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Training Log: Anna

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  strength3 1:40:27
  Walk/run1 10:12 0.78(13:05) 1.25(8:08)
  running drills1 2:26 0.01(4:04:45) 0.02(2:32:05)
  Total4 1:53:05 0.79 1.27
  [1-5]4 1:13:05

Friday May 27 #

strength (new knee exercises) 10:27 [1]

Visiting w my parents in nyc! Knee was annoyed getting off the bus and then also getting up from my seat! Was clicking both times (not my kneecap) and just some general kneecap pain. I could’ve run today if no pain, but I have my clothes still in case tomorrow works out!

Thursday May 26 #

5 PM

strength 40:00 intensity: (20:00 @0) + (20:00 @1)

Knee hurting today, also hurting on the way over to PT.

Ok exercises:
* walking with knees up to chest
* achilles exercises
* airplanes (took forever though and are super hard/kept redoing the ones where I lost balance)
* stretches
* band walks
* monster walks
* standing clam shells w band
* balance clocks on squishy pad

Hurting exercises:
* lunges (not from the band, but from the lunge itself)

We also decided once the lingering pain goes away, I'll run but decrease my running attempt to 2:30 running, 2:30 walking (30 min intervals) and then go from there. I'd also thought of a new plan to fail out of knee pt, get the mri, and continue with achilles (/shin/foot) pt, but she said it would affect stuff, like if my achilles got better then I'd have to stop, so seemed like it would be better to keep going with the current round of pt (thru June 13th). And the good news is strength stuff at least is improving!

Wednesday May 25 #


More lingering inflammation-y feeling pain. Not bad pain, just distracting/annoys me it's happening. After getting up from desk, also walking to campus, also when trying to fall asleep.

Tuesday May 24 #

strength 50:00 intensity: (20:00 @0) + (30:00 @1)

PT! I realized the appointments are like 30 min longer than I thought, so adjusting my time here.

Knee hurting. I'd chatted with Alison about it, and she reminded me of some questions to check in w her about to make sure all bases are being covered. E.g., is there a tape job that can help. The first time I had pfs they gave me a tape job, but that's because my kneecap was tracking wrong, so when I asked this pt about it, she said this time my kneecap is tracking correctly! (Nice! Bc means my earlier exercises from super long ago worked!) And the problem must be from something else. Then other loose ends: have been unsure about current recommendations about anti-inflammatories and ice, so I asked and she told me unless there's visible swelling, the evidence is mixed and I'm likely not hurting myself by not icing/taking nsaids. (which is nice, bc that's time-consuming).

The slow/no progress is frustrating, but also it is true things can hurt on the way to getting better. After the sports dr appt a few weeks ago, I'd made calendar reminders for myself to not lose track of time, and I still have ~1 more week before reassessing how pt is going/whether to get back in touch w the doctor about imaging.

Pain during this appointment: butt kicks, stopped right away; possibly also with bosu squats (squishy side)

Monday May 23 #

9 PM

running drills (walking ones) 2:26 [1] 0.01 mi (4:04:45 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno wave riders 2018.07.28

Walk/run 10:12 [2] 0.78 mi (13:05 / mi)

Bummed about my knee situation and the unpredictability there is! And kind of overwhelmed at the prospect of a slow build-up, best-case scenario, even though I know the answer is to only focus on one day at a time.

On the bright side, saw 2 cats, one of whom head-butted me hello!

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