage (used rolling pin) took glucosamine HCL stopped running for 2 days ran with water socks on my next 2 sessionsdetails
andyd3 daysdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
DrKeith3 daysIvors magic hands, ice usound.details
nana3 daysdetails
Shingo3 daysdetails
clanchief3 daysdetails
fpb3 daysdetails
Toblerone3 daysmassage appt yesterday to break up the junk, wore calf sleeve all day yesterday, all night, all day today and duirng todays run. good to go!details
Izzy B3 daysdetails
zang4693 daysI know I need to stretch more after 15 minute warm up. The heat seemed to help in getting me back in the game sooner.details
Dooby3 daysJust tight. Got physio but was probably ok to run on by that stage. details
MatthewParton3 daysdetails
Parkino3 daysdetails
Larryj3 daysdetails
Steffen3 daysdetails
keselyüstök3 daysNem szabad kihagyni a nyújtást! details
Max M3 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 3 daysdetails
aronhellgren3 daysJag tror att känningen i vaden skapades av att jag blivit lite stelare i den. Tror att det har att göra med att schlattret/hopparknäet nästan försvunnit. På grund av det så springer jag lite annorlunda(Bättre) än innan. details
TheInvisibleLog3 daysRest for three days.details
evancuster3 daysdetails
neda.tamas3 days1,5 nap passzív pihentetés, közben sok sok kenegetéssel. Utána egy óvatos 5 km, de nagyon nagyon figyeltem hogy ha bármit éreznék rögtön álljak le. details
Bags3 daysdetails
Bags3 daysWalked for 3 days and today I trotted some and things seemed pretty much ok although still will ease back into running.details
TadasK3 daysMasažai su volu padeda. Lengvas bėgiojimas irgi padeda.details
Dooby3 daysdetails
DominicGreen3 daysdetails
levipp273 daysdetails
alan4 daysdetails
bubo4 daysStarted to do some extended stretching and it seems to really help.details
randy4 dayswent away after a few days as expected -- aggressive advil and rest it for a day details
Hoddy4 daysdetails
JGroen4 daysdetails
JGroen4 daysrustdetails
LittleBlue4 daysStretch, stretch, stretchdetails
m.doncel4 dayslots of rest, relaxation and ice.details
feike4 dayskeep it moving, but take it easy :-)details
beeker4 daysdetails
Dooby4 daysWent to the physio last night (Nov 23rd) and she said the calf was fine. Problem was stemming from a tight hamstring. Need to do more stretching to solve the problem.details
JonasB4 daysdetails
ShaunTheSheep4 daysForårsaket av en del ensidig trening. Sykling var bra alternativ. Tøying, styrke (stå på trappetrinn på en fot. Heve opp og ned.) og litt massasje hjalp.details
errolpit4 daysdetails
Rhesus4 daysrest, stretch and warm up/down before racesdetails
fitless4 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil4 daysNext time need to start more gradually in them.details
YouRNotHere4 daysComplete rest for 3 and one half days. I was back to the workouts on Monday evening with calf feeling just a little sore but after the workout it was 100% and still feels good 1 day later.details
Ptr4 daysLite träning och vila så gick det över.details
Hobitas4 daysdetails
Tooms4 daysIt just went. No effort to fix it at all.details
A damp otter4 dayscouple of days off running and stretchingdetails
Hobitas4 daysdetails
Johnny M4 daysdetails
cmorse4 daysStayed off it a couple days, ice & compression. Will be cautious of speedwork over the next couple weeks. Will run Bolton fast enough to get some points, but not pushing PR's. Perhaps go out behind Kevin G & just hide out behind him until the top of the hill, saving enough to outsprint to the line for the points.details
Siggi4 dayszu krasses Lauftechniktraining, zu lang, zu harter Untergrund mit Voltaren, Arnicasalbe und Wärme behandelt, plus - am wichtigsten - Ruhedetails
TheFlan4 daysrest and a light 4k jog on grass 3 days indetails
Bruce4 daysdetails
Ant W4 daysUltrasound seems to have loosened it. Keep rolling it, physio says.details
LMschwirz4 daysdetails
swat4 daysdetails
Izzy B4 daysdetails
xcman824 daysdetails
0074 daysCoincidentaly got a cold at the same time which forces me to rest, simply went away.details
TheInvisibleLog4 daysShort rest period, some wheel of pain massage.details
hughmac44 daysDon't run on twingedetails
Parkino4 daysrestdetails
billh4 daysseems to have resolved with a couple days rest, iced and heat to start off. details
phil4 daysdetails
RichardLund4 daysdetails
Frostbite4 daysdetails
duncanarcher4 daysHad a couple of days off and it went away. Seen physio and almost certainly related to tight Achilles which is all related to tight calves.details
michalmy4 daysRest, compression, ice, Deep Heat.details
evancuster4 daysdetails
Bags4 daysAnkle band exercises. Walking, ice/heat and new deep massager which seemed to reduce the knot greatly almost immediately (may have partly been timing). The new massager seemed to go deeper than my cheaper wand style model.details
ChristianeT4 daysMassage every day.details
TadasK4 daysdetails
DominicGreen4 daysdetails
philm644 daysRest & rehab & addressing glutes/lower back. Walking in the Lakes!details
Steffen4 daysdetails
jwolff4 daysavoid barefoot shoesdetails
DominicGreen4 daysdetails
ebone5 daysThis injury was difficult to classify, since it could have been either a minor strain or a major soreness from a heavy workload. It got better, but it's easy to imagine it having flared up and necessitated a several-day break from training. I'm not sure how to tell the difference between a fleeting injury/soreness and one that requires complete rest to heal, but in both cases, I try to use extra care when stretching or using the muscle when cold, for example when getting out of bed in the m...details
bubo5 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog5 daysTook a break, then decided I try it out on the Maxi-3hr. Worjed on the assumption that it was slow enough to get away with it. Hurt the first hour, but after that calmed down. After the race, so much is hurting that the claf is just background noise.details
biddy5 days3 sessions of physio, ice and stretchingdetails
stampy5 daysRest rest rest. Hot baths and gentle stretching - nothing too intense in case I made it worse.details
bishop225 daysdetails
weegie5 daysdetails
eileen5 daysglad i took it easy for a couple days. appears to be better now, no pain while orienteering today. details
beeker5 daysTook a few days to come right - just need to be careful not to rush into too hard a race too soon.details
dersu5 daysMy experience with muscle pulls suggests that the problem is less mechanical than something to do with general health. In this case, I think that my muscles had not recovered from "dehyration/electrolyte imbalance" from saturday. Some icing , lots of stretching, and a diet including some organ meats.details
JonasB5 daysdetails
Hollywood5 daysdetails
jonnyq5 daysdetails
schnitzer5 daysdetails
bishop225 daysAll the walking while carrying heavy bags on the trip to Seattle couldn't have helped.details
Dooby5 daysPhysio sorted the problem out. Issue was that my left calf just tightened up fairly badly after the race, facia issues which requires more stretching, so will be increasing that part of my routine from now on.details
KingTim5 daysIce, massaging. No stretching though, on the advice of the physio.details
ashleynank5 daysdetails
Ollie5 daysdetails
FRBlackSheep5 daysdetails
Veijo5 daysdetails
Roger T5 daysCause: XC race. As usual. Recovered by cycling (instead of running), stretching, self-massage. Usually takes 7-10 days so either wasn't trying hard enough in the XC race or the one-legged calf raises are helping.details
Juuso5 daysdetails
darryn5 daysI just went away. Guess it was just a minor strain.details
blairtrewin5 daysdetails
Roger T5 dayscycling for 4 days. Survived a short run on day 5 with some brisk sections, so deemed OK.details
runforest5 daysmassage. stopped runningdetails
schnitzer5 daysdetails
swolfe5 daysMore Hammy/Hips than calf. It was Biceps Femoris attachment, for sure. Knot in my hammy getting worked out resolved the attachment tenderness in my calf. No more bike jumping till after Wasatchdetails
Aram5 daysdetails
bugeater5 daysdetails
o-iain5 dayshoping it's better - will stretch calfs better before running ...details
HitnHope5 daysNumerous lower leg problems since sciatica three years ago, suggests need to get back sorted, not just treat the calf injuriesdetails
MikeMc5 daysdetails
eoinmcc5 daysfew days off, got some nice cycles in to give the calf a restdetails
JesseHagberg5 daysRolled calf with "the stick" two days in a row, stretched and didn't push runs. Feels better now.details
levitin5 daysrestdetails
Kalgman5 daysLöpning med intervall 7 km och dagen efter OL 10 km. För otränad för två dagar i rad.details
andrew_elwood5 daysRestdetails
HiipiväHirvi5 daysdetails
ajriley5 daysdetails
Steffen5 daysdetails
Steffen5 daysdetails
michalmy5 daysI think I might have bumped my frame. Rest, Deep Heat. Still a sore spot after 5 days, but not affecting riding or walking around.details
mikee5 daysdetails
Blaaz6 daysdetails
msm6 daysFeeling much better today in my calves. I plan on doing some light hill bounding today. Will see if the recovery is permenent or not. :-)details
errolpit6 daysdetails
bubo6 daysJust a little longer rest than usual...details
bubo6 daysStretching seems to help even if it hurts while running and gets better after that.details
BazorakcommaJ6 daysdetails
bubo6 daysdetails
Trailrat6 daysThink that active recovery helped, just was a big knot in it, used the roller and stick a lot on it.details
beeker6 daysWell it slowly started getting better. And I don't notice it on the bike, which is what I've been doing.details
stampy6 daysdetails
johnd6 daysbit of rest,bit of physio,some easy running,seems ok today.details
Agiofws6 daysrest helped it.. details
Agiofws6 daysrestdetails
evancuster6 daysdetails
Tooms6 daysHEAPS of trigger pointing and some taping to prevent dorsiflexion, no running. NSAIDs.details
gogirlgo6 daysSuper slow warm-up helpful. Stretching a bit less as may have been overstretching? Ice to calf and piriformis big help. details
michalmy6 daysIce, Voltarin gel, rest.details
Kitch6 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt6 daysdetails
Purko6 daysdetails
Steffen6 daysdetails
Craig6 daysdetails
Hapardi6 daysdetails
Izzy B6 daysdetails
Jagge6 daysmost likely just bad cramp.details
heatherh226 daysdetails
rickyp6 daysRest, exercises, cross trainingdetails
HitnHope6 daysPulled it on the first fell race of the season (Tues). Didn't notice it happening. Ice, massage roller and ibuprofen for three days or so, started light exercise on the Saturday, stopped hurting on Monday, ran again on Tuesday with no issues. details
nmulder6 daysLinked to running style deficiencies details
c.underwood6 daysdetails
neda.tamas6 daysPihentetés, finom nyújtás, laza henger, könnyű átmozgatások, keresztedzés, kenegetés, flossing, reménydetails
TheInvisibleLog6 daysRestdetails
TheInvisibleLog6 daysRestdetails
Ben Perry6 daysdetails
Faceplant6 daysTime and some biking.details
Slice7 daysTreating with lots of rest, mild stretching, ice, pain-free movement and some physio tretments from Quality Care Sports Injury and Rehab in Oakville. Gradual transition back into activity with pool running and walking. details
xcsnowskier147 daysfelt better last monday, then it got worse again. Took a few rest days and went into the ice bath a few times. That made it feel alot better and gave me some stuff to talk about.details
torbensfunk7 daystake it easydetails
Hobitas7 daysdetails
AlistairR7 daysdetails
nate7 daysdetails
J:Dahn7 daysdetails
Julia (old log)7 daysdetails
mikee7 daysone week restdetails
Fraser P7 daysdetails
Durendal7 daysdetails
L-Jackson7 daysdetails
Mahuan!7 daysResolved with a week of taking it easy.details
Charlie7 dayscalf raises and lowers seemed to help it. It seems to be on the mend.details
johnd7 daysA bit of a mystery really ,cleared up after some rest.I just have to carry on with the calf raises.details
johnd7 daysRest ,stretching,yoga.details
stevieb7 daysOver training on snow, restdetails
michalmy7 daysPhysio, electrode, icepack, Voltarin gel, rest.details
patgie7 daysno more than 100MPW for next couple months, less strength work and more speed work details
div7 daysCompletely healed after ULtra Long on Sundaydetails
Roger G7 daysShould have massaged before o race as knew it was tight. Did the right things in stopping straight away and good recovery (do nothing for a few days and massage)details
Veijo7 daysdetails
Torzi7 daysrest, ice and pain killers details
Bruce7 daysdetails
posttrip7 daysLowered the workouts this past week. Focused on running relaxed a having the hip a bit lower to the ground. I think the main cause was running a bit to high - more of a straight leg, on the toes and using the muscle too much, where as I should have been loading the tendons more. Remember to relax at the start of a race!details
Brooner7 daysdetails
levitin7 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt7 daysdetails
mmurph7 daysRest. No running all week, just walking at work. Will take another week off of running to let my body recover.details
Craig7 daysdetails
PatDunlavey7 daysI'm back into my program, though somewhat set back in terms of distances and speed that I'm running. First principal: do no harm! Note that knee injury a few days later was most likely caused by overdoing stretching during the couple day break.details
bealaw7 daysI realise I step really hard on the ground with my left leg. That might the reason why left calf's muscle is especially tight. I did some stretching everyday.I did a whole body massage on 13Feb. details
andypat7 daysdetails
acejase7 daysAnti inflams, left glute ball rolling, nerve flossing, rib spirals. details
acejase7 daysnerve flossing, spiky ball on glutedetails
RimvydasA7 daysdetails
justus7 daysTime and Restdetails
Roy7 daysCalf raises helped to strengthen the muscle back.details
Guisborough17 daysdetails
Chris987 daysLack of general maintenance with some big training weeks inc track speed sessions and potentially shoes getting old. details
errolpit7 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi7 daysdetails
Cambas7 daysdetails
Bruce7 daysdetails
mmace8 daysdetails
div8 daysdetails
gg8 daysdetails
BazorakcommaJ8 daysLots of pressure pointing, some stretching, keeping active. Now just generally soredetails
zerfas8 daysdetails
grroes8 dayspain free after 8 days of icing, massaging, and rest. started running again after 5 days off and pain was gone completely by the 8th day.details
torbensfunk8 daysdetails
Shminty8 daysHad felt them tightening and had tried to stretch etc. Did the exercise on the edge of the stairs and slwoly built the running back up. Also iced regularly.details
AC8 daysRecovered quite rapidly, lots of stretching and heat, hard massage with ketoprofene gel.details
Ethan8 daysI just ran through it...details
graeme8 daysSeemed like a 6-weeker, but just went away after a week and a hardish run (during which it was sore). Just pulled a muscle between the ears? Maybe needed a change of shoes?details
Stijn8 daysdetails
Brooner8 daysdetails
samppa8 daysdetails
Ironfrog8 daysdetails
tomslocombe8 daysREST!!!!details
cktrahan8 daysTime off.details
ebone8 daysdetails
acejase8 daysstretches, starting with hip-jaw ones and two tennis balls on spine gets things right. Anti-inflams don't hurt either.details
swolfe8 daysHamstring tightness was issue.Dodged a big bulletdetails
CHARLIE-B8 daysRunning too hard after an arduous run two days earlier. Twisting uphill motion making uphill turn. Treated very gently. Only one treadmill run a week after it happened.details
kurthu8 daysdetails
andypat8 daysdetails
troll feet8 daysRest from running. Hillwalking in winter boots seemed to help and "strengthen" it. Not run or jogged since hill walking in Scotland but felt fine on the Tyndrum trail run with Elainedetails
cousteau8 daysdetails
hfljazzguy8 daysRested for a week following the race and started up running again the following week. Need to find easy jogging pace instead of fast intense runs every time.details
michalmy8 daysIce, rest, Deep Heat.details
Kalgman8 daysKanske för mycket att springa fram och tillbaka till jobbet med packning två dagar i rad (12+14 km).details
RimvydasA8 daysdetails
Steffen8 daysdetails
sjreeve8 daysdetails
jwolff8 daysdetails
mikee8 daysdetails
Nick8 daysdetails
coach8 daysrest and cyclingtdetails
TheInvisibleLog9 daysA few bouts of deep massage worked better than rest!details
Cambas9 daysAloe Vera (intake) + Mumjo(intake) + rest (most work with bike) + sauna.details
irt9 daysdetails
Kas9 daysdetails
JonasB9 daysdetails
JesseHagberg9 daysRunning too far too fast in my Vibram FiveFingers caused it. It must've not been too bad because 4 days and it is feeling almost 100%.details
Dooby9 daysPhysio and lots of stretching. Problems seems to be caused from pushing too hard and the muscle can't take the strain!details
bishop229 daysStill feels vulnerable after 8/7 end date, but I was able to play tennis on it. Speed work will probably be avoided for a bit longer.details
ShotRat9 daysdetails
hagi9 daysdetails
mjulius9 daysI feel good now that my calves and associated tendons have adjusted themselves to their new role in my stride. I can't imagine running with a heel strike again. A simple adjustment of 9 days and my legs are doing what they are designed to do.details
Harlie9 daysNeed to warm up properly seems to be worse when I run on concrete in Salomonsdetails
Andrew Feucht9 daysdetails
Roger T9 daysdetails
Anvil9 daysdetails
Oxoman9 daysdetails
brycec9 daysLots of stretching - more rest would have been good - should have missed leg session on original week. Still niggles so may be underlying issue.details
Roger G9 daysdetails
matzah ball9 daysdetails
NM9 daysdetails
tdgood9 daysThe week after I did a lot of massages and soaked it in the bathtub for a hour twice.details
willc9 daysdetails
Kurt9 daysdetails
lorrieq9 daysRestdetails
hughmac49 daysI think the speed work on the treadmill was the 'bad idea'. Need to ease into the speed, as I haven't been doing it ... or just stick to hills.details
Scrappy Doo9 daysdetails
JoshuaDudley9 daysRecovery through plenty of stretching of calf, regular rolling and more static exercises, like calf raises, squats and lunges (no additional weight) . Ensuring a good warmup before every training. Sometime can notice the calf after a long session but as an early warning sign to take it easy. Also keeping the legs warm helps. Think that the cause of the issue initially was over straining the calf and lack of strengthening. Not giving it a suitable rest week. details
andriusj119 daysdetails
BillJarvis9 daysdetails
MoeD10 daysStretching is very important. I need to stretch on a regular basis.details
Andrew10 daysMostly healed, hardly notice it. Might wait about a week before doing fast running on the flat.details
jgreen10 daystry not have too big a week after recovering from an injury.details
Hirppa10 daysdetails
swolfe10 daysHeel lift. 6 x massage on hamstring, shins and soleus. RICE, ultrasound. 10 days off. Running analysis before restarting. details
johnd10 days2x physio sessions with the blonde butcher of studio 57 and general intensive care including stretching ,icing and rest etc..Clearly I have an inherant weakness in my calves/tendon that will need attention if im to continue improving my times. details
Santinia10 daysdetails
jonm10 daysCaused by running hard when Claf tightened up. Luckily only minor and a quick recoverydetails
acejase10 daysCorrect posture particularly at work, with laptop and ipad usage. also anti inflams helped get on top.details
jdbegin10 daysdetails
andypat10 daysStill some pain on pressing but not affecting running any more.details
fpb10 daysAble to complete a green course with no problem on 6/23. Still feels stiff, but no pain. I'll baby it one more week and try to resume some track running next Saturday. I guess that makes it severity 1?details
GZs10 daysdetails
A damp otter10 daysdetails
Harlie10 daysJust rested and not too many fast intervalsdetails
Rainbow Unicorn10 daysBiofreeze, massage, rest.details
rickyp10 daysExercises and rest. Don't do a full Intervals session on the first week back after injurydetails
Piers Pirow10 daysRecovery physio, massage, light excercise, and gentle stretching. Practise Pilates and Yoga for preventiondetails
CHARLIE-B10 daysdetails
kurthu10 daysdetails
johannes roto10 dayslumella / nastoilla juoksu. Liian kovavauhtiset 2km vedot nastoilla.details
Bommy T10 daysdetails
errolpit10 daysdetails
nmulder10 daysdetails
jwolff10 daysdetails
errolpit10 daysdetails
Hobitas10 daysdetails
Inprin11 daysLong runs really helped. Will try some speed work, mld, to see if can hang together.details
MeanGene11 daysdetails
seahawke11 daysNote to self: on your first run in a month, don't run for over an hour.details
triple-double11 daysI wonder if I can avoid running hard in non-running shoes with a heavy bag next time?details
Kez11 daysFew days off in a row did the trick plus plenty of icing any inflamm and stretching the calfdetails
gg11 daysRest, stretching, massagedetails
Jagge11 daysdetails
IFKekan11 daysOm jag kunde genomföra en 1.51-tävling så borde den vara rätt frisk. Vilade mycket, hade värmeskydd - kommer att ha värmeskydd på natten samt vid aktiviteter.details
nikospetros11 daysdetails
oldpunk27811 daysdetails
workouttexas11 daysProbably caused by hills and trying to run more on forefoot in a fast race environment. Iced all day and some the next day. Think this and compression socks really helped. Dialed back mileage. Took 3 full days off and lowered mileage 33% for the following week and no long run. Pretty much back to full strength 2 weeks later.details
GM11 daystried running on the Sunday following and that was a BAD move. Very tight, very sore, almost painful, after 30mins of running, and going up hill was the worst.details
Juuso11 daysdetails
Chas11 daysStill sore after nearly two weeks but, after running/hobbling around a 50 min race, it was miraculously better the following day.details
Nadim11 daysTime and rest, and slow static stretching after running that emphasized achilles stretching. details
paul c11 daysdetails
sberg11 daysRest, massage, stretching, hydration. Could have been I was dehydrated when pulling the muscle?details
graeme11 daysMinor. Selfhealdetails
coach11 daysRest, easy jogging over a few days, compression socks.details
Cruachan11 daysEased back the training and iced/Deep Heat/elf-massaged it when felt soredetails
samwell11 daysRestdetails
GM11 daysseems to have fixed itself with some time, some massage and some Fisiocremedetails
Daneo11 daysdetails
BruceMeier11 daysNew shoes? Setting off too fast on a run without warmup?details
markg11 daysMassage and stretchingdetails
jwolff11 daysdetails
Sergej F.11 daysrest, alternative training, static exercisesdetails
Nadim11 daysTime off, and some working out too. details
RJM11 daysRest and stretching removed the limp. I suspect there is a deeper cause, which i hope a dr visit next week (including untrasound) will revealdetails
Basa11 daysdetails
Poogy11 daysdetails
Fraser P11 daysdetails
Mitch7811 daysdetails
Eoghan11 daysdetails
Fabiano11 daysTre sedute di tecar e del riposo sono bastati per una guarigione veloce.details
HiipiväHirvi11 daysdetails
Ruben Razzetti11 daysForm a proper relay warm up strategy so that I don’t star off cold. I think this will also help get my mind into the orienteering process.details
coach11 daysWas OK after test run. Swelling on inside of ankle still there which had a black and blue area.details
bubo12 daysdetails
bubo12 daysMaybe it´s over for now. I still feel a little soreness, but I think extensive stretching may help - just as it did before in the spring.details
tdgood12 daysdetails
mjd12 daystook it easy. didn't run on the sanddetails
Fraser P12 daysdetails
Ecmo12 daysdetails
jwest94012 daysdetails
killertik12 daysdetails
matzah ball12 daysdetails
Runodk12 daysdetails
hfgnr12 daysdetails
Shingo12 daysdetails
Rosco12 daysCoincided with Chrimbo hols so took advantage of that to catch up with folk and not do too much.details
RJM12 daysRest. Tried to come back after one week, felt it there but pushed through, and wound up walking the rest of the way to school. Waited another 1+ week and gently eased in, backing off if it showed up again.details
RJM12 daysRest and after ready for it, lots of doorway calf stretch (3 sets of 4/day, 30secs/stretch).details
steph_lawrie12 daysfoam roll, foam roll, stretch, foam roll, sports massage, stretch, foam rolldetails
Hapardi12 daysdetails
Badger12 daysdetails
Hapardi12 daysdetails
o-darn12 daysFinally seems better. Bruise gone too. Massaged it a fair amount and bought a massage stick.details
elgar12 daysdetails
Rosco12 daysdetails
andyhill12 daysMassage, stretching behind knee, a few days offdetails
Tane12 daysdetails
Roger G12 daysdetails
Garry12 daysStill think too much sitting is the cause and not enough mobilising. This one probably not helped by need to strap the left ankle for protection.details
Bruce12 daysdetails
MeanGene13 daysART (active release technique - deep massage) helped with recovery. Can run without pain or any dull ache - unlike the right hamstring which still has problems after 68 days. But not ready to go longer distances yet, but no pain any more.details
Squashy13 daysdetails
randy13 daysdetails
bubo13 daysdetails
RJM13 daysTime, no running, gentle resumption, stretchingdetails
smogmonster13 daysNot really sure what caused it. It really felt like something was out of place more than was a slightly weird feeling. But massage definitely helped a lot, as did a bit of a rest of course details
Ralph13 daysdetails
Desmond13 daysR: massages, hot and cold, rest 10 days, other sports (like swimming and cycling)details
mtcnas13 daysdetails
Keith Iskiw13 daysdetails
Bruce13 days3 days rest, ice and compressiondetails
johnd13 daysdetails
principessa13 daysdetails
Lara Croft13 daysFixed, no issuesdetails
yakin13 daysdetails
rickyp13 daysdetails
mikee13 daysdetails
O-ing13 daysGot back on the bike, plus walking, bailed on the O before no. 1. details
Trav13 daysacupuncture and physiodetails
Erik 13 daysdetails
coach13 daysdetails
susan13 daysCalf strain at start of run in minimalist shoes. Seems to have resolved quickly. Hope it stays resolved! Spikey, rest, ankle mobility etcdetails
Trailrat13 daysTime, needling, laser, and red light... threw everything at it.details
beeker14 daysSeems to have pretty much recoved. Just have to start slowly and keep with the massage, stretching, and strengthening exercises.details
Amber14 daysdetails
gas_turbine14 daysCalling it resolved because I can run again somewhat. Most likely related to my bad achilles. Ben-gay helps before running. Need to stretch as much as I had been doing to resolve the achilles problem. Also related to colder weather - need to wear sweatpants on days that are <50F in the morning.details
olmarkus14 daysDont remember, has forgotten how long this injury was.details
prez ret14 daysNo longer seems an issue although probably still not 100%details
Vox14 daysplenty of rest and ice for the first 7 days. then started with some walking that included small amounts of jogging over about 5 days.details
jeffw14 daysdetails
stampysmum14 daysdetails
Jubby14 daysStayed off running for two weeks and kept cross-training - then build up 15 mins at time.details
Rosenstiel14 daysPossibly just a bit of wear and tear + was very tired. Needed to rest.details
ales.drahokoupil14 daysdetails
Chas14 daysUsual rehabilitation. Must try getting more regular calf massages.details
Chas14 daysRecovered more quickly than usual calf strain. Need regular calf massage!details
RWorner14 daysNo running with ice, heat, light stretching and self-massage. Better in about 10 days.details
Crefcoeur14 daysaprès 2 semaines de repos actif, je peux reprendre l'entraînement qualitatifdetails
TheFlan14 daysdetails
AngusL14 daysDon't run too hard from the outset; don't run in ill-fitting shoes; rest works wondersdetails
lazydave14 daysdetails
Garry14 daysPhysio (needles), rest and proprioception tape (or whatever its called).details
michalmy14 daysIce, Deep Heat, rest.details
simmo14 daysdetails
Jonas Detterfelt14 daysdetails
Brucewithamap14 daysNo physical activity for 2 weeks (except for the flat sprint in the flying pig)details
GZs14 daysdetails
jwolff14 daysdetails
Forgotten14 daysdetails
tdgood14 daysdetails
Cambas15 daysit's true, You must stay running free for 10-14 days and not to go Hills-training just after recovery (my last year mistakess).details
errolpit15 daysdetails
bishop2215 daysdetails
Tailend Tim15 dayslots or rest and havn't really stretched out. Probably wont before now and Portugaldetails
Dooby15 daysPhysio sorted problem. details
BP15 daysdetails
ebone15 daysI'm not sure when it got better, so I'm guessing it was around a couple weeks later.details
Garry15 daysPosture - too much time without breaks sitting at the PC. Dropped R shoulder due to curved spine. Need to focus on not crossing legs, sleeping on back / side & maintaining posture.details
murraystraining15 daysRest, ice, massage.details
jgreen15 daysnot enough training before racing, and not enough warming up - cause I was sick... no real wisdom - cause don't get sick isn't really valuable incite...details
Purko15 daysdetails
MateE15 daysRecovery: Rest, no workout Cause: No Training Scheme. Too fast too many km: started running jan 15 after years of doing nothing. Did run 10km by the end of feb in 1h6min (after 6 weeks), 2x 10km + 1x7km in that week. See
Dehydrated15 daysdetails
L-Jackson15 dayswas exercising after 1 week but no running for 2 weeks. details
Oxoman15 daysdetails
LMschwirz15 daysNeed to rethink my gait...details
Reiver15 daysTime off with cold helped recovery. (2 weeks)details
O-ing15 daysdetails
hughmac415 daysTime. Oddly the 100k didn't seem to bother this. No idea what this is.details
FLOU15 daysdetails
Piers Pirow15 dayswarm up, no sprinting in race, place foot more carefully and be sensitive to when calf undergoing straindetails
fn15 daysdetails
Remco15 daysRustdetails
Shingo15 daysdetails
ronaldo15 daysWell it seems to be pretty much recovered but I can still feel a slight knot in it, won't know for sure until I go running on it this week. details
Reiver15 days2 weeks minimum no running with any calf injurydetails
Fochdog16 days-Selective rest (no or little intervals) trying to stay off my toes while keeping my volume up with less intense training. - Ibuprofen - Lite stretching - Lite massagedetails
RASPUTIN16 daysdetails
Chas16 daysWasn't wearing my skins when it went; maybe significant? Needed a bit more rest than usual, but other than that the usual tricks worked. Heel-raises, stretching and a gradual build-up ingoring a bit of pain. Maybe should get a professional massage now. details
tautvix16 daysPo kelių dienų jau galėjau paeiti. Po 2sav jau regis normaliai galiu minti, nors prieš kelias dienas atsistojus vis dar jautėsi. Aplamai, dar pašokus jaučiasi kojos raumuo. Tikiuosi, viskas bus gerai. Apie gydymą. Iškart po traumos reikėjo šaldyti. Čia padariau klaidą, to nepadaręs.details
bazil16 daysSports massage on my calves.details
mjd16 daysrest.details
zootrio16 daysdetails
mary16 daysdetails
rickyp16 daysRest + exercisesdetails
tdgood16 daysdetails
nmulder16 daysToo much road too quickly in 1 week. Also lack of recent gym work.details
Nadim16 daysJust lots of rest helped me get over this. Like what happened on my right leg months earlier, this kept getting re-injured as I walked. Overall I think it was connected to my back issues (on the lower left side now). Stretching might have helped but I worry about the bending just grinding up already damaged cartilage. details
Shingo16 daysdetails
fn16 daysVila.details
Reiver16 daysdetails
The Rooster17 daysNot to run again!details
BabyPre116917 daysdetails
noalittle17 daysdid not run for a week with 3 days of skiing - which stretched the leg out. Have PT appointment next week.details
Godders17 daysrest and massage seemed to cure itdetails
Durendal17 daysDo not run on toes. Rest day before running day, if injured last month. Do not run or ski more than an hour if injured last month. Use better shoes, not VJ.details
Luke W17 daysrest, backing way off volume. new shoes. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE...cross fiber work (so painful). it made the issue feel worse for a few days but i think this was a big part of the healing process. preformed about 3-4 days post injury. details
jima17 daysdetails
Roger T17 daysAggravated by gentle run after 7 days' cycling, when felt OK at rest. Cycled for another 8 days, then built up 5 - 10 - 20 mins running, gradually increasing speed.details
Maluks17 daysdetails
levitin17 daysRest the muscle.details
Nadim17 daysTime, slower longer workouts (walking) with less intensity helped to keep me in shape and reduce re-injury. Rest and sleep seemed to help too but I didn't do a lot of either. details
willc17 daysdetails
coach17 daysdetails
Trav17 daysdetails
dersu17 daysdetails
bradc17 daysdetails
div17 daysdetails
Stijn17 daysdetails
HebeD17 daysdetails
Inprin18 daysdetails
mdeweydavis18 daysStretching helped once I was walking and jogging on it properly. Nothing much more than rest originally.details
gg18 daysrested it for 18 days, no running, lots of cycling, swimming etc physio about every 6-8 days feels much better nowdetails
fitless18 daysI needed some rest afterwards.details
slangjudoka18 days2 weeks rest and lots of ice.details
Culbin18 daysdetails
lorrieq18 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo18 daysdetails
J-BANGZ18 daysdetails
austrianmike18 daysRestdetails
gogirlgo18 daysdetails
Bruce18 daysdetails
Brooner18 daysRest elevation, compression, stretching, gradual return to running.details
Kipinkapin18 dayslepoa pohkeelle täysi viikko ja sen jälkeen kun varovasti lähti tiejuoksuilla niin hyvin tuntuu taas kestävän. Muistettava venytellä ja hieroa enempi ettei kiristy niin paljondetails
Davidm081118 daysdetails
jwolff18 daysdetails
lost in space18 dayshope I'm recovered seem to be running with no problems now must keep the stretches goingdetails
Pavementsucks18 daysRest, stretching, massage, compression stockings.details
gas_turbine18 daysFollowed own advice of doing cross-training. Tried coming back early a couple times, but turned myself off early on those runs.details
Garry18 daysTook it very easy for nearly 2 weeks, focusing on cycling. Going to adopt a calf strengthening programdetails
Hoddy19 daysdetails
pi19 daysdetails
jcampbell19 daysdetails
Tane19 daysdetails
Miikka19 daysdetails
Garry19 days9 May: Chiro - hips misaligned. Right side up. L calf pull due to compensation. 23 May: Physio - R ITB & lateral quad very tight. Needles & massage to ease. Got a number of stretches to do - quad & glutes tight + hip flexor. 24 May: Lateral quad very sore still. Knee & quad sore at night. 25 May: Knee feels better than for weeks. Right clutes tender. Long walk in forest checking control sites. 26 May: Knee & glutes feeling good. Went for a 5min run. details
Rich19 daysdetails
tdgood19 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi19 daysdetails
tinytoes19 days2 repeat twinges, lessening severity.details
Bruce19 daysdetails
andyd20 daysCause: too many races. Rest was going nowhere. Deep massage (v painful) was key to fixing it.details
glenn20 daysNew shoes, modify running style to recover quicker.details
TimGood20 daysJust a lot of rest.details
CoachingEnduranc20 daysmassage from lisa and the stick from marit worked wonders. went to transrockies not sure how it would feel and it was fine.details
beeker20 daysdetails
Bruce20 daystime streching strengtheningdetails
Cruachan20 daysTime, rest and putting heel raise into my left shoe. details
levitin20 daysMassage helped. K also recommended relacing to use the outboard eyelets to reduce pressure across the top of my arch, where there was a lot of compression and tightness.details
Remco20 days2 weken niet lopen, alleen fietsen. Heel langzaam opbouwen en extreem goede wu en cd. Massagestick, magnesium en nieuwe steunkousen.details
RASPUTIN21 daysMassage and low level laser therapy from Dr. Wells/WellSport helped. Before this happened, I had felt a twinge 2 weeks prior. I should have taken a week or two off from running until it fully healed. Instead, i made it worse. The injury happened 8 miles into the run, at "dusty corner" aid station on the WS100 course.details
A.Le Coq21 daysdetails
Rosco21 daysNot too bad - think I stopped just in time.details
killertik21 daysdetails
Chas21 daysCan't work out what causes calf problems, but I do seem to have sussed out the best way of recovering; rest 2-3 days then build up distance slowly. Ignore pain (within reason).details
phil21 daysKräftigung. Langsames Herantasten an neuen Schuh.details
David_Waller21 daysTwo weeks of babying it and it goes away. Try stretching more to avoid it.details
harley21 daysdetails
bugeater21 dayswhat happened this time I don't know. details
loefaas21 daysnot really a strain, back-problem gave tension in the calf. Easy fixed by back-modification.details
rickyp21 dayscalf exercises and rest. try progressively working up after a weeks restdetails
Chris21 daysdetails
rogue21 daysget some help unlocking the right ankle to improve range and reduce stress on the calf. Also was stupid and did fast strides until the calf strained again.details
mikee21 daysdetails
tdgood21 daysdetails
maritttt21 daysdetails
Bruce21 daysdetails
wetware22 daysRested muscle. Fine now, ran the weekend, feels good.details
simmo22 daysdetails
Cambas22 daysShould rest or do alternative training (inline skating, cycling, swimming)details
Basa22 daysdetails
stig of the dump22 daysdetails
Piers Pirow22 dayswarm up properly and stretch more!details
coach22 daysCalling this recovered, doing some roller massage, and still sore if pushed.details
mikee22 daysdetails
RosieWatson22 daysDon't run after almost getting hypothermia. Ease back into running gently.details
ebuckley22 daysProbably shouldn't run 3 ultras and a marathon in a 12-week span.details
Fabiano22 daysRiposo, Tecar e palestra per mantenere il tono muscolare.details
Bruce22 daysdetails
Bruce22 daysdetails
mayer2222 daysdetails
O-ing22 daysRan when calf was tight before. Had to abandon course. 3 weeks off with rest / ice / massage. details
Russ22 daysleft ankle was sorta stuck and not moving properly, that and the fact my left foot was tilted ever so slightly meant that it was putting a strain on the inside of my calf. Manhandled by Encarna 19th Maydetails
ljbean22 daysMore calf strengthdetails
bishop2223 daysIt was probably recovered before the O-Marathon, but I did not have any confidence in it - it felt vulnerable even when there was no real pain. I probably could have tested it more, sooner.details
Old_Fox23 daysNo wisdom here, lots of rest and loads of Reparil Gel! I hope it holds for a while........details
David_Waller23 daysJust like last year, this improved only from three weeks of babying it.details
TJR23 daysdetails
PM23 daysdetails
Oxoman23 daysdetails
brycec23 daysLots of core/balance work to help ankle and in turn protect the calf - more warmup and stretching required - injury probably recovered a week ago just feeling niggles now.details
bubo23 daysdetails
jwolff23 daysdetails
julianaslund23 daysHopprep orsakade. Hoppade för intensivt och sprang trots ont i början av skadeperioden. Efter ett besök på JMC och två veckors löpförbud så gick det över. details
beeker24 daysNo training relieves symptoms of being unable to train.details
mace24 daysdetails
herbhead24 daysRest and stretching...details
Magic24 daysdetails
slowphil24 daysProbably was a slight pull descending rapidly from the Nower at the start of the Surrey Hills race. Rest seemed to do the trick.details
tomtom24 daysdetails
Rhesus24 daysdetails
HitnHope24 daysStill hurts when the physio massages it, but not when I'm running. Treating it as resolved.details
jwolff24 daysdetails
beeker25 daysdetails
divadeedee25 daysAge gracefully with injury.. Be patient . Get in the pool.details
5525 daysdetails
gg25 daysdetails
Corduroy25 daysVila från frånskjut med rakt ben (löpning + klassisk skidåkn) . Excentriska tåhävningar hemma + på gym.details
Flam25 daysdetails
hkleaf25 daysIce, deep heat massage, ultra-sound, plus stretching. Running on softer ground and marshes in the Swedish and Scottish terrain seemed to have helped?details
codymonster25 daysAbstain from running and biking til better. details
Eug25 daysAlmost good as of 29/09/16details
Eug25 daysdetails
Freeheelpete25 daysdetails
Trav25 daysWeakened calf muscle caused got to collapse in. Foot exercises regained the use of the clearing calf muscle details
Bruce25 daysdetails
Nick25 dayslets say. pain not there anymore10-15 days later( lower level).. not much running exercise since Feb 19details
Nick Harris26 daysTechnique - its a W.I.P. Pelvis/Ribs relationship - focus on ab/oblique engagement. Will help glutes activate, because they have something to pull against. Over-extending during drive phase – lift foot earlier, beneath my body. Benefits = avoid overloading calf; shortens lever, exchange contact-time for air-timedetails
oftheplant26 dayslots of trigger point and ibuprofen.details
Gytė26 daysSeveral rest days, cycling instead of jogging, very easy and gently runs, stretching. It took about a 1-1,5week to recoverdetails
cpappas26 daysdetails
simmo26 daysdetails
jsjöberg26 daysKommer tillbaks till attackpoint efter 2 år och ser att jag inte uppdaterat detta. Gissar att det läkte på en månad ca.details
HiipiväHirvi26 daysPari viikkoa lisää lepoa, ei kipeä enää.details
TheInvisibleLog26 daysRecovered just in time for the WMOC carnival. Regular physio - massage and ultra. Diligent stretching, calf raises, lots of walking. Did between 2 and 3 hours rehab a day for two and a half weeks.details
TheInvisibleLog26 daysRest. Calf stretching and strengthening. Lots of rolling the cup ball over the painful area.details
loobey26 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion27 dayswent to the physio and got exercises to strenthen my ankle which was the root of the injurydetails
Pavementsucks27 daysIce, Compression, Ibuprofen,Massagedetails
Loopy Lou27 daysdetails
Roger G27 daysdetails
tracblue27 daysPretty sure it was from my ITB getting so tight. Bit of foam roller work helping, when I make time for it.details
Flatland27 daysFollowed physio's advice - don't let upcoming races dictate rehab! details
Steve R27 daysdetails
paul c27 daysdetails
Remco27 daysMagnesium tabletten, masagestick Mark Buiks, betere wu, gedoseerd intensiteit verhogen.details
Dooby27 daysdetails
Trav27 daysWho knowsdetails
grilla28 daysTook it easy - frustratingdetails
harley28 daysrest and massage and gentle returndetails
David_Waller28 daysdetails
ShotRat28 daysdetails
acejase28 daystwo seperate problems - lower back/ joint whose name i forget and fatiguing calf fascia. 1st helped by glute, slump and hip stretching. 2nd helped by massage and calf stretch.details
pwentz3l28 daysRest and measured reintroduction to activity.details
jwolff28 daysdetails
Lara Croft28 daysTiredness during half marathon race, having not been running on roads recently and having races a 10 mile the weekend before. Recovered through stopping runs, then increasing time on grass by 5 mins per day slow. Treatment with Physio and exercises/stretches.details
tdgood28 daysdetails
bubo28 daysStaying away from running too soon usually helps. Running while in Cyprus didn´t help of course and then pushing a little too hard too soon on my Veteran O in Göteborg made it come back. Felt a little on my first few ski trainings but nothing that really mattered.details
Trav28 daysGotta fix my glute hamstring calf chain on the left. details
MeanGene29 daysCauses: * dehydration * overdoing marathon training; not fully recovering from tempo runs should have been a hint. Local runner Marla Rhoden ran the 43 mile Brew-to-Brew Relay solo; then raced a 10 miler the next weekend - then it finally hit me that you can not cheat on the slow build up in miles. This explains the cramping up at all previous Possum Trots - I was never in marathon shape! * tight calf muscles can lead to plantar fasciitis, so I've learned. After strraining the left cal...details
simonr29 daysImproved with rest and managing the injury. details
gas_turbine29 daysCame back too soon. Start on PT ASAP. Be willing to do a week of cross training!details
jkudlicka29 daysdetails
R-B29 daysPushing too hard on interval training, doing 1km high output with standing/walking breaks in between. Will move to a Fartlek approach at around a 4:30 pace instead of trying to hit 4:00. Recovery was time, massage.details
Mitch7829 daysdetails
Arlaharen29 daysVila och försiktig återgång till löpning med i början väldigt korta jogg-pass (15 min).details
bishop2229 daysdetails
jeepzon30 daysdetails
noken30 daysdetails
phil30 daysNichtsdetails
Nate_K30 daysdetails
duncanarcher30 daysdetails
ebone31 daysRecovery was gradual, so the end date is approximate. I didn't have to do much to help the recovery, just avoiding running and cross-training more for a bit, then stretching and being careful not to overdo high-intensity training.details
G Wedd 31 daysdetails
Garry31 daysSeems to be an ongoing problem. A couple of factors: (1) spending too much time sitting at the PC @ work & home. (2) Not giving myself enough time to recover after hard racing / training period. (3) It is not stretching as muscle stretch & mobility has been good. (4) Current theory is that the calf muscle is compensating for poor ankle proprioception. So am working on ankle stability exercises during gym sessions.details
gg31 daysdetails
slowphil31 daysJust occasionally stiff during warm-ups, but, having survived POM, going to tempt fate and say that it's cleared up...details
pasha31 dayslast couple of days did not feel any pain or much stiffness even when running or playing tennis. I guess I finally consider to be recovered. Cause - I guess I did not pay too much attention after previous injury a couple years ago which leaded to re-injury. Planning to spend more time self-massaging and warm ups. Used for recovery: calf sleeve by Zoot, traxevazin cream daily, details
BruceMeier31 daysI think its ok now. Have done little running for the last 4 weeks.details
slowphil32 daysNo long runs in the bank yet, but, having survived POM, going to tempt fate and say that it's cleared up...details
Jono_O32 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi32 daysdetails
TerezaR32 daysdetails
Terkelsen32 daysLepo ja kylmähoito ja rasvausdetails
Runningpaul32 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog32 daysRestdetails
beeker33 daysSeems to have stretched out. And lack of hill running helps.details
philm6433 dayswhateverdetails
BruceMeier33 daysRest and icing was not producing results so I went to 2 physio sessions last week and yesterday, and now I am confident it is ok.details
TheInvisibleLog33 daysForced rest due to debilitating knee injury seems to have cleared this up. Can't really test it. Did some calf strengthening exercise before the other injury. details
mikee34 daysNo pain since 5 days, I have to see if it holds also for fast training on road.details
timbercomp34 daysRested for two weeks after it reached its peak in Canberra on the base of Black Mountain. Stretched it a fair bit after about 4 days of nothing at all. Did some calf raises about 10 days in. Kept riding at high intensity. First "run" back was jogging on teh spot in the house, barefoot, as a tester, and this gave me confidence that things were coming good. Felt it a little on a ride on day late in the second week and decided that it was time to strengthen it with some short runs. Each run has ...details
dariusz34 daysKeine Weisheit. Gut einlaufen und wenn du es hast +heb di still+details
samsonite34 daysPTdetails
mjd34 daysdetails
andfall34 daysdetails
HitnHope34 daysWear compression socks, keep on soft ground, don't push the pace for at least a month. Both injuries while wearing Saucony Racers. And another mild strain later. They've got to go.details
GM35 daysdetails
DaveR35 daysdetails
kurthu36 daysdetails
jonh36 daysTotal rest from running / circuits, continued gentle spinning / bikingdetails
mjd36 daysrestdetails
Pavementsucks36 daysTimedetails
bl36 daysTime helped recovery plus no macadam poundingdetails
Nadim36 daysThis was perplexing. It seemed that I kept re-injuring the pull just while walking around. Mostly that would happen while going up or down stairs. Snows and bad weather kept me inside more so perhaps the rest from that helped heal me enough. details
gg37 daysdetails
RobP37 daysRestdetails
evancuster37 daysdetails
pi37 daysdetails
Duncan37 daysdetails
CathB37 daysbit of rest, icing 2 a day (10mins, rest, 10 mins) and slowly build back up to distance. Also, heel down stretch helped. details
Dooby37 daysdetails
phil37 daysPausieren und rollen, hat sehr lange gedauert. details
markg37 daysdetails
xcman8237 daysSuccessful 4 K test run . Slight discomfort in lower Achilles but insertion problem seems nonexistent details
abiperk37 daysdetails
Nick37 daysNo run several weeks..slowly mixed run with walks,as tolerated. I seen an Osteopath as welldetails
bl38 daysDecided calf issue is past. No way to have foreseen. And initial incomplete rest. Running on irregular surface exacerbated less I'd guess.details
o-iain38 daysrest, rest, restdetails
Orig4mi38 daysdetails
tdgood38 daysrested long enough for it to heal.details
Hapardi38 daysdetails
nmulder38 daysTook me months to realise the link between the first calf injury and moving to new shoes (Sense Pro). First injury only a few week after.details
Difke1438 daysdetails
Matt Hartland39 daysTime and sports massage.details
Grafaz39 daysdetails
Brooner40 daysdetails
johnd40 daysPhysio with Tom.Weighted 6kg calf raises twice weekly.details
mjd40 daystry more calf stretches next time?details
philm6440 daysRest, gentle rehab; climbing holiday; missed JK as that would have been suicide. details
Vox41 daysextended rest and chirodetails
Durendal41 daysHave to run with shorter steps. Lift foot before heel goes up. Put foot down with less heel, more foot blade.details
levitin41 daysTime, proper stretching.details
Cruachan41 daysdetails
Seamus41 daysI have had a couple of runs on it since it happened. Maybe the new bare foot road shoes I havedetails
Elina B41 daysdetails
fn41 daysVila och undvika löpning. details
dersu41 daysdetails
Scotty42 daysWas a previous injury which came back when racing a 1500m, due to not being properly warmed up and stretched i think, and racing hard straight up and not leading into it enough. Physio to help recover and MBA stretches work wonders, bit of icing and anti-flaming in there too, also just general rest and being cautious running on it and not going too hard just because it feels good.details
Julia B42 daysCause - Running on an athletics track in spikes. Also I think I ran 10*200m too fast. Recovery - I kept training on it as normal, but stretched it more in the session and before and after a sessiondetails
slangjudoka42 daysHurt at Quad Dipsea, rest seemed to help it recover.details
IFKekan42 daysOrsaken måste vara samma som på vänstra sidan, tävling utan egentlig grundträning. Skadan kom vid helt fel tidpunkt, men jag vilade ändå helt i ett par veckor innan jag började med tåhävningar och allmän styrka. Jag siktade på 1/1 som riktig träningsstart. Vilan och den lilla styrkeuppbyggnaden var rätt medicin.details
Piers Pirow42 daysChange running to use of core muscles and use of bum muscles more, do exorcises and leg lifts to back.details
phil42 daysdetails
Jagge42 daysdetails
mjd42 daysdetails
mikee42 daysdetails
Eon42 daysdetails
simmo42 daysdetails
Terkelsen43 daysLepodetails
Boltboi43 daysdetails
Mitch7843 daysdetails
CharlesBaker43 daysNeed to respect recovery and not force in sessions if struggling due to workdetails
rickyp43 daysGet a sports massage as it may just be tight. Foam roller as well but all over not just one sidedetails
Nadim43 daysI did some stretching and eventually had to stop trying to run before it got better. A long day mostly walking in the forest may have somehow helped too, by working out whatever was ailing me. details
Bruce43 daysdetails
iansmith44 days1. Train adequately. Duh. 2. RICE was helpful with this injury, but ultimately lots of rest and adequate time were critical to recovery. I don't see how I could have taken less than 4 weeks to effectively recover (and even that was probably risking additional injury). details
FB44 daysI still get the odd moment when I think something is getting too tight, but I am able to do anything pain free if properly warmed up... so, Good to Godetails
lostrunner44 daysdetails
Old_Fox44 daysJust didn't do anything, took some time off running and a bit off cycling.....details
SwissMiss44 daysLots of resting, cycling, swimming, drinking and netflix :)details
tornado_grl45 daysFinally feeling better, just a little ache after the run, which is not that different from pre-injury.details
Flying Scotsman45 daysOld man symdrome.details
Roger T45 daysJust about recovered by 7 May, but tentative for British Champs weekend and occasional twinges.details
billh45 daysthis resolved some weeks ago, just forgot about it . . . lower legs are pretty solid now, knock on wood. details
ginger45 daysCaused by improper fit on my orthotics. details
meljay46 daysResting! And no gym.details
willc46 daysdetails
duncanarcher46 days6 weeks and basically no problems now with my left calf where I tore it. However I've been having a lot of aches in my right Achilles which I think has been causing me to run a bit funny and put stress on other areas, so that combined with the time on the feet at the OMM probably tipped the calf over the edge. The physio also noted my right hip was a bit higher than left, twisted in the sacro-iliac joint, which might be the underlying cause. He corrected that so we'll see how it goes.details
Rosco46 daysEnd date inaccurate!details
PhilW46 daysTotal rest from sprained left ankle. Haven't really tested it out to find out if it's gone...but it doesn't hurt anymore.details
Nadim46 daysRest and stretchingdetails
Henerzz46 daysdetails
Bruce47 daysdetails
MollyP47 days10/10/14 - Putting down recovered, still not back to running 100%....but on my way I hope. details
mhallett100147 daysdetails
Dehydrated48 daysstopped running for 2 weeks foir W africa tripdetails
ah48 daysdetails
chris_b48 daysdetails
iansmith49 daysTime, I guess. I need to stretch my soleus muscles regularly.details
heggo49 daysdetails
HitnHope49 daysOver-training injury. Painful for a couple of days and again when I ran too soon. But only one run in 14 days did the trick, and some strenuous cycling kept me fit. details
HitnHope49 daysDefinitely caused by overtraining. Took it really easy through rehab, had one relapse when I pushed too soon. Quite a lot of walking too. details
5550 days6 weeks recovery. Stretching/Strengthening. Scan showed tears and thickening of muscle lining, so I'll have problems for ever really.details
Franc50 daysdetails
Roger T50 daysLots of cycling; three abortive attempts to re-start running (with gaps of 4d, 1w, 2w). Stretching, patience, very gradual return to running (first run 600m).details
mikee50 daysCarefully going up with running, stop at any sign!details
Terkelsen50 daysLepodetails
simmo50 daysHad physio next day, and again 2 days later. Apparently one of the calf muscles attaches under the foot and goes up the inside of the leg - more like a tendon according to the physio. Had massage and taping of foot to ease the load on the muscle. Then the 2nd appointment it was taped again, including rock tape over that particular muscle. Seems to have worked, had a few twinges as I was warming up for the stair race, but then it was fine.details
TommyH50 daysdetails
gas_turbine50 daysFarmer walk, lunges, ...details
mikee50 daysdetails
Garry50 daysTried to maintain activity with run-walking, but pushed that too hard initially. Had a few physio sessions. 2nd session followed a very severe reaction to a fairly innocuous session. Picked up cycling to help and changed shoes. Started Pilates at the beginning of March. By HP Camp in 2nd half of March, was feeling recovered.details
Stijn50 daysdetails
mkarst51 daysVFF KSO's?details
another_mile51 daysDefinitely had to do with doing too many miles in zero-drop shoes too soon. A couple weeks of total rest would have resolved this quicker, but switching to the NB minimus definitely helped.details
Nadim51 daysTime off and streching after runs helped. details
VladFG51 daysdetails
Mitch7851 daysdetails
kido51 days2 runs in 3 weeks. Massage from physio (Kate)details
5552 daysusual process for torn calf recovery week 1, nothing other than light stretching/walking if it doesn't hurt week 2, cycling, faster walking, stretching, light massage week 3, cycling, jog walk (5mins walk, 1min jog) week 4, cycling, jog walk pyramid week 5, cycling, jog walk, up to 15mins jog week 6, cycling, up to 30mins jogdetails
grigork52 daysdetails
Maverick53 daysdetails
Reiver53 daysTried to come back too early twice (too much too soon). Complete rest for 2 weeks minimum needed.details
Nadim53 daysTime off from running seems to have returned me to normal though cycling in the interim has left me tired. details
torbensfunk54 daysdetails
Durendal54 daysDo not run on toes too much. Use better shoes. Make sure to insert a rest day before run, if had calf injury less than a month ago.details
bill_l54 daysdetails
USKiwi54 daysTwo sessions of Osteo / Physio, slow, patient recovery with lots of stretchingdetails
mjd54 daysdetails
Roger G54 daysdetails
nmulder55 daysProbably related to use of anti-biotics.details
Fraser P56 daysdetails
susan56 daysEarly physio and rest and ice. Don't run on tight / painful calf muscles!details
BruceMeier56 daysHad a bit of a break from regular training on September UK trip and did not really notice it there. details
jemmerson56 daysdetails
Rosco57 daystook a long time to go away - a lot longer than the physio was suggesting. Although running the CompassSport Trophy set me back a bit. Physio+patience key.details
Scrappy Doo57 daysdetails
heggo57 daysdetails
HitnHope58 daysCaused by calf strain pulling on the achilles. Kept off impact work for two weeks, eased back via the gym & off road. Orienteering didn't affect it as badly as road running.details
Orig4mi58 daysOver-use, lack of warm up, bad luck? Tubigrip seemed to work like magic. Also much better when not cold.details
Josefov59 daysdetails
therunningpaige59 daysdetails
stig of the dump60 daysdetails
iansmith61 daysRICE and lots of time. details
susan61 daysPhysio. Religiously not half-heartedly. Be strong!details
michalmy61 daysTreatment: ice, rest, physio, stretching, Deep Heat.details
Shminty62 daysVery slow at getting better. Physio got me running a small amount at a time after 4-5 weeks of not huge amount of improvement. In hindsight shouldn't have gone out running the week after but should have given it 2 weeks rest and then started very slowly again and built up. Exact end date unknown. Cause: Lots of training and maybe not enough rest. Also could have helped self at time but interval running's adreniline made me push on. Next time pain on intervals will be taken serious...details
Fat Rat62 daysdetails
loefaas62 daysdetails
Reiver62 daysAgain tried to come back too quick. Now running with calf supports.details
RASPUTIN62 daysdetails
Mitch7862 daysResolu par séance Ostéo chez Alexander - problème venait du bas du dos bloqué. Séance d'acupuncture a aussi fait beaucoup de bien.details
Bomb63 daysdetails
Jagge63 daysdetails
andypat63 daysdetails
EMax63 daysdetails
mikee64 daysrest - good stretchingdetails
Ross Lilley64 daysdetails
tdgood64 daysdetails
PhilW65 daysLong rest PT.details
David_Waller65 daysIf you have to run, don't run uphill. details
zac h65 daysRest - forced by exams seems to have got rid of thisdetails
ami66 daysI'm not sure if it's completley healed, but I can run again.details
Macca67 daysdetails
runjunkie67 daysStill taking it a bit easy, but seems to be largely healed.details
Brodie Nank67 daysdetails
Mitch7867 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog67 daysLots of non-running time.details
Corduroy68 daysTåhävningar och löpviladetails
BP70 daysdetails
itsmartin70 daysAs of Aug 12 I'm not 100% but I well on the way to recovery. I just ran a trail marathon with no ill effects and did a cautious 8-mile road run that also went well. This really required a lot of rest and easing off any time I felt pain while coming back.details
mikee70 days3 weeks on crutches 2x9 physio, mostly massage. swim after 2 weeks After 3-4 weeks strength training & stationary bike & aquarunning running after 5-6 weeks orienteering after two monthsdetails
nmulder70 daysChanged shoes and voila... it took me 5 months to realise the injuries and the introduction of new shoes 1 month apart were related. Changing away from Sense Pro to Sense Ride solved the problem within 2 weeks.details
Roger G70 daysNormal gradual increase in running - need to keep an eye on tightnessdetails
ab71 daysdetails
drwill473 daysTime Offdetails
hodgepodge73 daysdidn't push it (mindful / quit while ahead). kept runs short.details
MeanGene73 daysTook so long to recover and tried to start back running too soon. ART and stretching exercises from Rob Jones were right, but didn't gauge how serious the strain was. Before next long run in a hilly area, allow more time to recover.details
tdgood74 daysdetails
VAP4075 daystaking too much time off running and expecting to start back where i finished off. Plus not warming up prop in winter weather. details
Rich75 daysdetails
elavallee75 daysIce, compression and rest were what was needed to heal this. I think it was caused by not warming up before a relatively hard workout. Took longer than I thought to recover from this. Lots of time off.details
Brooner76 daysdetails
paul c76 daysdetails
Old Daniel76 daysSeems that lack of activity and time has eased situationdetails
5577 days6 weeks of nothing other than 2 walk/shuffle combo's per week after 3 weeks of nothing at all. Massage, icing and stretching throughout as well.details
Reiver77 daysDon't keep going in a race with a sore calf.details
FE78 daysAlso had minor tears of the hamstrings. Received excellent physio advice the following day and started rehab with mild stretching (day after!) and strength exercises.details
Roger G79 daysdetails
rickyp79 daysdetails
Bryn81 daysdetails
annawallin81 daysdetails
Marsela82 daysdetails
drwill482 daysTime. The TDY probably increased the recovery time because I kept aggravating the injury every few days or so.details
blairtrewin82 daysdetails
g.foz.foster82 daysShoes too 'aggressive' in terms of cushioning/drop. Working on scar tissue and building slowly into S&C work.details
MeanGene84 daysmuscles are very tight and stretching needs to be part of the daily routine from now own to lower risk of strains and pulls. Finally just topped running for 2 weeks and biked.details
andyhill84 daysRestdetails
pskrivanos86 daysThe tree week forced break (Nunavik) seems to have healed the injury. However won't know for sure until I really test it during a hard road intervaldetails
Ptr86 daysMest bara distanslöpning och minst en dags löpvila efter varje löppass.details
ahall87 daysdetails
Jubby88 daysFrustratingly took multiple attempts to fix. Recovery ladder of calf stretching and raises. First attempt - did not leave long enough. Second time, tried to run on consecutive days. Steady build up, every other day. Visited osteo as well for re-alignment after second pull. In the end decided to focus on easy running - no speedw rok and certainly no track work. details
Daneo89 daysRest, regular massages, stretching, strengthening exercises, anti inflammatories. Starting off at 5 minute run, take a rest day another 5, then up it to 10 and carry on as such adding 5 mins after every second fun until I got to 30 mins and felt good - running on grass. Injury occurred from a rapid increase in speed and miles after previous glute injury. details
andyd91 daysdetails
Garry93 daysA few visits to Dr Vic (interesting) and some rest seems to have workeddetails
mat-d95 daysdetails
darryn95 daysdetails
lazydave99 daysdetails
simmo100 daysStrength training has worked to the extent that I can run H3 course, but won't try any training runs for another week.details
msm101 daysdetails
DickO102 daysdetails
mjd104 daysdetails
heggo104 daysdetails
HiipiväHirvi104 daysdetails
BeckyR106 daysrest, ice, physio, lots of calf raises/drops and stretching. Had a tendancy to be tight before this injury and still tightens up a lot now details
Bernard107 daysdetails
jonny crickmore109 daysdetails
222110 daysdetails
Alistair W110 daysdetails
noalittle112 daysfinally just healeddetails
cortelmcm112 daysdetails
55113 daysLots of physio and some good new stretchesdetails
Basa114 daysdetails
phil115 daysSehr rasch wieder gut genug um zu Langlaufen (nach 7 Tagen), Skitouren (nach 14 Tagen) und zu Laufen (auch etwa nach 14 Tagen). Muss aber noch Physio machen um die volle Beweglichkeit wiederherzustellen, dies kann gemäss Physio Monate dauern. Leider dann ein up und down weil der verkürzte Muskel die Achillessehnenprobleme massiv verschärft hat. details
Durendal116 daysSpringa försiktigt under vinter. Korta pass.details
Career Move120 daysToo much too soon not enough recovery between repsdetails
RichB121 daysdetails
Mitch78123 daysdetails
levitin124 daysTime, rest, some strengthening.details
Nadim124 daysRest and walking. details
AC125 daysdetails
richard_b129 daysMycofascial release (acupuncture) at trigger points. Think the calf never healed properly after previous injury (summer 2007) and serious exertion causes body to overreact and contract muscle to protect itself from tearing. Needles a couple of times and physio a few times whilst continuing to build up more training seems to have fixed this.details
shanel129 daysdetails
mjd133 daysdetails
Nadim135 daysRest and cross training. details
Roger G140 daysdetails
skdewitt144 daysdetails
msm155 daysCalves are feeling better. My 90 minute run on Sunday went really well.details
g.foz.foster157 daysdetails
Rosco161 daysGood break from running with lots of walking around Europe helped sort things out.details
ahall166 daysGonna call it recovered, though it is still a little temperamental. just have to baby itdetails
slow-twitch169 daysdetails
Georgia178 daysdetails
redrider183 daysCame probably after too much training and too little active recovery / strength training / massage. Took 3-4 months to heal and destroyed the whole season. Treated it with rest, ice, massage, foam rolling, electrotherapy, calf exercises, and stretching. Pain was very deep, felt a lot like blood clot. details
ahall201 daysGuess I can call this recovered now, though I am still wearing a calf sleeve every time I go out runningdetails
Roger T203 daysStill troublesome during Scottish Six-day but had eased off by end of September and didn't recur when started to do hill reps in Nov.details
mjd213 daysdetails
mparson221 daysdetails
duncanarcher228 daysStill getting twinges and muscle twitching, although not as bad as right ankle. But can manage it and able to do 20km in mountains so must be ok?details
benjw233 daysBuilding up slowly, stopping when it hurts, foam rolling.details
duncanarcher253 daysWas really quite sore to start with. But took it easy for two weeks, and it seems to settle down. Still getting twinges and muscle twitching for weeks after. But can manage it and able to do 20km in mountains so must be ok?details
RichT255 daysdetails
cmatthew06260 daysdetails
justus275 daysdetails
Stevek278 daysdetails
Brooner285 daysdetails
FE322 daysMade a minor strain into a grade 2 tear, by not fully resting for 10 days and taking a further 10 days carefully before racing again. Definitely avoid any training on the same day as a deep sports massage, there are too many endorphins flowing to feel if anything is strained further. Had bleeding in the muscle and barely felt a thing and carried on water running! Eccentric exercises are excellent, but running puts more stress still on calves, so build up by alternating walking and jogging if ...details
billh340 daysthis resolved a long time ago, 6 months, then I had a rotator cuff injury, just forgot to close this onedetails
Philipp361 daysFinally got better with new shoes and a lot of stretching.details
glenn433 daysChange of running style to use more upper leg muscles and take workload off lower legsdetails
Ant W467 daysdetails
O-ing491 daysEased off very gradually. Still tight but I am still doing the stretching, and raises. details
Garry552 daysToo much sitting. Sciatic nerve irritation. details
RobB607 daysdetails
joch55675 daysJan 3 2015 - time to close this. I still feel is from time to time, but will probably never heal completely. details
Jubby757 daysJust rest - having BUPA analysis on left calf. Had operation on calf - still have sore achilles but now manageable - no intervals - just tempo runningdetails
Ansgar825 daysLange nix mehr gemerkt; exzentrische Fersenheber sind ganz hilfreich.details
Ralph1020 daysdetails
ahall1328 daysdetails
AC1653 daysdetails
Lard2187 daysdetails
Chas3417 daysdetails
RichB16+ daysdetails
yakin33+ daysdetails
yakin33+ daysdetails
DML70+ daysdetails
rickyp77+ daysdetails
mayer22165+ daysdetails
Nick398+ daysdetails
nachsan447+ daysdetails
Mal556+ daysdetails
Charlie562+ daysdetails
Bommy T570+ daysdetails
Godders1017+ daysdetails
annawallin1024+ daysdetails
FE1119+ daysdetails
101Pathfinder1263+ daysdetails
tomtom1443+ daysdetails
DaveR1452+ daysdetails
Eco1468+ daysdetails
Herbz1533+ daysdetails
Mitch781643+ daysdetails
kasho1705+ daysdetails
kasho1728+ daysdetails
jcampbell1928+ daysdetails
blairtrewin2053+ daysdetails
Eco2056+ daysdetails
GZs2064+ daysdetails
martin(uk)2184+ daysdetails
Rosco2192+ daysdetails
Kimple2247+ daysdetails
orhantiring2572+ daysdetails
3x32637+ daysdetails
stig of the dump2717+ daysdetails
bealaw2731+ daysdetails
orhantiring2772+ daysdetails
pegone2988+ daysdetails
dollymixture3041+ daysdetails
FelFairy3047+ daysdetails
theshadow3085+ daysdetails
FoxRunsFast3143+ daysdetails
wildwood3273+ daysdetails
pgtelemark3352+ daysdetails
Dan Riley3451+ daysdetails
gclover3527+ daysdetails
R1John3544+ daysdetails
ShellW3579+ daysdetails
triguy3792+ daysdetails
40kisen3817+ daysdetails
Amber3834+ daysdetails
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Jon X4011+ daysdetails
Q-Bixx4019+ daysdetails
sarahaugust4034+ daysdetails
HBC4217+ daysdetails
MattH 20124347+ daysdetails
Elwaymvp4370+ daysdetails
Elwaymvp4370+ daysdetails
LoisJ4437+ daysdetails
mklimek4464+ daysdetails
jjacobs94466+ daysdetails
slowphil4497+ daysdetails
WillRigg4618+ daysdetails
gg4620+ daysdetails
Nettel4795+ daysdetails
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brakatash4871+ daysdetails
Project4594888+ daysdetails
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jcampbell4927+ daysdetails
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Tagemeister5160+ daysdetails
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