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Training Log: Carbon's Offset

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking1 2:30:21 31.19(4:49) 50.2(3:00)
  Running2 1:59:45 11.13(10:46) 17.91(6:41) 558
  XC skiing (skate)1 1:00:00 5.59(10:44) 9.0(6:40)
  Total4 5:30:06 47.91(6:53) 77.11(4:17) 558
averages - rhr:44 weight:66.4kg

Friday Feb 24 #

rhr:44 weight:66.3kg


Thursday Feb 23 #

6 PM

Running (Trail / hill) 59:45 intensity: (18:00 @1) + (20:00 @2) + (16:45 @3) + (5:00 @4) 10.0 km (5:59 / km) +350m 5:05 / km
shoes: Hoka Stinson Trail (Red, 2014)

Dirtbag intervals

15 min warm up, about 2 km from the CNC parking lot to the Grassi Lakes parking lot, and then a few strides.

A bit of a test night, a time trial race up the Spray Lakes road, from the Grassi Lakes parking lot, to the gate of the causeway at the top of the gap. Everyone self-seeded based on estimates of a 12 minute record (Adam Campbell) to a 25 minute slow time when the group did this previously. I felt like the legs are pretty shot and haven't had a good chance to recover from the big run on the weekend, the hard spin on Tuesday, etc so I took off not too far behind some of the slower people. I wasn't looking to push for a personal record, I was just here for a decent workout. Held an intensity in about zone 3, steady all the way up, pushed a little harder at the top but couldn't sprint very well. Total time was 21:45. On a good day, I'm guessing I should be about 20:00. That said, fast guys were around 17-18 minutes and were wondering how 12 minutes was possible.
3.35 km and 284 m ascending, averaged 9.4 km/h.

Turned around and came back down, about 22 minutes, 5 km and 350m of descending.

Wednesday Feb 22 #

7 PM

XC skiing (skate) (Lesson ) 1:00:00 [3] 9.0 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Fischer Carbonlite

Poling, broken into four stages: crunch with arms at about 90 degrees but no pull from the arms yet, then follow through with arms to finish, then bring torso up, them bring arms up. Torso crunch down, arms down/through, torso up, arms up: 4 steps. You don't need to grip the poles hard; let the straps do the work as you pull down and through.
Don't worry about bending or not bending the knees yet, that's way more advanced and you're likely to get it wrong right now.
One skate: When starting to go uphill, glide is shorter, cadence is faster, poles don't follow through much so you are mostly just crunching and then returning forward to pole again. Note that the V of your skis gets a bit wider as the hill gets steeper.
When you aren't climbing a hill, keep the skis straighter, less of a V. Point the new ski in the direction you want to go.
The instructor hasn't taught us offset yet, so I stuck with one skate up the hills even though I can offset.

I need to get much more forward, almost try to fall forward onto the poles.
Pop up from the foot that is pushing off, explode. Get the hips up and forward, and completely over the new gliding ski. Pop up onto a straight gliding leg, not bent, and with that hip projecting forward. You get to relax momentarily on the straight leg.

When the speed of your one skate allows, reach forward with the new gliding foot but don't let this reach throw your weight back. Reach forward with the foot and then get forward and over it.

Pushing from the heel really seemed to result in the tip coming up (good) rather than it wanting to drag and trail.
Even though you are pushing from the heel, you still want your weight forward and leaning forward.

On flat or a slight downhill at the edge of the stadium, we practiced pushing off hard off one foot and gliding as far as you could on one foot.

Changing lanes in tracks: step out and let outside ski glide across both tracks, then step inside foot into inside track, then step outside foot into outside track.

I think I still don't get much out of my leg push when I am able to use the poles. I need to focus on getting as much out of my legs as I can, and then add the poles. I should probably do more drills without poles to make sure I'm getting everything I can out of the legs. Also I need to work on fully popping up onto the gliding leg, and getting the new hip forward. Also work on reaching the new foot forward as much as the speed allows.

Tired from last night's spin class. Legs didn't have full power.

Tuesday Feb 21 #

rhr:44 weight:67kg

6 PM

Biking (Spin class) 2:30:21 intensity: (1:28:00 @1) + (20:00 @2) + (18:42 @3) + (23:39 @5) 50.2 km (3:00 / km)

Self-directed warm up, then three harder spins.

12 x (45 sec AnP+, 2:15 easy). Did the first couple too easy, at the bottom of AnP. Coach told me to aim for 300W, then told me to aim for 330W.
5 min easy
5 x (2 min MAP big ring, 3 min Sweet Spot small ring high rpm, 2 min E2 big gear low rpm)

On this last set, the first interval felt brutal, but then your body flushed the acid and the later reps felt better.
Quads felt a little shredded after.

:18:42 170-210W

Monday Feb 20 #

9 AM

Running (Trail) 1:00:00 [2] 7.91 km (7:35 / km) +208m 6:42 / km
rhr:45 weight:66kg shoes: Salomon Propulse 2nd pair

A fun run on the Horseshoe Loop with Myka and Carbon. Trails were icy but I got by without having to put my spikes on. Felt good, was thinking of adding more volume to this weekend that seems to be going well by doing a couple of hours this morning but decided it was wiser to save the energy for the high intensity spin class tomorrow.

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