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Training Log: Anna

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Roller derby3 1:12:14 3.63(19:54) 5.84(12:22)
  achilles exercises4 1:00:37
  Walk/run1 23:41 1.67(14:11) 2.69(8:49)
  running drills1 5:54 0.08(1:13:36) 0.13(45:44)
  Total8 2:42:26 5.38 8.66
  [1-5]8 2:17:54

Sunday Mar 7 #

4 PM

running drills 5:54 intensity: (7 @0) + (2:41 @1) + (2:35 @2) + (31 @3) 0.08 mi (1:13:36 / mi)
ahr:121 max:142

Walking running drills. Frankenstein walks, active quad stretches, leg-swing frankenstein walks, side shuffles. Goal was to warm up my hamstrings especially. Should've also done twisty lunges.

Roller derby 36:49 intensity: (21 @0) + (16:40 @1) + (17:59 @2) + (1:49 @3) 1.03 mi (35:44 / mi)
ahr:121 max:147

Again didn't have to take sitting breaks! Since this was a social skate, hard to tell if it's bc I'm fitter/less iron-deficient, or if I was just talking more and doing less difficult stuff :P Also my friend came!!!

It was also a great day for baking, and I think my first quarantine baking!!! My last batch of chocolate pudding had wayyyyyyy too strong of a banana taste, to the point where I couldn't make myself eat it. Even after mixing in extra cacao. So my last-ditch attempt to salvage it was to mix it into banana bread, and even though my ratio was half pudding, half banana bread mix, it somehow ended up working!!!

Saturday Mar 6 #

achilles exercises 5:00 intensity: (2:30 @0) + (2:30 @1)

Also went for a walk. Ran into my friend and her dog. My friends on campus with dogs are always stopping to play (standing) with their dogs and then running into another dog and stopping and standing some more! Seems like a lot of work and hard to get a relaxing walk! Good to see my friend though and have access to a cute dog I'm not responsible for :)

Forgot to do my stretches, which I'm going to do now!

Friday Mar 5 #

12 PM

achilles exercises 25:00 intensity: (10:00 @0) + (13:00 @1) + (2:00 @2)

Full set with skates (except hops/almost-hops, which are temporarily on hold), during a brown bag again :) And I felt like I followed the whole thing (and it was cool/relevant) even though I was doing stuff the whole time! Made me want to skate, and might see if I have time to head over to the parking lot later after I finish my work for the day.
6 PM

Roller derby 22:18 intensity: (41 @1) + (14:40 @2) + (6:57 @3) 2.29 mi (9:44 / mi)
ahr:136 max:157

Looked at my sleep tracker, and it's the first day in a long time it's said good stuff about recovery! Even before I saw that, I decided I was up for an easy skate. Was skating laps most of the time, no sitting breaks required! Also felt like I would've had to actually work to get my hr more aerobic. Felt really good! The other exciting news today is I might actually finally finish a whole container of spinach before any of it goes bad! I can't even do that with arugula!

Thursday Mar 4 #

8 PM

achilles exercises 18:55 intensity: (2:00 @0) + (16:55 @1)

Off skates! not the full set!

Wednesday Mar 3 #

9 AM

Walk/run 23:41 intensity: (2:00 @1) + (17:53 @2) + (3:48 @3) 1.67 mi (14:11 / mi)
ahr:132 max:147

It's raining in La Jolla today, and it's so exciting!!!! I unfortunately missed the rain while run/walking since I was trying to get done in time to shower before working, but it was cloudy and exciting still :) But now there's even thunder and lightning!!! I wore 3/4 tights and my wool baselayer I fixed with my newfound darning skills, and I was the perfect temperature. (~60F is so much cooler with clouds instead of sun!!!)

Also things are moving along doctor-wise. New PCP messaged me with a rough amount of physical activity that maps pretty well onto what I've been doing, and I'll have a follow-up with him in roughly a month to see how things are going. Hopefully I'm able to increase my iron a lot in that time window now that I'm off the dumb medicine. Also the echo results were normal, which is strong evidence against the less likely explanations for the fatigue! One headache doctor appointment to go, and then that's it for doctors :D So might even be time to use my free nutritionist appointment and optimize what I've been doing now that I'm in a routine/have confirmation that the iron part of things is important.

Also my chest/rib thing hasn't hurt at all today :D So I think that's gone now!
I have roller derby friends who talk about how now that they're old they throw out their backs sneezing, and it seems like this incident was a very similar situation... and maybe means I should do upper body stuff more than never!

Tuesday Mar 2 #

12 PM

achilles exercises 11:42 intensity: (6:42 @0) + (5:00 @1)

Short achilles set during brown bag! Modified calf raises on the board, then balance clocks on skates, then one-leg deadlifts on skates.

Since my current working hypothesis is that I hurt a chest-rib muscle falling weird on Sunday, I decided this was a good excuse to do some incremental skating balance stuff! (Did this later; hasn't synced yet, so putting it on this entry.) Went in the smaller patch of concrete close to my apartment and did a few minutes of one-legged transition attempts before a meeting. Towards-my-inside direction was decent and had a success rate of ~3/10 for doing them to the outside without putting my right foot down (and sloppy). But I think that's a pretty good starting point! I did lose my balance at one point and flail, but I didn't actually fall :) I looked at my hr right after I flailed, and apparently that's a good way to raise my hr really quickly :P

In other news, my new pcp approved me going off of my allergy medicine that the internet told me interferes with iron absorption :D Glad to be on one fewer medicine!!! And really it's 2 fewer pills since I had to take it twice a day. I'm happy I decided to follow up with him!
2 PM

Roller derby 13:07 intensity: (2:52 @0) + (3:32 @1) + (6:10 @2) + (33 @3) 0.31 mi (42:18 / mi)
ahr:117 max:158

One-leg transition attempts!

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