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Training Log: MeanGene

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  biking2 2:52:22 35.6(12.4/h) 57.29(19.9/h) 214
  running3 2:40:17 13.47(11:54) 21.68(7:24) 10
  strength/stretching4 57:00
  orienteering2 48:24 6.09(7:57) 9.8(4:56)18c
  Total7 7:18:03 55.16 88.77 22418c
averages - sleep:7.4

Sunday Jul 5 #

7 AM

biking (mountain bike on road) 1:08:43 [2] 12.0 mi (10.5 mph)

Rode to West Campus on my mtn bike, did Mary's mtn bike O course (staying on pavement and sidewalks), then biking home via Jayhawk Blvd and downtown.

orienteering (mountain bike on road) 24:51 [2] ** 4.1 mi (6:04 / mi)

Mtn Bike O on West Campus not touching anything green, staying on pavement or stairs. definitely did not want to overwork myself so geared down more so on uphills. Boy, the mountain bike is heavy! Didn't set up course on UsynligO, so did old fashion taking splits on the Garmin at each control. Only stopped and stepped off the bike at a few controls, and at a few steps.
Thanks to Mary for designing the course.

Saturday Jul 4 #

7 AM

strength/stretching warm up/down 12:00 [1]

5 min pre-run stretching at home including hip stretches.
Then did the short run before doing the Dog Days stretches, another 7 min.

running (Galloway run) 18:00 [1] 1.43 mi (12:35 / mi) +10m 12:19 / mi
ahr:84 max:133 shoes: Hoka Clifton 6

easy pre-Dog Days Run jog/walk along Mass St. Galloway intervals 60/30

running 33:40 [3] 3.16 mi (10:39 / mi)
ahr:110 max:132 shoes: Hoka Clifton 6

7:30 - Sat. Dog Days Run to Emery Rd, campus and back to 9th & Vermont.
Mostly Galloway intervals of 60/30. I did not use a timer today. Picked up speed towards the end especially going down Mississippi St.

Friday Jul 3 #

7 AM

running 37:00 [2] 3.2 mi (11:34 / mi)
slept:7.25 shoes: Hoka Clifton 6

Had trouble with my Garmin Forerunner. Took forever to get it started (turned on), then running from home to Frontier & Trail, noticed it was timing but the distance stayed at 0.0. Tried to stop and save and it locked up. Finally, pushed reset about 15 seconds before it turned off.
Ran along Trail back to Lawrence Ave; stopped and restarted the Garmin, but first I thought it might be good to clear all the history. Then I was able properly start the Garmin and got the time and distance for the return home. Then old fashion look up map on to figure the extra distance and add the 20 minutes it took to run up the hill this morning.
Oh, the run was OK, steady and slow, Galloway 60/30 intervals going up. 90% running going back. Temp: ~73F.

strength/stretching 9:00 [1]

pre/post run stretches, and 2x25 pushups

Thursday Jul 2 #

7 AM

biking (road bike) 1:43:39 [3] 23.6 mi (13.7 mph) +214m
ahr:152 max:191 slept:7.25 shoes: Specializes Sport MTB

Lawrence Loop. Did not get a cadence rpm read (again), but did try to spin more whenever possible, but I coasted more today, too. Garmin says I was in zone 5 a lot, so that heart rates are suspect. Let's see how I feel the next day and if I feel like running a short distance.

Wednesday Jul 1 #

6 AM

strength/stretching (Dog Days) 31:00 [1]

(recommended) Dog Days Workout (Day 29, w/ personal modifications*):

25 pushups*
25 Jumping jacks
15 Toe touches
10 Volleyball jumps
15 Alternate toe touches
25 pushups*
10 Half squats
10 Speed Skates
(skipped any running exercises)
25 pushups*
30 Seconds of Plank - on forearms; & L and R*
20 Leg lifts
20 Side leg lifts each side, 3 ways (Straight, Clam shell, Draw knee in & out to chest)
20 Spread'ems (crossing in the middle)
20 Scissors
25 pushups*
20 Bridges w/ ball - 20 w/ right leg extended & 20 w/ left leg extended *
20 heel dips, each leg
Skip (30 yds, in the house)*
10 back lunges*
10 side lunges*
50 pushups =
*10 & 10 push-up drill
Run 10 yards - 1 push-up
Run back to start - 2 push-ups
Run 10 yards - 3 push-ups
Run back to start – 4 push-ups
Continue up to 10 push-ups

total 150 pushups today; end of workout had that flushed feeling used to get after a good weight workout.

Tuesday Jun 30 #

6 AM

strength/stretching 5:00 [1]

running (Galloway run) 1:11:37 [2] 5.68 mi (12:37 / mi)
slept:7.75 shoes: Hoka Clifton 6

Run to West Campus via Tower Park, then back along Crestline & Schwarz. Earlier start to get done before eye doctor's appt.
7 AM

orienteering hills 23:33 [2] 1.99 mi (11:50 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Clifton 6

2 x Ulrik's Hill using my Ulrik's Hill #4 course (the one with one control at the NW corner and back). Ran 1st time using the gravel road to the west down and up. 2nd time, down Crestline and along Bob Billings Pkwy and back up. I figured the Crestline route would have been faster, but a lot more than I expected. When designing the course, I was using the road between the KU Police Station and University Press to get to the one control. Going along Bob Billings made the 2nd option even faster.

Map, I only did course #4
#1 (gravel road down): 6:00 (.58 mi)
(gravel road up): 6:40 (.58 mi.)

#2 (down to Bob Billings): 4:11 (.41 mi.)
(up): 4:43 (.41 mi.)

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