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Training Log: philm64

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking1 2:22:00 7.46(19:03) 12.0(11:50) 105
  Running3 1:04:45 7.55(8:35) 12.15(5:20) 105
  Cycling1 50:00 8.0(6:15) 12.88(3:53) 90
  Orienteering1 48:55 4.1(11:56) 6.6(7:25) 255
  Total6 5:05:40 27.11(11:17) 43.63(7:00) 555

Saturday Feb 25 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 48:55 [5] 6.6 km (7:25 / km) +255m 6:13 / km
shoes: Inov-8 Mudclaw 265 Blue

NGOC league, High Meadows, Blue, 5.9k, 300m

Hamstring OK, some pain but nothing too major. INjury box unticked because today apparently went relatively well (relative= compared to my peer group)

1,2 - fine, v good in fact. took successful route to no 2 beating others by ~1 minute,

no 3 - only time loss really - bad map, poor attack point, relative position of large depression & road etc not correct. lucky to only lose 2 mins.

rest of course - trundling along really, noticeably slow & unfit on the uphills, pretty skippy on flat & downhill, even ran flat out on no's 12 (path) & 15 (unmapped path). Got lucky on 13 - could easily have lost time there.

General nav & compass work seemed as good as ever, which was a pleasant surprise, as I assumed I'd be rusty.

Passed Mark3 at the last control, where he lost 6 minutes. Dear me!

Stiff after , but as leg no worse, and we already know i have no "tear/strain" (it's just referred nerve pain), I feel obliged to untick injury box & cautiously resume a campaign towards the big events of the next few months.

A good day.

Friday Feb 24 #

5 PM

Cycling 50:00 [3] 8.0 mi (6:15 / mi) +90m 6:02 / mi

Cycled to Clifton

4 hours & a glass of wine later, cycled back in the dark.


Thursday Feb 23 #

12 PM

Running 17:45 [2] 3.25 km (5:28 / km) +25m 5:16 / km
(injured) shoes: Saucony Guide 7

Another easy jog round the block post indoor climbing. Windy (Storm Doris). Leg not as totally pain free as I'd hoped, like on Monday, but not as sore as yesterday, either. So pretty good. I guess.

Note: Preceded by climbing with Clio, at UCR, pretty good but shoulder a worry - RHS , where i have no chest muscles at all. (literally). Seeing osteopath on Monday. Could be a challenge for him! :)

I did do a decent 6b+ plus a new 6b & 6a+, and a 6c with 2 rests & a new hard 6b+ with one rest.

Wednesday Feb 22 #

11 AM

Running 30:00 [3] 5.7 km (5:16 / km) +65m 4:59 / km
(injured) shoes: Brooks Ravenna 5

Steady run - a bit further. Wind & rain - vile.

LH hamstring OK, but not perfect as it was Monday.

Felt horribly unfit tho - not a pleasant 30 minutes. Stopped & walked / jogged back from local shops after 30 mins' running.

Hmmm. Not feeling the love here....

Tuesday Feb 21 #

(injured) (rest day)

At last a rest day.

Monday Feb 20 #

Running 17:00 [3] 3.2 km (5:19 / km) +15m 5:11 / km
(injured) shoes: Saucony Guide 7

easy road loop after climbing.

to my delight, back to "no pain in hamstring"

lifting my knees up & prancing - felt nice, things are moving again.

demanding terrain running is something else entirely of course, but i'm happier now. see how NGOC goes on Saturday before unticking any "injury" boxes.
1 PM


Bloc indoor bouldering climbing alone.

very good hard session, despite some RH shoulder pain.

major crimpy problems attempted, with some super failures.

"worked" a 6a problem and, when warming down (last climb in fact!), sent it! Wow!

So that's a 6a climbed, 5c is my usual limit, 6a = V3, and I've only ever climbed routes with 6a cruxes on about 3-4 times in my life, back in 2012, so I know now I'm climbing as well - possibly better - than ever.

#chuffed to bits.

Sunday Feb 19 #

12 PM

Walking warm up/down 2:22:00 [2] 12.0 km (11:50 / km) +105m 11:20 / km

LH hip sadly a bit sore this morning.

Walk in big mountaineering boots, from my house to Whitchurch, & then village of Queen Charlton, and back via W-church. LH hamstring & hip improved even tho i was quite knackered today - from 45 min O race? Yep probably.

Worthwhile. only 2hr 20 walking.....

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I live in Bristol. I have three hobbies: Running/ Orienteering, Rock climbing, and guitar playing (I'm in 2 bands). I'm also in SPOOK. I work sometimes freelance at Lloyds bank in Bristol. I'm generally fit these days just turned M50. I love music & travel, and mountaineering.

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